A prediction for your consideration….

He said some type of war will break out before end sukkus 5770,, then it will travel world war
after rosh hashana thru sukkus
Rumor: Between Rosh Hashana and Sukkot
A thoughtful person notified me that there is a rumor that “something big” will happen between Rosh Hashana and Sukkot.
Research revealed that Rabbi Shimon Dahan, known as “the Rabbi who foresaw the Tsunami”, is saying that he has been informed from Above that there will be an atomic blast during that span of time.  Something which will unify the hearts of Israel and cause Mashiach to come.
Just four weeks afterwards makes sense to me. To soon be referred as: “611” meaning “Repair.”  We are very close to the whole world changing as we know it.

atom bombBefore I begin todays BLOG I want to remind everyone that, we have not been given the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind! It is good to remind ourselves of these things before we take a look at what might be unsettling for some of us. This link was sent to me by my friend Richard Shaw, who is working on the Torah Code project. Here’s a caveat about the following ‘message.’ I’m skeptical when I hear about date setting and predictions of catastrophe’s that when the date has come and gone and nothing has happened the author has vanished and there is no retraction of the previous statement. Having said that, here is this very short message.

He said some type of war will break out before end sukkus 5770,, then it will travel world war after rosh hashana thru sukkus….

Rumor: Between Rosh Hashana and Sukkot

A thoughtful person notified me that there is a rumor that “something big” will happen between Rosh Hashana and Sukkot. Research revealed that Rabbi Shimon Dahan, known as “the Rabbi who foresaw the Tsunami”, is saying that he has been informed from Above that there will be an atomic blast during that span of time.  Something which will unify the hearts of Israel and cause Mashiach to come.



So there you have it. What do we make of such a statement? The reason that I decide to post this today is that I have been say ing that something an event of some kind is going to take place somewhere on the planet that will change everything. I really hope I’m wrong on this. I receive a lot of emails from people who are feeling the same way. Still others say that they are troubled in their spirit and believe something ominous is on the horizon. I hope and pray that nothing happens and life will continue much the same way that it has. However, as I BLOGGED about last week, it seems that the buffer that is holding back the mystery of iniquity, has begun to recede. Are we on the cusp of an event? The Taliban are still attempting to get their hands on a Pakistani Nuke. Is this what the Rabbi is pointing to? Is it a dirty bomb that has been embedded in here and  is finally exploded? What about an EMP bomb that is detonated over the east or west coast? Perhaps this event occurs in the Middle East? I honestly believe that we are in a lull, a point of calm before the storm. Hopefully the storm will dissipate….

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I too hope that the storm will disipate. However, I don’t think it will. Thour is MUCH later than many realize. Why oh why are so many Christians asleep at the wheel, so to speak. Its like the late Keith Green wrote, many are “Asleep in the Light.”

    Kevin J.

  2. Obama: U.S. Does Not Recognize ‘Legitimacy of Continued Israeli Settlements’
    Obama’s stark declaration, which drew applause, was coupled with a call for Palestinians to end their “incitement of Israel.”

    This is not good.

  3. Martin Luther Said of His Time “Surely The world cannot become Any Worst than what It Is”. He believed the end was surely to come then. He concluded this reasoning by observation of the Papal church to which he belonged, little Did he Know how much Evil was to be released within the next 500 years, how the very denomination which bears his name has joined the papal rank & belong to the Abomination.

    I do Agree with Luther’s prognostic that presently The Churches are indicative of the Times of the End, most of you are saying the same thing. However, we must remember that only the Father knows the time. one thing I do Know it is going to be soon,but First there must be A shaking in the house of God, “it has started”, this will separate the remnant of the Lord for end Time service in The power of the Holy Spirit. I come to this conclusion as a result of what the Lord Showed me some 3 months ago. I will share this when I get An opportunity to do so.
    John B

  4. lynn,

    ummm you’ll have to excuse me, my hebrew is a bit rusty… lol 🙂

    and ya know…of course, for OUR sakes we wish that the rapture will come this rosh hashanna…
    but for the UNSAVED sakes, we would that the Lord would TARRY…

    ive heard the rosh hashanna hypothesis for a long, long while…
    would you think that it is a bit too…


    although with God, anything is possible!
    many, many people are predicting something very significant by the end of the year…


  6. A friend of mind posts this daily News site “Off the Wall News”- it’s pretty good if you’re looking for a rundown of prophetically inclined headlines.


    Brzezinski suggests Obama shoot down Israeli jets

    Brzenzinski-high up in the Illuminiti

    1) Brzezinski was a co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, whose major aim is to transition the world’s many economies into just one.

    2) Brzezinski was President Carter’s Foreign Policy Adviser

    3) Brzezinski was Candidate Obama’s Foreign Policy Adviser during his 2008 presidential campaign.

    U.S. to push for new economic world order at G20

    I was listening to a radio show today where a Pastor was speaking of the New World Economic order that the Anti-Christ will eventually take the reigns of.

    Of course I read about Babylon the Great many times but today it just hit me how much $$$$ & how prosperous people will become @ that time. The Kings of the earth will weep and lament because they will loose their luxurious lifestyles & also the merchants will weep & mourn & wail when this economic system falls. It doesn’t mention your average Joe but that is who is buying up the majority of the goods so they must be doing well financially too. It will be materialism run wild. (Could it possibly get worse? at least here in the U.S.)

    There may be a promise of economic prosperity to lure people into accepting the mark of the Beast so people can buy & sell in this system and have more $$$ to buy goods. Since the saints won’t buy into it “in her was found the blood of the prophets and saints, and of all who were slain on the earth” because those who are with the Lord are called, chosen, and faithful.

    Of course when this Economic system and/or Literal city falls Heaven Exults as justice has finally been dished out.

    (Looks like this new economic world order is pushing full steam ahead at the moment. How alluring it will become to go from a scaled back lifestyle & hardships to a promise of even greater materialism & financial stability. Those who reject the bait will be set aside as nut cases.)

  7. For other amazing testimonies of God’s power to protect those who call out to His Son goto: http://paapsi.org/


    I thought it my duty to give my account of how Jesus came to my rescue. The first time I was 16 years old and had been picked up by a trucker while hitchhiking. To make a long story short, it was late and dark in Southern California and this man tried to kill me. He pulled me into the back bunk from behind and started to strangle me. I tried to fight him but he was much stronger so I’d say “ok, ok whatever you want” and as soon as he relaxed I would start fighting again. After several rounds of this he began to strangle me again and overtake me. I then realized that I was going to die this way and I thought I am way to young to die. I then remembered that I learned in church there is power in Jesus name so immediately, and with total belief I yelled out “in Jesus name!” I felt a power surge well within me as I said the words and immediately an unseen force pulled this man off of me and held him back with his arms in the air. I sat up and looked at him momentarily, then jumped down from the cab of the truck, tried to open the door (it was locked), struggled to find the lock, unlocked the door and jumped down out of the semi-truck. I ran to a gas station and they called the police. That was the first time I experienced an absolute miracle that can not be explained away to any other explanation.

    The second time was years later, I guess I was about 33 at the time. I awoke in the middle of the night. I immediately was fearful and sensed two dark beings at the end of my bed. The room had the most putrid odor I had ever smelled, I can only describe it as the smell of pure evil. I tried to scream for my husband but my mouth would not move and I was paralyzed. I then heard (telepathically) one being say to the other “What do you want to do to her?” Since I heard them I figured they could hear me so I thought to them “You have no right to be here, I am a child of Jesus.” Immediately they were gone and I fell back to sleep. Several weeks later I again woke paralyzed and there was one being in my room (this one I sensed was younger and was just watching me) anyhow, I just said in my mind “Jesus make it go away” several times and it was gone.

    During that time of those visitations I had many other odd things happen, waking to buzzing noises, bed shaking, I even saw a UFO outside my window and my daughter saw it at the same time. She saw some dark figures in her room, before going to sleep one night. After these incidents had happened I was cleaning her closet one day and found a Ouija board in her closet that her friend had brought over and left. I ripped it up and threw it away. I wonder if that was the reason for all of the happenings, as I had never had ANYTHING strange happen before that time period, and have not since.

    Glory to the power of Jesus! You have my permission to post this. Heather

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