Waiting and Watching…

tiping point-1We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural (the Bible) to watch. We are admonished to understand the times in which we live and to look for the signs that we are told will mark the beginning of the end of days. That’s what we are told to do. There are many people who have no clue as to what to look for and still others aren’t looking at all. We live in a time where most people are caught up in the matrix of life and when they are told of ancient prophecies that seem to reflect the time in which we live, they give you that, what are you talking about, look. We are in the last of the dog days of summer. The kids are back in school. The BBQ might be good for a few more weekends before it’s covered up and tucked in a corner of the garage. The football season is almost underway, and baseball teams vie for the world series. The beaches and summer resorts are less crowded and the summer season turns inevitably to fall. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, there is deep unrest and instability. In Afghanistan there is news of election fraud that weakens president elect, Karzai’s position. Pakistan,  it’s eastern neighbor, continues to hunt down the Taliban and so the war that has displaced a million people drags on. Iraq is unstable, as reflected in the truck bomb that killed over 100 people in the green zone a few weeks back. Iran marches toward the completion of its first nuclear device, the progress of which is reported on daily. Israel is now surrounded on all sides by hostile enemies. The no-longer-sleeping-Russian bear, is flexing her muscles in the area. The dollar dropped and gold is over 1000 dollars an ounce. A giant UFO was reportedly seen by thousands in China – I Blogged about this last week….

The picture above shows a scale and it’s tipping in one direction. All the news items that I just mentioned are tipping the scales in one direction or the other. At some time these events will together reach a tipping point. I believe that the signs that we are told to look for are happening all around us and they are tipping the scales toward the fulfillment of prophecy that was written thousands of years ago . We have to open our eyes and discern the times in which we live. There are wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, tidal waves and famines, and signs in the heavens. False Christ’s are appearing. Think about the reemergence of the Bethlehem star that is supposed to herald Maitreya – a false Christ? I believe that something is about to happen. I’m not sure what it is though. It just seems to me that we are nearing a tipping point. Will it be a confrontation in the Middle East? Will it be a nuclear device going off somewhere? Will a giant UFO finally materialize? Will another 911 event take place in the USA? I watch and read a variety of news stories each day. I also receive many stories from people who have read my books and read this BLOG. It’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. Think about this, just before water boils it doesn’t look like much of anything. Then, all of a sudden the water reaches a tipping point, and the boiling starts. I think we’re in that time frame now, things are heating up on a global scale and it’s going to boil over at some point. In the meantime we wait and watch and realize. as the guidebook tells us, that He can’t be to far off….

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    We are on the same page. I have to divorce myself mentally from the apathy that seems to have gripped the hearts of so many Christians. I find myself getting very cynical if I don’t. I think about one of my favorite lines from “Jaws”, “You’re going to ignore this thing until it comes up and bites you on the…”, well you get the idea! : )

    I say with the Revelator, “Even so, come Lord Jesus!”

  2. And yet, it seems that the Cook can turn down the stove at any point, as He has done many times in the past. It seems that things heat up for a while and then they simmer down, heat up, simmer down, and so the process goes until the Lord deems “it is TIME.”

    Meanwhile, I pray that all who hear his voice will respond and be rescued from the domain of darkness.

  3. http://www.examiner.com/x-8698-Sacramento-UFO-Examiner~y2009m9d8-UFO-Vatican-Says-Amen-to-UFOs-And-its-okay-to-believe-in-aliens

    UFO, Vatican Says Amen to UFO’s And its okay to believe in aliens?
    September 8, 12:04 PMSacramento UFO ExaminerGregory Brewer

    The following article with the accompanying video touches on a sensitive subject. The blending of Aliens and God. The contributing consultants, associates and friends of The Sacramento UFO Examiner all have one thing in common. In addition to having an interest in the UFO phenomena we have all dug into various religious and spiritual studies which have taken us far beyond the beginning of the Bible. For some who are deeply rooted in the faith the last thing they want is to have that shaken. Never the less it happens but only to bring you 360 Degrees if your studies continue. God created everything. Of course that is the result of studies envolving many people who have devoted themselves in their fields.

    The chief astronomer of the Vatican says that believing in Aliens does not necessarily mean not believing in God. A direct quote from the director of the Vatican observatory, Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes says ” Just as we consider Earthly creatures as a “brother” or “Sister, why should we not talk about our “Extraterrestrial brother”. It would still be apart of Gods creation and does not contradict our faith.


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  5. I went onto YouTube to see the trailer for a movie that came out on 09-09-09 called “9”

    I’m not mistaken “9” is an occultic number, is it not? Obviously, 09-09-09 upside down is 666. Hmmm…

    and in the meantime found these two trailers where “the shoe is on the other 6 toed foot”

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