The Fourth Kind: Alien Abductions

alien abductionThe fourth kind is certainly not the first movie that will explore the phenomena of alien abductions. We have a host of them that have preceded this one. Fire in the Sky, which recounts the events that happened to Travis Walton is one that comes to mind. Travis was gone for three days after he was taken into a ship. At the time of his abduction he was out cutting wood with a about five friends, all of whom witnessed the abduction. Of course the town was skeptical and many thought it was a hoax, but the guys who witnessed what happened, as well as Travis never backed down from their story. Then we have the television mini-series, Taken. This is a 20 hour marathon that traces the abduction phenomena and subsequent breeding program in which the end justifies the means. Entire families are ruined in a complex plot, of murder, intrigue, betrayal and manipulation by the aliens, all to produce an alien/human hybrid that has amazing powers. If you haven’t seen Taken yet, I would highly recommend it, as I believe it nails what has been going on since the sudden appearance of the Foo fighters, at the close of WWII.

The History Channel has explored the phenomena as well as the We channel. There was actually a series of shows that explored the lives of women who had abduction experiences. One thing is for certain the theme is being explored and revisited. With this new movie, The Fourth Kind, we will once again plumb the depths of the UFO abduction experience. I’ve BLOGGED about viewing the trailers and we’ve tried to track down the illusive Abigail Tyler, so far with no success. Is this movie another Blair Witch project? What about the History Channel hyping the 40 million year old fossil and telling us, “that this changes everything!” In the end nothing changed and many of us vowed not to get sucked in again. Movies are about entertainment, but they are also about the bottom line, which is this, Hollywood makes movies to make money. If there’s no profit the studios close down. While the abduction phenomena is real and very disturbing to explore, this may be a hype-fest. We’ll have to wait and see. Here’s a dynamic about the abduction phenomena that has been studied by Joe Jordan and has been deliberately obfuscated by the UFO community. Joe has over 300 cases of abductions that have been stopped by people who cry out to Jesus for help. This fact gets down to the nitty-gritty of the phenomena, as it points to a supernatural paradigm rather than an extraterrestrial one. In my opinion we are dealing with the return of the fallen angels who are, mingling their seed with human women, but are not cleaving or marrying them as they did in Genesis 6. This is a new dynamic and as Dr. Jacobs – author of  The Threat –  points out, the end game is nefarious. The return of the Nephilim/fallen angels is a real event. One that is getting a lot of free PR from Hollywood. The problem is this, our side of the story is never represented. This is nothing more than censorship and obfuscation. Wake up, as our weapons are not carnal and we are fighting powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. Rebuke first and ask quesitons later!

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Another great blog! I am amazed at how, and I was discussing this with my wife last night, that UFO’s, abductions, crop circles, etc; are becoming much more “mainstream” than they once were.

    I don’t know, the frog in the boiling water comes to mind.

    Kevin J.

    • i was talking to a friend about that exact thing and then this morning i saw Google’s new icon for today…is it just me or are the birth pains getting more frequent..

    • I think the time for covert indoctrination is ending. Its now in your face and yet people still fail to “see” it for what it really is. Hmm. I just thought of the line from the movie “Signs” where the wife of Mel Gibson’s character, Graham, who is pinned between a truck and a tree, says to Graham as she’s dying “Tell Graham to “see”. Tell him to “see”. If we don’t see through the lense of Scripture, then we will be deceived.

  2. lynn,

    thanks for your concise coverage of this movie…
    as usual your blog is “all meat and no filler” lol!
    i never have to worry about dicey theological theories put forth by self-appointed “experts” when i come here-

    hmmm, well mila jovovich will bring LOTS of public attention the this phenomena…

    HOWEVER, the subject of abduction is presented in a way as to MIND condition people to FEAR these entities because THERE IS NO DEFENSE AGAINST THEM!

    WE KNOW, however, that the BLOOD of JESUS is PRE-EMINENT above ALL NAMES…
    and even these entities masquerading as ALIENS must SUBMIT to JESUS NAME!

    i really dont even watch UFO vids anymore, because i found that the more i watched, the more i invited the phenomena into my life!
    (and i have the photos to prove it, lol)

    you know, Jesus knows HUMANS ARE TRANSMITTERS…
    and what we put into our minds is transmitted into the spiritual realm!
    this is why JESUS said fill your minds with the LIGHT of his WORD…
    because what we THINK affects and creates OUR REALITY!
    if we fill our minds WITH FAITH we create VICTORY and JOY in our lives!

    conversely, if all we think about is hopelessness and helplessness against the enemy,

    so yes, it is SO IMPORTANT to POINT OUT that these movies ARE NOT the ENTIRE STORY!

  3. Please pray for Jim Wilheimsen who will be a upcoming guest on Coast to Coast

    Ordained minister and UFO researcher Jim Wilhelmsen will discuss his work with abductees, as well as how UFOs are part of end-times deception, and the technology for them was developed by Nazis through occult practices to communicate with fallen angels. Hosted by George Noory.
    UFOs & End Times

    George Noory
    Jim Wilhelmsen


    • Hi Gordy,

      Thanks for the heads up. I have seen a stream of UFO researchers these past few weeks on C2C but I’m not always sure of where they stand. If I’m not familiar with their writings or haven’t heard them on other “radio” shows I trust like Acceleration Radio, I usually don’t bother. I’ll be sure to pray for Jim and listen to the show.

      Lynn, are you back on Satellite next week?

    • Hi Gordy,

      Yes, you are right. I remember now. I’ll be listening and praying for Jim as I listen to C2C tonite.

  4. saw the preview for 4th kind. looks like most credible and accurate mainstrem film in many years.
    claims to be basedon archival footage and my friend in alaska says that part is known for disappearances.
    every step closer to the truth is a step forward imho.


    Google UFO logo mystery – UM swamped
    Posted on Saturday, 5 September, 2009 | 8:35 |
    Category: The UFO Phenomenon

    UM is being inundated by visitors today after Google mysteriously changed its homepage logo to a UFO with a link to the search terms “unexplained phenomenon” and leaving many wondering what event the doodle is intended to represent.

    “Google’s latest doodle – the adapted version of its logo that appears on its homepage – today features an image of a UFO with a link to the search term “unexplained phenomenon”. ”

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    Source: Telegraph

  6. Following is the recap last night’s Coast to Coast interview with Jim Wilhelmsen

    Aliens, Fallen Angels, & Inner Earth

    George Noory
    Jim Wilhelmsen,
    Ordained minister and UFO researcher Jim Wilhelmsen discussed his work with alien abductees, whom he counsels from a biblical perspective. He also shared his belief that UFOs are part of end-times deception, and the technology for them was developed by Nazis through occult practices to communicate with fallen angels. Aliens are essentially the same as fallen angels, and come in two types– demons or disembodied spirits, and those that can appear in physical form, he suggested, adding that these beings have no goodwill toward mankind.

    “The Bible taught that there’s holes at the poles, that there’s an Inner Earth, and two different chambers,” Wilhelmsen contended, noting that many abductees describe being held in an inner domain, rather than in outer space. Further, the Nazis reported the discovery of the Hollow Earth near Antarctica in 1938, and many of their scientists and equipment may have been brought there after the war, he said.

    Some abductees don’t view the aliens as a threat, but they are being flattered and seduced by them in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, he commented. Wilhelmsen believes that these fallen angels or Nephilim walk among us, and have infiltrated all levels of society. They are steering and leading us into a “one world government” and “one world religion,” as part of a global conspiracy, he stated.

    Beyond Science Fiction!

    An interesting website which has some possible scientific evidence to support the Hollow Earth theory is :

  7. When I was reading about how tired and under attended the MUFON conference was and how Stanton Friedman was actually falling asleep on pannels something occured to me. There are an abundance of movies like this latest one and there is a lot of chatter about ufo’s and I have heard many Christian and non-christian people talk and write about the subjects of these craft being inter-demensional and fallen angels.

    It could be part of the plan of the serpent, that evil one to bombard us with this stuff in the flashiest in your face bling-bling hollywood ways possible and do that over and over again until all arguments aginst them become old hat.

    If they keep tantalizing us and building us up with exciting promises (Like that phony History Channel special!) of revealings and disclosures and then disappointing us over and over again we could become jaded like the MUFON conference and just ho-hum the whole thing after years and decades of disappointments.

    Then when we have heard evey argument and senerio a thousand times and our eyes glaze over with yet another story or movie…we are caught by suprise when the real deal occures…just a thought.

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