History Channels Special: Alien Cover Up?

UFO- IN CLOUDSLast evening on the  History Channel’s program, Mysteryquest, they presented, The Alien Cover Up. All I can say is where is UFO Hunters? The footage seemed to be a montage of other interviews that were spliced in with some new footage. The problem is that nothing new was revealed. This was old rehashed information. In fact I was telling my wife what was about to happen before it did, which led to me being called a, smarty pants, by the wifey! They spent a lot of time probing around Area 51. I actually went there back in the early 90’s with a group of people who attended a conference that was hosted by Gary Shultz. We flew in from Los Angeles landed in Vegas, rented a 40′ motor home and headed out to Rachel Nevada. I hung out in the Little Alieninn and talked with alleged abductees, researchers and at one point Bob Lazar showed up in his vet and I got to talk to him too. We drove out to the Area 51 border and camped there most of the night and of course didn’t see anything. I will say this, that before Area 51 became known you could go to the Mailbox road on a Wednesday night and if you were patient you would see the craft flying in the night sky. Gary Shultz bought a Japanese film crew out to the site and got some amazing footage on film. He also took an amazing photo of what he believed was an Alien craft piloted by a human. This sighting and subsequent photo would also jibe with what Lazar was saying, that the craft were stored in a secret base that was carved in the side of a mountain. Lazar also said that he witnessed what he called the “sports model,” UFO, hovering a short distance from where he was working at the base. Something is going on out there and too many people have seen disc shaped craft hovering and flying in the wee hours of the morning. That was years ago and because of the public’s interest the people who control Area 51 extended their borders so it not possible now, to view the area from the old mailbox road. The government isn’t talking and most people – according to surveys – believe that the government is involved in a cover up. It seems that there is a group of men who are still alive from the Truman era who run the show. (The Truman era dealt with the 1947 Roswell incident.) These men, and I don’t think there are many of these guys left, are still in power. They’re refusal to allow any information regarding the extraterrestrial presence to be given to the public has been protocol for decades. However, as I have Blogged about before, the UK last year released many documents admitting that the phenomena was real following the lead from France, Belgium, and Mexico. What amazes me is that most people really don’t care and don’t concern themselves or trouble themselves with the information. It is still regarded as, The Lunatic Fringe, of which I suppose, I could be considered a crown prince having written 5 books on the subject and continue to Blog incessantly about it!

In closing let me refer to what I wrote about in Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural. We celebrate Christmas and Easter in this country. Both of these holidays are based on supernatural events that happened millenia ago. Most of us believe in the virgin birth of the god-man Jesus and his subsequent death and resurrection – how much more supernatural do you want to get? Here’s the rub. This, for the most part, has been reduced and packaged into a non-supernatural paradigm. We have Christmas trees and lights and exchange presents. On Easter we give the kids eggs and buy Easter lilies. We have pasteurized the supernatural in our lives. Holding on to that thought, the supernatural guide book, i.e. the Bible tells us that supernatural events will manifest themselves at the end of days. That Satan will come with all lying signs and wonders, that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible! Yet, sadly, most people aren’t aware that the deception of the enemy is all around them. We must understand that what is manifesting – UFOs – is something supernatural. It is not aliens from other planets. It is the vanguard of the coming Great Deception. The History Channel will never get to the bottom of it because they never allow anyone with an alternative world view to appear on their shows. Sadly it is the blind leading the blind and the rehashing old material makes for a dull, predictable show….

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  1. Very good point about us celebrating the supernatural events of Jesus’ birth and resurrection (and rightfully so) but so many of the same people don’t want to be open to the fact that there are other supernatural forces (demons and angels) the Bible tells us are very much among us and interact with us in various ways.

    I believe you’re right about the upcoming unveiling of this demonic forces that will deceive many. Those not grounded in the truth of God’s Word will be deceived.

    Keep up the good work.
    Bill Lonas

  2. L.A., on a related topic, perhaps you’ve seen the recent show on History’s sister propaganda channel, The Science Channel, regarding the CERN LHC called the “Big Bang Machine”. I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts about the true purpose of this “largest machine” man has ever built. Is it really meant to understand how the universe began by smashing particles? I’ve read about it possibly being a “stargate” to open up a rip in space/time allowing in “something” from the other side. Do you think there is something to this or just fantasy? Is man attempting to open up a doorway to the spiritual dimension? Is this what the “aliens” are waiting for, as you’ve posited before? For us to open the door for them. Is the HLC related in some way to HAARP and Tesla electromagnetic technology? Is Hoagland’s Hyperdimensional Physics involved or related? The Lord said, “nothing will be impossible for them” in Genesis. Is He removing the Restainer and about to allow man to reopen the door to the Fallen One’s and their Nephilim offspring? Have you blogged on this before? Would love to know your thoughts. Thx!

  3. I agree, the show was boring and I have to admit I didn’t finish it. It’s all rehashed information. So much so at times I thought I had seen the program before.
    If they are indeed testing alien craft at area 51…then, the so called aliens have the power to create some sort craft out of physical material, that can manifest itself in this realm or dimension, which can be felt, handled and manipulated to fly.

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  5. Is Christmas day truly the date on which Jesus was born?

    England, when Oliver Cromwell was so called protector of the faith, the celebration of Christmas was abolished throughout the land because the reformers of that time were aware of it’s true Pagan origin.
    However, this only lasted a few years as the peoples were dissatisfied and demanded its restoration, They missed the revelry And debauchery of the festival.

    Even to this day some Presbyterian churches wont celebrate Christmas.

    John B.

    • That’s true. We do not know precisely the day Jesus was born. December 25th was chosen as the day to celebrate it (most likely to be a Christian rival to an existing pagan ritual).

      As slaves of Christ, Christians are called to acknowledge the death/burial/resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ every day in their submission to Him as Lord.

      Bill Lonas

    • If you ask the Holy Spirit to show you – and start learning about God’s/Yaweh’s Appointed Days – you will find out when Yeshua/Jesus was born….. hint: He was born on a feast day called Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). You won’t find continuity on a man-made calendar, but you will find amazing answers on Yaweh’s calendar;)! Remembering, Yah/God does not change:)!

    • John B –
      It seems we are a minority within the ‘Christian community’ — in that we recognise the pagan origins of christmas, easter, et. al.

      I will give NO credence to those pagan holidays.

      We are to come out of Babylon. That’s not a request – it’s a command by Yeshua.
      And that includes breaking away from all the pagan traditions of men. Light cannot have fellowship with the dark.

      Yaweh is sooo patient, loving and kind. He showed me little by little what was corrupt. And each thing He showed me – presented ME with a CHOICE. I could either walk away from it (come out of Babylon) or I could cleave to the traditions of men – and justify doing so by leaning on my own understanding, rather than asking Him to confirm what He was showing me.

      Yaweh bless all who diligently seek Him.

      You don’t have to believe me or anyone else about christmas, easter, halloween — but you DO have to ask Yeshua if what we are testifying is true or not.

    • I Agree, it be that the indoctrination by Babylon is riper than most think.

      The Lord Jesus said: “It is Not all who say Lord,Lord that shall enter the kingdom of my Father, but those who do the will of god”.

      “You must be perfect as your heavenly father is Perfect” I believe that this is a calling of christians for perfection in knowledge, wisdom, it is having the Mind of Christ is being made perfect in Him.

      Most christians are trapped in “Spiritual revelry” For lack of Knowledge. They are under submission to “theologically trained hirelings”

      True shepherds are far and few in these last day’s. Scripture clearly indicates that it is “Babylon the Great” that will have the upper hand before the end, true believers shall be but A remnant as was Noah,Lot,the 7000 who worshipped not Baal.

      “Come out of Her My people” will be The Call unto the End of the Age.

      John B

    • John B,
      Your comments here have been such a blessing and encouragement to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m a tiny voice crying in the wilderness and no one hears me. I can’t not share what the LORD has shown me (when He prompts me too) and sometimes I get discouraged. So, I just wanted you to know that your comments here have been uplifting to me.
      Yah bless and keep you dear brother.

  6. That’s two messages I have submitted that gives and error and won’t show up.
    Do I have to put my name and email every time I write a comment now. I didn’t used to have to for months.

  7. What is so sad is that even within our modern churches, the supernatural is swept under the rug, as everyone who reads this is well aware Genesis 6 states the Nephilim would be on the earth both before and after the flood, and in Numbers Chapter 13 we see evidence of that when Moses sent out spies to Cannaan they reported back seeing giants in the land, the Israelites were so shook up it took them 38 years of wondering before they tried to enter the land again, but my NIV study Bible suggests that the Numbers passage regarding the Nephilim was most likely an exageration…. Give me a break!

  8. You a “crown ptince”??? very well, I grovel at your feet your majesty;) lol j/k something interesting today. I was reading on the fox news website about the kid and the flying saucer hot air balloon and how people tracked the situation on twitter, facebook, etc. the story went on to say it gives a glimpse of how news would be shared in the event of a REAL flying saucer. interesting they would even suggest that…

  9. Once again, You hit the nail on the head!!! We are being conditioned to believe the unbelievable and its easy to see the MANY will be deceived. I watched the trailer for the show “V”. Its a preview for what is about to happen. Get ready and trust in the Lord!

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