Balloon Boy: A different Take…..

Balloon BoyLast week we collectively watched, in real time, the hold-your-breathe-is-a-kid-really-in-there- balloon, fiasco. All eyes were riveted on the drama that was unfolding on Television screens, computers, Twitter accounts, cell Phones and other electronic devices, all over the world. You see, we are hooked up, wired up, linked in, with one hand on our I-phone or Blackberry, that keeps us tied to Cyber space and thus interconnected, as a collective. On the surface this is a good thing, as we can get news at the speed of live. On the other, once the media jumps on a story, think Michael Jackson’s death or last weeks Balloon Boy Drama, we have entered the land of the media feeding frenzy! Let me explain. Balloon Boy’s misadventures, which officials are now saying was a publicity stunt, went viral, and that’s what I want to dwell on. Can you imagine if one craft appears? Just one, two or three mile wide craft, like the one seen over Phoenix, or Stephenville or the English Channel, manifests in broad day light and just hangs there? Can you imagine how fast the video will spread? People will stop what there doing all over the world, as collectively we realize, that we are not alone. The Internet will be jammed, phone lines will be taxed to their limit, the work place will grind to an immediate halt and every eye will watch with a mixture of fascination, fear, and wonder, the large UFO, that is now, no longer a UFO. For at that moment, when the revealing happens, we will all experience a paradigm shift, a mega-lever, a change in our thinking unlike any other in history. Many people will have to adjust what they believe. Others will be ecstatic that “they” finally revealed themselves. At this point, there is no turning back. It’s going to be hard to back-peddle and try to tell people, that this is the strong delusion, the Great Deception, the all signs and lying wonders of the demonic, that is now manifesting, as foretold thousands of year ago by the prophets. This is why it is important to call it our now, a priori, ahead of time, so it’s on the record. So people can read this post and see the date and realize that someone was calling it out in advance and sounding a warning. You see when this happens, the churches will be back-peddling like crazy trying to make sense of this event, to their congregants. At that point the damage is done and its irreversible. I believe that the “event” will lead to what 2nd Thessalonians 4, tells us will be the apostasy, the great falling away, because of the strong delusion that is sent. With movies like Fourth Kind, Knowing, District 9, Race to Witch Mountain and shows like UFO Hunters, Mysteryquest, and “V,” are we being conditioned for the coming event? I believe we are. What we need to grasp is that there is war in the heavens and this war has been going on for a long while. The Mystery of Iniquity, the power behind the evil in the world, continues to work to bring about its chosen one, the Anti Christ. It is all happening and for those of us who have eyes to see, who know what the prophecies say it appears that the time is near….

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17 thoughts on “Balloon Boy: A different Take…..

  1. Great post once again Lynn. Some of these things you shared today ran through my mind as I watched this, what turned out to be, fiasco as well. I believe we need to be sounding the alarm. Regardless of how people react now, the warnings will be on the record and people will know they were told.

    Keep sounding the alarm brother. I will do the same.

    Kevin J.

  2. Right on track I believe. I am still hunting your book. May I use a check, ie. routing no., and account. Talk about pre-conditioning. Either the Lord, thru you and my current studies are alerting me, or I am just beginning to notice, besides the regular shows, ie. Heroes, Fringe, and Flashforward, I am noticing commercials, etc. Are you speaking anywhere in the SE US? Dave

    • Flashforward has really alarmed me! Have you noticed how the storyline goes, People blacked out for about 3(?) minutes. Because of the worldwide blackout, planes have fallen out of the air, automobile accidents have happened everywhere and the world is propelled into utter chaos. The clincher, there are millions of people who have disappeared and they have finally decided they will probably never be found. Where did they go? The show supposes that many have died in the chaos and, there is so much chaos, they will never be found. Is it me or is this reminiscent of stories we have seen about the rapture? Chilling!

  3. Oh yeah, it’s coming. They claim they’ll do the flyover in 2017, but I wonder if it will be sooner.
    The problem regarding getting the churches to consider this ahead of time is wrapped up in decades of conditioning.
    If you mention the subject in many Bible believing circles, you can’t hardly get to the point of the “Strong Delusion” before the eyes roll and they walk away classing what you day is from nutville.
    I spoke on the subject at a church around 30 years ago. They didn’t stone me then and seemed interested. If I tried it today, I would not be allowed to speak.

  4. You know, at first, I was a bit ticked off about the publicity stunt the balloon boy family pulled, but now it just makes me sad, sad for those children – I mean, how awful to instruct your kids to lie – it even made the boy vomit twice when he was forced to do so – where is the nurturing and the training up in the way they should go?

    The only positive I personally experienced from that ordeal is that it brought me to my knees in front of my 11 year old son and my Mom who I would say hangs out much of her time “on the fence” when it comes to following Christ. The three of us watched the last 45 minutes of the ordeal and I was on the floor praying out loud for God to bring that balloon down and softly so that the boy would not be harmed. Then, the wind stopped, I guess, so they say, and the balloon began to decrease in elevation, as we all watched and cheered for those rescuers to grab the ropes, I was praising God! Then, when no boy emerged, I recall placing myself in that mother’s shoes and I pleaded to God for that boy’s well-being. It was at that moment, that I heard the word “hoax” kind of audibly in my head. Now, I’m not a skeptical person, so I know that word was not something I originated in my thought process and at that point, the media wasn’t even hinting at that possibility until it was absolutely clear that the boy was not inside a few minutes later. I believe God was calming my real fear that the boy would not be alive due to deprivation of oxygen because of my empathy for that mother, I was experiencing what I knew would be my pain if it was one of my children, etc… Then, there was the new fear that they suggested that he had fallen out earlier before the cameras and my heart sunk as I began praying for the family. I was still rejecting the idea that had popped in my mind that it was a hoax because frankly I couldn’t imagine a family doing something so deceptive and including their children in on such a scheme.

    What this taught me is that when I sincerely come to the Lord, He’s listening and He answers – I just need to listen and ask for discernment for the truth.

    I don’t believe too many people will be calm enough to do this if there is indeed a full disclosure like you described in this blog, Lynn. There will be too much fear gripping their hearts because it will be happening to all of us and we’ll be wishing it was a “hoax”!

    • Gidget,

      The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. It was over some female pastor I didn’t know anything about. Before I even researched her I heard in my spirit (as usual-I don’t hear from the Lord in an audible voice) “She’s a Jezebel.” Well, same as you- that was not my 1st reaction to the situation but after I did spend the time researching this person she turned out to be a “Jezebel” in every sense of the word.(Even beyond what I would have ever imagined.)

      So- the Lord is teaching us how to listen to His voice in our own individualized ways.

  5. lynn,

    the entire balloon boy escapade has become a stomach-turning example of what some desperate people are willing to do to become famous…

    there are many aspiring actors and actresses who would do the same thing just to get a break!

    the fact that these so-called parents put their children through this entire ordeal is simply abhorrent-

    the bible states that

    “the love of many will grow cold”

    this includes the love of parents, esp. in this case-


    the mothership scenario about which you speak is very plausible, esp. post rapture…
    whether satan would be able to conjure up enough power to manifest a mothership for all to see is actually more of a theological question than most people realize-

    because we live during the dispensation of GRACE (because of the BLOOD)
    at this point, all satan can do is play peek-a-boo with his motherships…
    this is because there are dimensional laws in place that JESUS accomplished at the CROSS…

    even with the supposed proliferation of the new world order, and
    the military secret ops involving satanic ritual abuse/sacrifice,

    ALL of those COMBINED POWERS of DARKNESS are but a smidgen of power
    in comparison with the BLOOD of JESUS!

    yes, i agree that the mothership scenario will at one point occur,

    so yeah, i really see it as a post-rapture scenario…

  6. From Cutting Edge today:


    This video offers the following advantages for anyone who has agreed to allow an RFID chip to be implanted.

    1) Doctors in an emergency room can quickly identify the victim and see his/her medical history, this enabling them to more quickly take life-saving action

    2) For Elderly people who cannot remember to take their medications

    3) A grandfather declares that he took an RFID chip because he is “in love with his children’s children”! Tugging at the heart strings.

    4) Because a young man wants to take better care of his elderly Mom

    5) A man with Diabetes touts the efficiency of RFID chip in helping him take his medicine as he is supposed to take it.

    6) Finally, the Emergency Room doctor comes on the screen to tell us all that he appreciates it very much when the people whose bodies land on the E.R. gurney have had an RFID chip implanted.

    This second video shows how much more convenient traveling becomes when travelers use RFID-implanted documents.

    Using your RFID and Traveling in the USA Video

    (It’s a picture of the North American Union)-Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)

    • It’s here! It’s just a matter of when it will be mandated for food and everything else! They are bringing it in slowly. Most of the people seeing it come are becoming so accustomed to it already, when you try to tell them this could easily be the mark the Bible talks about, they look at you like they do when you tell them ufo’s are demonic!

    • You’re right- it does look to represent the Jellyfish Crop Circle. Both have Seven Circles going from largest to smallest.

      Great eyes you have!

    • Isn’t it amazing how happy they all look? You know, like a little too happy? Who knew the mark of the beast could be so friendly! I’m sure the next commercial will say things like “now I don’t need my wallet when I go out” or “we don’t need to worry about little Timmy when he’s out playing”…

      I’ve believed these things would happen for years now, it’s just so amazing to see them taking place!! What a mighty God we serve!!

  7. When proponents of the RFID chip say the information cannot be stolen they don’t tell you that the implanted RFID will work at the ATM even in your severed hand.

    A thief will take your hand with him instead of your wallet.

    Lousy trade!

    • The image which comes to mind of that is so grose!

      So either they can cut off your tagged hand or head (when it comes to that) right?

  8. As much as I believe that we are speeding toward the end, I can’t help but think about the people in Noah’s day, contemplating the coming destruction of everything they had known. I’m sure, being human and weak in the flesh, some still doubted, wondered and kept telling themselves, how could this be? I look at my home, friends, children and family and all that I’ve known and find it hard to imagine past that. Am I the only one that is having a hard time imagining past the here and now things of the earth? I remember my mother saying as she lay dying, I’m not ready to go, I’ve still got a lot of living to do eventhough she was a Christian. It was hard for her to imagine past, her earthly home though she knew she would soon to be with the Father in Heaven.

    It would appear that we are being quietly erased so that it won’t be a big deal when the rapture occurs. Thoughts?

    • I think you may find the answer to your question about what the here-after, or Heaven will be like, answered in the writings of John Eldredge. “Epic”, “Ransomed Heart”, “Journey of Desire”, “Waking the Dead”, “Wild at Heart”. He backs his premise, that Heaven will be better than any life here on earth, with the works of others like George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, etc…

      The common image of Heaven is that we will float on clouds with the winged angels and sing a constant Hallelua chorus. I’m sorry, I can’t do that for eternity even though I love to sing praises to my God. Imagine something better than Eden was. Imagine having work to do, as a king or a queen (The Chronicles of Narnia are an allegory of our work as kings and queens, in charge of our own little domains, within the larger kingdom of God.). Jesus said in His kingdom are many mansions. I don’t think they are meant for the angels. They are meant for the believers, for the “eternal life” we are promised. Where our eternal life is concerned, we can’t out-imagine God. We were made for pleasure and beauty and Glory and we will find all that our hearts have ever desired, and more, in the hereafter. If God intended for us to live what I consider a rather sterile life as a winged being in the sky, then why did he make us the way he did, for life in Eden? I think Eden was a prototype of what we have waiting for us on “the other side”. It seems we have needed our time outside of Eden, to prepare us, so that we will handle properly what awaits us.

  9. I have started reading several news sites, and in Pravada yesterday, they had a photo of a young man in a muslim country who had a blood condition on his skin, leg, which displayed prophecy in Aramaic through the blood on his leg. The photo looked like a majik marker, but was clearly in a language. His mother said the words go and come as he has temperatures. Check it out.

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