Full Disclosure? The Luciferian End Game!

RaelHere’s a post from our comment section. I want to take the time to address this point by point, as this ties in with what some are calling, Full Disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.


The writing is on the wall and we refuse to see it-
All life on earth was a genetic creation with DNA design by extraterrestrials.
We will also someday soon be able to also go to distant planets and scientifically create life.
Our created will see us as gods for they will not be able to understand our scientific advancements and capabilities.
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We must embrace science as the supreme god of the universe.

Peace on Earth is possible,

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Now let’s strip this down and examine it point by point. The statement that there is no God falls of its own weight as is shown by Pascal’s wager (http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pascal-wager/) for it is just as easy to declare that there is a God. The interesting point here is that prophecy, shows us dramatically that there something outside our time-space domain that is capable of telling us what will happen, a priori, or in advance, of the event. If prophecy is being fulfilled, then how do we dismiss it and say that it doesn’t mean anything? This begs the question, who is behind the prophecy?

The idea that we were created by E.T. is nothing new to those of you who read this BLOG. This is one of the points of what I have come to call, The Alien Gospel. In other words this is the lie, the strong delusion, that the Bible speaks of. Remember that Jesus declares that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. And I want to make something very clear here – I’m not talking about religion!

The statement that all life DNA was created by E.T. is again, part and parcel with the coming Great Deception. We choose to believe that the God of the Bible created, ex nihilo – from nothing – the entire universe, as we know it. We have the miracles that are attributed to Jesus that show us that he was able to manipulate matter and energy in ways that we know nothing about. We also see that when he fed the 5000 he was able to produce fish that had age. People weren’t eating minnows!

In closing today’s post. I received a few Emails that pointed to Full Disclosure before the end of the year. If some UFO manifests somewhere on the planet we will have only two choices. The first will be to embrace this “new truth,” and accept the Alien Gospel. The second will be to say that this is nothing short of spiritual deception that was prophesied thousands of years ago. It is the strong delusion, the lie, the Great Deception and we will not be deceived!

PP&S SMALLThe sub-title of the book is: The Coming Great Deception and The Luciferian End Game!

With comments like the one I discussed today, can Full Disclosure be soon? Time is short. Please get your copy or buy one for a friend.

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15 thoughts on “Full Disclosure? The Luciferian End Game!

  1. After reading that comment from the reader – it all becomes even more obvious that the ufo/alien agenda is THE great deception and great falling away that God warns us about. You are right on Lynn, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Lynn. May the LORD Jesus Christ continue to bless you and strengthen you and all of your readers in these days of tribulation. Keep the faith, preserve truth, let your light continue to shine.


  3. But regardless….they still do not explain where “LIFE” started…E.T.’s or evolution or….call it what you like….WHERE DID LIFE START! That is my question to them!

  4. I am glad others posted Salla’s examiner story. There are already many that buy into this idea that it is coming soon. Some really connect Obama to it all in various fashions.
    Somehow I still think a lot of this is New Age hype.

    Not saying that it isn’t probably going to happen, but this winter seems a little tight.

    I still think that the first thing will be a nuke(s) going off somewhere, either here or in the Mideast.
    This would provide the necessary terror for them to appear with the answers to end the dread nuclear age. This world will buy it hook, line and sinker.
    There will be so much smoke and mirrors that we of Christ will be gagging and retching over the adolation and hype that everyone will be espousing.

    This author of the examiner article, is one who thinks that the entities are the answer and makes excuses for the horrendous deeds they have done.

    I pray that we’re taken out of here before it happens, as I think that only their positive side will be shown.(at the beginning)

    Those of you who are thinking this Israel is not the one involved in the times of the end, better hope otherwise, because it is going to be a bumpy ride ahead if this isn’t the time Christ returns.

  5. lynn,

    what many people seem to FORGET is that:

    as the master manipulator, and the main PSY OPS expert-
    the enemy is AWARE of the frailty of human consciousness…

    yes, all of the pieces are in place,
    yes, all of the pawns are in play…

    however, satan cannot make TOO conspicuous of a move, or the very FABRIC of human civilization would begin to unravel-

    this is why i believe that the incremental approach is the way the enemy will go-

    too large of a move, and men will become alarmed and begin to call on God-
    also, if satan were to pull out all of the stops,

    there would be nothing left of mankind for him to enslave…

    • WOW, never thought of it that way! The last thing satan would want is for humanity to turn to God. Especially after all the success hes had in turning them away from God!

    • One thing to consider regarding this:

      God is in control..not satan. I understand that satan is a deceiver and schemer and is intent on destroying mankind in an effort to thwart God’s authority – however, it is God’s plan that is being carried out, not satan’s.

      What I mean by that is this:

      The Bible clearly says that it is God (not satan) that sends the strong delusion so that those who refuse the truth of the Gospel will, in fact, fall for the lie.

      I don’t believe that we are waiting for satan at all…we are waiting for God.
      That puts it all in perspective for me.
      God bless.

  6. That sir, is an excellent point.
    Your three lines at the bottom of the post would explain a lot of things relevant to demonic/alien intervention.
    I have heard it over and over, that if they were here to conquer us it would have been over long ago.
    My answer has always been that you don’t destroy the herd, you use it.

    • I read the last channelers entry at the top. This is really spooky stuff! They want to reunite us with inner earth? Do they realize what is in inner earth? Hell! No thanks! I can’t believe people are stupid enough to beleive this stuff! We definitely need to pray for them!

  7. exactly how do you determine what channellings are from good angels and which ones are from bad aliens?

    the bible was channelled was it not? the commandments were channelled were they not?

    to think that you have a complete understanding of the workings of God and every aspect of creation is to limit something that is infinite – exactly what in this existence was not created by God and exactly what in this existence is acting outside the will of God?

    i see the messages that you are spreading as taking advantage of the weaknesses of human kind – spreading fear and distrust – there CAN be other intelligences from other parts of the universe that still leave Christ’s teachings intact – there is no threat to the spiritual lives of humans if we are not alone – in fact – it offers massive exponential spiritual growth.

    it is insane to say that every single piece of science and every piece of information that is out of sync with the bible is a temptation from satan to lead you astray…you need to think for yourself every step of the way. see the fruits, and make the decision yourself.

    let your heart lead you through these times – it is the only compass you need.

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