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iHolloweenI hate this day for the obvious reasons. I won’t give it much fanfare on this site as it will be over in a few short hours. As a nation we have become obsessed with the occult and Halloween. Here’s a warning, pray for protection for yourselves and loved ones. Plead the blood of Jesus over your house, marriage, children. Declare out loud that no foul and unclean thing shall enter your domain. This is spiritual warfare 101. Take authority in the name of Jesus, over the day and all that goes with it and rest in the knowledge that He has triumphed over death, and thus, the enemy is a defeated foe.

Here’s an interesting post from JRed at Look Up Fellowship. Thanks to Susan for giving me the heads up! He nails what is going on and he closes his post with a something that first appeared on this Blog. Thanks JRed!

Aliens, UFOs, Full Disclosure – Notable Quotable

Posted by JRed

Genesis 3:1 (KJV) Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (emphasis mine)

Satan. Not only the Father of Lies, but the Subtle Serpent as well. Keep that in mind as we continue with this thought. See if you can spot the subtle message being transmitted in the cases I’ll cite.

The quote listed below came to mind when I pondered the following examples of predictive programming (NLP Psy-Op type stuff via pop culture) — from just the past week or two alone:

> Bizzare clouds forming in the skies recalling Hollywood imagery of what it would look like if “UFOs” arrived in our airspace (first it was in Moscow, Russia and the latest example just occurred in Romania the other day);

> The Balloon Boy Hoax (obvious “UFO” symbolism in the shape and color of the balloon, and a family responsible for the hoax that believes in the phenomenon as being wholly “extraterrestrial” as opposed to a spiritual one);

> The big announcement that “Full Disclosure” is imminent (November 27th, 2009 given as a potential date for such an event);

> NASA’s Ares 1-X NASA rocket launch (supposedly marking the future of man’s voyage in space and to Mars to seek out new life forms);

> New York Yankees being introduced during Game 1 of the World Series to the theme from Star Wars (subtly reminding us of a galaxy far, far away and the “star wars” to come?);

> Wednesday night’s world premiere of the new children’s Halloween holiday special that’s a spin-off of the film Monsters vs. Aliens (in this story a traditional UFO accidentally spills some intergalactic sludge into a pumpkin patch, creating mutant pumpkins that want to take over the world; resonates with the “Ancient Astronaut Theory” of evolution that says an ET race genetically engineered life on this planet and that they were the ones that really created us);

The Fourth Kind set to premiere in theaters nationwide (a film that takes the “Alien Abduction” meme to a whole new level!);

> ABC’s launch of the highly anticipated series V next week (many curious changes to the show in recent weeks that have raised some eyebrows)

Here’s that quote that seems quite relevant these days:

“I keep harping on this because we need to understand that disclosure is coming and when it hits, it will be too late to form an opinion as to what the phenomena is. Whether it is benevolent or malevolent. Whether it is deception or deliverance. The media will tell us what to believe and our president will announce that most of the aliens are friendly. We are warned very specifically that, Satan when he shows up, will come with all signs and lying wonders. The supernatural is manifesting as never before and unless we have an understanding of it we can easily be misled. That is why I refer to the Bible as, The Guidebook to the Supernatural. The buffer that has kept the two dimensions apart seems to be receding. We must test the spirits and we must use our weapons of warfare, which are not carnal. I have said that there will be an Apostasy, a Great Falling Away and this will follow-on the heals of the revealing of UFOs. We are also told that there will be a one world religious system, which immediately begs the question, how do you get everyone on the same religious page? The revealing of E.T. would do it.” L.A. Marzulli

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  1. J.R. Church is doing an interesting webcast this week regarding the rabbinical numbering of the Hebrew text where the verse count starting from Genesis numbers each of the years on the Jewish calendar. For instance, Deuteronomy 30:5 represents the year 5708 on the Jewish calendar which is our calendar year 1948. Here’s what Dt. 30:5 says “He will bring you to the land that belonged to your fathers, and you will take possession of it. He will make you more prosperous and numberous than your fathers.” Cool, considering this is the when Israel was recognized as a nation. Here’s another one: Dt. 31:4, year 5727 = 1967 (Six Day War) “And the Lord will do to them what he did to Sihon and Og, the kings of the Amorites, whom he destroyed along with their land.” Evidentally, Sihon and Og are present day Jordan, Syria, Lebannon which were the main fronts of the Six Day War. Okay, so I jumped ahead of Mr. Church’s study, although I will watch the webcast later today to get more insight, but if I’ve figured it correctly, 2009 is represented by Dt. 32:16 “They made him jealous with their foreign gods and angered him with their detestable idols.” But, look at 2010 = Dt. 32:17 “They sacrificed to demons, which are not God – gods they had not known, gods that recently appeared, gods your fathers did not fear.” DEMONS, RECENTLY APPEARED… Hmmmm…
    Thought anyone??

    • Gidget – “They sacrificed to demons, which are not God – gods they had not known, gods that recently appeared, gods your fathers did not fear.” DEMONS, RECENTLY APPEARED – This ties in with the coming disclosure. It would appear that it’s going to happen. This will cause the Great falling away… it is the Coming Great Deception that I warn about continually. L.A.

  2. I detest Halloween too. When I was a kid I participated in the events of trick or treating and haunted housed but as an adult I cannot find any good thing in any of them. My children don’t dress up or trick or treat. We attend Fall Festivals and have a great time as a family. They nor I haven’t really missed it at all. The children that we carpool with this morning tho’ were ecstatic mentioning how they were dressing up and runnning around to get candy. I totally understand where these innocent babes are coming from but as for their Christian parents I don’t understand why they perpetuate the lie of good found in an evil “holiday”. Hmm.

  3. I will not allow violent or satanic movies in my house.
    I feel you open the door to Satan where he could possibly get a foothold in your home when you voluntarily bring or watch movies that have a satanic tone.
    So here we are at Halloween, have you surfed the channels lately?
    There is not much on except horror, and slasher films. It’s a good time to turn the TV off and catch up on some reading.
    I do have a question however, there will undoubtedly be and children’s trick or treating in my neighborhood on Halloween…if I answer the door, and give them candy as tradition dictates, and am I celebrating Halloween?

    • I don’t know. It’s hard to turn a kid down. Mabe a piece of candy with some kind of chrisian verse attached to it might be appropriate.

      It’s just an idea. You would be reconizing it as a christian and bless a child from your perspective.

      It’s just an idea

    • Jimmy, I like your idea, but if I put a Christian track that even mentions an invitation for salvation in a child’s bag, I would have the news at my door step demanding answers before I could even get up to answer the door. There is a deep rooted hatred for anything Christian these days, and although I would want to maybe put something in their bag along with some candy maybe explaining the truth about Halloween, doing so I feel I would leave myself open to attack.
      Christ wants us to be bold, but also smart.
      I don’t need homeowners association telling me to get out, but its ok that we have 5 convicted child molesters living within 2 blocks from my home…the world seems twisted sometimes.

    • It’s really very simple. When you look into those sweet smiling faces as you treat them to some candy, ask yourself, how many babies will be sacrificed on all hallos eve October 31, or how many children and teenagers will be introduced to the occult, or how many animals will die for sacrificial rituals, how many adults will die or be occultically influenced or changed in some evil way for the sake of this “holiday”, but of course it’s all innocent, right, wink, wink.

      I really can’t think of any other holiday that is focused exclusively on evil for the sake of a “fun” lie. Christmas does have Christ and Easter is really the resurrection and not just the pagan Astar Bunny? Right??

    • Matt,

      It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL (not to mention a violation of God’s Law) for any Homeowner’s Assc. to restrict your right to express your Christian faith. Granted, they might get all huffy and puffy about it but I say ‘so what’? Let them. I think giving a piece of candy with a Scripture verse on it is a great idea. You can actually by this type of stuff at your local Christian bookstore.

      Bill Lonas

    • When we first made the decision to have absolutely nothing to do with halloween – we closed the curtains, turned off the outside lights and were prepared to answer each knock and tell the children we don’t celebrate…
      We didn’t get one knock on our door that night!

      We will do the same again tomorrow night. We will have nothing to do with this festival.

      I do not see it as an opportunity to ‘witness’. It is not me who can direct a path or lay plans, as I see things now.

      ONLY those whom the Father draws to Him will be interested in hearing anything I might have to say. If the Holy Spirit moves me to speak to someone – I will give testimony as He gives me the words. But I will not lay plans to ‘witness’ to anyone on halloween……..or any other day. Only at the Holy Spirit leads. And I keep praying He makes my crooked paths straight, because I can only see through a glass darkly…….without Him I can do nothing. Through Yeshua I can do all things. He is the leader:). Hallelujah!

      Yah bless you all.
      Please pray against these dark forces over this weekend — pleading the blood of Yeshua – asking Yah to place bands of angels around us and all innocents that are vulnerable out there. And also pray, thanking and blessing Yah for all protection, mercy and patience!!

    • Lisa,

      With all due respect, Jesus has already given us our marching orders to GO a make disciples, not sit down and wait for Him to bring them to you. You really don’t need to wait around for approval from God as to whether or not He wants you to share the Gospel with someone or not. The answer would be always YES.

      “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen” – Matt. 28:18-20

      I understand and agree with not wanting to participate in the pagan aspects of Halloween. However, it does present a wonderful opporunity to share the Gospel of Christ with the lost. I guess this is one instance where God truly does bring the lost right up to our doorsteps!

      God bless.

    • Bill,
      It is the Father who draws people to His Son.
      Not us.
      We’re to be a light – to simply stand ready to move, speak, do as the Holy Spirit leads. That means obedience – not taking the lead.

      I cannot always know whom the Father is drawing. He is the one with perfect timing. Not me.

      It’s not up to us to rationalise making an evil day ‘good’ by our filthy efforts to make disciples. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      I’m not saying people aren’t called to do certain Holy Works (as a fruit of the Holy Spirit!) on evil days like Halloween. But I AM saying that there is NO blanket solution/plan-of-action for all Christians as regards these evil days. Some will be called to fast and pray against the evil, while others may be led to do other things.

      In essence? This is obedience to the Holy Spirit. Not laying my own plans, no matter who well intentioned they may appear, or how closely they may align with scripture in my own limited reasoning.

  4. Tomorrow on my radio show, I say Happy Halloween. My concept of this event is giving candy to poor little kids, from the love in my heart… Or, watching the “great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” for the one millionth time.

    To me, while I understand the Occultic nature of the day to many, I also understand the occultic nature of the meat that was sacrificed to idols which Paul partook of.

    Having said that, I believe that people can get sucked into the Occultic nature of the holiday…particularly, if they immerse themselves in occultic movies, etc, which automatically revolve around Oct. 31st.

    Oddly enough, I believe that the people who watch shows like Ghost Hunter or shows about alien abductions or R rated movies about occultic prophecies, if they are not careful, have a greater chance of slipping into something terrible than saying “happy halloween” or giving out candy. That’s just me and, yet, I see so many Christians (and I am not doubting their relationship to Jesus Christ) toying with the nature of the occult.

    Just my two cents about it.

    • To clarify my statement above, the show tomorrow was taped and I said Happy Halloween (I don’t want it to look like I am trying to be defiant and have every intention of doing that). Had I used a little better wisdom (being honest), I probably would NOT have done that but I did.

    • Simply put- light cannot have fellowship with darkness. So, for me and my house we will serve Yaweh and not have anything to do with halloween – but rather spend this weekend praying against the dark forces conspiring to sacrifice people to their god.

      It’s good that you can see that you might have used a little better wisdom in taping the show. We all make mistakes and we can just praise and thank and bless Yah for His mercy, lovingkindness and forgiveness through Yeshua:)!

      I think you’re right about how we spend our time – and what we put before our eyes (Ghost hunters, etc)…..we have to be really careful to guard our salvation – our souls – and take every thought captive to Yeshua:). He’s SOOO Faithful!
      Yah bless!!

  5. All I can say is that I can’t wait until all Celebrations focus on the glorifying God instead of
    the Occult & various pagan entities.

    Meanwhile, living in this fallen world we have to
    contend with the current culture & all that goes
    with it.

    This is just my thought & I understand others feel differently.

    I can either shun the entire cultural event & cloister myself up in the house like I actually did 20 yrs back when I got sucked into being a J.W. for a couple years.
    Being a J.W. I had learned all about the pagan holidays & we could not participate in any of them. Not even birthdays. This showed the world we were “set apart” and not a part of the religious Babylonian system.

    Today however I think of it as a once in a year opportunity for us to mix w/the unrighteous/righteous & give out Bible tracts. We don’t have kids coming to our door because of the house location so I specifically go to out to them.

    How many times do Christians have the opportunity to go door to door and mingle w/families- fun kid time-festivals/carnivals out in the public? Kids carry their little baskets around & are comfortable taking whatever is given to them. (It wouldn’t surprise me if we couldn’t hand them out a year from now-it will be labled as a “hate” crime.)

    Last year we gave out adult tracts & this year we have kid ones. Our home is not decorated but the kids dress up (non-scary) & out we go.

    So what Satan proposes for evil can be counteracted for good.

    That’s my take on it. The kids know it’s “devils day” (as I call it) & that the “hellish” decorated yards are just a part of how people celebrate this day & we don’t participate in that part of it as Christians.

    If after passing out a load of kid tracts only one seed was planted-the effort was well worth it.

    Come Lord Jesus- I can’t wait until this Holiday is over. Then we get to contend w/Turkeys & then “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas”.


    • Indeed there are, Sandra. When I lived in Arizona, black cats came up missing on October 31st (seriously). So, I totally agree with Lynn that the occult views this holiday as being ‘important.’

  6. I just got this book & it looks quite good. It does not specialize in the alien agenda but does touch on it as part of the deception. (There are many great pictures in it too.)

    “One World, When The World Will Be As One,” by Tal Brooke

    On the cover : “This book explains why America’s rapid descent is no accident, its freedoms and memories systematically erased like some vast hard drive, and why World Government is the goal”.

  7. Halloween was primarily An American festival, how it got a foothold in the US I don’t know. Now it is celebrated even in Australia and other countries as well. It has occult foundations with an “Unholy Leaven” permeating the nations. I don’t judge people who participate in it.

    “The sure Foundation of God Stands, the Lord knows those who are his, Let all who names the name of the Lord Abstain from wickedness” 2Tim2:19.

    Personally in my understanding halloween is a Form of wickedness upon the earth,
    Q. Would Jesus associate himself with it?

    Most people including the majority of Church people have no concept of the “Holiness of God” that He is fully separate from all Evil.
    We who are in Christ Jesus are his children, He is our father! Often this is nothing more than a nice concept in the mind of many church people.
    The “reality” of our holiness as children of the Father, the “Holy Father” As Jesus once referred to Him must be evident by our “willingness” to be separate as I am separate saith the Lord. Ye shall be Holy as I am Holy saith the Lord.
    I am sharing this as encouragement for the greater sanctification of the Body of Christ upon the earth.

    John B

  8. i have been feeling tension build of some kind over the last couple years. maybe im just paranoid. maybe its the birth pangs mentioned in the word.

    if it is the birth pangs, i wish whatever it is would just happen to clear the tension.
    maybe im out there.

  9. Thank you Lyn for this posted blog! Pop culture and the mass media is most definitely doing their best to desensitize the masses of un/mis-informed people who know not the Truth of Christ. Not only with shows such as “V” (of which I couldn’t believe they’re actually reviving that show…I used to watch that when I was a kid back in 1985! Hollywood is truly out of ideas!), but there is also a new George Clooney film called “Men Who Look at Goats” which is another film designed to desensitize the masses into looking at “Psy-Ops” with a “playfull” and/or careless attitude. The masses do not understand the dark spiritual side of things involved with these classified government ops (of which by the way, is simply a continuation of the “research” the nazis were conducting both before and during WWII–in short…it’s the Occult!). No wonder we’re falling as a nation! And the “church” is simply, just NOT GETTING IT. No wonder there’ll be a great falling away frm the “church” as well. People’s minds and spirits have been so manipulated via our government-ran school system, our controlled mass media outlets, and entertainment for so long, that America has been officially brainwashed and corrupted, and the people have NO CLUE. They’re standing up for what is wrong, thinking that what’s wrong is right. We have indeed, in my view, forsaken all of God’s Ways in exchange for the same mindset that mankind had during the days of Enoch prior to Noah’s flood. And soon, much in the same way Noah and the Righteous were protected in the Ark as they floated above the earth while the earth below was in judgement, so too, shall we be Raptured to Heaven above as earth is given righteous judgment from the Holy Lord once again. What’s amazing to me is that I already know that the media will spin the Rapture as an “alien/UFO” phenomena, and they will give no attention to either God or His Holy Word. The Lord is Righteous, and I pray to Him that people wake up before it’s too late!

  10. My concern is for the other 364 nights of the year. They are all getting bad and Halloweenish, as we plod along toward a world ruled by demons.
    And I am not talking about just dressing up and getting candy.

    • As anybody thought about the warlocks and witches who have prepared for this occasion to give heXed candy to gullible children (Like here is a demon with your candy) Accursed Festival that it is. May the Lord protect the innocent amen.

      john b

  11. Sharp indictment of the Swine Flu Vaccine by Dr. Rauni Kilde, Finnish Minister of Health.


  12. Larry David, a “comedian” urinated on the face of a painting of Jesus – This is a hate crime plain and simple. Hey Larry – you are a bore, and a gutter snipe who engages in vituperative antics to get a rise and some publicity. Time to boycott anything this idiot does.

    Thank you Mr Marzulli for letting me know about this. I am VERY upset about this and sent a letter to HBO which follows…

    I will cancel my HBO subscription due to the tasteless defaming of Jesus in the most banal, vile and vulgar way.
    The fact is HBO has cornered the market on potty humor a long time ago, and no longer has premium programming.
    I feel the very first thing HBO should do with a sewer rats like Larry David, is to reunite him with his natural environment by flushing him and his filth down the toilet were it belongs.
    As a Christian I am offended by Larry David and I feel HBO has been reduced to shock value programming by allowing him his spew his hatred for Christianity.
    As I said, I am canceling my subscriptions as of today and will no longer watch any programs on HBO.

    Now, Im sure my letter is one of many but I couldn’t just sit by and not say anything. Can you imagine if this was an attack on Muslims and they urinated of Muhammad?? Look what they did over a cartoon… near riots and many death threats to the cartoonist…HBO wouldn’t dare insult the Muslims as they did with Christians. I’m my opinion Larry David is a no talent hack, and his poor attempted at humor just covers the fact of his deep hatred for Christianity

  13. Gentlemen,

    I hope that you will forgive me if i am not whipping myself
    into a frenzied hot, frothy broth over current events which are…

    both real and imagined…

    both rumours and innuendo…

    actually i was thinking about how we must look to the secular world…
    “oh, oh, its balloon boy, its a sign” or
    “oh, oh, its a new tv series, ooh oh its a new movie!”
    as we wring our hands in anxiety about the latest developments…

    as we fret about some loser religions so-called “high and holy day?”

    people cmon! is that why Jesus died?
    so that we should live a life of misgiving?
    so that we should live a life of uncertainty?

    does that project ANYTHING good to the secular world?
    WHY would ANYONE WANT to become a Christian if they saw it portrayed like that?

    Im just gonna tell you, i have GREAT victory today!

    i have been through the fire, and he (God) stood with me!

    i have been through the valley, and he (God) stood with me!

    i have been to the mountaintop, and he (God) stood with me!

    God did it once, and he will do it AGAIN!
    here in whittier, ca its a beautiful day, and im not gonna let that liar rob me of my JOY!

    it DOES NOT MATTER whether or not obama is a HYBRID…
    it DOES NOT MATTER if balloon boy is a star child…
    it DOES NOT MATTER if there are weird clouds…
    (yeah i saw some weird clouds, SO WHAT?!
    smoke and mirrors, my frens, smoke n mirrors)

    and we REIGN WITH HIM! (NOW!)

  14. I for one do not want to be (for a lack of a better word) caught with my pants down. I want to know the current events that happen around me. The Lord expects us to be vigilant and ready for his return. I will always look for the signs mentioned in the bible. I won’t tip toe through the tulips and says all is well as the world crashes all around me. I do not get anxiety over the signs of Christ’s return, I welcome it. I am amazed as scripture once again proves itself to be accurate time and time again.
    I feel too the church can be too passive at times, I didn’t appreciate Larry David insults and just to stand by and say nothing because that’s what Christians are supposed to do is a bizarre concept to me…If I am in sin then the Lord must deal with me on that,,, but, I am work in progress, he isn’t finished with me yet.

  15. Big turn out tonight for Halloween in the neighborhood. Seems Halloween is becoming more popular after a few years of decline due to the tainted candy scare a few years back.
    For adults is just another excuse to party, as if they needed and excuse. But what bothers me is how many children came to the door tonight in devil costumes.
    Satan comes as light hearted and fun, easily seducing the parents of these young children into
    putting on costumes that glorify the evil one….very sad.

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  17. Interesting article from Seattle newspaper.

    Location. Seattle, Washington
    Date: January 3 2008

    A husband and wife had been falling asleep on the sofa bed in their living room when the husband woke up and looked at the VCR which read 1441. There was an odd buzzing noise and a strange light pattern on the ceiling above them. He then heard scuffling sounds in the kitchen behind his head and became intensely afraid. Just as he was about to investigate, three distinct figures with huge heads and small bodies “glided” into the room. The room was dark but he could plainly see that they were not human. There is a light from the street that comes in enough to where he was able to make out a face. The creatures were wearing dark coveralls that were tight and showed off their skinny bodies. They also wore masks of some kind and he could see as far as faces was their huge black eyes surrounded by patches of light skin in the eye slits of the masks. Their beltlines were about level with the bed so he guessed they were about 4’ tall. The witness was convinced that he was not asleep or dreaming. He was immediately terrified out of his mind and tried to scream but could not even move. One of the creatures stood at the foot of the bed and the other two were on his side. His wife remained sleeping. The creatures were making strange noises as if breathing through ventilators; he could also hear mechanical sounds. Almost immediately he was lifted into the air a foot or two from the bed, as if by magic. He could still feel the skin of his wife’s shoulder under his hand and the blanket on top of them as well as open space and cool air below. He sensed movement all around and the room seemed to wobble and spatially distort. He attempted to kick at them but could not move, so he tried to lean from side to side in the air. He called out mentally for God and Jesus Christ to save him and instantly he was back on the bed and the beings and the strange glow were gone. The witness is convinced that divine intervention saved him from the creatures.

    • Wow! This is a true story? I like Lynn’s take on these things. “Plead the blood of Jesus/Y’shua first, ask questions later. Sounds like doing that probably saved this couple! I do not celebrate halloween myself. Our church does not celebrate it or easter. We do celebrate Ressurection Sunday and Passover. They still celebrate Christmas, but my husband and I have chosen to celebrate Hanukkah instead. I do hand out candy to trick or treaters. I have found different things to give out with the candy. We found some small bouncey balls in a magazine and ordered several of them to give out. They said “Jesus Loves you” on them. I don’t know how many parents let the children keep them, but we tried. If we can somehow penetrate the darkness with just even a small amount of light, maybe it will help someone.
      I’m going to include some videos on here that are quit lengthy, but are what is suppose to be the time line and agenda of the “global elite.” It is merely information and you can make up your own mind about it. It is curious to me that it coincides very closeley with 2012. I don’t believe it will be the end of the world. We know that Y’shua/Jesus will set up His kingdom on this earth. I do believe it is quite possible it will be the beginning of the tribulation. Of course, it all depends on what G-ds/Yahweh’s timetable is! That is something we won’t know until it happens.
      1. <Fall of the Republic
      2. <The Obama Deception
      3. <Lindsay Williams on Alex Jones
      On number 3, click on Eddie’s 5 minute update on 10-24-09.
      These videos are lengthy and you may have to break them up; half or a quarter at a time, but it does warn about some of the things we need to be in prayer about.
      G-d/Yahweh is in control no matter what the global elite have planned. They are on His timetable, not theirs. They will only gain control as G-d/Yahweh allows it and He WILL care for His own!

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