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The stalemate continues between Iran and the rest of world concerning their ambitions to produce a nuclear weapon. Here’s an article that gives an insight into the dilemma that is the hallmark of the Middle East. Lot’s of talk going on while Iran continues it’s unrestrained march toward acquiring Nuclear power, i.e. the bomb. The vitriol between Israel and her neighbors has, in my opinion, reached fever point. There is going to be a war. My question is this, is it the war of Ezekiel 38?

APTOPIX Mexico Swine FluThere has been an outbreak in the Ukraine of what may be a super flu. This came across my desk last week, but it has now been picked up by other sites as well. Are we looking at some kind of super bug that has mutated into this deadly disease? Was this concocted in some Russian lab and let loose in the Ukraine by accidnet? Does this play into what we have been hearing about the H1N1 vaccine? As of this post 189 people have died from the super flu. Here’s the link:

hasanimam_20091116_011231 Hassan, the Fort Hood murderer, who gunned down 13 people in what I would term as a Jihad, has now been clearly linked to radical Imam al-Awlaki. There was conversation  between the two men regarding Islamic law in regard to the Afghan and Iraqi war. When the shooting happened I posted that this appeared to be a terrorist on a jihad. It will be interesting in the weeks to come to see what Hassan has to say for himself. As a nation we need to stand up and not be afraid to call this heinous act by it’s real name,  JIHAD!              ,2933,575242,00.html


Friday of last week NASA announced that they had discovered water on the moon. While this may not sound like a big deal, when linked together with the Vatican’s announcement last week of looking at the possibility of extraterrestrial life it may be that some sort of full disclosure is on the horizon! All of this fits very nicely into Darwinism that has been pounded into our heads with media frenzied shows like the History Channels big hype a few months ago about a fossil that would change everything! Now we find out that the fossil changes nothing, but that story isn’t being trumpeted. If the God of the Bible does not exist and we are not created in His image and likeness than where did we come from? E.T. provides the answers. Just google Rael – I’ve Blogged about him before – and see what comes up!

dollar crash!

I have posted about the crash of the dollar and here is another story that shows us that the dollar is sinking lower. How long will this continue and does this open the way for a global currency, which is what I think is the end game.

It becomes clear from the posts above that the world is a very complex place. With the possibility of an all out war in the Middle East what does that mean for us here in the USA? We might be looking at oil reaching over $200 a barrel, a figure I predicted we would see last year. A war in the Middle East could further deepen the recession here and may even result in the complete collapse of the dollar. Added to this is the constant threat of hidden jihadists like the Fort Hood murderer Hassan. When is the next guy going to blow? What if this self-styled jihadist has been able to acquire a dirty nuke? I would recommend setting our houses in order and that means getting food reserves and water stored up in case of an emergency. Form my vantage point, and I certainly don’t have half the data that our government does, it would appear that we have reached the point of no return in the Middle East. In other words an event is looming and it there is no stopping it. The only question is, how will it begin….

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the Monday up-date. It is difficult not to get in fear when we hear and see all of the things on the horizon. Couple all of this with the uncertainty with what the year 2012 could hold. I know you have been working on a 2012 book. Any chance of that getting published in the near future? I have almost finished Mark Hitchcock’s book on 2012 and the end of the world. Basically he is looking at December 21, 2012 as a non-event. I’m not sure I agree with his conclusions, and was wondering your thoughts on this.

    I have been writing concerning 2012 in my blog of late.

    Thank God for the hope we have in Christ Jesus!

    Kevin J.

    • Kevin – I’m trying to get it out sometime in 2010. I agree it is a self fulfilling, staged, prophetic event.

    • I don’t believe 2012 is the end of the world. It has to be here for Christ to reign a thousand years! Revelation does talk about an earthquake that causes the mountains to fall into the sea, the light of 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars being withheld, and a fiery mountain falling into the sea. I know a lot of people are connecting those prophecies with 2012. I kind of wonder if it may be the beginnning of the great tribulation….

    • I forgot! A certain famous political leader who isn’t at the forefront at the moment will be 30 years old in 2012 and then 33 in 2015. Hmmm…..

  2. I flipped Fox News on with my morning coffe at about 7:40a.m. here in CA just in time to watch Bill Hemmer interview a priest who is one of their contributors – he’s a young guy and I’ve seen him before, but didn’t catch his name – anyway, the headline on the footer read that the Vatican will be hosting a conference to discuss alien life, so it peaked my attention right away! I tried to find the interview on fox’s website so I could quote directly, but was unable to locate it. What was disturbing is that this priest made comments like “we need to follow science’s lead on this” and “the Vatican wants to be ahead of this issue which is why they’re holding the conference”. Mr. Hemmer even asked what something like discovering alien life exists would do to people’s faith – just like you’ve been warning would be the issue the church would face, Lynn. The Father also talked about how positions from the church on creation and the Adam and Eve story may have to be reestablished or something along those lines. But, that God would still be in the picture, of course… Yikes! I’ll keep trying to find the interview and post it if I do.

    • Eeewww!! Sounds like they’re getting ready for disclosure! Plant the seeds and water them first, then lets see what pops up!

    • I looked for it and couldn’t find it either. Sometimes it takes a day or two for them to get it posted to the web page. Maybe it will be there tomorrow.

    • Sorry, can’t even an exact URL, because it is a flash video. Go to this link expand the section “News” and then scroll down to the section “Faith”. The videos you speak about are at the top of this section.

  3. good update. the hasan thing is also covered really well on the Peering into darkness podcast (on itunes and their website) check it out.

    the nasa moon water thing isn’t even news, but it’s interesting that it comes out with the vatican announcement and the movies/V. alot stuff together folks….
    the first time i heard about water on the moon, i think was in the late 90’s early 2000’s. they said a probe had found water on the moon in a very deep crevice somewhere. next was the Indian probe. they found it and came out with it months ago, now NASA’s yellin real loud to get attn back on them. Plus, wouldn’t you think they would have found this out from all those moon rocks they spent million on to get in the first place, or maybe wouldn’t the astronauts have found it on one of their trips? something doesn’t add up here.

    oh and Phoenix found water on Mars like last year i think.

    lastly, i hear Palestine is complaining to the EU about getting statehood without input from Israel….

  4. had some issues with the post, so here’s my summary

    1) Palestine is looking for statehood from the EU

    2) Water on the moon isn’t new. they found it in a crevice in the 90’s 2000’s with some probe. i saw it on the news a long time ago. not to mention India found it months ago. also, shouldn’t they have found some in the moon rocks they got? i’d love to hear that explained away.

    3) the hasan thing was covered on Peering into darkness 11/9 episode (on itunes podcast). check it out. they also bring up the orland office shooting at Legions place. hmmmm oh and there was another shooting in Tualitn (?) OR early last week. is this a rumbling of Dizdar’s black awakening or chosenones?

    that’s all 4 now

  5. I’m just throwing this out there for consideration-Interesting- from Cutting Edge:

    “Abbas must unilaterally declare Palestinian state”, Editorial By Yossi Sarid, Ha’aretz News, November 11, 2009

    “It is precisely now that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must not give up hope … Abbas was right when he decided to announce he would soon resign .. But before Abu Mazen quits, he has just one more job to do: He must declare, unilaterally, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Palestine now.”

    Cutting Edge has followed the process of establishing a Palestinian State ever since 1993, when President Bill Clinton hosted Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and Palestinian President Abbas at the White House to sign the Oslo Accords, a plan developed by Israel to grant the Palestinians their own state (Read NEWS2250. entitled, “Proofs of A Conspiracy! From 1917 to 1992 to 2007, Israel Has Been Planning To Give The Palestinians A State Carved Out of Biblical Israel!”)

    One part of this prophecy has always intrigued us so very much is the little-known prophecy concerning the “House of Esau” in Isaiah 34. The entire chapter is devoted to the End Times’ destruction of the House of Esau, which are today’s Palestinians (NEWS2095, entitled, “Leading Orthodox Jewish Scholar Confirm That ‘House of Esau’ Are Today’s Palestinians’)

    In verse 12, we read this startling prophecy:

    “They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom but there shall be nothing there…”

    In other words, the nobles of the ‘House of Esau’ — today’s Palestinian leaders — shall declare a state which never actually comes into existence. Palestinian leaders are foretold to be issuing an empty declaration. For many years now, we have been awaiting the exact outworking of this prophecy in the Daily News. And, it looks as though this empty declaration of a Palestinian State is close to becoming reality!

    But, then, notice the rest of verse 12:

    “… and all its princes shall be no more”.

    This is the total destruction of the ‘House of Esau’ about which we have been warning since September, 2000 — Re-read NEWS2095. The sequence of this prophecy are quite startling in light of developing current events.

    1) Palestinian leaders proclaim the state — this portion of verse 12 strongly implies a unilateral action since it does not mention another party to this declaration.

    2) This declaration of a state proves to be an empty one, since no state will actually emerge

    3) Palestinian princes who made this empty declaration are destroyed, i.e., “… and all its princes shall be no more”. This destruction of the Palestinian princes who make the empty statehood declaration is consistent with the destruction of the entire Palestinian people, the direct descendants of the ‘House of Esau’.

    We commend Bill Salus in his book “Isralestine”, pictured above, because he systematically records the entire prophetic destruction of the Palestinians, whereas Cutting Edge focused our entire attention on Obadiah 15-18. “Isralestine” today will come alive as you realize that events are unfolding as Bill Salus reported it.

    Watch your Daily News, and warn others of this prophecy being fulfilled. This declaration of a Palestinian State will set the stage for the destruction of the Palestinian people and the beginning of the World War III which shall produce the coming Antichrist.

    **(Also look at this article from Prophecy Today:

    Friday, November 13, 2009
    Obama’s Failure, Netanyahu’s Opportunity

    • Interesting article from Bible prophecy today. I blogged during the 2008 campaign that Barack Hussein Obama was NO friend of Israel. He has proven this over and over in less than a year in office. I don’t think we have had so warped a foreign policy in the White House since Jimmy Carter, who is a Jew hater in my opinion.

      Interesting days are ahead for this Country. Our faith had better not be in politicians or political parties. Corruption runs rampant in both major parties. Our ONLY hope is to return to the Judeo-Christian values upon which we were founded. Anything short of that is not going to save us as a Nation. I personally think like all great empires before us, our days are numbered.

      Kevin J.

    • Its funny to me, until I saw your state ment I never thought of Jimmy Carter as a Jew hater, I just thought he was an idiot. Okay, maybe thats harsh. I could never understand how he claims to be such a bible beliving christian, and I guess he is, but not stand by Isreal. Its never made sense to me.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Just one quibble regarding your post, if I may: Let’s advocate returning to JESUS–not to a set of values or principles. For it is Jesus who gives life, who sustains us, who loves us, who saves us; HE is our all in all.

      Blessings to you brother,

    • The house of Esau is NOT the Palestinians. Oh my goodness. If anything, there are REAL Jews amongst some of the Palestinians. The house of Esau is more likely the fake jews mentioned in Rev 2:9/3:9, which I believe are the Khazars (converts to Judaism) and they are the zionists.

      Just more propaganda being spouted by the enemy (referring to the article – not the commenter!!)

    • Hi Lisa,I have some grasp of what you are saying. There are real Jews (descendants of Abraham in the Flesh) not just among Palestinians but among all “the peoples” presently upon the Earth. Newyork if full of them.
      My mother has Jewish roots, that counts for something in the natural realm, but in the spiritual realm “circumcision” is of the heart in Christ Jesus( the Seed of Abraham is our messiah )

      I don’t know about the Khazars, please share more.

      I have always held the view of “Apostle Paul”
      that the House of Esau are Jews in the Flesh in rejection of Messiah according to the “Bond women” Gal4:22-31.

      john B


    • I am presently reading “Isralistine” and love it! There are Biblical verses brought out and points made I have never seen before!

  6. Swine flue vaccine contains within it 2 very dangerous compounds according to a chemist (university of South Australia)

    1.Thimerosol contains 50% Mercury, Binds receptors in the brain= brain damage & reduction in IQ.

    2.Squalene a cell killer creating autoimmune diseases MS, Diabetes, asthma.

    Now we know why the Vaccine manufacturer have received from the Government legal immunity status.

    John B

    • John,

      Thank you for this information. This only confirms why this vaccine has been both shrouded in mystery and has been nothing short of forcibly administered in some schools. What in the world is going on? I could, but at this time will not speculate.

      Kevin J.

    • Kevin the thing that has been on my mind even before the introduction of this vaccine is this.

      Besides these dangerous compounds are the various viruses already dormant in the body of multitudes from previous flu vaccines.
      All that has to be done is introduce what i call part B to these dormant part A already in the body and create the slow mutation of a Killer viruses or cancers and what else.
      I certainly believe this threat to humanity is real remember the Nazi.

      John B

    • John B – cancer is already rampant – epidemic really — and most cancers are being caused by vaccines. So, it’s already happening in many (the part A to the part B trigger).

    • I have a disturbing and very sinister take on the vaccine threat. Look at who is considered the number one group in danger of the Swine Flu. Pregnant women!! Now you may not know this, but Squalene is very important in fetal development. Squalene, in a pregnant woman’s body breaks down into Cholesterol which in turn that Cholesterol is used in fetal brain development. So without a proper flow of Squalene, the fetus is starved of Cholesterol, thus resulting in miscarriages or mental retardation. Source: Embryonic Lethality and Defective Neural Tube Closure in Mice Lacking Squalene Synthase The article is technical, but you get the jist from the title and the abstract.

      So pregnant women injected with vaccine containing Squalene develop anti-squalene antibodies, which in turn starve the fetus of brain developing compounds.

      Luke 21:23 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

    • I’ve had the H1N1. The symtoms were, of course, miserable but thankfully the Lord took care of me and I made it through. Do all you can to stand and stand therefore. First of all, pray. Cover yourself and your loved ones with the Blood of Jesus/Y’shua. Secondly, make sure the congestion is dried up as much as possible. The local hospital used Mucinex for my mother when she had pneumonia so I took my cue from them and purchased it or a generic for it. It works! It is actually getting difficult to find around here because the stores are selling out of it. They said it only takes 2 days to get seriously ill once the flu has entered the lungs. Thirdly, stay hydrated. Antinausea medicine,ginger-ale,sports drinks, popsicles, anything you can hold down, and keep the fever down with whatever medicine works for you and cool baths. Do all you can to stand and stand therefore…Please pray for two of my grandchildren. They have it now.

    • Thanks for the articles! I read them and passed them along to people on my email list. I also bookmarked the page. Looks like they write some pretty interesting articles and use a lot of references!



    i was at a prayer meeting last night…

    and a prophetess i know

    had a dream about the rapture…

    in the dream, she was walking down the street,

    and she saw a pregnant woman in trouble…

    she was about to give birth-

    she was only 5 months pregnant,

    but she was already bleeding-

    so my friend said she began to pray

    for this lady and was walking with her to the emergency room-

    just when they were about to get there,

    she saw 4 “beings of light” pass by her…

    then, she realized that she was being lifted up,

    along with the pregnant woman…

    right before they were lifted up,

    she said she could see the troubling spirit

    leave the woman…

    then she was lifted up high in the sky,

    and she realized that it was the rapture-

    and she thought to herself:

    “wheres my friends and family?”

    and she turned around and said she could


    she said she could recognize people,

    but they had been translated into “light”

    in other words, she could see the shape of them,

    she could recognize their faces,

    but they had been “translated”

    (lynn, i asked her specifically if anyone was talking or saying anything, and she said no, everyone was silent and in awe)

    the four beings of light that she saw immediately prior to the rapture,

    were the “FOUR HORSEMEN” spoken of in revelations…


    there have been prophetic utterances in our

    church concerning the “birth pangs” of biblical

    prophecy recently…

    no doubt this is what the woman in the dream


    but my friend said it was significant that the woman was giving birth at only 5 months…

    in other words, it was sooner than someone might think…



    i urge you to pray,

    and to forgive all those who have hurt you…

    i also urge you to seek the Lord like never before-

    this dream has resonated in my spirit like nothing before,

    i feel it is an urgent warning…

    • Hector – That’s pretty heavy stuff. It also syncs with what I saw in that everyone was silent. I agree things are heating up. We need to pray and be o our guard. I think something big is about to happen. Middle East war? Full disclosure? We’ll see!

    • there’s talk with those ET channelers too…not that they should be believed. I do not share their beliefs but check them out. it’s basically repackaged theosophy but they keep talking about something soon.

      God has been gracious in blocking the messages from the other channelers, and their deceptions, but one keeps posting. he’s either still able to channel, or he’s making it all up…

      from the most recent post

      “Dear Ones, you do not have much longer to wait before we appear by invitation, and then there shall be worldwide broadcasts of our existence.”

      as for Hector’s story, it makes me afraid though I am a believer. just that it may be coming soon or it may not. it is still a bit nerve wracking nonetheless.

      also, Can others join me in prayer to continue blocking these channelers, esp. the active one? God’s power is infinite, i know he can change hearts. Also pray for their salvation? if they would come to the true Christ, their testimony would be powerful.


    • I will help you pray that the channelers will be blocked. I also believe something will be happening soon. We were doing our study this week on Isaac and Rebecca. Something struck me as we were going through it. Isaac is a picture of the Bridegroom/Christ/Y’shua and Rebecca is the picture of the Bride of Christ/Y’shua. The brides brothers asked the servant to wait 10 days before he left with Rebecca. The servant asked them not to keep him from his Lord. They left the next day. The days were cut short to what the brothers wanted. The Lord said if He hadn’t cut the days short, the elect would be deceived. I thank the Lord He will watch out for us and He will cut the days short for us! I am eagerly awaiting His return, however it happens!

    • thanks to Christine. also Hector for sharing the dream. it is important now that we seek the Lord more fervently.

      as a dedicated future quake listener, i learned over the summer how serious the situation was in the world and have since tried to keep a right account with Him.

      Hector, is there anything particular we should pray for? i have been praying that the Lord be merciful and let people have a chance to repent before the end comes. It would be sad if people didn’t turn and accept Him.

  8. Found this on RaidersNews. Judging from the dates specified, its a few days old.

    “The push for one world religion is coming from every side. Here is an announcement of the signing of a ‘charter’ for the religions of the world, scheduled for tomorrow, 11-12-09. The promo video is at the bottom, and the picture below is a screenshot taken from the 2:33 min. video at the 2:00-2:07 mark. Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words. This dark, ugly, scary picture tells you everything you need to know, in particular, identifying beyond question the driving force behind the push for the one world religion. It is the nefarious ‘one-eyed’ curse. The literal calling-card of the occult masters of the NWO… The human race is about to enter into a very unique and dangerous period of it’s history, one which will be a time of massive delusion and darkness. ‘Horus’, aka the Antichrist, is summoning the world, and he wants to build a global community of followers, and, says he, where it is at now is just the start of the journey. In other words, just getting warmed up. This is no game anymore, it’s for real. Understand the times. Rev. 18:4.

    Apparently, there is a video which I can’t see as the filtering system at work has removed it. But further down, there is also an 8 min YouTube of Karen Armstrong speaking on End Days Ideology. She’s “..not a fan of the Book of Revelation.” She says,”…its a most unfortunate Scripture..” About 6 mins in she starts speaking of the Rapture and, well, listen for yourself. One word, garbage!

    • That’s just so creepy! We are definitely close! She thinks Revelation is a “most unfortunate scripture!” I wonder what she will think when she sees it happen?

    • That’s some good words! I learned to take a closer look at Genesis. It says in 1:4 that G-d created light and divided the light from the darkness and the evening and the morning were the first day. He doesn’t create the sun, moon and stars until verse 14. Where does the light come from? There is a Hebrew word in there “et”. Most times it is translated as “the” but it isn’t “the”. It is an untranslatable word. It is created with the alef and the tav, in Greek the alpha and omega. Does that ring a bell? Of course. Messiah is alpha and omega, alef and tav, the beginning and the end. So the original light was Messiah! It also says in Revelation the lamb will be the light of the world! Rev 21:23 The city has no need for the sun or the moon to shine on it, because G-d’s Sh’khinah gives it light, and its lamp is the Lamb.

  9. Just found this on a Google news:

    United Nations Green Religion squeezing Jesus out of the House of God

    By Judi McLeod Friday, November 13, 2009

    If the United Nations has its way, Jesus won’t be found in church anymore. With the approval of pious priests and ministers, Jesus is being squeezed out of the House of God to make way for global warming/climate change proselytizing.

    Church bells around the world, which call Christians worldwide into church on Sundays, will join the din of drums and gongs to sound a UN ordered message 350 times on December 13 during the Copenhagen climate change summit. The church bells are a call to action on global warming.

    “The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic “chain of chimes and prayers” stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific.” (Breitbart, Nov. 12, 2009).

    “By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for C02 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists.”

    The bell-ringing at worldwide churches makes about as much sense as Hanne Strong, who used constant drumbeats to hold the “energy pattern” when her aging UN Poster Boy husband Maurice Strong led the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Earth Conference.

    Not one media jumped in to ask: “Constant drumbeats to hold the energy pattern?”

    Interesting that even back then the group Mrs. Maurice Strong led in a three-week vigil with “Wisdomkeepers”, were called “global transformationalists”. The round-the-clock sacred fire, drumbeat and meditation was what the transformationalists told the world was holding the “energy pattern” paving the way for the success of her husband-led earth summit.

    Mumbo jumbo magic and the birth of Agenda 21
    This mumbo jumbo magic was the setting for the birth of Agenda 21, the plan now forcing the United States of America and the rest of the Free World into One World Government.

    No mumbo jumbo from Maurice and Hanne will save the world from the human misery about to be inflicted by this evil plan which robs nations of their sovereignty and makes serfs of the human population.

    While Hanne was out there beating her drums, hubby Maurice Strong said in his opening address to thousands of Rio delegates: “It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light.” If these words sound chillingly familiar it’s because they are the same ones uttered by Alice Bailey and Blavatsky before her, both of whom in their writings state that the “force of darkness” are those who adhere to the “out-dated” Judeo-Christian faith. Those who continue along their “separative” paths of the one true God. The “Force of Light” (Lucifer) in their view, is the inclusive new age doctrine of a pagan pantheistic New World Religion.

    And if Christian congregations aren’t having any of this evil served up from the pulpit, many of their religious leaders have already bought into it.

    The World Council of Churches touting the bell-ringing, brings together some 348 Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican churches representing about 560 million Christians in 110 countries.

    There is no escape for Catholics as The Council of European Bishops Conference, which gathers Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops, is also supporting the campaign, according to a letter released by the WCC.

    The ringing of the bells, drums and gongs from churches is being used to boost the UN summit in Copenhagen Dec. 7 to 18, which seeks to promote a new global treaty to broaden cuts in emission of greenhouse gases blamed for Al Gore-touted climate change.

    Mercifully, in some countries the question has been raised whether churches have the right to use their bells for what may be considered to be a political campaign, admits WCC programme executive on climate change, Guillermo Kerber.

    Thanks to the greening religion ministers and priests of Christian churches, your soul isn’t worth saving, rescuing Mother Earth from climate change is.

    • I have some friends who study the Hebraic roots. I am going to send this to them and see if there is any spiritual meaning for the number 350. Maybe someone on this blog already knows….

    • Gordy,

      These green climate “Mother Earth” worshippers will stop short of ? It gets more unreal by the minute. This is so absurd it’s hard to believe people actually fall for this stuff.

      The best place for them to strike their “Gong” is located right between their ears.

      It used to be hard for me to understand why a portion of God’s judgments in the Trib was aimed at damaging the earth it’s self. Now it’s obvious why when there are global movements to shun God yet place His creation
      in their hearts as #1.

    • Well, I know one thing. If I walk into a house of God, Jesus WILL BE IN THAT HOUSE because He lives inside me. They may *try* to remove Jesus from church, but they can’t: the church is made up of born again people of God, and there’s no way to remove Jesus from them.

    • Hi Lisa! For some reason Internet Explorer won’t let me read it! I will start and it will shut down. Anyway, it definitely looks interesting. Did you see their other article, “Aliens in another life?” Looks like they’re good for the alien deception!

  10. The Pope’s Plans on Organizing
    Political, Economic and Religious Activities Worldwide
    By Richard Bennett

    On June 29, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI published a new encyclical entitled “Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth).”1 After a list of Roman Catholic people to whom the document is addressed, it inclusively states, “and [to] all people of good will.” The Pope’s audience is to be not only the adherents of the Church of Rome, but also all those who claim to believe that justice, integrity, and love are the ethical foundations of human wellbeing. Thus to induce others into his line of thinking, the Pope includes leaders and followers of every religious creed, social dogma, economic and political persuasion. Many who purport to be Evangelical are already actively endorsing Papal Rome. For example, a Presbyterian conference to be held January 2010 is to offer “insight into some of the factors involved in Protestants converting to the Roman Church” and a study of the influence of the Vatican Council II in order to learn from the Roman Catholic communities.
    2 One of fifty books offered on the Internet explains how you can accept Roman Catholicism. It states, “If you are of a Baptist or Evangelical persuasion … get an understanding of how Catholicism corrects and fulfills many of the strands of theology.”
    3 Thus the Papacy moves ahead with strategic dialogue for enlisting every civil regime and all major religious establishments worldwide.
    The Pope’s latest encyclical does not stand alone. Rather it is only the most recent addition to the corpus of Roman Catholic social doctrine. “Catholic social doctrine”, a tool of the Papacy, has been and is being carefully honed and directed toward gaining both spiritual and temporal control over all nations.

    John B

  11. I am not critical of any individual and what they believe in Christ/Y’shua, so long as they believe in repentance and salvation. Beyond that, they need to read the Word and talk to G-d/Yahw-h for THEMSELVES. However, there is a book that may be of interest that has opened my eyes to a lot of things. It is called “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop.

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