Ezekiel 38: Part 2

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This is from “Doug,” and I reposted it here and will comment on it because I think it is a window into the past that will show us some very interesting things. It first appeared in yesterdays comment section:

We were discussing this on another thread. I got out my dad’s old Bible 1928 edition. He had some notes he made in the margin on Ezek 38,39. He named Russia coming with Libya, Syria, Persia, etc. against Israel. There was no Israel then, Libya was an Italian colony, Syria a French one and Russia was the Soviet Union. The merchants of Tarshish and all the young lions, he noted were Britain, it’s empire and the United States. During the cold war,I could never figure how we and the British could appear weak and only question why this attack was occurring and had they come to take a spoil?

With a vacillating President and economic chaos in the West, it becomes more clear.

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In another comment someone posted that we have been hearing this for about 100 years and we may have it wrong. Here’s something to consider. For the most part people did not study their Bibles until fairly recently. If we look at the history of the church for over a thousand years the only people who were allowed to read the Bible, under penalty of death, were the Catholic priests. When the reformation came and the Bible was finally translated into English – by the way Tyndale was burned at the stake because of this – people had a chance to see for themselves what had been kept hidden. We have much to thank the reformers for!

Here is a link to Tyndale and it should be required reading! http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/william-tyndale.html

So this printing of the Bible only occurred about 400 years ago. Another element to consider is that many people were illiterate. There was no general education for the masses. Much of Europe was still enslaved in the feudal system and America was under the rule of Great Britain. All of that changed and people began to study what had lay dormant for centuries and in doing so began to study prophecy.

Here’s the first hurdle of the Ezekiel prophecy and without it nothing  jibes. It says in Ezekiel 37: I will bring them home to their own land from the places where they have been scattered. This prophecy was not fulfilled until 1948. In other words you can’t get to Ezekiel 38, unless there is a fulfillment of 37. Now we see that the Jews were gathered in their ancient homeland and reestablished as a nation and this event starts t he prophetic clock ticking!

Let’s take another look at Doug’s fathers Bible notes, where he tells us that the nations of Syria was a French colony, and that Libya, was an Italian colony. So at the time of his fathers entry many of the nations that are mentioned in the prophecy didn’t yet exist! The rise of Islam being fueled by Petro dollars has changed that and now we see the very nations that are mentioned in the prophecy, are lining up against Israel. The question that remains is not if, but when. In other words when will we see an event that will trigger the prophecy? Iran and her proxies are no dummies. They understand only to well that Israel has a penchant for preemptive strikes. They know that Israel will not allow them to get a nuclear bomb. So will the Iranians attack first? And what of Russia who along with China last week declined to sanction Iran? We see that Obama apologizing for America hasn’t changes anything except remove us from a position of strength and appear uncertain and weak. The hook in the jaw which draws Russia into the fray, in my opinion is set. Russia will join forces with Iran and the other countries mentioned and attack Israel at some point.

It would appear, as Doug pointed out, that with a president who is vacillating on foreign policy and our ever increasing economic woes, this might be a good time for the enemies of Israel to try to wipe her off the map. This, however will not be the case as prophecy makes it very clear what will happen. May I suggest a reading of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

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14 thoughts on “Ezekiel 38: Part 2

  1. Wilson,

    I love the thoughts & your check’s on the last thread-by the way.

    Do any of you know or know of people going on the verge of “nuts” w/ hopelessness, anxiety, fear regarding the current situation of the U.S. What it is becoming & where it is heading?

    I have some “arms length” friends who have Christian moral values but who will not go beyond that point & seek out the Lord.

    The husband (formerly raised as Catholic) of my friend watches Fox news 24/7 & is I suppose somewhat addicted to it. He drives her nuts ranting & raving of how bad things are becoming.

    She’s going crazy because he is talking about it non-stop as he does not see any hope for the future. They have been married for many years but she is almost at the point of wanting to leave just to escape all of the negativity.

    Of course I know what they need & have expressed that Christ is the answer to their problems. They allow us to take their daughter to Church w/us many times but she & definitely ‘he’ will not go.

    So I told her today- “Well, when the Anti-Christ shows up then maybe you’ll change your minds.”

    She quip’s back w/ “My husband already thinks it just may might as well end right now”.

    I told her oh no- tell him it’s going to get a whole lot worse than it is now-he might as well consider this situation to be heaven.

    I said look at me. I know everything he does yet I’m joyful, at peace, and don’t have all that anxiety & asked her if he believed in an afterlife-or if this was it.

    She didn’t know-never really talked about it but thinks he does. I told her if my husband can come to Christ then so can he-besides it’s a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. (Knowing that it’s probably her who should take the 1st step.)

    So that is where it ended this round.(until next time) But as I just listened to a Wilkerson sermon today- as the days get darker-the light will shine brighter in those who are indwelt w/Christ.

    It may take a prophetic war or a UFO revealing to rock some of these poor souls to their knees. Their consciences are still working-they are not seared but yet-continue to dig in their heels.

    All I can see is how miserable they are right now & it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Now some other friends I have-bought into the Obama politically correct-global warming- redistribution of wealth-& other ideologies. I’m not so sure that this is not “a part” of the strong delusion & they are right in step w/it. This couple are not completely miserable & quite comfortable w/how things are shaping up as far as I can tell. (She had a Catholic upbringing so she is “aware” of Christian values regardless of how warped some of the theology was/is.)

    They probably think I’m totally off the deep end but at least they’ve been warned. And- as long as they still speak w/me I’ll continue to throw seeds their way. It may be rocky ground but again- will something happen to soften it up?

    Man’s Hour of Darkness is God’s Hour of Power- sermon by Wilkerson.

    • I feel very much for your friend and wish healing could be done for the thousands for whom extremist voices are tearing their lives apart. These voices can cause the loss of sleep, depression, fear, taking of medications, hatred, the ripping apart of families and even drive the mentally unstable to violence. I wish I could help even as more reaching out than prayer alone to help. But I don’t know what to do either.

      Yes the world is in a bad spot and could end very soon. Or perhaps not. We have been living in the last days ever since Christ left and sent a comforter for us. I’m sure in 1941 the world looked like it does today in economic crisis and world war. It probably looked like the end then. And then again in 1962 during the Cuban Missle Crisis and the thret of necular anihilation. The doomsday clock was set by scientists then at one minute to midnite. And I remember 1975 was a very gloomy time and during the high interest rates and massive inflation folks thought for sure that the end times were apon us. The truth of the matter is that we can only speculate. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS FOR SURE WHEN THE END OF DAYS WILL COME. But we are to be of good cheer and not hide our light under a buschell clinging to fear always.

      There are many good things going on in the world today. All is not doom and gloom but extremist voices are schrill and bully people into thinking its all death. They take away people’s hope and give them nothing to replace it with.

      But there are many good things. For example:
      *According to Science Daily Researchers are optimizing Progestrone for brain injury treatment, showing remarkable results!
      *A process known as “EXON” skipping is showing dramatic effects in preventing and treating muscle wasteing diseases such as Musclar Distrophy.

      *US industrial production rose in September for the third consecutive month, According to the Wall Street Journal. All economic indicators showed the economy closed out the third quarter with suprisingly strong growth.
      *Green jobs are bright for our future in America! Installed costs of Solar-voltaic systems in the US have fallen sharply and the strong trend is continuing.

      *A new device is changing lives of 1000’s of Americans who have lost the ability to walk! The new invention Walk-Aide is about the size of an Ipod and produces electrical impulses that enable users to to lift up their feet. A stunning development.
      *According to research published in Bio Med Central’s International Journal, Youth may not bring wisdom but it can bring generosity in that young adults were found to be the most likely to donate blood to save lives.
      *George Ouellette though retired worked up to seven hours a day at the age of 84 to collect cans and bottles equal to $250.00. He offered this work to help create smiles for special programs helping children in need.

      There are just a whole wealth of good, vibrant and healthy things going on in the world today but again all the dark and extreme voices want to convince us its all only death.

      But as it turns out according to an article dated October 21st 2009 in Science Daily

      “Extremists Are More Willing to Share Their Oponion-Study Finds”
      People with relatively extreme oponions may be more willing to publically share their views than those with more moderate views, according to a new study.

      The key is that the extremists have to believe that more people share their views than actually do, the research found.

      The results may offer one possible explaination for our fractured political climate in the United States, where only extreme oponions seem to dominate.

      I would urge your frind not to get addicted to one source but to seek information from all sides of the spectrum. We must be moderate in all things and if the fruits of the tree produce bad results then perhaps that tree should not be the sole source for sustanance. As you know we were not created to be frightened and depressed but to Love God with our whole hearts, mind and strengrth. I’m sure you know what a joy that is!

    • Hi LNLisa,

      Yes, I believe I know what is becoming and where it is heading. A good article to read is here:
      It explains the way I understand things are unfolding now.
      And it’s sobering to understand that we each, individually MUST seek Yaweh now.

      I’m praying for your friend and so many others right now. We have to ask ourselves when we’re NOT at peace — why our peace is gone…….Yeshua is Faithful – and after He shows us we just have to obey and He will restore our peace. Satan comes to STEAL, kill and destroy.

      I’d urge your friend to get rid of her t.v.
      We got rid of ours earlier this year. I pray more people wake up to the deceptions that are creeping over them. Remember, satan works subtly and slowly to devour us.
      Yaweh bless you!!

  2. Okay, I’m bracing myself for the reaction to this one. But please pray about it before you bash me.

    Has it occurred to anyone that what happened in 1947/8 is NOT the fulfilment of Ezekiel 37?
    Digging around in history will give some clues as to who the people are that are in power and they are warned about by Yeshua in Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9.

    Also? And this is VERY important: when does scripture say Yaweh will gather His scattered ones? This is key to being able to tell if the prophecy in Ezekiel 37 has come to fruition or not.

    Set aside what’s been fed to us in church ask the Holy Spirit to show what is happening that is OF HIM and what is happening that is a counterfeit of satan! Satan tries to counterfeit EVERYTHING the Most High Yaweh does.

    • p.s. the Jews are of the tribe of Judah. Yaweh is going to gather His lost sheep from the lost Tribes of Israel. To hinge this prophecy SOLELY on Jews is a huge mistake and will lead you down a rabbit hole to nowhere.
      seriously – there is a lot more to this than your article touches on.

      It was me who made the comment about the last 100 years or so of the churches teachings. I’m fully aware of the history of the Bible not being widely available to the masses, and of the rates of illiteracy – but this does not mean that no one was studying the scriptures intently until recently. In fact, I would say that many people, 100 years or so ago, were following Yaweh and reading His Word in a way so few are now. The difference, as I understand it, between now and then is that NOW Yaweh is beginning to reveal certain hidden mysteries that were not to be revealed until the latter days (which I do believe we are experiencing the birth pangs now).

  3. Mr. Marzulli,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and agree with your perception that the Great Deception is at hand and will somehow manifest itself, perhaps along similar lines as you are presenting. I need to respond to the remark that was made about the “history” of the Church in the first thousand years. I hope this is the right place.

    At no time did the Church impose a death penalty on any lay person who read the Bible or possessed portions of the Bible. It is true that Bibles were very, very scarce, very costly to produce and purchase, and that few people could read, but perhaps not as few as is often supposed.

    I can give you two examples of English people in the first 1,000 years of Christianity, but there are so many more. First, Queen Etheldreda of the 7th century, who funded and was the administrator of a large complex where women lived, read, and studied the Bible. She was greatly honored for this. None of the women were ‘killed.” In the next century is St. Bede who was dedicated to making the Bible known to the people under his care. He arranged to have great murals painted on the bare wooden walls of the churches from which the people learned not only the events in the Bible, but the lessons and ideas behind the stories. Hardly any Anglo-Saxons then needed to read, but he translated much of the Bible into the people’s language. You can read his old Anglo-Saxon/English today.

    To skip down to the 16th century, I own and read and regularly use the English Bible published in 1582 (the New Testament) and 1609 (The Old Testament.) The language is lovely, rich in meaning, and very, very close to the original Greek and to the Vulgate Latin. You can purchase these editions on the Web. This complete English version was published and used before the King James version. The English secular Protestant king made this illegal to own in England.

    As far as Mr. Tyndale goes, he was certainly not executed for his translation of the Bible, of which his Protestant contemporary, Bishop Tunstall, said of it that it contains over 2,000 errors. King Henry VIII put out a warrant for his arrest for other reasons, and he was betrayed by a friend and arrested. He was condemned for political treason and for inciting religious unrest, and executed in a more kind way, if that can be, than what was done to the Catholic believers of that time.

    I used to believe these things about Tyndale because my Sunday school teachers and pastors and evangelical publications told me these things…but they are not true, in spite of continuing stories written to put the Church in a bad light. There is indeed a great Falling Away from the truth in these Last Times. The Truth lies in Jesus; people don’t need to make up other “truths” to prove themselves.

  4. lynn,

    i have been thinking and thinking about this middle east scenario,
    and it kinda went over my head –


    there are a few EVENTS that MUST TRANSPIRE in the USA BEFORE the next tick in Gods PROPHETIC CLOCK in the middle east…

    the SIGNS to look for are:

    1. Insolvency of the US Infrastructure

    2. Breakdown of law and order in US cities-

    3. The rejection of the US dollar as the world wide PETRO-currency of choice…

    4. The simultaneous nuking of several key cities in the US-

    Within that context, the USA is the HARBINGER of PROPHETIC EVENTS to come for Israel-

    WHEN the US is NO LONGER ABLE to protect Israel…

    THAT IS WHEN we shall see the prophetic events come to fruition in the middle east –

    the only problem is, in the US they all could happen in:


    • No offence, but what makes you sincerly believe that the USA is looking after Israel ?

      I believe Israel is being molested by many nations and maniplulaters, even going as far as putting an offensive symbol on the nations flag that has nothing to do with the Jews is a major sign.

      Israels own leaders are abusive of them. Yet God does use them with purpose.

      USA was the key in spreading the ongoing babylonian kingdom deeper across the board. Babylon doesnt protect israel, it prepares her as a meal to eat.

  5. I think its clear to note that the bible clearly states that it is Iran that rescues Israel at the end. That God chooses Cyrus who becomes some what of a believer to lead Persia (Iran),and will be used as a tool that saves Israel on several occasions after Israel does go through some devestation. Iran and Eygpt must be both be more powerful entites at the end than they are now. The babylonian/Persian/European empires will be revived together.

    Russia’s obssesion with Israel and Iran while while quite obviously influenced by darker entities has a lot to do with the oil situation also. If Iran was to get into an international situation where they were in a direct war this would surely cut oil supplies from the area (Not forgetting that Iran basicly sits on the worlds largest oil reserve). The effect would be that Russia the worlds top 1/2 producer of oil would come under heavy burden to produce and particulry from China. Having China on the Russians back is something they definetly do not want. I see this in itself a great pointer to coming biblical prophecy. Take note Russia’s population is in fact decreasing while trend across Europe and abroad is that the arab populaton is growing.

    We must watch with great interest as the bible lets us know that the Middle east becomes a very wealthy state at the end. Infact Mystery babylons head quaters is in jerusleum. The final kingdom of the Anti Christ will arise out of a Middle Eastern league. I would suggest there may be possible events prehand that rules out nations like the USA, Africa, Australia and parts of Europe from playing prominent Major end time roles. I think one could read certain parts of the bible and even perhaps seeing the ocean roaring over certain parts of the world as a fair warning.

    I work in finance and I see the worlds economy flow is now swinging from the west to the east. Something major has to happen to bring Mystery babyon to Jerusleum’s base. What would that be ?

  6. Hi Lisa, The two scriptures you mention Rev2:9 and 3:9 has been on my mind recently, as recent as this morning. I have never been at peace with the theological view concerning The restoration of Israel as the people of God.

    Firstly: The propagators of this theology refer to modern Israel as a nation, That is not politically correct, it is “A State within the land of Palestine”. that is the terminology enshrined within the documents formulated by an “Illuminati Masonic fraternity” made up of international heads of state after the Second world war, W Churchill a la cart.

    A close examination of the ministerial pulpit used by Israeli politicians seen on TV has written on it “The State Of Israel” with the seven branched candle stick beneath it. The USA & Britain Pull the political strings Of The state of Israel, if she was a nation that could not be done. So, in our interpretation of prophecy we should be aware of political correctness.

    Who is counterfeiting what here?

    Secondly; How many People of god Are there upon this Earth? I say ONE and only ONE. The Apostle Peter addressed the “Jews in Christ” scattered Abroad as being the people of God. Prior to them being in Christ, They were (Not A people) 1Pet2:10
    Who then Are the people In Israel? this is a valid Question is it not? For the veil of Moses can only be Removed In Christ By the circumcision of the heart.

    Who is the Israel of god, this commonwealth of Israel to which Apostle Paul refer in Galatians?

    There are leaders within the Messianic Jews sect who are presently Questioning The book of Galatians as to whether it is of divine origine. this is outrageous!

    WHo is counterfeiting what here?

    there are many more i discrepancies I can’t list them here.

    john B

    • Hi John B,

      If I’m understanding you correctly – then yes – the questions you posed are not only valid, but they are questions that we must be asking the Holy Spirit – so He can show us what is of Him and what is not of Him. In my understanding – we simply will not know what is counterfeit and what is authentically from Him if we simply reason it through without vetting all through Him.

      The Israel of God, referred to in Galatians? Isn’t that anyone who is in Jesus/Yeshua? Meaning A.N.Y.O.N.E. despite their ‘genetic lineage’?

      In Scripture we are implicitly told that In Christ there is no jew or greek(gentile). How do we reconcile that with the theology that the jews are special (above the gentiles), with the Scripture that says there is neither gentile or jew in Christ?

      Yeshua is the Branch! I don’t deny that ISRAEL (meaning all the tribes – ALL the sons of Jacob!!) were special to and blessed by Yaweh. But they ALSO could not stop themselves from being incredibly disobedient…….. The people who, today, call themselves ‘jews’ vehemently deny Yeshua. They follow the Talmud (which is not only Baylonian but incredibly wicked and evil) and consider the ‘rest of us’ as cattle – or beasts who should be killed. If one reads the Talmud – you quickly see theirs is a FALSE idolatrous religion based on hatred, deception and elitism.

      Talmud is Babylonian and is Blasphemous.
      Torah is Godly.

      The Torah (first 5 books of the OT) states: “Thou shalt not kill.”


      The Talmud states:
      “Tradition tells us that the best of the Goim deserves death”
      (Zohar, Shemoth, Vaikra Rabba 14b).

      “Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious is as acceptable to God as he who offers
      a sacrifice to God” (Ialkut Simoni 245c. n. 772).

      “Take the life of the non-Jews and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who
      offers incense to him” (Sepheror Israel 177b).

      The seed [children] of Christians is valued the same as the seed of a beast. Kethuboth (3b)
      Jews are human beings; the other peoples of the world are not human beings, but beasts” (Baba Mezia).”

      I have discovered there are genuine, authentic Jews scattered throughout the world (including some in the land of Israel/Palestine) who do NOT follow the Talmud, but only follow Torah. I suspect their numbers are VERY few. These people, I believe are the ones who are blinded to Messiah Yeshua – but otherwise lead righteous lives seeking to know Yaweh and will have the veil lifted at the appointed time, only believing Yeshua is indeed Messiah WHEN THEY SEE HIM.

      So, this leaves me asking, ‘Who are the people (ruling) in the land of Israel/Palestine today?’
      Rev 2:9/3:9 keeps coming up.
      I now believe they are the fake jews Yeshua spoke about.
      This begs the question – what is a jew? And once one begins digging in history and praying about this topic – a whole myriad of lies unfold.

      Shocking lies. Lies that have left me asking what IS the Truth then?!

      We have been hoodwinked. Cleverly, covertly, and subtly. But then, that is satan’s calling card, isn’t it.

      I don’t know about you John B – but I am studying this. Some of what I’ve come across has really challenged my previously held beliefs around ‘what are jews’, ‘who is Israel?’, ‘is there really a difference between them?’, and many other questions. At this point in time, I simply and humbly bow to Yeshua and ask Him to show me the Truth.

      If you can shed further Light that HE has shared with you – then please brother – do so. Either here, or my email is tigerlamb00 at yahoo dot co dot uk (those are zero’s in my email username – not the letter ‘o’).

    • But don’t you think that clearly we must test spirit with spirit as well? We wrestle not flesh aginst flesh but with unseen wickedness in high places?

      Think about how the nation of Isreal got there. Another spirit of anti-christ entered the world and plunged it into total darkness murdering millions apon millions with rocket bombs and gas chambers and techno armies. I speak of course of the times of Hitler, a distroyer and the most evil symbol of our time.

      He not only killed six million Jews in gas chambers but countless others all over europe and where ever else they could be found through starvation, murder, police actions and all manner of chacaneary. This blood sacrafice was obviously important to satan because it cracked open some kind of window that first allowed in the foo-fighters of WWII and eventually the UFO phonomonon we witness with increasing frequency today.

      Isreal was established after and as a result of all of those horrors done to them and the doors were flung open so that all of the Jews (Decendants of Abraham) could migrate there. Many still had the serial numbers stamped on their arm from Dacau, Vukenvald, Auschwitz and Triblinka. These things actualy happend and we are still affected by them to this day. When you look at the big picture notwithstanding the actions of the spirit of anti-christ and the groundwork laid there by the dark forces for things to come…It seems like God moved. Remember no authority good or evil can be without God allowing so to his purpose and glory!

    • Wilson, you refer to Israel as a nation, By their own admission they are Not, they are a state within a Land. There is difference a between the two. No one is denying the Jewish holocaust or the millions killed by Pol Pot in Cambodia or the Croatian attempts to wipe out the Serbs or the Rwanda killings. Racial persecution is as old as Babel.

      I am of the view That the State of Israel was created with a Satanically designed political agenda to move the human race into a global conflict for the purpose of a “satanic genocide” of all humanity.
      Apostle John said “the whole world lies in the power of the Evil one” 1Jn5:19. That includes Politics & religion.

      Having said that, I agree with you Wilson that the sovereignty of god is effective in all things pertaining to Life on Earth. The life of Job is one of many example of This truth.

      Evil must run its course up to a point in time wherein sovereign intervention occurs “lest these days (tribulation)be cut short no flesh should be saved alive; but for the sake of the elect (the Saints) these days shall be cut short”.Mat24:22
      These words of Jesus were spoken primarily in ref to the destruction of the Nation in 70ad, although when taken in its entire context with other supporting passages it also implies a similar scnerio for the end times.

      I agree with Lisa that there is a remnant still to receive mercy among the descendants of Abraham, some living in modern Israel and some in other parts of the world. “It is them that shall be saved”.Rom9:27

      Jesus came for the (Lost sheep of Israel) not the whole flock, “for not all Israel is Israel” said Apostle Paul Rom9:6. The true flock is in Christ their Shepard, They are “the Holy nation of God” 1Pet2:9, God’s Israel about which apostle Paul said “all shall be saved” Rom11:26.

      Notice that I quoted “The Apostles words” and not some Messianic theology!

      Messiah has come, He was crucified, raised from the dead, He is saving His people out of a condemned World by the Gospel. That which God has ordained shall come to pass.

      If any man is not recreated in the(image of Christ)2Cor3:18, be he a Jew or a gentile, he is a putrid stench to the nostril of God.
      Messianic Theology promises A “false hope” to the Natural descendants of Abraham still upon this earth. That according to Apostle Paul is another Gospel with another Messiah(Christ).

      John B.

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