Hezbollah – Arming for the Coming Conflict?

Israel Navy commander: Hizballah arms ship carried hundreds of tons of hardware

The Antigua-flagged arms ship Francop commandeered by the Israeli Navy early Wednesday, Nov. 4, near Cyprus, carried 300 containers, in 40 of which hundreds of tons of Iranian arms for Hizballah were hidden, said Israeli Navy commander Brig.-Gen Ronnie Ben-Yehuda in a news briefing Wednesday, Nov 3. Most of it was ammo, grenades, 122-km Katyusha rockets, mortar shells and anti-tank missiles, enough to keep Hizballah fighting for a month or more. (From www.debka.com)
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This story is a few days old, and I was going to run with it the day it hit the Net, but decided to post about the Pivotal Point in the Heavenly War instead. (See Monday’s BLOG)  Israel intercepted a ship that was laden with arms headed toward Hizbollah, who are entrenched along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. You may remember that the Israeli’s fought Hizbollah in 2006, and routed them from their positions, but Hizbollah has regrouped and may have as many as 100,000 new rockets. The arms that were confiscated this week, by the Israeli’s originated in Iran. It is Iran who is arming Hizbollah and Syria. With the continual saber rattling by Iran’s president, Mahmoud I’m-in-a-jihad, Iran seems hell-bent – and I use the term deliberately – to annihilate Israel. Why would it be arming Hizbollah with weapons if not for such an attack? It would appear to me that there is going to a conflict in the Middle East. It will happen. Iran is racing toward its completion of its first nuclear bomb. The U.N. dithers and does nothing about it. The King of Jordan said it very clearly a few months ago, that unless Israel created a Palestinian state there would be a regional war. The two state solution is dead in the water…. Turkey has turned away from the west and is now looking toward Iran and the rest of the Moslem world to buddy up with. The nations that surround Israel are all in bed together with one commonality, their mutual hatred of Israel. What event will happen that finally tips the scale and moves the balance toward a full-scale war in the region. With Russia lurking behind the scenes, are we looking at the Ezekiel war coming to pass? Will this set in motion supernatural events that are unprecedented? Will this war trigger a “V” like appearance of the so-called extraterrestrial? Is it all connected? I believe it is. Israel is the key to understanding what is happening in the world today. There is a heavenly war that has been going on for millennia and it is about to spill over in our dimension. Powers, principalities, wickedness in high places, are all vying for the souls of me. The great deception is coming and I believe it will begin in the Middle East. Prophecy that was written thousands of years ago may be about to be fulfilled. We need to arm ourselves for the coming conflict and our weapons are not carnal, but are spiritual. We need to put on the armor of God and get comfortable with it. We need to keep our swords sharp and ready for use. In the show “V,” I pointed out that there was nobody rebuking the craft and the V’s. Last night on Acceleration Radio, my guest, Jim Wilhelmsen and I both insisted that if one day we look up and see a mile-wide craft – like the ones that were shown in “V” – we would “rebuke it first and ask questions later.” Arm yourselves for the coming conflict….

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  1. I’ve had dreams within the past few months where I have seen UFO’s appear. I have rebuked them in my dreams much like you have written about. Each time I have rebuked them in the name of Jesus Christ, they disappear.

  2. Few thoughts:

    1. From scripture, there is and will be three final “power centers” in the last days. The ultimate antagonists (on the physical level) is the West (US & allies) and the East (Russia & allies) with the Far East (China) being the lesser third party. All current conflicts should be cast in this light, all current conflicts are merely preludes to WWWIII (Russia/Gog vs. US/Beast)also know as Gog & Magog of Ez. 38 & 39. Currently, Hizballah is Russia/Gog’s proxy of choice against the West/Beast’s proxy of choice, Israel. The ultimate prize is world hegemony (global dominance) and this is only achieved by controlling the oil of the M.E.

    2. No one can be dogmatic to be sure, but I lean towards Ps. 83 being the next conflict and not Ez. 38 & 39 which is evidenced by this current capturing of cargo heading to Hizballah in Syria/Lebanon. Gog and his axis group (Iran, N. Korea, Venezuala, recently Turkey, others) is not ready to take the West/Beast head on, so they are using proxies. Gog, for now, will “stir up” the Sunni Arab enemies that hate and surround Israel via his agents provocateur (aka Shia Hizballah) to test the Beast’s resolve and search for weak spots. The West/Beast will crush this insurrection via proxy Israel and thus fulfill Ps. 83 and remove the Sunni house of Islam thus satisfying Ez. list of nations. The Beast will stop short of dealing with Iran, the Shia house of Islam, leaving that until Ez. 38 & 39 when the Beast deals the final blow to Gog and Islam praving the way for the long saught after final world hegemonic empire, the rise of the final world leader and the building of the 3rd temple…all rising like a pheonix from the ashes of the soon coming WWWIII.

    3. Praise God that the redeemed have our Great Hope the Rapture which I believe will happen immediately before Gog & Magog (WWWIII) or as it happens…we are not destined for wrath.

    Please consider reading the following…while I don’t agree with all of it, it had a lot of thought provoking material:


  3. I do believe we will soon see war in Israel. They cannot continue to allow their enemies to arm themselves. How sneaky of Iran to be saying they are not building a nuclear bomb on one hand, and shipping arms to Israel’s enemies on the other. One of the things that filled the earth in Noah’s day was violence. The Hebrew word used for violence in these scriptures is hamas. The world was filled with hamas. That is what is happening now. War in this region will greatly affect the rest of the world because Iran has already threatened to cut off the gulf and not allow shipments of oil if a war begins. It will collapse most of the world economies. No food, or anything that has to be shipped by gasoline. If there then is a revealing, people will be so glad to see someone that can straighten the mess out…well, you know the rest of the story.

  4. The Scriptures indicate with all clarity that Antichrist(world leader) is to rise prior to the Final conflict called Armageddon and not after.

    It is possible that the increasing threat towards humanities annihilation by the A bomb, the “saber rattling” as LA often refers to it will be sufficient to set the timing(according to God’s clock) wherein the revealing gives rise to Antichrist and his peace movement supported by the strong delusion from God.

    We know that this false peace is the onset of sudden destruction according to 2Thes.

    That which has been wars and rumours of war will become the final conflict WW3 which days must be cut short for the sake of the elect(saints)

    Our Lord and savior will be revealed from heaven in Flaming Fire with his Mighty angels(the Wrath Of the lamb)to execute His Judgment upon all including Satan, the Beast, the false prophet, and all who were marked and worshiped the Image Of the Beast

    John B

  5. I think the time is now for the Israelis to do something about Iran once and for all. They should have already taken care of the matter, but now thanks to Obama and his lack of commitment to Israel unlike past presidents, Israel is all the more isolated and needs to not wait or expect the US to act first. We have the weakest president ever who seems to be at war with his own country! Israel needs to take matters into their own hands now! I believe then and only then will the US come to Israel’s aid. Obama may not want to, but Congress is the one with the power to declare war, to the heck with Obama!

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