Shroud of Turin: Update

Shroud Of TurinYesterday, the story about how an Italian scientist had found a way to reproduce the Shroud of Turin hit the front page of FOX news and other media outlets. It amazes me how quick the main stream media is to pick up anything that supposedly de-bunks the supernatural. Where was FOX and other media pundits when it was discovered that the sample used in carbon dating was taken from a re-woven area that had end-to-end-splices, woven in by the Poor Sisters of Claire? The team of scientists that examined the Shroud, in 1978, had agreed to take samples from three different areas and also a control sample, instead, they took one sample, from one area of the cloth and that area skewed the results. Before I get carried away, let me first establish some parameters of the Shroud that should be considered by our latest skeptic and also those of you who aren’t familiar with this enigmatic artifact.

1. Does this reproduction produce a positive image when photographed? If not, then it doesn’t even pass the first test. The Shroud came to the attention of scientist in the early part of the 20th century when it was discovered that the image on the Shroud was in fact a negative! The picture above is what it looks like when you begin to develop film. In other words, if the reproduction doesn’t have this property than it falls of its own weight.

2. The detail on the Shroud is very complex and anatomically perfect. According to Dame Piczek who has examined the Shroud there is no other work of art that is so. Is this reproduction anatomically correct or is it distorted by the folds in the cloth?

3. The forensic evidence on the Shroud is very specific. The blood was on the Shroud first and it is blood that has come from real wounds. The image was formed after the blood was on the Shroud.

4. The Shroud also appears to be a hologram. In other words a sample taken from the shroud has all the data of the original and from it the full image can be reproduced. When this was discovered we were able to see the forearms of the image for the first time as in the original the forearms are obscured by the blood stains.

5. Both frontal and dorsal images are found on the Shroud, this would pose great difficulty for a forger. Can this new reproduction accomplish this?

6. There are other details such as the beard being bifurcated, the wounds of the crucifixion being on the wrists and not the palms of the hands, as is so often depicted, the coins that were placed over the eyes, the pollen on the Shroud that is only found in Jerusalem and a host of other considerations. The image is on the top most layer of the cloth and then abruptly ends at 90 degrees with precision that this reproduction doesn’t even approach.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I have called the Shroud of Turin, God’s calling card. I still believe it is just that. What may be going on here is a deliberate attempt to steer people away from the supernatural. Dame Piczek believes, as I do that the Shroud speaks of another physics that we know nothing about. In other words, whatever produced the image on the Shroud is outside our present realm of understanding. She describes the image as a reverse Big Bang event. The Shroud points to and may be evidence of, the greatest supernatural event in history, the Resurrection! So what is the end result, as our drive by media declares that the Shroud is a fake? Most people will remember that they heard the Shroud was reproduced and thus it was a fake. They will remember that they saw the headline and run with that, without examining the claims. We still haven’t seen how this so-called reproduction matches the original and has the same properties. That is the danger real danger here….

Here’s a link to an article that is critical of the “new evidence.”

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  1. With regard to the wounds, what about:

    John 20:25?

    “The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have seen the Lord. But he said unto them, Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

    Psalms 188:27 — “God is the LORD, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar.”

    Perhaps this verse in Psalms foreshadows Jesus’s arms would be bound to the cross (tied around His wrists) and we see the nails are placed into His hands as stated in John 20.

    Does the Shroud reflect ‘nail-scarred hands’ or wrists? I couldn’t be sure from the article…

    6. There are other details such as the beard being bifurcated, the wounds of the crucifixion being on the wrists and not the palms of the hands, as is so often depicted,

    Thanks in advance for clarifying.

    • I believe that the shroud is A Modern Babylonian Relic, a false wonder of the end Times.
      I come to this conclusion by observing the “superstitious veneration given to this image” in many catholic homes and also in some protestant ones.

      In many homes it is placed along side statues of the virgin Mary and the saints, I have seen rosary Beads hanging of It, candles at its side, believe me I have seen it all.

      “Faith comes by hearing the word”, Jesus was popular for his miracles yet it did not cause the conversion of multitudes witnessing it, This image’s only relevance is that it is a powerless wonder venerated by the already superstitious.
      John B

    • I’m not a Hebrew word scholar but I am curious what L.A.’s rebuff for the hand/wrists scenario. Also, I find it extremely curious that the same religious group is putting out information where the head of their church has said the ‘aliens are our space bro’s’. I would question my own religion if they said that and then said the shroud was a fake. I think these religious finger pointers could be fake and leading us along the same lines of the apostasy.

      According to the writings of Jim Tetlow and scripture, the ritualistic crucifying of Christ through sacraments does not allow for the acceptance of the Jesus resurrection. In fact it denies and falsifies the very truth.

    • The way I understand it, in the Hebrew language, the word hand can mean the hand and includes the wrist. All of the disciples, except possibly one, and Paul were Hebrew. They would have used terminology they were familiar with. This was probably lost in the translation. Scientists have shown that nails in the palms of the hands would have never held up His body on the cross. However, if the nails had been put in the wrist there are plenty of grissle and tendons to hold up the body weight. However the nails were placed doesn’t change the fact that He loved us enough to be willing to suffer and die for us!

  2. These may be harsh words, but they come from a critic (and a brother) who loves you and your work. I hope my tone is not too hard, and that you take it as coming from a friend.
    Though I’m an almost daily visitor to your site, every time that I visit it I ask myself: why do I keep visiting the blog of a PHD who can’t spell? Your credibility is immediately suspect when you obviously don’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re; when you don’t know when to use affect, and when to use effect; than versus them. I could go on, but what for? I hope you get my point.
    I’ve owned a signed copy of your book “Politics, Prophesy, & the Supernatural” since early 2008 and found it very engaging and informative. You tie many pieces of the puzzle with great insight. I would love to share it with my father, or my brother, but I know they will disregard it outright in the first five pages due to the inaccuracy of your grammar. Several times I’ve started to re-read it, only to be discouraged a few pages into it. I’ve long wanted to buy your e-book also, but I can’t help myself in thinking that someone who doesn’t pay enough attention to the words he writes must also not pay enough attention to his research. I’m sure I over react, but it’s a pet peeve of mine, especially as English is only my second language; I trust you’ll forgive me.
    Incidentally, if you should ever consider translating your books into Spanish I humbly offer my (grammatically correct) services. I hope you are smiling.

    • I think Dmex makes a valid point. I’m a bit of a stickler about grammar, myself. But then, English was my forté at school/in college…..

      Lynn, if you want someone to ‘proof’ for you – I would be willing to offer my services free of charge! I’m a SAHM now, so would be available to turn things around fairly quickly:)! I’ve often noticed grammatical errors in the blog posts (usually ‘than for then’, ‘to where too’ should be used, etc). These errors do not take away from the message, as I look past them, personally. However, I know all too well, being married to a pedant;) – that some will doubt the research behind the message when they see the author doesn’t seem to proof his texts before publishing them. One could argue that it’s the message that is important. One could also easily argue that each ‘jot and tittle’ are important.

      In any case, if you desire or wish to use my proofing skills – feel free!

      Yaweh bless you for sharing on your blog so often, Lynn!!

  3. Lynn,
    Thank you for going through the bullet points of proof that direct us to the supernatural phenomena surrounding the Shroud of Turin. You’re right that the media jumps to conclusions without fully researching the fact when it comes to debunking any ruins or artifacts that revolve around Biblical truths, especially this one. Because the world pretty much recognizes a historical Jesus, it’s the resurrection that they attempt to debunk because that’s the crux of Christianity – Jesus is victorious over death and so are those who trust in Him for their redemption. Believers of Christ do not follow a dead prophet, we worship the risen Messiah! He lives – woohoo! So, of course, any proof, like the Shroud of Turin, which is so cool in every way ticks off those spiritual forces we battle!

  4. Thank You so much for your work and your dedication in bringing the truth to the world. I appreciate all of the research and work that you do. I wish I could buy your books but am in pretty dire straits right now. I lost my job in May and they have forclosed on my home, but I am trusting the Lord that all things will work out for his glory.
    I listen to all of the radio interviews that you do and am doing the very best that I can to warn all of my loved ones that the time is near. I am not able to stock up on any supplies like you and others have told us too, not because I don’t want to but I am pretty much hand to mouth right now..I have to be honest..I am scared, but I know that I just have to keep the faith and pray that the Lord will protect his own.
    God Bless you Brother Marzulli, Keep up the wonderful ministry God has called you to do..You are truly appreciated!
    Your sister in christ,

    • Yaweh bless and keep you Lynn, for your generosity of Spirit – sharing the knowledge freely where there is need!

      Susie – Lynn also shared a book with me — as my family is in a similar situation as yours. Just keep TRUSTING in Yeshua — He is SO faithful. Yah will provide for your needs:)! We are living proof – having been out of work since Feb. this year.

    • This spirit of generosity is the sort of thing that touches my heart about a good man. May God ever bless and keep. He is out here risking his life to warn the world of terrible dangers and some are carping about weather he spells “to” or “too” correctly. Unbeleiveable.

    • Wilson! Thanks for standing up for me and putting things in there proper perspective…. I continue to work on my grammar though! LOL!

  5. “The Fabric of Time.”

    A DVD, available at Amazon. Its about the Shroud of Turin.

    Learn the facts for yourself. It is also a good witnessing tool.


  7. According to Scripture it can not be Jesus Christ, for Paul himself testifies, that it is a shame for a man to have long hair. So, there can be no doubt about that the shroud is not Jesus!
    Can you please now stop writing about it, and repent for being mislead and lead others from the Word!

    Stick to the UFOs, thats why i am supporting you, if this continue, now that it has been estblished that the shroud is not Jesus. I will stop supporting you.

    • Hey Levi – I write what I write and believe that the Shroud was the real deal. The passage of scripture you are referring to, must be looked at in context of what jewish men looked like in the first century. Yashua’s or Jesus long hair is well within the accepted “norm.” So stop supporting me!

    • John – The Hebrew word for hand includes the wrist and the forearm. The place where the bones join at the wrist is also the only place that could hold the weight of the body. We musn’t forget that the Romans knew how to crucify, they were experts. L. A.

    • We all need to support each other, specially in these days of great distress upon the earth, Please brothers, we can disagree without opening the door to bitterness. It is humility that reveals the heart of Jesus in us, let us love one another, this is the will of god.

      It is interesting that every crucifix placed in catholic churches show The nails through the hands.
      This shroud with nails printed on the Wrist goes contrary To the Traditional belief Held by The Roman church through out the centuries past and yet The Roman hierarchy pushes the validity of the shroud as genuine.

      The Babylonian Spirit of ecumenism will use signs & wonders in the last days to unite all under The son of perdition.
      john b.

  8. I’m not convinced that the Shroud is genuine. I did see a presentation on it that was very convincing. But there are a few things that have always bothered me. One being what seems obvious to me. If you lay a sheet/cloth over someone’s face – rub paint over it – then lift it up and lay it flat – you will see a ‘distortion’ of the facial features – because the person is 3 dimensional. In other words, the features of the face on the cloth, when laid flat, will look ‘spread out’. The shroud appears to have perfect features of a face without having to ‘bow’ the cloth as if it were laying on an actual face, to display the features.

    Has this point bothered anyone else, I wonder?

    Also, the other thing that bothers me is that we don’t know what Yeshua looked like – but Isaiah clearly says He is UNCOMELY and not much to look at. And I’m convinced He does NOT look like all those paintings of a handsome ‘Jesus’ that we see in artwork for centuries! The shroud of Turin looks suspiciously like those in the artwork depicting what I believe to be a false picture of what Yeshua looks like.

    And the long hair? Yeshua was a Nazarene, yes — so maybe He did have long hair. But as I understand it – there is a difference between being a Nazarite and a Nazerene. Here is an article that explains what I’m trying to say:
    The pictures of Jesus. All have a short beard and very long hair. From Leviticus 19:27 we know that he could never have trimmed his beard or shaved. And most give Him long hair for one reason or another, something very effeminate, because they think that He was under the vow of the Nazarite (Numbers 6:1ff). But references to Yeshua being a Nazarene relate to His growing up and coming from the town of Nazareth (Matthew 2:23).

    In English, the town (Nazareth) and the vow in Numbers (Nazarite), seem to be similar. But in Hebrew they are two totally different words. The town, transliterated, would be: Nats-raht. While the vow would be: nah-zear.

    It becomes very clear then, that what the Gospels are doing is not making Jesus out to be the ‘vow taker’ but ‘the Branch’ for the meaning of Nazareth is ‘branch,’ a very powerful messianic title used by a number of prophets:

    Isaiah 4:2: ‘In that day the Branch of the Lord will be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth will be the pride and the adornment of the survivors of Israel.’

    Isaiah 11:1: ‘Then a Shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a Branch from his roots will bear fruit.’

    Isaiah 60:21: ‘Then all your people will be righteous; they will possess the Land forever, the Branch of My planting, the work of My Hands, that I may be glorified.’

    Jeremiah 23:5: ‘Behold, the days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘When I will raise up for David a righteous Branch. And He will reign as King and act wisely and do justice and righteousness in the Land.’

    Jeremiah 33:15: ‘In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous Branch of David to spring forth; and He shall execute justice and righteousness on the earth.’

    Zechariah 3:8: ‘Now listen, Joshua the High Priest, you and your friends who are sitting in front of you, indeed they are men who are a symbol, for behold, I am going to bring in My Servant the Branch.’

    Zech. 6:12: ‘Then say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord of Hosts, ‘Behold, a man whose Name is Branch, for He will branch out from where He is; and He will build the Temple of the Lord.’

    These are the major cites where the Coming One, Yeshua the Messiah, was entitled ‘Branch.’ There is much to this and it all began when God put an end to the rebellion of Israel in the Wilderness, specifically concerning who installed Aaron as High Priest. For the rebel Korah said it was because Aaron was Moses’ brother, that Moses made Aaron High Priest. And God instituted a dead branch (also known in English as a staff or rod), to be His witness as to whom He had chosen to be High Priest. It was when this dead branch came to life, sprouted and had almonds on it (Numbers 17:5ff), that God revealed to Israel whom He had chosen. It was when Yeshua, a dead ‘branch’ came back to life, glorified,, that all Israel could know that God had made Yeshua both Lord and Messiah (Acts 2:36).

    It was out of the turbulence of rebellion that God established who was to to His anointed one, Aaron. And now the concept of a branch would become a symbol for the Messiah, used by many prophets. So, when Matthew (2:23) and others call Yeshua a ‘Nazarene’, they are not referring to the vow, but to the place of His having been recognized as having grown up in, for they are also very well aware of the prophecies that say the Messiah will be a ‘Branch,’ which is the meaning of the name of Nazareth.

    It gets very interesting when we read John 19:19 which is: ‘Pilate also wrote an inscription and put it on the cross. It was written, ‘Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews.’ It can equally be translated like this: ‘Jesus My Branch, the King of the Jews.’

    As far as the pictures with short beard and long hair (for the vow of the Nazarite would entail not cutting hair for the duration of the vow), Yeshua, not being a Nazarite, would have had a very long beard and fairly trimmed hair, hidden under the ‘turban…wound’ around the head and ‘hanging gracefully behind’ (Edersheim, Alfred: Sketches of Jewish Social Life, Hendrickson Publishers, 1994, p. 198). This would have been worn by all men of His time and would have protected their heads and the back of their neck from the scorching heat of the sun, much like the cowboy hat of today.

    Giving Jesus long hair is actually anti-scriptural, for the Apostle Paul assumes this when he states: ‘Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him?’ (1st Corinthians 11:14).

    I only say this because so many young Christians (and older ones too!), have long hair. Among the Jews, long hair was a symbol of rebellion. And if we make Jesus out to have long hair, aside from symbolizing that He was in rebellion, could not they rightfully insist that ‘if Jesus has it, why can’t I?!’

    I am not familiar with the above website — just posting the article provided there.

  9. Who cares if Jesus had long hair? I mean…really? And does God love anyone any less who has long hair in these days? Our drummer at church has long hair and drums to worship Jesus every week. I highly doubt Jesus is any less honored because he has long hair. Why so intellectual everyone? Jesus looks at our hearts. He loves us. David Crowder sings that song, “oh how how He loves us…all.” And as for the shroud, paint is different than a supernatural light from God to imprint a face on fabric. And we don’t have any other patterns that we are aware of showing us how the supernatural light of God shows a restoration of life on fabric. So we don’t understand it. Some things we “see” by faith. Sometimes we just don’t get to understand “down here.” Our hearts have a way of “knowing” that our minds never get us to. That’s why experiencing Christ and meeting Christ is so different than just reading about Him in the bible or studying historical accounts of Him. I had this great mother who died. I can tell you all about her. I can show you photos. I can even play you her voice on tape. However, you won’t meet her that way. I come to this blog ’cause I know Lynn’s heart is rooted in Christ and it blesses me. The information he shares comes from a good place and a solid place. But somehow when I read what he writes, I hear with my heart the truth God has given to him. He’s laced with the Spirit of God. So thanks Lynn. And chill out everyone. What’s going to happen is going to happen. God’s sovereign and nothing surprises Him. He’s planned it all. And we’re covered in Him. So bring on the giants, the toxic H1N1 flu and vaccine, the earthquakes, the UFO’s. Nothing is bigger than our God. Not even the longest head of hair.

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