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4th kind'I didn’t see the 4th kind over the weekend as planned. I did however discuss it on the radio with my friend Jim Wilhelmsen, on Lynne and Mario’s radio show on Saturday. Jim thought that the footage was the most intense he had ever seen regarding and abduction. He pointed out that in all the cases he was involved with over the years, specifically regarding abductions he had never witnessed anything like what he saw in the theater. I re-posted my first review of the movie over the weekend and pointed out that I thought this was a Blair-witch knock off. After the hype and hearing from people who have seen The Fourth Kind, I still hold to that position. One of the most disturbing comments that I received over the weekend was posted by Matt. (Thanks Matt) I’ve re-posted it here and will comment on it.

I saw this movie over the weekend. What stood out for me in the film was the ‘aliens” when asked who they were responded by saying “I am God, I am the Father”, when I heard this, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. A scripture came to mind.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Abigail Tyler has a young daughter that was abducted and according to the film was never found.
A police officer that was guarding the home at the time of the abduction saw a craft above the home of the Tyler family and claims he saw a light shine down on the home and witnessed the family being swept up in the light, all were returned to the home except young daughter.
The film also claims 2000 visits by FBI to the city in question.
There are some that question Ms Tyler’s mental capacity, and blame her for her daughter’s disappearance, which she claims she had nothing to do with.
The language in the film the “aliens’ used was the ancient Sumerian language, which only partly could be understood.

What this movie does is make the viewer have a feeling of helplessness. In other words, the movie tells us that these abductions cannot be stopped, that we are powerless against them. As I have pointed out, the abduction phenomena is not being conducted by aliens from the Pliedian star system , but rather interdimensional beings that are very malevolent in nature. The movie, as well as the UFO community in general, completely ignore the spiritual dimension of the abduction phenomena. It amazes me that the work of John Keel and Dr. Allen Hyneck who both point to the supernatural, as a possible answer are overlooked and even scoffed at by the UFO community. Again, I am not pointing to some religious, stained glass window, pulpit thumping, robed priest. I am saying that the supernatural does exist and the work of Joe Jordan, Jim Wilhelmsen and myself have uncovered people who have stopped their abductions by evoking the name of Jesus. We’re not making this up. It is real and we have the witnesses to prove it. Why is this evidence being ignored? As I mentioned, I was on the radio with Lynne Dickie. She was once a contactee and I interviewed her for my Alien interview book. She has come out of that experience and did so by having a relationship with Jesus. There is hope and victory over the abduction phenomena, but unless we look at the supernatural and understand the laws that govern that dimension we are indeed powerless and like the unfortunate souls that are portrayed in The Fourth Kind, we too can begin to believe that we are helpless against these “aliens.” However, nothing could be further from the truth as we read again what Matt posted….

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

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  1. I resisted the temptation to see this film. The trailer had all the feel of Blair Witch, and when I checked out the obviously phoney website(s) has been pulled since the release) I figured something was rotten. Saved my cash may download it if it hits the torrent sites.

    Two good points – there don’t seemto be any raging christian idiots in it, and at least it portrays abduction as a bad thing.

    Maybe Joe Jordan could help with a sequel.

  2. This movie also propagated the infamous “Astronaut theory” by Zecharia Sitchin, including the sumerian text and relief cut outs as usual.

    The movie itself was unsatisfactory in that it really did not show any “Beings” , but they are nefarious- including a scene in which one of the “Beings” possessed the main character and purported to be God himself while speaking sumerian.

    If one was detached from emotional and religious connotations when watching this film, it would become obvious that the theme is exactly the same of typical demonic possessions in such films such as the “Exorcist”- only with the added flare of the UFO flying over the household.

  3. I saw this movie and it was pretty real in that it had real footage and real recordings of these events. Very sobering and very creepy. What was most interesting was the response of the audience and the things they had to say. Grown men were sitting behind me and stood up a couple of times saying how scared they were in sailor terms. 🙂 I was actually glad to see they portrayed aliens as evil instead of our “friends” and “harmless visitors.” When the movie was over it had this trailor of recordings of people who have called in to report UFO sightings over a ten year span. People in the audience either ran out of the theatre or stayed very quietly in their seats. I know the reality of the alien phenomena but this movie really brought it home.

  4. I hope hat the Blood of Jesus is being pleaded by all you Christians who have submitted your selves to this occult atmosphere, and I am not speaking in jest.

    From personal experience, I have witness demonic possession take foothold in a friend once who often subjected himself to vampire and other occult movies. he had to be delivered I attended the deliverance, it was not a pleasant scene.

    I would strongly recommend “keeping away from all resemblance of Evil” (Apostle Paul), as satan will use such an atmosphere permeating with Fear to subdue passive victims into demonic bondage.

    John B

    • I think I am beginning to be moved into this camp as in “Saul, Why doth thou kick aginst the pricks?” Though not through any great insight of my own my interest in these things for entertainment’s sake appears to be deminishing. For example when Benjamin Creme came on Coast to Coast a few weeks ago my radio went blank for the entire time he spoke and then mysteriously came back on after he left. I was suprised to find that George Noory got sick from hearing him and I was rejoyceful that I did not hear whatever it was.

      Then I went to see “District 9” and only got thru about 12 minutes of it and got sick and had to leave the theatre. And even a movie like this (the 4th kind) I have zero desire to see for some reason. This is not to say I won’t watch any more movies but the occult stuff seems to be fading in my interests at all. I thank and praise God for whatever work might be done in me. It is my furvent desire to endure until the end.

    • Ya know John; I prayed and thought long and hard before I went to this film. I do not allow gore films such as Saw, (as an example) into my home. I do not care for violence and for me it cheapens the value of life and is not entertaining to me. However I am interested in paranormal and biblical prophecy. I do not take films like this lightly. I have never seen the Exorcists nor to do I ever plan to. I seek the Lords direction and guidance on serious issue which may have consequences.
      The two scriptures that came to mind, were Hoshea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge and 1 Peter 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walked about, seeking whom he may devour.
      I believe the Lord wants us to seek the truth, and I feel Mr. Marzulli speaks the truth and had done a tremendous job seeking out the truth and exposing Satan’s deceptions.
      This film to me just confirms what I already know thanks to Mr. Marzulli and his books.
      I will always put on the amour of God while seeking the truth.
      I have told several people at my church of this web site and books by Mr. Marzulli, either they accept the message or they don’t. The deception has already begun and only a select few can see beyond Satan’s lies.
      I am washed in the Blood of the Lamb, and I have already come face to face with an evil entity as a young man and this is one of the reason I became a Christian. I had a brush with the spirit world that was not pleasant. But God is faithful and set me free. As far as the film goes, I take all films with a grain of salt, but I would rather seek the truth rather than lie there and be deceived.

    • Hello John B. and the group,

      John’s advice is sound!

      Weak or marginal Christians have no business viewing or attending occult movies or being in such a setting.

      Strong Christians who are called by Holy Spirit into anti-occult ministries suffer greatly. These folks are on the front line and its no place for a willy-nilly attitude.

      Trespassing on Satan’s territory without the expressed call of Holy Spirit on your life for this kind of thing is playing with fire of the most dangerous kind.

      I am not talking about everyday spiritual warfare that Christians do and should be doing as a part of their regular activities. If you’re active in any kind of ministry, you don’t have to go looking for demonic attacks, they will find you!

      I was involved in a group years ago. This group had a woman who has the Jezebel spirit. If you have ever had to deal with this spirit you will not soon forget it. This is nothing I would choose on my own, I just happened to be in a group where this activity was taking place.

      These are dangerous times, indeed the bible tells us so!

      But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power;

      Avoid such men as these.

      (2 Timothy 3:1-5 NASB)

    • I am a social worker who sees poverty every day. Poverty of spirit and poverty period. With this comes great trauma, sometimes DID, survivors of abuse and sometimes ritual abuse. I see shattered broken people who need the love of Jesus. I walk among darkness and evil because I know I am covered by the blood of Jesus. We can have all the gifts of the spirit but not have love and we have not love, we are nothing. It’s really that simple. It’s about the full armor. I walked out of that movie with the full armor and I will walk out of this movie on earth with His full armor. It’s not the UFO’s that scare me as much as the religous/pious spirit I get from my brothers and sisters. God calls us to get messy. He calls us to love Him and you know what else? His glory is accelerating on this earth at a much faster pace than evil and that is what I’m going to focus on instead of this end of the world stuff which has nothing but a fear base in it. And His love casts out fear because He has given us a spirit of love and of power and of a sound mind. Yea baby. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    • Seeing these movies about the coming deception can be educational, but I would highly recomend a lot of prayer and fasting and consulting G-d about what He desires for you as an individual to do. He may have a purpose in you seeing it and He may desire that you don’t see it. I really believe that we need to be in a position to call on G-d and get His direction in everything we do in these last days. Hearing from G-d and listening to Him could save our very life, if not our soul! Whatever we hear from Him, we need to obey!
      I will say that I have been overwhelmingly shocked by the reaction of good Christian people to the “Twilight” movies. All I have heard from them the last few weeks is the new movie coming out. I am quite wounded for these people. I do not see anything educational that can come out of this one, but a seduction. It is very plainly in your face the seduction of a young woman by a fallen angel. It is the return of the very thing Genesis speaks about. It is treated so lightly and normal! It is nothing but seducing spirits! It has to be a deliberate attempt to seduce the human race to accept “strange and abnormal” relationships with beings that are not their own kind. this cannot be good and many Christian people I know are being sucked into it! We really need to be fasting and praying!

    • Wow, didn’t know this website existed but glad that I found it. I saw the movie a week and a half ago and immediately regretted it. I was terrified for days non-stop. For the first time in my life I truly believe that evil exists and that I was in the presence of it during this movie whether the movie was real or not. Maybe the names and real story line was changed but something underlying was very real, and the evil associated with it, almost palpable. Following the viewing of this movie, I felt a spirit on me hard. I came home and immediately started praying for Jesus protection nobody told me that He was the answer I just knew that I needed to turn to Him. I got out my bible, put on christian music surrounded myself with the Word. I even turned on Christian TV which I’m sure is not always on honest or anointed, but I needed anyone proclaiming His name to be close by. As a result of my experiece, I became totally convicted in Christ. I had been convicted before in the past but somehow always seemed to fall away. I don’t know if God was trying to tell me something. I just knew when I saw the previews that I had to see this movie. If I was meant to see it if God was trying to tell me soemthing, I heard it loud and clear. I believe that there will be a great deception of mankind. I don’t know why but I just sense it on a spiritual level. I kind of always have actually. And I also feel like I am being charged by God to be strong and vigilant to turn away from evil and do His work. Hell is real and I want no part of it. My walk with HIm is going to be long but I’m not deviating from that path . It may take me a life time, but I’m running to Jesus. And it is in my heart to save souls to save others from the evil that is determined to steal us from our Father in Heaven.

  5. lynn,

    yes i have not seen the movie, im not sure if i even would,
    only because it presents a perspective that there is no power greater than the aliens,
    which i know is not true…

    it seems we are either being presented with this viewpoint, or the classic good cop/bad cop viewpoint, wherein there are some aliens who are good, and some that are bad…

    however the media ALWAYS steers clear of the POWER of the name of JESUS…

    ive heard people say that perhaps someone could make some tracts that spread the news
    that alien abduction is breakable by the name of Jesus…

    it would be awesome if these tracts could be distributed (FREE!) at UFO conferences where abductees are more likely to hang out…

    • That is a great idea! This would open the true gospel up to more people! Even if people only read it out of curiosity, the Word would stay in their mind and plant a seed! Maybe it would help bring people to a better understanding and deliverance!

  6. I didn’t see the movie, i had planned to but strongly suspected it was not actually true. I may rent it. Actually I don’t know if i could handle it, i went back and rewatched “Signs” alone in my dark house and coulnd’t finish (It didn’t help that I was listening to Joe Jordan on the ipod at the same time.) Even though I know God is stronger, i don’t think i want to invite this into my life. it’s bad enough I plan to read some UFO books on the Andreasson case and Strieber’s case.

    BTW, Lynn good work on the Alien interviews, i read it a while ago and have let a few friends look at it too. I think it would be great to see an expanded edition. I was also wondering what your perspective on the Betty Andreasson case is. She claims to be a Christian, but was abducted throughout her life. She never tested the spirits in my opinion, but it’d be great to see a blogpost about her case.

    • I would wait for it on rental. Honestly though I thought the movie was a mess, I don’t get what the purpose of having so called “real” footage mixed with fake footage. When its clearly all fake to begin with. It felt like a bad episode of Unsolved Mysteries, but without Robert Stack which would have been awesome but impossible I know. We miss you Robert.

    • But people are constantly complaining that Hollywood is always remaking movies rather than coming up with new, original ideas. Who cares if this movie was fake or not? It was a pretty decent movie if you dont expect too much and if you enjoyed the Unsolved Mysteries series, plus the film was original in it’s storyline.

    • Ah yes, good old unsolved mysteries! i loved that show…most of the time.

      as far as matt’s comments, so true about hollywood remaking movies, at least 4th kind was original (i think). give credit where it’s due i guess. although if they were going to make a (true) UFO movie there are so many good true stories out there.

      such as:
      The Andreasson case(s) (WATCHERS!)
      Witnessed (Budd Hopkins)
      Alien Abductions (Mack)
      Anything based on David Jacobs work

      I guess why resort to a fake “true” story? oh well.

  7. How accurate is this film?????? I saw the movie and it spooked me out! I since have tried to find information on this film and everything I find seems to be for entertainment purposes. Does anyone know the truth? Is Dr. Abigail a real person? and did her daughter really go missing?

    • Nicole – if you read both posts I think you will see that I believe it is an elaborate hoax – sort of a Blair Witch project knock off.

  8. We shouldn’t be surprised at all that the ufology community (and the media) completely ignores the very obvious spiritual nature of this phenomena. Much of the ufology community is linked to new age and occult ideology itself.

    They’ve always had a manifest agenda to discredit and disparage the faith of Abraham specifically. I’ve personally noticed how many of their spokesmen like Zecharia Sitchen always use their ridiculous ‘aliens as creator’ nonsense to attack the Bible – never any other religious text.

    And if you’ve noticed in the last several years, the so-called “History” Channel has literally become their pulpit. Movies like the 4th Kind, which I will not be watching, have 2 goals: 1. To implant terror of these beings into the hearts of people, 2. To spread the increasingly widespread (and nonsensical) idea that “aliens” created life on earth or brought it here.

    Even prominent atheists and darwinian evolutionists in the last decade have conceded that they have absolutely no idea how life got here. And the notion of spontaneous bio-genesis by random processes has no basis whatsoever in observational science.

    In the face of these glaring objections to naturalistic models of origins, the “alien” theory – as ridiculous as it is – has been gaining more and more serious press in the last several years.

    Just another reminder of how the wisdom of man becomes utter foolishness when we reject God.

    These evil spiritual beings, masquerading as “aliens” ARE contacting people and tormenting them. And there is a larger deceptive agenda which this phenomena is being used to push forward (as readers of this blog are already aware).

    As believers, we have nothing to fear. These spirits fear the Lord Jesus and tremble at his name. Other than maybe the purpose of careful research, as the work of Lynn, I don’t think there’s any reason to watch movies like this – they simply glorify the (limited) power of the enemy.

  9. I do not doubt that calling for the Blood of the Lamb, have power over the enemy.
    The Scriptures says so!heaven.
    “Luk 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    Luk 10:20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

    Here is another quote “Act 19:13 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.
    Act 19:14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
    Act 19:15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
    Act 19:16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.
    Act 19:17 And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.
    Act 19:18 And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds.

    So this unregenerad person was not able to have authority, so if not all these 300, you are talking about were born again by the will og GOD, how could they have Power of wicked spirits? That the Name of our Lord Jesus be proclaimed is good, but this calling on Jesus, could also be a kind of deception, say the adversaries comes togheter and say, well guys, i someone call on the name of Jesus or his blood we immediatly dissapear??

    I just read a book about the Inca initiation, where Psychical Angel beings manifested, called Apus. And they came in an ceremony called the open of Jesus Christ, so how come his name had no power then?

    And from what i learned, even in “churches” where they are channeling enteties, they start of by singing hymn, amazing grace, and so on to come into the right “mood” (this info i got from interview with exvampire by Bill Schnoebelen), i havent researched it deeper.

    By the way, if i haven´t done the research into the occult, shamanistic and new age, I WOULD have been decieved just a couple of months ago. According to the Qero Inca´s a priest of the 6th grade, will be able to Heal everyone everyime, what would you think of such a beeing, with light coming out of his eyes, and a halo of light composing around him? Read about people who met Maitreya, the have felt his “love”, he makes them feel good!
    It is the old confidence trixter pattern that is beeing played.

    But behind this is a Pale Horse, and hell followed after him.

  10. If the name Jesus doesn’t exactly work, you can alway call on His true Hebrew name, Y’shua. Anyway, I think it may be a mistake for US to rebuke the spirits in His name. When Michael the Archangel fought satan he didn’t rebuke him he said, “The Lord rebuke you!” We have to keep in mind it is not our authority that dispells the spirits but the Lords. It is by His blood. How many people will evoke the name of Jesus, but not plead the blood? We also do need to fast and pray. Jesus was very specific that there was a certain type of spirit that only came out by fasting and praying. Also, we need to be memorizing scripture. When Jesus/Y’shua was confronted by satan, He used scripture to rebuke him. A soldier never goes to war without learning everything he can about his gun. He learns how to clean it, put it together with rapid speed, and shoot it accurately. We need to practice our weapons of warfare the Lord has given us, fasting, praying and the Word. That way we are prepared for battle! We need to get up every morning and put on the full armour of G-d/Yahw-h!
    On the subject of movies and television, I had to turn my tv off yesterday. I know Oprah has her own following and teaches that all paths lead to heaven. I turn it on while I am cooking an do enjoy her shows where they are helping people and such. The light-heared shows. When she gets into some of her books or more spiritual things, I don’t watch it. Yesterday was one of those days. She interviewed Ellen Degeneres and her “companion” Portia. It was going to show their wedding and all about their relationship. It was treated as being so normal! I think these people have a wonderful personality and a true desire to help others. It is so sad to see such good-hearted people falling for such a deception, and then putting it out there for everyone to see! People watching are receiving it! I hear other people saying all the time, “They are such good people. They can’t be wrong!” That is such a lie! We don’t go to hell because we are good people or bad people, we go to hell because we reject G-d and the way He has made for us through His son Jesus/Y’shua. It is the same standard for all of us! People are dedicating their entire lives and millions of dollars trying to earn their way to heaven. Heaven is already paid for! We just have to accept the ONLY door that G-d has provided us, His son Jesus/Y’shua! Again, the only thing I can do here is say we really need to be praying! I have been looking at some of the things posted on the web page, “The Black Awakening.” These people do not mind giving all they have in fasting and prayer to lucifer himself to wage war against the people of G-d/Yahw-h and G-d Himself! They are not afraid to go without food, or perform whatever sacrificial ritual they have to to invoke lucifer against good people! How much more we should want to fast and pray and arm ourselves to stand against them! Have you read the Word? We win in the end! Praise G-d! We are on the right side of this battle! We should be willing to give all we have to fight and overcome and intercede for others! I went to a midrash Saturday and one of the verses was about Abraham and his intercession prayer for Lot. It said, “But when G-d/Y’shua destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Avraham and sent Lot out, away from the destruction, when he overthrew the cities in which Lot lived.” If you read the entire story, the angels literally had to grab Lot by the arm and pull him out! He didn’t want to leave! Abraham had prayed for Lot and, because of Abraham, he was pulled out of the destruction! Instead of just raking people over the coals when they are not doing right, remember that G-d does honor our prayers and start doing intercessory prayer! Imagine how many people could be saved if they see someone like Oprah or Ellen get saved? What a testimony that would be! Even people in our lives that we are around everyday! Or people we learn from like Lynn who is out on the front lines trying to warn people what is going on! Or even all of us for one another! Prayer is our foremost weapon and we use it far too little!
    Ok. I am off my soap box now. I am just really disturbed at the times we are living in and the seeming unconcern of many of the believers. We are quick to attack one another, or someone we know is openly in sin, but slow to pray! This has to change!

    • Christine, I fully agree. He is the one to rebuke. Only in Jesus’ name and the power of His shed blood, can Satan be stopped.

    • Amen Sister! I too am just mortified that I can’t get more people to take the scriptures about prayer and the full armor of God for spiritual war seriously. The evil one knows that if he keeps us isolated that we will not be as powerful as if we would unite. We know the end result of this spiritual battle will be many Christians dead but in possession of their eternity (to be resurrected), and many non-believers dead and destined to hell. What we need to be doing here, while we still have time, is to wage war for the souls who have not been saved yet. We are going to have to rely more on prayer as time marches on.

      As I mature in my walk, I find that I am taking the scriptures more and more at face value, but also seeing between the lines. They are all telling me that we MUST pray, put on the full armor of God, be alert and cunning as a fox but gentle as a lamb, and that we have more to fear from the spiritual adversary than the physical one (and probably more that I haven’t thought of to list at this moment). This is what the Holy Scriptures are saying over and over again.

      I will not go see any movies about aliens. I have Christian friends who recommended Signs but I can’t bring myself to see that either, and it has been out for some time. Mr. Marzulli’s books are enough of a hair-raiser for me! I have burned our copies of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and E.T.. I don’t want them in the house. It may be quite safe for some, I think, to see certain movies of this kind, but I believe that the Holy Spirit is telling me I’ve seen enough…

      To God be the Glory.

  11. “God did not give us a spirit of fear”

    You have to get dirty if your going to minister to the unclean. You can touch the leper if you know how to get clean. I do not expose myself to evil or unrighteousness unless I feel called to by God. Even then I “test every spirit”. Glory to God that we can be made clean. Prayer, confession, and repentance are the soap water and washcloth of the Christian.

  12. Frank, I read all those books you mentioned. The Three on the Betty Andreason case intrigued me; especially the first two.

    I came away figuring she was deceived. If she was truly born again and claimed the power of the blood of Jesus, what she went through did not add up.
    A discussion of the books and her experiences would be interesting and informative, IMO.

    The Linda Cortile case in “Witnessed” is certainly intriguing, in the context of what happened to her, the locale, and the impact on people of importance that were involved.

    • I would think that channeling could be like an addiction. Even though a person may get saved, there is the battle of letting it go. Maybe this woman went through the getting saved stage, but never completely let go of the hold the life style had on her. She needed someone in her life to help her learn about deliverance. Maybe we can have intercessory prayer for her for deliverance!

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  14. Aliens are real -that’s a fact. Millions of people around the world are NOT working together in some mass conspiracy or occult. Call them what you will: aliens, angels, demons… The facts speak for themselves. The movie “Blair Witch Project” was never “stated” to be a “true story”. The actual video footage that you see in the movie, was “real”… And the videos and audios were provided by Abigail Tyler, which was later then aquired by Universal Studios, are also real.

    Unfortuntely, for some…, seeing is NOT believing -a sad reality. Perhaps relgion has left these people blind. To suggest that this phenomenon is hoax, solar flare or weather ballon, is invalid. Again, the facts speak for themselves. How can anyone NOT see it?

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