Why Don’t People Believe in the Supernatural?

Shroud Of TurinIn the United States we celebrate Christ – mass. This national holy-day (holiday), for most of us is the recognition of the virgin birth of the God-man, Jesus. A few months later we then celebrate his death and resurrection. We call this day Easter, which is actually named after a Babylonian fertility Goddess, Ishtar. Christmas trees, mistletoe, Yule logs, the celebration being held on December 25th, which is really more about the winter solstice, Easter eggs, bunny’s, fancy hats, and parades have nothing to do with the events that happened nearly 2000 years ago. Instead they obfuscate them. What we have done is take the supernatural events and sanitized them. We’ve cleaned them up and married them with pagan celebrations. We’ve made them sanitized and safe.

If we step back and examine what happened 2000 years ago, we realize that the supernatural manifested. When Jesus walked the earth he constantly performed healings and miracles. People with Leprosy were cured. Others born without eyes, suddenly could see. The dead were raised. No wonder they killed him. 2000 years ago the Jewish leaders at the time were just as concerned about keeping a lid on the supernatural and sanitizing it, as the modern church is today. The gifts of the spirit are all but dead in today’s church. The concept of testing the spirits and how to operate in that dynamic is all but lost to the average Christian. Putting on the armor of God is hardly taught anymore. What we have is a nice, clean, Sunday show, that entertains, in most churches. For the most part, anything that is actually from the Holy spirit is eliminated. The services are organized with every minute accounted for and in some cases production values rival some television shows. Where is the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit that we read about in the Book of Acts? He, the Holy Spirit has been drummed out of the service and instead we have manmade ceremonies that have a form of religion but deny it’s power. Wasn’t that very thing prophesied about? It’s all about control. The average Joe or Jane, finds a pew, sits down and stares at the head of person in front of him. He or she sings a few songs, pays into the basket and then listens to the preacher go on about something that in many cases has nothing to do with what is in the Bible. By the time Joe or Jane, hits the parking lot he or she, has forgotten most of what was said. By Monday morning he or she can’t  remember anything about it, in a lot of cases.

If we read the Bible with open eyes, we see that what it really is, is a guidebook to the supernatural. We see that it teaches and instructs us how to test the spirits. How to discern what is from God and what is not. How to pray for the sick. When to use anointing oil. How to cast out demons. When not to try to cast out demons. That tongues is a sign for the unbeliever. That prophecy is better than speaking in Tongues. That old men should dream and young men will see visions. That angels can and will appear and some people will even dine with them. That the Spirit can and will pick you up bodily and move you to another part of the planet, if He sees fit too. That the laying on of hands should be done carefully.

For the most part we have left our true heritage and denied the dynamic of the supernatural i.e., the things of the Spirit, in our lives. Instead we have substituted a nice, safe, ceremony, where we don’t participate, we just watch and let other people tell us what to do. This is a far cry from the what happened 2000 years ago. It is also a very unsafe place to be as we see, at least from my perspective, the supernatural manifesting all around us. What do you think 543, UFO sightings in July were? The arrival of the space brothers?

The Supernatural is manifesting all around us. There is a war that is now spilling over into our dimension. The time of the prophecies that were written thousands of years ago is now. The time grows short and the darkness knows its hour. There are wars and rumors of wars. Earthquakes in diverse places. There are Tsunami’s as the sea tosses. Famines and pestilence and droughts. Remember, when you see these things – providing that you know what to look for and are aware – look up because your freedom, redemption, blessed hope, is coming. When Jesus said, “the elect would be deceived, if that were possible,” he knew of what He spoke….

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29 thoughts on “Why Don’t People Believe in the Supernatural?

  1. Wow, well timed and said. I was hearing similar info about the holidays on the “wise as serpents” theosophy podcast. Is it any wonder there will be a falling away? as i realize this, i am saddened.

    I also have felt the same way about church being a show . Where is our first century Christianity?

    as I was reading the word last night i happened upon 1 Timothy 1:3-5. I think God laid this on my heart because I have been too focused on discerning the “signs and lying wonders.”

    I guess I want to remind all my bros and sisses to still be aware of these things, but let us not forget our true focus. Lynn and everyone else, keep up the watching, but don’t get lost.

  2. Just my opinion-

    I think they do believe in the supernatural, when you consider the popularity of mediums, Harry Potter movies and shows like Ghost Hunter.

    They have various reasons for rejecting the gospel. For one thing, and this is only one thing, the church does not teach faith in Christ and the finished work of the Cross. They preach faith in faith alone. Some preach of works in works alone when true change does not come from our flesh, it is in this walk with the Author and Finisher of our Faith that the supernatural is performed for the glory of God.

    • Sadly, it took me some years to understand it was not about saying no to sin, it was about saying yes to Jesus. The power of God defeats the sin, not the power of me.

      It was not about reading the Bible in a year- out of duty. It was about reading the Words of God to remind myself of His love for me.

      Christianity has survived despite us humans doing our best to mold everything in our image.

    • bruce,

      very good point about having fait in faith alone…
      without Faith in Jesus, its just new age sloppy agape…


      yes its true about the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
      when i first got saved in ’85 there seemed to be an abundance of supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit…

      i think people become scared when they see the warfare involved in the workings of the Spirit,

      and also they are jaded by the excessive lifestyles of the televangelists who move in the gifts of the Spirit…

      this can give the false impression that the gifts are only for a select “chosen few”…

  3. Lynn (my brother’s name is Lynn, spelled the same way), this post is so well said and so appropriate with perfect timing. I believe every word of it is true and honestly ‘said.’ I’m writing my own novel (you graciously warned me in an email a few months ago about the publishing world) and I find that I often paraphrase some of the things you write. I hope that is all right with you. My fiction novel is about the need for audacious and pervasive evangelism in reaction to all the supernatural events being reported on back pages of newspapers and YouTube UFO videos. It centers around a group of ministers from different backgrounds and levels of religious education. Please keep up the good work. I’ve purchased and read PP&S and have since lost my job and can’t afford your trilogy and ebook. Sorry about that.

  4. I have celebrated Christmas all my life believing I was celebrating Y’shua/Jesus. I have done a study myself on the history of Christmas, and the things we celebrate with. There is a lot to find right here on the internet! It was quite frightening! It is what the Word of God/Yahweh says “mixing the holy with the unholy.” I have found that Y’shua/Jesus was actually born during the Feast of Tabernacles! He was probably conceived during the time of Hanukkah. We have been celebrating Hanukkah, the “oil” the “annointed Son of Yahweh” the “Light of the World.” It is a wonderful and marvelous time! We also celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. It is such a beatiful blessing when we realize that Y’shua/Jesus came to “tabernacle” with us! The Feasts of Yahweh/God have been long taught to be the feasts of the Jews. Wrong! If you read His Word He says “these are MY appointed times.” We miss out on so much when we don’t know what the Word says!
    I feel so blessed that the Holy Spirit has led me to the place that He has! It is wonderful to know the love and peace of Yahweh, even in the midst of all that is happening on the earth! It is so wonderful to find the truths of Yahweh! It is such a blessing to give it my all to try to walk in His commandments and to know, when I do fall, He is there to pick me up and set my feet back in the right path! There is nothing in this world worth trading the Love of Yahweh/God for!

  5. Christine: It is so interesting that you associate Jesus’ conception and birth with those feast times. It coincides perfectly with what I learned from a really old and Godly Christian radio ministry about 10 or more years ago. They did a study on this subject based on when John the Baptist was conceived. They figured this out by knowing when John’s father, Zacharias, was about his priestly duties and was visited by an angel who told him of the coming birth of his son, John (Luke 1:5-25). It sounds complicated, but they determined by this study that Jesus was probably conceived in December–therefore, he would have been born the following September. This certainly matches up with the feast days you mentioned.

    It has been hard for me to celebrate our traditional Christmas ever since, but time with family is precious, so I take advantage of that. Also, my whole family is aware that I do not “celebrate Easter” (However, I certainly do celebrate our Lord’s resurrection), and of course not Halloween for years. It would be wonderful to have a fellowship with others who believe as I do, but most “Christians” seem to see no harm in these things.

    Lynn, I appreciate your insights and the work you do. May God continually bless you and your family.

    • Hi Barabara! If you want, you can email me at chrstn_crtr@yahoo.com. As people are discovering the history of our faith and scriptures there are more and more people celebrating the feasts. These weren’t just holidays for the Jewish people. These are the appointed times of G-d/Y’shua. He gave them to us for signs and times and seasons. It is His calendar and something we have long forgotten about.

  6. Excellent Post- I just about said the same thing the other day. And Bruce- that’s also a good point I didn’t consider. People do go after the supernatural if it’s not attached to Jesus. Why? Because they prefer unrighteousness.

    I’ve really felt burdened & on my harp stings about why aren’t Christians living in faith? Not just faith in the basics of Christianity but faith in Everything God has for us. Such as the gifts of the Spirit for ministry.

    I wouldn’t say that I’ve been exactly distraught but frustrated & sort of besides myself. “What is one to do?” The majority of Christians in my weekly Bible study are from such conservative backgrounds.

    A couple weeks age the study leader actually went to the alter to pray for me over something I relayed to the group about what a modern day prophet had warned.

    That about made me want to pull all my hair out. But-the Lord is not telling me to leave this group. I just smiled and said “that’s nice.” (At least she’s concerned-right?)

    I honestly don’t know why their faith is not greater in the Lord but to me they seem scared of these things.

    It’s as if they will follow the Spirit up to a point but don’t trust God enough to step beyond their comfort zone. The breaks are applied and skepticism & fear override.

    But- just this past week- I saw in our Bible study leader something new. The Spirit has been working & although she stopped short of us laying actual hands on her- she did believe that God would heal her through prayer if it’s His will.

    I just wanted to jump up & say to the group- come on! Let’s pray for healing! It wasn’t quite the right time-yet.

    I guess the bottom line of what I’m trying to say is that God is working & moving all the time. He is doing things step by step and although we can’t always see the fruit right off- He never slumber nor sleeps even w/His children’s hearts & growing & maturing the faith of those who continually seek Him.

    With this group I have to have patience & wait. It sounds pretty boring (and boring & frustrating it is) but the work is His to accomplish & we shouldn’t overlook that point. There is always hope in the Lord!

    • Very good.

      There IS hope in the Lord. Isn’t it interesting that Obama used the word Hope in his campaign?

      The world is looking for Hope and without it, they are Hopeless. Just like the dark side of the Supernatural is encouraged in pop culture, the false/ empty promises of Hope in politics or money or sports, etc., are sought out by the hopeless. They want what a relationship with Jesus Christ offers (they may or may not know that). They want to fill the void.

      To those who are Born Again, it looks silly to see the masses chant “Yes, We Can.” To them, those who lift their hands in praise, speak in an unknown tongue, etc, look silly.

      We are on completely opposite sides (literally). Only through Jesus and the work of the Cross (his shed blood and sanctification) can bring us over the Great Divide.

      Yes, we have so much to be thankful for.

      Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?

      The Victory is already.

    • Lynn, your post is excellent and so on point! I always find your insights to be incredibly insightful…your point about every moment being scripted is self evidence that the Holy Spirit is being blocked out!

      I was looking at Bruce’s comments here and it reminded me that I think some of it is your right wing leaders, some of them even famous and insanely rich tele-evangelists who pray for the death of forgine leaders and hope this country goes down in flames so they can proove in their sick ideology that Obama is a bad president.

      Billionaire Pat Robertson for example who seeks God’s healing in prayer for others even while on the air, went for the best heart specialists money could by when he was diagnosed with heart trouble. So much for faith eh?

      Who will hear these words?….”I never knew ye.”?

  7. The problem with most churches is the leadership in dependence upon money and Not the Holy spirit.
    I have seen this over & over from church to church. one pastor I know about wanted $800 per week for His services or else would not serve.

    One has to wonder such a calling, If God is appointing any Leader to any particular service, then the priority is the people & not the Money. Then there are the Tithing regulations imposed (if you don’t give you want receive LIE)

    Apostle Paul said “God Has given us All things in Christ Jesus” Let the Tithe collectors chew on that one. I have known of church members being chastised over tithing issues.

    It was just the other day I was speaking with a christian from a local denomination concerning this issue , I told him I did not tithe, he accused me of being mean and walked away from me. Bondage,bondage,bondage. Money, rules Regulations are all part of the “Dead works” structure in many churches. God is for Order in The churches, Not clerical structures dependent on money for denominational survival. The Holy Spirit will oversee Order,not Structure.
    We are past the Wake up call, there is nothing that remains to be Strengthen, The call is to come out of these Babylonian daughters “You shall no bring the hire of a Harlot or the Wages of a Dog into the house of the Lord” Deu23:18

    John B

    • John, I would be careful not to be too cynical about tithing, because you see it through the prism of those receiving the tithing. Aside from the church receiving operational funds for their ministry, I believe there is a secondary lesson from God for us personally through the act of tithing. And that is our willingness to let go of money. In the end times money will be our albatross, which drags us down. Some will cling to it for security and do anything to keep it, thus not putting our faith in Jesus to be our salvation.

      “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

      I might suggest, if you do not trust your church to spend your tithing appropriately and in Godly ways then you might be going to the wrong church.

    • I think you missed the point of John B’s comment.

      Pastoring a flock of Yeshua’s sheep is an anointed calling of Yah — not an appointment by a college, or a church or man. When Yah is not the head – then money tends to take root as the motivating factor. Giving one’s tithes to this kind of set up is not pleasing to Yah. Giving where there is need WHEN the Holy Spirit leads us, is pleasing to Yah.

      Giving money to a church is easy.
      Listening to the Holy Spirit for direction as to when to give (money, food, clothes – whatever!) takes effort, obedience, patience and perseverance on our part.

      Most churches are steeped in ‘Babylon’. Yeshua said, ‘Come out of her’.

    • Meaning no disrespect, but I believe you missed my point. I grant your point about there ARE churches that mishandle money and do not use it for the glory of God. It saddens me, but of course this is true. To those churches, I would say they are sadly misguided. So I don’t think I miss your point or John B’s point, because I agree with them.

      But now to my point. Can you consider this and let me know how you feel? I was talking about our personal relationship and attachment to money NOT our attachment to our church through money. Consider these facts:
      * Jesus talked about money more than He did Heaven and Hell combined.
      * Jesus talked about money more than anything else except the Kingdom of God.
      * 11 of 39 parables talk about money.
      * 1 of every 7 verses in the Gospel of Luke talk about money.

      Money is a major stumbling block. Why? Because it provides us a misplaced security for our earthly security. I believe we are approaching the End Times and Jesus’s return is imminent. If that is true, then we must be willing to shed all of our earthly attachments and place our faith in God through our greatest role model, Jesus Christ!!

    • I didn’t miss your point hopefulwatcher:). I understood it and agree money can be a major stumbling block for many.

      If one looks closely at why money is often grossly mishandled in churches – it begs the question:

      Are pastors/leaders in churches
      1 – called of Yah to pastor His flock?
      2 – merely appointed by men?

      -Men called of Yah will walk righteously – seeking Him first in all things. They will openly and humbly repent if they make a mistake. They will keep the storehouse – caring for the needy amongst the flock, widows, orphans — as the Holy Spirit leads. This takes great faith to carry out.

      -Men appointed by men (to pastor a flock) will arrogantly proclaim many things which are infused with much truth but laden with subtle lies. Wolves in sheep’s clothing (knowingly or unknowingly) who fleece the flock while beguiling them subtly.

      To tithe or not to tithe really is a matter of listening to the Holy Spirit – and being willing to obey when, where and how He directs us. We’re so blessed that He is faithful and true – that He would guide us to protect us. It’s not easy to let go of the flesh and allow Him to direct our paths and I think it’s the age-old battle of crucifying the flesh…..

  8. “If we read the Bible with open eyes, we see that what it really is, is a guidebook to the supernatural. We see that it teaches and instructs us how to test the spirits. How to discern what is from God and what is not. How to pray for the sick. When to use anointing oil. How to cast out demons. When not to try to cast out demons. That tongues is a sign for the unbeliever. That prophecy is better than speaking in Tongues. That old men should dream and young men will see visions. That angels can and will appear and some people will even dine with them. That the Spirit can and will pick you up bodily and move you to another part of the planet, if He sees fit too. That the laying on of hands should be done carefully.”


    I know you are a busy man, but if you have time I would love to know the references for the works and examples you have listed above. I want the Holy Spirit to lead me and my family. I have visited many churches, prayed about it and still do not feel at home there. I know once we are saved we really are not at home here on earth anymore for our home is now in Heaven. I am so glad to see the echoing of the truth about our “holidays”, thank you! I have tried to tell people this for years and they either think I’m absolutely nuts or tell me it’s not that important.

  9. My father never preached for money. He went wherever God sent him to go. The man had the old time faith.
    I could give you many accounts, but I’ll give you a couple. This was in the 1940s.
    A man came to my father and asked him and the church to pray for his young daughter who was dieing. An illness that was softening her bones; a form of cancer.
    He and a few of the men of the church went to the hospital that night, laid hands on her and prayed mightily.
    She was healed and returned home. She lived another 20-25 years. married and had a daughter of her own.

    My father was preaching some Hellfire and Brimstone one winter night,a man stumbled into the vestibule to get warm as he had missed a ride home and it was very cold.
    Upon hearing the message from out there, the doors burst open and down the aisle he came, crying his heart out. That man God saved that night and years later, I saw him working with a gospel team to convert others to Christ.

    People were convicted back then, because in the church, there was faith and prayer from the heart. There was also respect for God and His word, even from the unsaved in many cases. Unlike today.

  10. We have a large church here in Houston Texas, I won’t mention the name, although they have been on TV several times and the “pastor” is a best selling author.
    I have been to this church a few times and it’s a feel good message, I actually heard the “pastor’ say,,,,if you have a problem with pornograpgh ,its ok,,God understands, if you have cheated on your spouse that’s ok God understand,,,Its all I could do to keep from exploding in that church. I wanted to stand up and shout, NO, it’s not ok, and God doesn’t understand. We all see Gods love, but they never talk about the wages of sin and consequences which is separation from God.
    The church mentions the name of God all the time but very rarely do they mention the name of Jesus. When they happen to mention the name of God , I say to myself I wonder which God are they speaking of ? The world is full of Gods.
    If felt as if the pastor was more of a motivational speaker then anything else…one thing that came to my attention is they do not have any crosses in the church, when I asked the pastor why, he said, we don’t want to offend anyone here at the church… Offend anyone?? is this how far the church has fallen,,,I wonder.

    • Don’t want to offend is The most common excuse used, it really means got to keep the money coming by not loosing anyone’s membership. That is the ecumenical Spirit of Babylon with its deceptive Love Gospel in action, don’t want to offend. The pastor should read the messages of Jesus to the seven churches Rev Ch2,3.

      John B

  11. Once the Holy Spirit showed me the blatant evil of ‘christ-mass’, ‘easter’, and other ‘holidays’, I realised I was at an important crossroad and I had a CHOICE to make. Follow Yeshua OUT OF BABYLON or remain where I was (which was familiar and comfortable to me).

    Who will you choose? Do you recognise that once you have been shown that something is of satan – that you have a CHOICE TO MAKE? And if you choose to remain in your church which flippantly says it’s not a big deal, that you are playing with spiritual fire?

    I pose this to no one in particular. I just know that light does not have fellowship with the darkness. The time of salvation is NOW. And, if the Father is drawing you – please heed His Call on your life. We do not know when the door will be shut in our lives…. We can’t go on quenching the Holy Spirit, playing around with Yah’s longsuffering patience and Grace…

    Yaweh bless all who diligently seek Him in all things.

  12. I presently attend a wonderful spirit-filled church. I have even loaned Lynn’s books to the pastor and his wife and they absolutely see the possibilities. They are allowing Hebraic teachings on Saturdays. We still lay hands on the sick and annoint them for prayer. We have seen people healed of cancer and one man, who was expecting to have to have a liver transplant, totally healed of hepatitis! Of course,not everyone is healed, but we also have to understand that there is the promise, and a time for that promise to be fulfilled. We still have tongues and interpretations and prophesies. It is absolutely wonderful and we have constant prayer going up for the continued work of the Spirit of G-d/Yahweh, and the deepening of the Spirit-filled work. There are still good churches out there. I have really dug into the Hebraic and see many things in the modern church that are very pagan. While we do not want to take part in these pagan ideas, it is important to build bridges. Many people are sincerely following G-d/Yahweh, but they haven’t been taught these things yet, or don’t yet understand. I know where they are at, it took me awhile to see it. We must pray for them and encourage them. We need to pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts so they may see. If they are not sincere, or do not want to obey the Word, the Lord is aware of it and He will judge. I do not want people who are farther down the road than I am to look back at me with their nose up in the air that I am not as righteous as they are. I should not want to treat others, who are not as far down the road as I am, in that way. We are to love and encourage one another in the Word, and let the Lord pull out the tares!

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