UFOs and the Church: Don’t confuse me with the facts!

This was posted in the comment section yesterday … It speaks volumes!              head in the sand

“I was telling a pastor after bible study last night, about the Vatican announcement on ET. Before I could finish, he started to laugh at me! I had to calm him down and ask him to wait until I was done. This pastor had already make up his mind before he even heard the story. No wonder the church is in trouble!” Ernest Gregoire

I have written 5 books on the subject of UFOs and the Nephilim, not to mention hundreds of articles and numerous radio interviews and television appearances. However, I have never been asked to speak at any church, not one! As I have mentioned before, I sent out a P.P.&S. book along with a DVD to about 60 churches around Southern California. I never received one response, not even an email. You would think with all of the movies, television shows, and programs like UFO Hunters, and documentaries  on the subject, that the church at large would at least show a modicum of interest. Sadly, this is not the case. The all to familiar laughter, ridicule and dismissal by our so-called leaders speak volumes. As in the case with the pastor above, his head is in the sand! Don’t confuse him with the facts. UFOs are manifesting in our skies, with impunity and the sightings are increasing. The supernatural – UFOs – is manifesting like never before. The Vatican is talking about E.T. The U.K. has released files regarding the UFO presence, and there is pressure on our president to finally spill the beans – full disclosure – in this country. What I want to point out is this. When disclosure happens, it’s too late. Pastors everywhere will be back-peddling, and their congregants will ask, “why didn’t you warn us?” You see, at that point the toothpaste is out of the tube and you’re not going to get it back in.

Nothing has changed in thousands of years. While pastors point out that the Pharisees didn’t recognize the Messiah, these same pastors won’t recognize those that the Lord has placed as watchmen to warn His people. What of Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, Dr. Mike Heiser, Dr. Stephen Yulish, Jim Wilhelmsen, Joe Jordan, Guy Malone and last but not least, me, your humble Blogger? All of us have written on the UFO phenomena as a warning! UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away. The alien Gospel is being promulgated all over the planet. Just look what Rael and the crew are up to!


If you go to the link above notice how many languages the book is in! Here’s what they are saying: The Raelian Revolution is boldly bringing about a complete paradigm shift on our planet. The Messages given to Rael by our human Creators from space contain the world’s most fearlessly individualistic philosophy of love, peace, and non-conformism: a beautiful combination of spirituality, sensuality, and science.

This is only one example of the deception that is all around the church. Do you see what Real is syaing? He’s pointing out the fact that our human creators were ALIENS! Sadly the pastor mentioned above has no clue and is not even willing to listen with an open mind about the ongoing deception. In the meantime studies show that many of our youth are leaving the church and wind up embracing cults like the Raelians and others. The facts are that UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, crop circles, abductions and general, “high strangeness,” continues in increasing numbers. When, not if the revealing happens there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do, but by then the deception will have been sprung and as we are warned, even the elect would be deceived….

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48 thoughts on “UFOs and the Church: Don’t confuse me with the facts!

  1. Not only did Lynn send out his packet to 60 churches, but I put together an email announcing Lynn’s availability for speaking engagements. I spent 3 weeks, every day on my lunch hour searching through church directories and the Yellow Pages online for churches in the Southern California area. Every email address that any church listed on it’s website, I copied and pasted into the email and blasted it out. I don’t know how many hundreds of Pastors and staff members have received this email, but it’s a significant number. As of last week, Lynn informed me that he had not heard one word from anyone interested in having him speak at their church. Will the church world wake up before the deception begins. Let’s pray that they do, and that Lynn can get this message out, because we all need to hear it.

    • they could have thought it was spam if you send emails to alot of people at the same time it goes to the junk section

    • Agreed. Email, Follow up call then snail mail. They still sometimes don’t get the message. Try again. Be sure to get a good phone caller who can talk to people well.

  2. I would Love for L.A. to speak at our church. Im in Northern California. I think people need to be told and people need to know the truth.

  3. There’s something also to be said for studying the real thing so much that you can spot a counterfeit a mile away, so let’s not be too hard on these people. Many are true believers in Christ, and Jesus has promised not to lose those who are His. If these good folks are truly preaching the real Christ, then let’s not knock what they’re doing. Because the better all of us know Christ, the quicker we will spot the enemy and his minions.

    Putting on the full armor of God, not being deceived, not being double-minded or led astray–it’s all about knowing Jesus better. As we learn more about who Jesus is and what He’s done for us, the lies of the enemy will affect us less and less.

    • I agree whole heartedly with not being too hard on those who don’t recognize a deception is coming. Believing and knowing that there is a deception coming does not necessarily mean that you will have faith in Christ to overcome the deception. However, putting honest faith and trust in Jesus will go along way for your salvation regardless of if you believe in UFOs or not. The bible does not say that understanding and recognizing a deception will lead to your salvation, but it does warn about being deceived which could lead you away from salvation.

      So I say, Christ first and foremost always, and secondary is knowing the signs and deceptions so as to not fall prey to stumbling blocks. Moreover, praying daily for your salvation will help you side step stumbling blocks as they present themselves. As a matter of fact, praying MAY be the only way. What if we are full of pride and think we have a full understanding of a coming deception, but in reality have a partial picture and thus fall right into Satan’s trap. We are NOT all seeing!! But being mindful and praying to God for help, he may direct our actions to do something we don’t even understand and by our faith we side step Satan’s trap.

      An interesting pop-culture example is from the movie ‘Knowing’ with Nicholas Cage with the train scene. He thinks that the tragedy will be a terrorist bomb on the train and therefore tells the pregnant woman to get off the train. In reality, all those who got off the train perished and they survived because they remained on it. It would be just like Satan to spoon feed us partial truths so that we see it coming, but at the last minute fall into a well placed trap, because we put more faith in our intellect to figure it out rather than being a servant of God.

    • that’s deep. but really good advice.

      i kind of feel this is possible too. maybe UFOs are just a fancy distraction from the real deception? maybe not.

    • The real and ultimate deception will be the rise of the son of perdition god himself will send a (strong delusion) upon them that love not the truth.

      I believe that lukewarm christianity shall be “ecumenically bound” in this end time world wide revival of humanitarian peace.
      The word of god reveals that only those who are genuinely in Christ will be able to identify the beast by the numerical factor of his name and thus avoid his mark.

      the UFO phenomenon is playing an important part in setting the stage for the revelation of the son of perdition, ultimately though it will be the very “Hand of God” that gives the world over into the Lie.

      It is worship of the image of the beast(the LIE) by his mark which is the greatest deception of all bringing in the wrath of God on an idolatrous world.

      John B

  4. Dr. Marzulli,
    Add to your list of Christian authors who have written about this—
    Dr. Chuck Missler’s http://www.alienencounters.com/ and Dave Hunt and Constance Cumbey I believe.
    It is amazing— the deaf ears.
    Thank you for your ongoing information.
    God bless,

  5. added note:
    ALSO want to say to everyone who reads this that your books are
    fantastic! Politics, Prophesy and the Supernatural is extremely educational regarding history leading up to your expose and examples of what is really happening now around the world.
    Your fiction trilogy is impossible to put down as well as interwoven with what we already know to be true. Even my husband gobbled up all four of your books in no time! PPS is a MUST for ALL! Great Christmas gift too!

  6. All I can say is that we’ll just have to trust in the Lord on this one.

    I’m glad you sent out the information even though there has been no response from the Pastors. The Lord is sovereign & if He wants to open up their spiritual eyes He will. The seed was sown but has not taken root.

    I suppose what we really want to know is- Will this happen “before” the supernatural fully arrives in our natural world or will it take “seeing is believing” to drum up any interest or concern?

    If we’re still around when the supernatural events transpire then this era of apathy on the subject is only the lull before the storm. If this Alien agenda is God’s plan for a “great delusion” then at the moment the restraining force is lifted enough for “all to see” those who have already studied the subject matter will be a hot commodity. (One way or another.)

    • Don’t you think that our affect now will be on those who hear our words of alarm, they momentarily contemplate them and turn a deaf ear to say “no, it couldn’t be true,” just like in the days of Noah. Those same ones, who after the rapture, will realize their error and think, “oh but they were telling the truth”, these the bible says will see death. These are the next front of “Christian” marching soldiers after the rapture. The rest will slip into all the evil that faces them.

  7. Where do you think the great falling away is going to come from? The Church? The delusion is going to be so strong that it said in Matthew, “…even the very elect would be decieved if that were possible.”

    I can personally testify to this. I have studied this issue for years and I am totally convinced that nephilim masqurading as et’s are comming and that the alien gospel is going to be put forth on the earth to decieve many and cause the great falling away. I am firmly convinced of this!

    Yet the other day when I was reading the vatican’s explaination of possible space brothers from other worlds…I had to shake my head for a moment…like wow these words are so smooth and natural and the logic is powerful because its comming from such a huge world wide institution. I actually caught myself wondering for a brief instant. And that was off of just some random article published from a Catholic publication.

    I cannot imagine just how strong the delusion will be when its not just an article but world leaders announcing magic things with the logic of scientists and religious leaders backing them up and actual grey aliens in real time with spaceships in the sky standing right next to them!

    Who will be able to stand aginst such strong sway? This will beget the tide of the great falling away!

    • Amen brother. And the only ones who even have a prayer of not accepting this great delusion are the ones brave enough to declare, “this masquerade has nothing to do with Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the light!!” And for that we will be scorned, ridiculed and persecuted, but so be it. It beats the alternative.

    • Did you notice how the article said the priest grinned mischieviously? Sounds pretty sinister to me. It’s almost like they know what is coming and are taking steps to prepare people for it.

  8. I find it difficult to be too hard on pastors for not wanting to take any of this on.
    Church leaders have a difficult enough time dealing with evolution. To then have to deal with ‘aliens’, whatever they end up being could easily make them look like fools.
    Sure you can argue that they have an obligation to provide leadership to their congregations, but its far easier to provide leadership on more mundane matters that people deal with on a daily basis, then dealing with UFOs, which most of them have no experience with.
    Like it or not, there’s a marketing component to maintaining a flock, and if it appears you’re going off the deep end, that job only gets harder.
    just my opinion, no offense intended to anyone.

    • >>Like it or not, there’s a marketing component to maintaining a flock, and if it appears you’re going off the deep end, that job only gets harder.
      just my opinion, no offense intended to anyone.<<

      None taken. It's even more troubling that they do not preach Jesus Christ, the cross, salvation, sanctification, spiritual warfare and a host of other important topics.

    • Pastors, ministers, Rabbi’s, are preaching to few who are awake, some who are nodding and many who are asleep. The is allegorically speaking.

  9. I asked a Christian friend (who is addicted to videogames) what he thought of this issue. he said that he had enough worrying about his own inner demons. Plus he thought that all of this UFO stuff was something in the human psyche. i agree to disagree. i have brought it up to a few others.

    one friend I showed Gen. 6 and he thought that was just normal people. despite Job dealing with Sons of God in a supernatural sense.

    if Christians could be compared to the justice league (which is a pale comparison) I guess we’re just the Batman. dealing with the crap noone else wants to.

  10. Fantastic reply’s by everyone. I too have read all of L.A. Marzulli’s books, along with all the others mentioned, (ie Steven Qualye, Tom Horn, I.D.E. Thomas, Chuck Missler, Jim Wilhelmson, Guy Malone, Dr. Mike Heiser,) & a whole lot more.
    In Daniel Chapter 11 starting with the second part of verse 32 it says “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. 33 And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days. 34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries. 35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.
    Dan 11:32-35 (KJV)
    So even though many might not understand what is happening, God is even now calling out his elect followers to act as leaders to instruct many in what they will be seeing in the sky’s and all around them. Obviously there are many people out there besides myself who know about the alien agenda.
    So, Lynn, I know it can be discouraging at times thinking no one is listening, but I for one say, Hang in there, Jesus has a special blessing for you for all the hard work you have done.
    I have shared the alien agenda/gospel with a lot of my friends & they really don’t want to hear it. I back it up with a lot of scriptures, but I think most folks are just scared. It goes beyond their way of looking at things. Kinda like thinking outside the box.
    One scripture that has been a comfort to me is where Jesus says, “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Luke 6:26
    We may not get a lot of folks liking us, but our job is just to tell them what we believe Jesus has showed us. See also Ezekiel 3:17-19.
    God bless you Lynn, keep up the good work. I for one would love to sit down with you and have a Bible study. I think it would be a lot of fun. I did that with Jim Wilhelmsen of the Echos of Enoch web site. I emailed him several times & we finally arranged a meeting. He came over and had dinner with me, my wife & daughter, & we spent the whole afternoon & evening discussing the things on his web site. It was great. But I will leave that in God’s hands. If it happens then it will be truly the Lord

    • Nice. I like your God gift to look past the cludder and keep you eyes on the prize.

      The recent Vatican article has push me over the edge. It’s just a matter of time. It’s ticking fast now.

  11. Interesting ‘find’ on the moon…..

    has anyone seen this article yet?


    Someone said Jesus is the way the truth and the LIGHT. That’s NOT what Scriptures says. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE.”

    satan twists and distorts scripture to will. I even found myself misquoting that one before. We need to be careful to understand Jesus (Yeshua) is the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE:).

  12. Well, I humbly say that I am one up on you, Lynn. I was invited to a church to discuss the subject with the Young Peoples Group of the church.
    There was a good attendance in a city church and quite a lot of interest. The only thing, it was the 1960s.

    Apparently things have changed some in the intervening years.
    In cutting pastors breaks, I am afraid that being purposely uninformed is dangerous as it is in most things that can take you.
    Unfortunately, many pastors today have a similar fear of preaching Bible prophecy and the return of the Lord.

    If the UFO phenomena is a figment of everyone’s imagination, no problem then. However, I can’t believe that because I am aware of too much evidence to the contrary as many of you are.

    So, it’s here and must be for a reason. If the Lord’s return is a hundred or a thousand years off(not likely), then I can understand why they might not be preaching about it.
    If the Lord’s return is many years away, it seems impossible that we would not have “disclosure” of the alien presense or an overt attempt to contact humanity in the intervening years.

    Therefore, we would have a real conundrum as to what is going on…..

    That is why I believe that the Return of Christ is not that far off. Because the only way to me to plug in the “alien/demonic paradigm into our future is that is has something to do with the Antichrist and the Strong Delusion as Lynn states.

    We could be off on the wrong track with this, but it sure seems logical to me as we see the ducks lining up in a row.

    Which may beg the question as to why the church seems to want to stay clueless. This will allow the Devil to, “nearly deceive the very elect” because like the world, they will be overwhelmed by the deception and many of the churches will fall away into unbelief of the truth of God’s word.

  13. Since this is one of the livelier blogs I know about, please pray for my AM radio show. We are receiving some resistance to airing tomorrow’s broadcast. At this late hour, I am unsure if they are going to air the program or a re-run.

    This, by no means, discourages me. Quite the contrary. But, if they do not air tomorrow, I will demand them air it the following Saturday.

    All that to be said, anyone here on a late Friday- your prayers would be most appreciated. Humble thanks!

    Your prayers are appreciated. Thank you!

    • I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers. It’s sad that people are not even the slightest bit interested in the truth! I think it won’t be long and truth will be hitting us in the face! There won’t be an opportunity to bury their head in the sand then! They will either believe it, or not!

  14. Aliens seen crosing road
    It is not the first time that a witness sees something on the road while driving to there destination.

    Can these sightings just be road fatigue or real time sightings,? I’m not sure but more and more of these types of sightings have been coming forward

    Below is a sighting that took place back in 1985-09-30 Woman driving car sees Alien biengs crossing road
    Lake City Florida Country:US

    We had gone to Miami for a meeting and took our children. On the way home, I was driving into the night and everyone in the car was asleep. We were coming to a overpass-and I saw something in the road and I kept trying to figure out what it was and I was driving about 70 miles per hour and I started slowing down because I could not see what it was-then all of a sudden I slammed on the brakes because I saw 4 alien beings- they were moving in a straight line from one side of the highway going to the other side. (There was 2 tall ones and 2 much shorter ones) It looked like they had on a one piece skin tight outfit that even went over their heads. When I slammed on my brakes they all turned their heads toward the car and vanished. They all had oval heads with large eyes. I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the other side of the road and it was gone. Maybe like a flash. My family picked themselves up off the floor and asked what was going on and I told them. They made fun of me and I had tried to dismiss it, but I know what I saw. When we got back to Richmond they asked that I not tell that story to anyone. I did tell my Pastor and he said no other beings could be on this earth, everyone else I told did not laugh but they did look at me really strange. I have told a few people along the way, but not many.

  15. I have said before, I am blessed with a good pastor and his wife. I have loaned them Lynn’s book and they believe it is very likely. They also agree that Genesis 6 is fallen angels because of Jude backing it up. They are eager for Lynn to come and talk to the church, but we are a small congregation, and we have to figure out how to come up with the funds. We are on the east coast, South Carolina, and my pastor’s wife has said there is no way they would have him come this far and barely cover his expenses, they want to be a blessing. I may see if we can have a couple of fund raisers with the youth to raise some of the money. There is also a local Christian television station that we may be able to get them to do an interview. Anyway, be in prayer and we will see if we can get this door open……

  16. It shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise or discouragement that the churches aren’t paying attention, they can’t, most are asleep. In many parables about the church the Lord said they would be asleep, like when the tares were sown in next to the wheat, it said that happened when they were asleep. Also, the 10 virgins were asleep. That just proves we are exactly where we think we are in time and we know that these things are coming to pass. Even with the junk the enemy throws at us, we must remember, Glory is just on the other side and it is all because of Jesus, not of us. He deserves all the praise. Things are wrapping up, heating up, and we are about to go up. Maranatha!!!

    • I’ve been watching this story all weekend. It’s Monday morning and, if I’m not mistaken, it is already well into the day in China. I think that, if this was true, surely we would be hearing about it from another source. Alot of websites are posting the story but it is always from the same source. Until I see more original stories coming from other sources, I don’t know that it is true.

    • I checked the website of the world court or International Court of Justice. They don’t have anything on their website about any case pending against the U.S. for a lien against the treasury. Of course, if it was applied for on Friday, they may not have updated the website yet.

  17. As I pondered and prayed over this topic, something was concerning me about the whole delusion/deception thing for those who recognize it as such. You see, there is a difference between running “away” from something and running “to” something. As I thought about this, an interesting metaphor came to me that I would like to share. I have held onto this for the last two days asking God if this metaphor made sense and I felt in my heart that it was. So here goes:

    Lets say the world is standing on the North side of an enormous tree. The north face receives little light and therefore the fruit it bares is small and lacking in abundance on this side. Worse yet, all the fruit on the north side has a poisonous fungi growing on the shaded parts of the fruit. The fruit is inedible and dangerous. All those who believe the fruit to be good, eat the fruit and perish. But there are those who understand the fruit is poisonous. In their fear and anxiety, the want to get as far away as possible from this threat and therefore run to the south side of the tree. But the south side has the same problem, being that it gets very little sun light. There are those in desperation eat the fruit on the south side hoping it will be different and still others who don’t eat but die from famine. Running away from the threat did not resolve the problem.

    Now there are those who understand the delusion, but pause for a moment and know that fear and anxiety are tools of Satan. So, rather than running away from the north face, they run to the east, where the sun rises and casts plenty of light upon the fruit and no fungi grows. They are well and prosper in the light. And still others, who do not know of the delusion, but find the sunlight pleasing and they run to the west where the sun sets. Some who go to the west do so without delay, for they find the sun to be pleasing, but others who go to the west hedge their bets and fill their satchels with fruit for the long journey for they are unaware the fruit is poisonous. So there are some who thrive and some who perish, when they travel to the west.

    Anyway, this metaphor gave me some comfort and some concern. I believe that understanding the delusion is important, but priority number one is an eye towards Jesus. Let us run towards him for the sake of him and not away from our fears and anxieties.

  18. Watching “Nostradamus Decoded”, fascinating! Who is the 3rd Anti- Christ?
    Nostradamus predicted three anti-Christ’s would come. The third was named as Mabus. Could Prime Minister Mahmud Abbas be Mabus? Fits the description as far as the name goes.
    Some say Nostradamus himself was a false prophet. I just think he had dreams and visions as the bible speaks about’ young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams’
    I heard he did have a belief in God, I didnt know him personally so I guess I will never know.

    • Matt,
      Concerning Nostradamus,some of his predictions came true,
      but alot of them did not,thus this makes him a false prophet.


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