From the Enemies Camp!

RaelThis is from Pierre Charles in the comment section on this BLOG. I’ve included it here because Pierre was involved with the Raelians and knows of what he speaks. It’s poignant when I hear the same deception coming from the “enemies camp.” Rael and his followers are deceived and are already embracing the coming Great Deception. Let’s read his comment and then I will weigh in.

You may think that I give too much credibility to Rael’s words but what he says fit perfectly Lynn’s “Falling away” scenario.

Rael said: “When the Elohim (aliens) will land in Jerusalem with Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, coming out of a UFO, the “majority” will rally to the truth. Only a small number of fundamentalists will say that the Elohim are the devil or the the Anti-Christ.”

So, Lynn is right. The only difference is that Rael says: ” If we start a world nuclear war, the Elohim will not come to stop it, but they will come to “take away” (rapture) the just and take them to the planet of the eternals Elohim ,what the “primitives” have called “heavens” until the time they will bring those humans back to earth after the nuclear radiations will have disappear.”

While the above scenario might sound bizarre, if we put it next to the warning we get in 2nd Thessalonians that, “Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders,” it begins to make sense. What we need to come to grips with is that when the trap is sprung the “Aliens” will tell us that they created us, were worshipped as gods, and started the worlds religions. The Ashtar command – another UFO site, see link below – claims that Jesus is really Sananda and is under Ashtar, in the Galactic Federation. It would be hard to make stuff like this up and as in the case with Rael, who now boasts over 70,000 devotees world-wide, more people are openly embracing the deception. When the UFO reveal themselves, people like me, will be looked at as Neanderthals! I”m sure I’ll hear something like this from well intentioned friends, when the revealing happens….

“But Lynn, look at their ships! Look how advanced they are! Come on, you have to believe as they have holographic film of the crucifixion and the resurrection! They have film of Moses parting the Red Sea! Lynn, you have to face the facts! They’ve come to help us into this next phase in our spiritual evolution!”

The churches are in denial. They refuse to tell their people about what is happening all around them. They have failed to warn the sheep, and so when the deception is sprung upon her, the great falling away will take place. People will believe the lie, as they will be overwhelmed with what they are seeing. When that happens it will be hard to make a case, that it is deception….

In closing, we live in turbulent times. Jesus has warned us that, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and that, men would faint from fear, from what is coming on the earth. We would be wise to heed those words and understand that when put along side of 2nd Thessalonians – Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders, we are in for supernatural events unlike anything we have seen before. We like to point to the Pharisees and comment how closed they were and how blind they were to the miracles of Jesus. Is the church any different today as it refuses to open its eyes and see the deception growing all around her? Wake up and wise up! The warning has been sounded here….

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  1. Lynn

    Well stated. We have gone to sleep or worse as David Wilkerson said instead of the church going into the world and being a testimony the world has entered the church and has become like the world and the result is ineffective. Will there be any faith when Yeshua returns. We have learned the way of the heathen and offer to God the same worship as the pagans do to their God’s. And it is in these practices that God finds detestible.

    Thanks Lynn

  2. Thank GOD for you Mr. Marzulli. Your books helped wake me from my spiritual slumber and I will never be the same, (that is a good thing)! I have been a christian for 26 years after dabbling in the occult in my teen years. I had several supernatural experiences that seemed helpful at the time,(now I know better). It wasn’t until I had my baby crushed in my womb that I began to realize that these entities were evil. The LORD used that experience to draw me to himself and I have never turned back, although at times I have fallen asleep at the wheel! So many of my past experiences make much better sense in the paradigm of the fallen angels and their end-time program. I understand my true citzenship well these days and I eagerly await my saviour from heaven….SHALOM

  3. lynn,

    wow the raelien theology even includes a rapture?!
    that is soooper demonic-

    it sounds like the enemy is hedging his bets by including a rapture scenario in his (false) prophecy!

    omg that is one sick and repulsive idea!

    Jesus comin out of a UFO! ughhhhh… 😦

  4. I agree with you that the churches have failed the sheep miserably. The people are not warned and really have no clue about what is coming down the pike.

    I also want to thank you for taking the time to come in and share with us in The Remnant Call room last night.

  5. First of all, let’s recall Jesus’ words in John 10:27-28 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.”

    This says that those who are born-again hear Jesus’ voice–not the church’s voice, but Jesus’ voice. And remember that God can speak to us in any way He chooses–at church, in nature, through music (even secular music), through books and literature, and, of course, through the Word and prayer.

    So God can AND WILL speak to His children about this deception when the time is right. We can trust Him to do it. After all, He has promised to speak to us, to guide us, and to keep us saved!

    • You are hitting on the bigger issue (which is good) the church will never get to point B (i.e. spiritual warfare, recognizing what aliens and the supernatural really are) until they come to point A (the gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of the Cross).

      The biggest problem facing “the church” is that they are doing a poor job of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, first, and then, they fail to disciple those who are new in the Faith.

      Give you an example: when I was a boy, I saw a movie on abductions. Even though I was fairly new in my faith, I saw them for what they were. I saw the supernatural residue all over them and I believed they were demonic. But, my overall thought was, I don’t think this is real..but if it is, it’s demonic.

      We certainly need experts like Lynn and Mike Heiser, etc., to speak out about it and to get the church informed… but the sad, sad thing of it is… they aren’t even doing well with foundational doctrine.

  6. In response to Pierre Charles comment, the new agers also have a “rapture” of sorts. David Spangler, a new age teacher, has stated that those who will not accept Luciferic intiation, will be “taken” to another world where they will be “re-educated” so they can take their place on earth in the Aquarian Age. I suspect that whenever the Biblical Rapture happens, they may promote it as this new age “taking away” except that these people never do return for obvious reasons.

    • Hi Virginia,
      I think that we need the emphasize here that from the New Age standpoint it is the EVIL people, those who are holding everyone else back, who are taken away.

  7. I watched this video today… I didn’t think of it until now. Wow! God using children to bring His endtime message since many ‘wise men’ in the church are too busy and preoccupied with their own plans….

  8. “Because you have kept the word of my perseverance,I also will keep you from the hour of testing,That hour which is about to come upon the whole World, to test those who dwell upon the Earth. I am coming Quickly; Hold Fast what you have, in order that no one take your crown” Rev3:10-11.

    “For the Son of Man is Going to come in the Glory of His Father with His Angels; and will recompense every man according to his deeds” mat16:27

    Our Deeds is to keep on in the perseverance of His word. The reason Why most churches are in “Apostasy mode” is because there deeds Are of an ecumenical nature. “There is no more Purity Of Apostolic Doctrine” The shepherds are hirelings, men pleasers with theological voices promising a False Hope by A False Christ & a false gospel. I am not being Judgmental, It Is The Truth, A person can believe he is saved and end up in Hell, There never was a Crown Laid up For Him.

    We must all be very careful How We walk said Apostle Paul, We must ensure that Our deeds be Righteous before God, Let the Word of His Perseverance motivate our Thoughts, our words, our actions, our worship. when He Appears it will be a terrible & fearful thing for all who were not Known by Him.

    john B

  9. The Great Falling Away has to do with Christian believers in the Church. They fall away from the true gospel-from faith.
    They are seduced and deceived ultimately by their own flesh & sinful hearts to reject the Messiah as described in the Bible & follow an imposter.

    They did believe @ one point in their life then fell from it. The truth was forsaken. Will Christ find faith on earth when He returns?

    Who is really willing to lay down their lives for truth? When everyone is running after false promises & illusions- who will remain strong in Christ no matter the cost?

    When your mother, sister, child, husband, neighbor who you knew was on fire for the Lord @ a point in their life-slowly turns their heart away & toward the Master Deceiver-what will you think then? All you who believe that no real Christian can ever fall from grace? How about when they turn you in because you won’t compromise God’s word?

    You may want to ponder this before it occurs because many Christians are in for a real shocker who have succumbed to believe that it’s impossible to reject Christ once we’ve been called.

    How much more proof do we need anyway? Will it take our next of kin to fall before we realize what’s going on?

    Christ gave us dire warning about the end times for a reason. Take heed-lest any man decieve you…

    So take heed. Unless we remain “in Christ” our rotten sinful hearts will decieve us. Satan is about to put on the production of his life in our life times.

    Once Saved, Always Saved?

    • This is exactly where the issue lays, it is the “compromise of god’s word”, his Truth and not Our version of It that must be applied in our daily Walk.
      I cannot take on board anything that denies the fundamentals of “The Faith Of Jesus” as the ecumenists do. “Be ye separate saith the Lord, touch not what is unclean and I will welcome Thee” 2Cor6:17.I can confess Jesus All I like and can still be Unclean by association.

      John B

    • It might be a three toed Sloth…. on the other hand it might be something else. Have to wait and see what the DNA testing shows.
      L. A.

  10. I don’t know what’s gotten into me today-I’m all charged up!

    Check out this Utube video:

    Prophetic Word Given sept 2009 MASSIVE DECEPTION COMING!!!!

    This ties into everything discussed lately.

    • I know of a pastor, Baptist church, his wife has pierced belly button and tatt’s, all after conversion, He himself, only recognises the Theologically trained as worthy to stand behind the pulpit. ( self righteous bigotry) is unclean.
      Tattoos are unclean in god’s site “Deuteronomy” much more so the theological doctrines of men.
      The AXE is Laid at the root, The Lord Will swing It amen.

      jon B

    • I wouldn’t be so hasty to call someone a false prophet/prophetess just because they have tats.

      In fact-there are many people I see at Church who have them.
      (I highly doubt they got them “after” they were born again.)

      The young lady is a little goofy/rough around the edges but it’s just like God to use someone out of the mainstream of Churchanity for His glory.

      Believe me I got enough of tats to last me a lifetime after watching Todd Bentley & his growing collection of artwork-but we shouldn’t judge someone by physical appearances if what they are speaking lines up w/scripture.

      The “blood on your hands” verses I personally have in mind quite often. I don’t know if I really have an official ministry of a “Watchman” although I am driven more than your average Christian to “watch”.

      Even though I’m not a prophetess of any sort knowing that verse does put a little kick in my hind end to step forward & witness to people even if I don’t feel particularly comfortable in doing so. The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

      But if I were called to be a prophetess-what a responsibility that entails. That’s a gift that I’m sure the majority of us don’t fully understand. Their ministry is to warn others & speak “Thus saith the Lord” when instructed to.

      We already know what happens to “false prophets/prophetess”
      Which is a serious & eternally deadly offense. Unfortunately I know of far more false ones that authentic ones.

      Ezekiel 3:18 “When I say to the wicked, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn him or speak out to warn the wicked from his wicked way that he may live, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.

      Ezekiel 3:20 “Again, when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I place an obstacle before him, he will die; since you have not warned him, he shall die in his sin, and his righteous deeds which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand.”

      Ezekeil 33:6
      But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.’

      Ezekiel 33:9 “But if you on your part warn a wicked man to turn from his way and he does not turn from his way, he will die in his iniquity, but you have delivered your life.”

    • lisa,

      well whether or not this girl is a true prophetess i was certainly charmed by her (brooklyn?) accent! 😉

      i hope that she is the real deal, because the Body of Christ needs young prophets!!!

      the prophetic gift is not one to be taken lightly, and should be handled with care…
      however, she has uploaded this vid to youtube…
      she does not say that the Lord spoke to her to upload it, i would think that uploading a prophetic word would substantially increase the spiritual warfare associated with said word, so i would wait for the Lord to prompt me to do so…

      personally, i felt that what the Lord had spoken to her was a bit general, (and that is fine) and there were no specific events which were foretold…
      however since i do not actually know this person, and do not know what she is like behind the scenes, i would not know how genuine her gift is, or her walk with the Lord…
      (i speak within context of someone with well established credibility, like d. wilkerson)

      since most of my Christian life has been spent working to rehabilitate gang members, i personally have no problem with her tattoos…
      i feel that at this point in time they are more of a cultural consideration than anything else…

      thanks for the heads up! 😀

  11. Gospel Of John – The Movie Part 1 of 22

    Here is the link to the full feature film with the Gospel of John as the only scripts read and acted out by the actors. I’ve been blessed every time I have watched this film.

  12. The posts are all great! I feel something in the air. It feels like we are definitely on the edge of something. I don’t know if I want to know what it is, but I am sure, when it is time, we will find out. This is the season of Yom Teruah. One day we will hear G-d blow the shofar, and all who are in Him will go home! It is truly an exciting time we are living in!
    shofar sounding

  13. <>

    Hello John B,

    Your assessment of “Miss Tatts” is grossly unfair.

    I also resent your guilt by association in your further reply about the pastors wife, piercing, and tattoos after salvation. What this pastor does or does not do, what his wife does or does not do, has absolutely no bearing on “Miss Tatts!”

    As Late Night Linda correctly points out the reference to Ezek 39; this is the bible verse that “Miss Tatts” was referring too about blood on her hands.

    Perhaps you should become familiar with it!

    Please remember that we as Christians should not go into God’s sea of forgetfulness to fish for other people past sins. Some folks wear their past sins on the outside, like tattoos, but others wear then on the inside where they are not so easily seen.

    Sin has consequences, and Miss Tatt is wearing the consequences of her sin for the world to see. To me however there is nothing worse in the church than for a repentant sinner to have his past sin rubbed in his face by a “Fellow Christian!

    • Ernest, I am not Passing judgment Here on this pastor nor on the girl, only my discernment in relation to the discussed issue of Apostasy. “leaders in the churches Are to be Above reproach” 2Timothy.
      I know the Pastor, He carries a “clerical religious Spirit” as The Pharisees Did, Jesus referred to them as “white washed Tombs full of dead men’s bones”.
      I am not Jesus, but my eyes are his eyes, my ears are his ears in an “imperfect way”, I have as all christians do the Right To Discern Good & Evil.

      My discernment of “Miss Tatt” She Is a false Prophetess Regardless of Tattoos.
      The major problem among god’s people today are the multitudes of prophetic voices with no Anointing, This also The Apostles Warned about, There is no way that my blood is Upon her hands, if anything I have done the girl a favour by not heeding her words.

      john B

    • John,

      I prayed for confirmation on Miss Tatt being a false prophetess due to our conversation on the subject. Today, though my daughter- I may have received the answer. I posted the vision under today’s “Oct” blog heading.

      I guess we will eventually find out if her words of warning on false “angelic visitations” are a bunch of hot air.

  14. I listened to “Miss Tatt.” Whether she is false or not will be borne out in whether or not what she is prophesying comes to pass. About the tatoos. They could have been put on before her spiritual conversion. They are very hard and expensive to have removed once they are there. If not, they could be there due to a lack of maturity on her part. Either way, she needs prayer. She is obviously a young girl with a sincere desire to serve G-d. With the proper guidance she could become a great woman of G-d. With the wrong guidance, well, we need to pray for her. She is obviously very young and rough around the edges, but with what I have seen young people doing, it blesses my heart that she is trying.

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