ALIEN ABDUCT2The fourth kind is certainly not the first movie that will explore the phenomena of alien abductions. We have a host of them that have preceded this one. Fire in the Sky, which recounts the events that happened to Travis Walton is one that comes to mind. Travis was gone for three days after he was taken into a ship. At the time of his abduction he was out cutting wood with a about five friends, all of whom witnessed the abduction. Of course the town was skeptical and many thought it was a hoax, but the guys who witnessed what happened, as well as Travis never backed down from their story. Then we have the television mini-series, Taken. This is a 20 hour marathon that traces the abduction phenomena and subsequent breeding program in which the end justifies the means. Entire families are ruined in a complex plot, of murder, intrigue, betrayal and manipulation by the aliens, all to produce an alien/human hybrid that has amazing powers. If you haven’t seen Taken yet, I would highly recommend it, as I believe it nails what has been going on since the sudden appearance of the Foo fighters, at the close of WWII.

The History Channel has explored the phenomena as well as the We channel. There was actually a series of shows that explored the lives of women who had abduction experiences. One thing is for certain the theme is being explored and revisited. With this new movie, The Fourth Kind, we will once again plumb the depths of the UFO abduction experience. I’ve BLOGGED about viewing the trailers and we’ve tried to track down the illusive Abigail Tyler, so far with no success. Is this movie another Blair Witch project? What about the History Channel hyping the 40 million year old fossil and telling us, “that this changes everything!” In the end nothing changed and many of us vowed not to get sucked in again. Movies are about entertainment, but they are also about the bottom line, which is this, Hollywood makes movies to make money. If there’s no profit the studios close down. While the abduction phenomena is real and very disturbing to explore, this may be a hype-fest. We’ll have to wait and see. Here’s a dynamic about the abduction phenomena that has been studied by Joe Jordan and has been deliberately obfuscated by the UFO community. Joe has over 300 cases of abductions that have been stopped by people who cry out to Jesus for help. This fact gets down to the nitty-gritty of the phenomena, as it points to a supernatural paradigm rather than an extraterrestrial one. In my opinion we are dealing with the return of the fallen angels who are, mingling their seed with human women, but are not cleaving or marrying them as they did in Genesis 6. This is a new dynamic and as Dr. Jacobs – author of  The Threat –  points out, the end game is nefarious. The return of the Nephilim/fallen angels is a real event. One that is getting a lot of free PR from Hollywood. The problem is this, our side of the story is never represented. This is nothing more than censorship and obfuscation. Wake up, as our weapons are not carnal and we are fighting powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. Rebuke first and ask quesitons later!

This book may have the answers to what is really going on with the Alien Abduction phenomena!

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  1. i came across this today.. it seems Hollywood is pushing alot of this kinds of movies and claiming there real footage like Paranormal activity, and 2012.

    “”Try Googling “Abigail Tyler” and “Alaska.” You’ll get a link to a convincingly boring Web site called the “Alaska Psychiatry Journal” – complete with a biography of a psychologist by that name who researched sleep behavior in Nome. Except the site is suspiciously vacant, mostly a collection of articles on sleep studies with no home page or contact information.

    Another site,, features a story from the Nome Nugget about Tyler moving to Nome for research. The problem? The story is credited to Nugget editor and publisher Nancy McGuire, who says it’s baloney and she never wrote it.Both the news site and the medical journal site were created just last month, according to domain-name research sites. Ron Adler is CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. Denise Dillard is president of the Alaska Psychological Association. They said this week they’ve never heard of the Alaska Psychiatry Journal, or of Abigail Tyler.””


  2. They’ve discovered the story is bogus. It is hype like the Blair Witch project. They purposely put things on the internet to make it appear truthful when it actually is not. They said there have been diappearances in Gnome Alaska, but they attribute them to drinking and wandering into an unfamiliar territory and then being lost. Unfortunately, the persons freeze to death before they are found, or are never found. Some of them that were never found may have been abductions, but there was not a pyschiatrist involved so they will never know if it was an abduction. The fact is the global elite operate on the bounds of having to tell what they are going to do before they do it. They use Hollywood to do this so, what we are seeing in the movies, does have a bearing on what they are planning for the future.

  3. The way I see it, besides trying to prepare the adult population for disclosure with movies like “Knowing” and “Avatar”, which is coming out in December, they also go after the kids who are even more impressionalble and accepting. Hitler did this with his Hitler Youth. The environmentalists are enlisting the kids at school to watch their parents for green infractions. Last Summer we had “Escape to Witch Mtn” and “Aliens in the Attic”. Now we have “Planet 51” coming out on Thanksgiving.

    Aliens in the Attic

    Planet 51

    “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
    Prov. 22:6 KJV

  4. lynn,


    it can be said that the abduction phenomena is merely another spiritual bondage
    all dressed up in high-tech sheeps clothing!

    on a side note, on UFO hunters, they were talking about how the ORB phenon
    has lately taken on more serious overtones…
    with one incident where an orb liquified 3 dogs!!!

    as each minute passes, the enemy grows more and more desperate…
    as Christians, we must not mistake satans desperation as newfound power-

    he is merely breaking more and more of Gods laws about his interaction
    with humans as his time draws nearer and nearer…

    GODS POWER through JESUS BLOOD continues UNABATED…

    satans ONLY POWER is FEAR, and smoke and mirrors…

  5. For amazing testimonies of God’s power to protect those who call out to His Son during ufo related abductions:

    Click the following link to watch Joe Jordon’s talk in Roswell New Mexico July 2009.

    “UnHoly Communion: The Spiritual Nature Of Abduction Reports”

  6. Of course there are no governmental agencies or other organizations that are keeping statistics on abduction occurances with exception of the UFON. I gather that your observations and others indicate that over the years these things ARE occurring and with an INCREASE but there is no record keeping on such things let alone that they are FACTUALLY occurring. We have to rely on reliable testimony and visual reporting. Biblically speaking, we know the mixing of demonic and human dna occurred based on the stories surrounding the flood and previous. To many today that idea is so fantastic that the fantastic is only for movies. We as Christians have pulled the window shade of our mind down to thinking on these things. What will it take for us to wake up? I’m not so sure we will, Noah kept telling people to and they didn’t he was only persuasive to his family and I believe it was because of that fact-family. Let’s hope the family of God, has their “God Ears” tune to the right station.

    The bible indicates that the next time the earth is destroyed it will not be by water but by fire. The event is probably accelerating to that point. Knowledge has increased, especially with the advent of the internet. We are able to read about these occurances and spend 15 minutes research and connect the dots to decide if it is plausible or denied. Amazing!

    Keep up the great work L.A. When will you be doing a weekly brief video that I can add to my blog and drive more people to your website?

    • But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat? 2 Peter 3:10-12

  7. Hi LA,
    I’ve been following your blog for about a yeat or so now. This is this first time I’ve posted.
    Just wanted to tell you I seen some sort of UFO thing Saturday morning in Jackson County Georgia. I was driving down the road tried to stop and take a picture of it but it disapeared before I could get my camera ready. It was a long white light thing with a black smaller object under it. I couldn’t believed what I was seeing. It was there for several minutes while I was driving. Any ways thanks for listening. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


  8. I just stumbled across this blog and was reading a little about the ‘4th Kind’ movie. Myself and 3 others went to see it today at a small theater. We all LOVED the movie,, whether it was real or not, it was one of the best alien abduction movies we have ever seen.

    And we have watched Whitley Streibers ‘Communion’ movie, and the ‘Fire in the Sky movie’, and the one based on Bud Hopkins ‘Intruders’, the one thing that this movie really made us feel, is that maybe these aliens ‘greys’ really are God….

    They have been here since pre Christ days even. We all discussed it, and believe that quite possibly ET made us and is coming back around now again, checking us medically etc, to see how we have changed over the eons, etc.

  9. There are many christian documentaries about UFO , (I just received by mail
    the Christian Symposium on Aliens DVD, you were very good Lynn.) but the only
    good movie i know is “UNIDENTIFIED” by Rich Christiano. This is a must see in
    your church, community or home. Has anyone seen that movie ?

    If anyone know of another Christian movie about UFO’s, tell us !
    Oh yes. There is also “DECEIVED”, with Lou Gossett Jr. but I prefer


    “I feel this is the best Christian film I have ever seen. It presents the Gospel very clearly and Biblically. The acting is very believable and the story line is engaging. Unidentified has a powerful message for all; the on-fire Christian, the backslidden believer and the non-Christian.”
    –Steve, Foothill Ranch, CA

  10. I saw this movie over the weekend. What stood out for me in the film was the ‘aliens” when asked who they were responded by saying “I am God, I am the Father”, when I heard this, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. A scripture came to mind.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

    Abigail Tyler has a young daughter that was abducted and according to the film was never found.
    A police officer that was guarding the home at the time of the abduction saw a craft above the home of the Tyler family and claims he saw a light shine down on the home and witnessed the family being swept up in the light, all were returned to the home except young daughter.
    The film also claims 2000 visits by FBI to the city in question.
    There are some that question Ms Tyler’s mental capacity, and blame her for her daughter’s disappearance, which she claims she had nothing to do with.
    The language in the film the “aliens’ used was the ancient Sumerian language, which only partly could be understood.

    • Another point which I felt was interesting was Dr Tyler’s said she felt complete hopelessness when in the presence of these aliens.
      Which is also the feeling I have heard people that have had profound near-death experiences, and experienced hell felt. Most all reported a feeling of hopelessness which I feel will always be with separation from God.

  11. I think the feeling of hopelessness that one can feel in the presence of the Greys, or other aliens, is the fact that when near God… wouldn’t a human feel how truly small or powerless we are, when compared to God? I may be 100% wrong, but this is the feelings my friends and I have about this topic.

    • Terry, I just had to respond to this. Over the years of my life, I am sure that I expeprienced the presence of God any number of times–the first one years ago when I realized that although I had been a Christian since the age of nine, I was not completely surrendered to God’s will. I prayed a sincere prayer that I would become surrendered to Him. Immediately I felt something I had never before experienced–it was a “warmth”, a loving presence that seemed to surround me and acutally felt like loving arms around me. Then a few years ago when my husband passed away, I again felt His presence (I know it was due to the many prayers of friends); and again, it was a warm, loving, caring feeling and the knowledge that He was actually holding me up on my feet. I cannot imagine ever feeling hopelessness in God’s presence. I pray that you will become close enough and surrendered enough to God to experience the wonderful feeling of HOPEFULLNESS!

    • I have also experienced the wonderous prescense of G-d! There is absolutely no hopelessness! It is overwhelming love and peace! I have never felt this kind of love from ANYTHING else! There is an awestruck wonder how such a great G-d can love me so much! Nothing can ever take the place of this love! I don’t know how people make it without it!
      On another note, we have reports of a plane crash in our area, Greenville SC. Please pray for the people on the plane! 3 passengers on board, a small plane, but lives nonetheless.

  12. Terry,
    I know and have seen all the movies you mentioned regarding “alien abductions”. I have read much from researchers regarding the subject over several decades.
    If you consider the work of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice and atonement for sin for us, which is the work of God; you would easily understand that these beings are not God.
    As a matter of fact, their behavior is totally ungodly. Terrorizing women and small children. Cutting up animals, including pets for their insiduous program and then skulking off into the dark is more fitting of a demonic entity than any god.

  13. Are you talking about a true being, or creature(s) that is even seen at all, as God ? Millions I guess have seen UFO’s and taking away the things that were explained as weather effects, balloons, experimental craft from earth, etc…. it still would leave an amazing sum of real UFO’s I am guessing, that have been seen.

    Then you got the aliens (greys) just one of the types, being seen by thousands, maybe ? They may go quickly into the darkness, but then again, why would God stay in our presence ? Wouldn’t that be like pure holiness next to fleshly sin (us)…. And at least the aliens are seen, has any other God even been seen in modern times ?

    • Terry…God never said that we would see him while we are on this earth but Jesus did say that his followers would hear his voice…and many people on this blog, have indeed heard his voice.

    • Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me [Jesus] has seen the Father [God].” (John 14:9)

      So, Terry, if you want to read an eye-witness account of someone who has seen God, you might try reading the book of John in the New Testament. This will give you a good idea of what God is like (and He’s nothing like the aliens–aka demons).

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