Why Are They Waiting?

GRAY ALIENWhy is our government waiting to tell us about the existence of the so-called extraterrestrial presence? You would think with the ongoing, burgeoning mass sightings, that the public would stop believing the old swamp gas and weather balloon stories, and demand a real answer. We see that the UK, Mexico, Belgium and France have “come out the closet,” so to speak and revealed that UFOs are real. Not so here in the good ol’ USA. Here’s what I think. When the Roswell crash happened and the bodies of the “aliens” were retrieved, we were at a crossroads. I have Blogged about Jesse Marcel Jr. before and I reference him now, as it is pertinent to my story. Marcel had the press release a story saying that the airforce had recovered a flying disk, or a UFO. Two days later the story was retracted and the public was told that it was a weather balloon – a case of mistaken identity. In the years following we were told that it was the top secret, “Project Mogul” that was being tested. As Marcel points out in his book Mogul has had more “secrecy” than the making of the atomic bomb and that just doesn’t make any sense. Something crashed out there in the desert and it wasn’t from here. I once interviewed a retired Air Force man – I won’t give his rank, but he was up there – after about 20 minutes of lobbing softball questions at him I saw that he was relaxed. I then asked the 64 thousand dollar question. What were your reactions when you saw the retrieved alien bodies recovered from the 1947 Roswell crash site? The guy’s body language went off the charts. At that point he didn’t have to say anything as his reaction to my question said it all. I think he knew what was out there….I can’t prove it but that’s what I think.

It would appear that there is a group of men who have had control over this information since 47. It would seem that they are not in step with our government and act separately from it, at least regarding the E.T.’s.  There might only be a couple of these “old guards,” that remain alive, but they have a strangle hold on keeping the information from the public. Is this why there has been no revealing to the citizens of the USA? Here’s something else to consider, that when the UK released there doc’s the general public shrugged a big, so what! That’s how it’s going to be until a large craft manifests and just hovers. Until people see one, it’s so what….

We are dealing with the supernatural, not aliens from some other planet and while some of us have not come to realize this, nonetheless this is the position that I promulgate in my books and on this BLOG. We must understand that what greater deception could the enemy create than to say that “aliens” created all life on earth, that they started the world’s religions, that they were responsible for the miracles of the Bible. With that being said perhaps this group of men are afraid that the revealing of the Alien presence would create mass hysteria. Is it possible that with the world rushing toward a showdown in the middle east, we are on the threshold of this revealing – that of the so-called extraterrestrial – as well? Are these two seemingly unconnected events actually linked with one another? I believe they are.

In closing: The World Pulse.

* Iran has threatened today, that if Israel attacks they will strike and destroy, “the heart of Israel.”

* Pakistan continues its descent into chaos as another suicide/homicide bomber killed 47 today.

* Earthquakes and tsumani’s continue this week in the south Pacific leaving hundreds dead and others homeless.

* The dollar has been propped up for now, but how long will this really last as Russia, China, the E.U. and other nations are calling for a new world currency? As of this writing it’s the lowest it’s been in 14 months!

* Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize. I’m still trying to figure out what he’s done to deserve this other than apologize to the rest of world for America. What peace?

* It’s been 8 years in Afghanistan and the country is a mess. As I have Blogged about before, follow the money. Who’s profiting from the opium trade.

* The Dem’s are still pushing health care reform. While we need to get something to the people without health care we don’t need to punish the people who can afford it, by creating a government run system. All one need to do is to look at the incomplete fence along our southern border to see how our government handles things. If they can’t build a fence how the heck are they going to manage 300 million people on a government run program…. No thanks!

That’s it for this week.

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12 thoughts on “Why Are They Waiting?

  1. lynn,

    one of the most abhorrent current developments is the gay hate crime legislation that was piggy backed on the defense bill…

    this would make gays a certified minority –

    afforded the same protections as blacks and jews…

    this legislation has the potential to alter the american way of life as we know it in a profound and immediate way-

    this will open up the floodgates of lawsuits against churches and any Christian organization-

    and of course, any litigation would be decided against traditional family values by the supreme court…

  2. I am new to the study of prophecy, more than a normal preparation for a sermon series. Having served as a Chaplain in a Federal Prison for a number of years, I had a inmate, quite old at the time, talk with me about Roswell. He stated he was a air force soilder who flew on the plane which removed the craft and aliens. He provided me with some of his research he could get through the freedom of information act which sanitized his work heavily.

    I like science fiction, and perhapt you have noticed the television programs of Fringe and Flashforward. talk about preconditioning the public and ABC is now advertising a show V, which is visitors from space in November. It is coming together. Blessings on your work.

  3. Here is an interesting interview with Chuck Missler from the Sid Roth show that backs up Mr. Marzulli’s work biblically.
    Scroll down to find it. Right click and “save target as” to download.
    Guest: Chuck Missler
    September 7-11, 2009 – Show 1660
    Are UFOs real? What does the Bible have to say about them? Are they the evil, hybrid beings called “Nephilim” of ages past? Right now countries all over the world are opening up their secret files to the public about UFO “sightings.” Bible scholar Dr. Chuck Missler explains what these sightings really are, what the Bible has to say about them, and how they relate to end-time prophecy.

    • I haven’t read that one yet but I have read PPS. Thanks for keeping up the good work. I just wish more Christians would realize the trap that is being made for them.
      Sid Roth even admitted during the interview that he had never heard the real truth of why God caused the flood in Noah’s day. He said it explained a lot. One example: Why God told the Israelites to utterly destroy certain tribes. I think Sid Roth’s show is pretty main stream especially among Pentecostals so hopefully he will get attention of more Christians will.
      God Bless 🙂

  4. LA, The revealing as you refer to it must tie in the “son of perdition”. what you say has a religious context, “they created mankind, they produced the miracles of the bible”. Therefore; they(aliens) must point to him this “son of perdition”(a religious figure)as a leader which humanity must worship.
    2Thes chapter 2 clearly states this to be the scenario prior to the return of Jesus.

    Ultimately, the deception is “worship of the beast by humanity bearing his mark” (This is a Religious scenario which will be accompanied by the God sent delusion that all should believe the LIE)

    This Lie also is religious in context, it has to be, (The issue Is Worship)
    Worship = (recognition of great worth) such is the Self-exaltation of (the son of Perdition as a religious leader)

    As I see it, the UFO phenomenon is only one among many of the end-time deceitful schemes perpetrated by the devil.

    I truly believe that there is going to be much more beyond the revealing.

    John B

  5. These are truly monumental times! I wish the second shoe would drop. The waiting is making me anxious.

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