The Fourth Kind: Preparing the way for the modern Nephilim!

4th kind' I want to take some time and discuss the Nephilim, because I have a feeling that some of you who visit this site may not know what they are and how they tie into the so-called abduction phenomena. Briefly put, the Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and the women of earth. This was the first incursion – when the fallen angels manifested on the earth – and is mentioned in Genesis 6. The debate comes over who the son’s of God are. Some say, I think wrongly, that the son’s of God were the ungodly line of Cain. I won’t belabor that argument in this post, but I will point to Numbers 13, and the book of Jude, which make it very clear that the angels who sinned and left their first estate did what? Had sex with the women and created an angelic/human hybrid that was never supposed to be i.e. the Nephilim. This, in my opinion is the real cause of the flood of Noah. Is your head spinning yet? Just wait till I get going! We have a very cryptic quote from my favorite first century Rabbi, i.e. Yashua, or more commonly known as Jesus. He tells us this, “When the son of man returns it will be like the days of Noah.” What is he pointing to? What differentiates the days of Noah from any other in history. I believe it is the presence of the “sons of God” or the fallen angels that are once again manifesting on the earth.

That being said, let’s take a look at the abduction phenomena which is what the movie, The Fourth Kind deals with. People are taken against their will and undergo a variety of sexual and other medical “procedures.” They are most often conscious while these take place. When returned to their homes they find that they are pregnant and then the fetus is taken from them,  usually at the end of the first trimester. This modern incursion is much different from the first, in that during the first, the fallen angels. “took wives.” We see in the modern era that this is not the case. In fact, this fulfills another prophecy, which can be found in the Book of Daniel. Daniel tells us:

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

The word cleave, is the same word that is used in the context of marriage that is found in the Genesis 6 account. In other words there is no marriage between the fallen ones and the women. (Thanks to Jim Wilhelmsen for pointing this out.) Is this what we are seeing today? Dr. Jacobs, who I interviewed for The Alien Interview book, believes, as I do that the breeding program is vigorous and that the beings who carry it out are putting a lot of stock in it. He also thinks that it has reached its conclusion and that these modern hybrids or as I would call them Nephilim are being slowly integrated into our society.

In closing what is portrayed in The Fourth Kind is the re-emergence of the Nephilim, as the fallen angels, who are malevolent to the “nines,” are once again gaining access to the earth and the women that reside here. This may be new ground for some of you and I don’t have time to go point by point through it. However – here comes the shameless plug – in my book Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural, I delve into the Nephilim, in great detail. I would highly recommend reading it as it will provide the answers and the warnings to what is coming on the earth and indeed is already here! The subtitle of the book is: The Coming Great Deception and the Luciferian End Game… that title says it all!



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  1. I’ve read the book, and think there are a number of good points. Obviously using one’s own judgement is always a good idea, but i definitely think some of the topics are handled well and are within the realm of possibilty. I loaned it to a friend.

    If the nephilim are infiltrating us, what’s the next step I wonder?

    On a related note i was kind of reading Daniel “hallinogenic drug user” Pinchbeck’s book, 2012 and Return of Qu… and there was one freaky part where he was contacted in a dream by maybe a hybrid or something and they said the earth will be theirs after 2012. Take that for what it’s worth. is it related? who knows.

    my other question is how do all of these eschatological questions fit together, and do they all fit together? like Russ Dizdar’s Black Awakening, or perhaps Tom Horn’s Apollyon rising. just stirring the pot as it were.

    • I believe from what I have read regarding this abduction process, that they have been working a number of years to create a hybrid that not only looks like us, but has the emotional similarity to pass as us.
      Therefore, they are integrating into perhaps high positions of authority as time goes by.
      Also the implanting of devices in many abductees may be more sinister than we know.
      I suspect that it is a control mechanism and that when they make their intentions known, these unfortunate victims will be used to aid in implementing their program.

      This may already be evident, as in the world of UFOlogy, there are many that are apologists for them, pure and simple, with a faith in them that seems unnatural.

      Even when the evidence points to a nefarious series of activities on the part of these entities.

    • Marie, While I cannot give you an expert opinion, I can give my best “educated guess” to your question. Perhaps these women have opened themselves up to these entities by things they have said or done, I.e. occult activities or seeking out encounters. As L A says, be careful what you ask for! Maybe there are generational
      curses following them. One thing I am certain of, I have never heard of a true Christian – a devout follower of Jesus – being impregnated by these beings!

      Sherry in SC

    • Marie – It appears to be random. At least according to Dr. Jacob’s and others…. I think they might have particular genetic material in mind though…

  2. I would think abductees would be people who had no faith in G-d or were not covered by the blood of Jesus. Maybe people who have opened themselves, knowingly or unknowingly, to the supernatural. G-d has warned us in His Word not to do this. The things that are on the otherside cannot be handled without Him. I would heed the warning of the Word and stay away from fortune tellers, new agers, and ouija boards. Anything that could open a spiritual door. There are times when G-d will lead us to do something to teach us, but we need to be sure we are hearing from Him and, if He leads us, He will protect us.
    You can usually look into somebody’s eyes and, somewhat, see their soul. I have noticed lately on the tv that there are alot of people who seem to have no depth to their eyes. Is this just me? Maybe the lighting?

    • Well Christine I still have an old “tube” TV, not a high definition so I can’t see any eyes, in fact I’m lucky if I can see anything on this old set. Everyone’s eyes on my TV looks like Lurch off the Adams Family.

    • LOL! I am using a small old type television with a cable. We just have basic channels right now. The rest cost way too much and I don’t watch that much tv. I have found a lot of ministry on the internet that is a lot more fun to watch! Maybe it’s the combination of the old tv with the cable that seems to give some people an unusual look in the eye. I don’t know. I am not that tech saavy!

    • Hello Christine, YES, I too have noticed more than ever something strange in peoples eyes on TV. I do not have HD as I have old TV’s. I have always, as far back as I can remember, had a thing for peoples eyes…It is an ability to discern. And just within the past few months it’s like I have noticed something different….to me it is like their eyes are glossy and very bright. Almost a false ” light ” I would not even think much of this except it has bothered my spirit and that is how I noticed it in the first place. Nice to know someone else out there is ” seeing ” w/ spiritual eyes.

  3. Along this train of thought….

    Did the Nephilim every completely go away down through the ages or did they go underground or even off-planet within this deminsion or into hyper-deminsional space as fantastical as that sounds? Have humans who opened themselves up to the dark side been considered fair game down through time?

    Have the fallen one’s continued down through the ages their sexual experimentation of the human race, albeit on a smaller scale, awaiting for the lessening of the “Restraint” in the last days so to continue their modification of Gods design as in “the days of Noah”?

    I know of nothing in the scriptures or dependable extra-biblical sources that would forbid the thought.

    Another excellent read on this topic along with LA’s is the following:

    • Interesting questions Eric. According to the Bible as well as the Book of Enoch (of which I think that Enoch should’ve been included as Biblical canon), God placed the fallen angels into captivity until their final judgment. This could mean A) the final judgment when all of mankind is brought before the Great White Throne judgment, or B) the God’s righteous judgmet upon the earth during the 7 year tribulation period, or C) Both A and B.

      The fallen angels are not to be confused with the Nephilim. The Nephilim were the fallen angels’ sons. According to the Book of Enoch, God caused the Nephilim to destroy each other with massive bloodshed as God’s Archangels bound the fallen angels into their captivity. And since the Nephilim were an error to begin with, their souls were not allowed to enter Sheol as were the souls of men. So, then the spirits of the Nephilim were bound to “the lowlands of the earth” as evil spirits who are constantly on the lookout to corrupt human’s souls from a spiritual level.

      I believe this is the reason why we’re seeing a difference between how the “Sons of God” interacted with the “Daughters of men” before Noah’s Flood, versus the “abductions” that we’re seeing today. Today, we’re not dealing with the fallen angels as they are still bound by God until their day of judgment. Instead, we’re dealing with the evil spirits who were originally from the Nephilim, who seek to destroy mankind. As a result of being different from the original fallen angels, these “aliens” must interact with humans in a different way in order to accomplish their goals of destruction. However, they can only interact with humans if humans let them. And to me, it is clear that humankind as a whole, has given them plenty of room spiritually speaking, for them to work with. Humans in this age love not God not the Truth of God. As a result, God is letting mankind have exactly what they want as they’ve let themselves become deceived by the serpent himself. They are headed for complete and utter destruction.

      I hope this helps shed some light of your questions as this is all I can think of to try and help answer them, even though I myself am not 100% certain.

    • Good thoughts and I concur that fallen angels and their offspring Nephilim should not be confused as the same. I also tend to agree that the spirits of the slain Noahic Nephilim are what we call evil spirits, demons and the like. The silence of scripture pervents us from being dogmatic though.

      The only thing I’d add to your thoughts is to factor in that not all the fallen angels have been locked up in the abyss until judgement, Satan won’t be there except during the Kingdom age. In fact, I’d posit that most fallen angels are still actively at work spending their time b/w heaven and earth accusing and decieving mankind as noted in Job. It is a distinct possibility that the remaining free fallen angels are working in conjunction with the slain Noahic Nephilim, as well as, newly and recently breed Nephilim in their on-going attempts to corrupt mankind and keep him from the truth.

      Perhaps the crafts (UFOs) themselves are angels of light masking themselves as crafts. Or perhaps the aliens inside these crafts are the fallen angels taking on a physical form, but they require some type of craft to carry them from their “proper abode” into our’s while the “Restaint” exists. Or perhaps the aliens are newly breed Nephilim serving as ambassadors for the fallen angels. All conjecture of course, but interesting.

      I’m convinced, as the “Restrainer” is slowly pulled away , evil in all it’s forms will start more agressively to press into mankinds space/time, this is why the crafts (whatever they are) seem to fade in and out of our reality. I’m convinced they’ll appear and stay once the Restainer and the church are evacuated.

      Food for thought.

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I was thinking about Jesus’ warning about the days of Noah just this morning. In context the passage reads, 37″For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.

    38″For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking,marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,

    39 and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be. [Matt. 24:37 – 39 NASB]

    The thing that stood out to me, even after reading this passage many times, was the fact that in addition to eating and drinking, he specifically mentions “marrying and giving in marriage.” I believe this points directly to Genesis 6 and the nephilim. The word translated, “eating” is the Greek “trogos” which is the word for gnawing and eating raw vegetables, referring often to animals eating but can refer to men gnawing on food. The word for drinking is “peno”, which simply means to drink. Marrying is the word “gameo”, which is to lead in marriage or to take a wife. Giving in marriage is the word for giving a daughter in marriage.

    As one reads the account of the fallen angels descending on Mt. Hermon in the book of Enoch, it becomes clear that the marriages in that day were negotiated. Daughters in exchange for technology. I guess I said all of this to say, I believe we are living in the days of Noah and the UFO, abduction phenomona plays right into this.

    BTW, “V” is on this evening. I found the pilot both interesting as well as chilling.

    Kevin J.

  5. lynn,

    this morning as i was driving my beautiful wife to work, she
    was mentioning that one of the teachers had shown the high school students
    a christian video about ufos…

    and my wife mentioned the scripture about principalities and powers of the air-
    and it just hit me how there are ufo “hotspots: or “vortexes” or “portals”
    which are geographically located in specific regions-
    (sedona, hudson valley, phoenix, stonehenge)

    just as our nations capital is washington, dc,
    so there are demonic “capitals” (vortexes) located in specific areas…
    this is where the administration and coordination of demonic activity
    is administered and orchestrated by fallen archangels,
    still allowed authority, by Gods Grace and mercy…

    Yes, GOD IS MERCIFUL, even to demonic entities, he could very easily
    send them into the abyss, (as in the case of the demoniac of ghaderrha)
    however, beyond my comprehension, they are allowed to exist on our dimensional plane-

    The implications of the existence of the nephilim are explored in the show “V”-
    people who will appear to be like us, however, they are “born dead” without souls…
    the vatican has already counseled us to accept our “space brothers”,
    and that is all part of incremental ‘disclosure’-

    the similarities and parallels of “V” to the obama administration has been blogged about
    quite frequently,

    interestingly, when confronted about the similarities, the obama administration were very dodgy and tried to joke their way out of it…

    is obama a nephilim?
    of course i speak in jest, however there are some very spooky ramifications of the way
    he has commandeered the media-

    it IS rather “V like…
    one of the aliens media blitz catch phrases is “HOPE in CHANGE”
    very obama-like indeed…

    • The book of Enoch talks about gates that open into the world. This could be the same as the portals you are talking about.

    • Very interesting hummmm… up here in the High Desert, Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree, there is a place called Mental Physics.I recently was thinking about that place,( it has been here for years ) googled it, and on one page they were proclaiming how they have opened up 15 portals !!! No wonder there is so much strange stuff up here. Wish the Church wasn’t asleep here b/c we could pray together regarding the drugs/witchcraft and weird military things that are going on. It definitely has stepped up the past year and I have experienced some ” things “. Alas, no one here to talk to about it.I have been here a long time and have interceded a lot so I have to believe it has done something !
      Appreciate everyone’s thoughts on here so much.Thank the Lord there are awake believer’s !It encourages me greatly !

    • just one more comment on the “V” episode from last week…

      the obama similarities and parallels are VERY BLATANT…

      so, i was wondering, what is the message to the “unwashed masses?”

      ‘resistance is futile!’

      i think obama has cultivated the very subtle undercurrent of fear in his tactics, and i think it is definitely by DESIGN…

      if FEAR is the diametric opposite of FAITH…

      then a climate of fear would be desired by the unseen principalities and powers of the air-
      just enough to make people more pliable psychologically…

      this is why it is important for us to NOT take every “sign” as a portent of impending doom!

      yes, we are aware…

      yes, we watch for our Saviours return…

      BUT, we are not to be afraid of every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike…

      Isaiah 8:12 (New American Standard Bible)

      12″You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’
      In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy,
      And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it.

      We, as Believers, have ALL POWER over every principality and power,
      (YES! even nephilim!)

      so, we have NOTHING to FEAR!

      The unbelievers of this world, on the other hand, have a EVERYTHING to be fearful of,

      because they have NO POWER against what is coming upon this earth…

    • Heather, we can help you intercede, even if we aren’t there! I am sure many who visit this blog daily would love to help!

    • Creepy, but what is the purpose of playing speech backwards! When a person is speaking, we don’t hear it that way. Also, some of the words that are supposedly heard are not very clear.

    • I watched a video of the Pres addressing the Tribal Nation Conference and then mentioning the Fort Hood shootings… He made it sound like he had planned to speak about the conference but was going to speak about the shootings instead. He began with all the niceties of introduction, then mentioned the shootings that had just taken place… I don’t know about the time frame, if there had been enough time for his speech writers to cook something up for him to say or not, but he definately seemed to have his speech rehearsed. He is amazingly smooth and reassuring in his mannerisms. Definately charismastic. But then, towards the end of his speech, he starts to faulter, as if he wanted to add some of his OWN comments, but couldn’t find the right words. OR, it occurred to me, “Ha! He forgot his lines!” If this is so, then either he is allowed to make these “mistakes” to make some of us think he is not powerful, or he truly isn’t powerful and has been put in place as a figurehead, and is actually being manipulated via whatever strings the iluminati have on him.

    • By the way, it occurred to me that if the shootings had just occurred (as I said, I don’t know what the time frame was), how would the Pres have a speech all prepared and rehearsed so quickly?

    • Last year I wondered about this same question. According to Genesis as well as Enoch, the answer is “no.” However, in all of the ancient Greek myths, we here of the half-gods (otherwise known as Nephilim) who took wives and had both sons and daughters. Once again, these stories of the Titans were myths, but could be true about their having both sons and daughters. But once again, according to Genesis and Enoch, the fallen angels only had males as offspring. Perhaps God didn’t let the fallen angels know that they couldn’t have daughters, which may have disrupted the fallen angels’ initial plans to destroy and alter the DNA of humankind.

  6. Gives more in depth meaning to the verse, “Resist the devil, and he will flee.” Many are opening themselves up to being manipulated by the evil one. I remember just last year many were all trying to be of one accord (is that singularity?) to try to wish the galactic federation would come. They are being lured away, they fail to realize the power behind the blood of Jesus Christ.

  7. WOW!!! Check out the top news story on!!!! it’s about -just look there it’s too unreal to believe it!!

  8. Saw that.
    Getting back to the fallen angels and being around after the flood of Noah.
    In Daniel 10 there is the account of Gabriel coming to Daniel, but is held up by the “Prince of Persia” which had such strength, that the angel Michael had to come and help.
    There is also a “Prince of Tyre”.
    During the last days, 4 angels will be released from the Euphrates where they have been imprisoned.
    If we understand this correctly Satan has his hierarchy of lieutenants around. If it wasn’t for the restraining power, things would be going much worse here.

    • Doug, I Pondered the release of these 4 angels, they are released at the sounding of the sixth trumpet prior to the seventh and last trumpet which brings in the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.
      The fact that they are bound at the Euphrates river is very significant in relation to WWW111 being imminent in the light of the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and the constant Iranian Threat.

      There is already a military presence from around the world in place within that region.
      I believe that it will increase in great proportion by a UN intervention backed by the vatican.
      This will be the gathering for “the battle of the Great day”

      It is worth noting that God Almighty as appointed the timing to the very day for the release of these angels. No matter what happens The Lord Reigns sovereign. Amen

      john b

    • interesting theory:
      not sure where i heard it, but, it has been said that the reason that the Bush’s went into iraq was to release the demons chained @ Babylon

  9. Following is the link and preview of the timely article from Christianity Today about the new
    ABC tv series “V”

    ABC’s ‘V’ is a probing look at culture and the need for discernment, says the show’s executive producer.

    Aliens Among Us

    Interview by Todd Hertz | posted 11/03/2009

    You might’ve seen the commercials for ABC’s new alien-invasion series , V (our review), which premieres tonight (8/7c). It’s a reinvention of a 1980s TV series by the same name, but with quite a makeover. This time, the aliens don’t appear scary and lizard-like; they appear like beautiful humans, benign, almost divine—and bringing great promises to a frightened, confused world. Earthlings buy into it, though some remain skeptical—including a priest, one of the central characters, who remind his flock to test all things against the truth of Scripture. (Yes, a priest on mainstream TV actually says that.)

    Please click the link to read the rest of the article from CT online:

    • I Believe that shows such as “V” and films such as “The 4th Kind” are being produced by the mass media as a form for reverse-psychology in order to help bring about further acceptance of “the visitors” to the masses for when they reveal themselves. Much in the same way both Fox News and CNN are used as contrasts in order to get the viewer to come to the conclusion that they want you to, so too, are films and shows being utilized in the same way. Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected if it weren’t for networks such as Fox and CNN.

      Movies such as “D-9,” “Close Encounters,” and “Avatar” are being utilized as means of a “direct” psychology, playing upon the emotions of its viewers in order to bring about acceptance.

      Psy-Ops are alive and well in covert operations. What’s ironic is that these covert ops are right out in the open on broadcasts such as ‘World News’ with Brian Williams, ‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos, ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart, NPR, Time Magazine, The NY Times, and the 700 Club. They’re all being used and orchestrated to make the viewers think that they arrive to conclusions on their own, when in reality, they’re being completely brainwashed. Who needs re-education camps with the mass media at their disposal?

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