911: Never Forget

911Today is the 8th anniversary of 911. Regardless of what we think about how it was done, one dynamic that will never change is the fact that almost 3000 people lost their lives that day. As some of you know I have trouble with several elements of that day. The collapse of building 7, just doesn’t make sense and the Pentagon plane, which left no wing imprint in the building and whose engines were never found. On the other hand radical Islam is real, it is an ominous threat and the hatred that these radicals have for anyone who does not hold to Sharia law is contrary to our way of life. Without getting verbose here, I will give you a link that honors the dead, and remembers them. It is a fully orchestrated piece of music that I wrote and produced. It is a tribute to the fallen….. We should never forget them….. for their lives were taken from them…..

Twin Towers Tribute: Don’t forget Our Voices:

Our spirits gather here… martyred we… our lives taken before our time… we fly away… on angels wings. On angels wings we fly …. don’t forget our voices….

Thanks to Cherrie Dorghtey for her moving solo at the end of the piece….



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    • Barbara. It’s powerful and the video pics were added after the music was completed. The first time we did it was at The Malibu Vineyard with a live choir and Cherrie singing the ending. The images and music were on a huge screen, then the choir walked out dressed as the victims may have been that day. Finally Cherrie closed it…. People wept and you could have heard a pin drop…. Please distribute the link to as many people as you can…. Blessings. L. A.

    • Lynn, I have already sent the link to all my family (fairly large number there) and some friends. Some of them are sure to pass it on to others. Maranatha

  1. Nice video and Cherrie certainly has a beautiful voice, but I could not even identify which language she was singing in.

    Was it English?

    Perhaps you could give us a text version of the lyrics.

  2. I’ll forward the link too!

    FYI-If anyone is interested. You can watch individually online.

    TONIGHT, September 11, 2009, Joel C. Rosenberg and Lt.-General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, former commander of Delta Force, will host a national town hall meeting to discuss the threat of Radical Islam, the future of Israel, and the role of the Church in the Middle East.

    They will show a 30-minute excerpt from the Inside the Revolution documentary film to an audience of some 2,500 in Philadelphia, and will then answer questions from the audience and viewers around the world. Over 600 churches throughout North America will be broadcasting the webcast of the 2-hour event in their auditoriums, as we hope the event serves as a catalyst for an ongoing conversation on these vital topics in the weeks and months ahead.


    • Hi Lisa,

      I watched the townhall meeting when I got Friday night. PTL for Sky Angel’s 48 hour playback feature! It was informative. I plan on getting the DVD it with others. I also am reading the book right now.

      Kevin J.

  3. Everyone should check this website:

    Patriots Questions 911


    In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of
    defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility.
    I welcome it. — John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address Jan. 20, 1961

    200+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials
    700+ Engineers and Architects
    200+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals
    400+ Professors Question 9/11
    230+ 9/11 Survivors and Family Members
    200+ Artists, Entertainers, and Media Professionals

  4. Lynn,
    Great work there!! I cried throughout this. It brought back memories and the emotions I experienced on that day as it happened. I was training new employees in phlebotomy (taking blood) and it was the hardest training session I have ever had to do. My class were in shock, we could not concentrate, there were so many questions we all had. We were angry, frustrated, grief struck, dumbstruck. A few in my class cried openly and we had to stop the class for an hour. Later, when we went out onto the blood donor floor for their practice, you could hear a pin drop as blood donors and staff we silent, watching it on the TV’s we had around the place. A few donors and staff we crying. The atmosphere was tense and electric.

    It is a wonder we got through that day and achieved our training objective. One of the hardest days of my life.

    What happened to America that day has had profound effect on us in other countries, let me assure you of that.

    Thanks for posting this Lynn and composing this. A great tribute. My heart still goes out to you and your fellow Americans.


  5. Timothy Good is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the UFO phenomenon and last spoke to BBC WM in July 2008.

    Please listen to this interview with Timothy Good (part 11) and hear his comments on how the church may react to ufo disclosure.
    It sounds like he believes that some within the church would have their beliefs challenged and many may accept aspects of the alien gospel.
    Timothy earlier in the interview believes we are in a conflict situation with certain hostile ET’s that want to take over this world, but he hopes that
    benign aliens that look more human and are more spiritually advanced will come to help or save us from the evil ones. This sounds like the plot
    to the Disney film “The Race to Witch Mountain”. The BBC has recently referred people to Timothy Good.

    Timothy Good Pt 11 -interview

    Timothy Good – Need to Know


  6. Whoever the young interviewer is that did this You Tube with Timothy Good needs to learn how to speak properly.

    I listened for three minutes and he must have said “You Know 6 times.” He also needs to loose the word “Like.”

    “Well, I’m like, you know 30, and like, you know, my generation like, accepts UFO’s you know.”

    Three minutes is all I could take of it. Too bad because it would be interesting to hear what Timothy Good has to say about it. After a while the kid got Timothy to do the “You Know” thing.

    I would almost rather listen to someone drag their nails down a blackboard!
    Someone should slip this kid a note!

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