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axthadanufochinaHere is a picture of a UFO that was taken over Deding, China. (Thanks to Gordy for the link) According to the article China is experiencing a major UFO flap. Once again I would point out that, UFOs are real, and burgeoning and not going away. Nine students filmed the UFO and when you go to the site you’ll see some very good pictures. The article also points out that the story has been completely ignored by the Western media….. so what else is new? It seems to me that until a UFO appears over the white house and hovers there for several hours, we’re not going to get the real truth about UFOs. I run into this all the time from friends who are skeptical about UFOs. “Why don’t we hear about them, and see some good photo’s if they’re are so many of them,” My answer is this. There seems to be a media black out regarding UFOs. Last year, in this country we moved closer to an openness regarding them. Shows like Larry King Live, Hannity’s America and others covered stories and did it in a honest journalistic enviornment. But for the most part stories are ignored and the media stays away from UFOs. Here’s the link to the story.  http://www.allnewsweb.com/page7947943.php

Here are some statistics that show the number of UFOs as 560 sightings reported in the month of August. July had a record number of 671. While some of these sightings may be mistaken for birds, swamp gas, flares, and weather  anomalies, not all of the sightings can be explained away. The phenomena is continuing and it is plainly not going away. We have left the land of denial, ridicule, bully-ragging and cover up, and are moving toward a time when, not if “they” will reveal themselves. As I have posted before, I believe it will happen after a nuclear event somewhere on the planet. The phenomena is Luciferic, Satanic, Demonic in origin and they always move in the currency of fear. What greater fear would be experienced by every human on the planet, now that we’re linked together with the Internet and Satellites, then a nuclear event? What a perfect time for the E.T. to show up and tell us that they’re here to save the day. With the churches declining in attendance, as people are searching for a real spiritual encounter how will the revealing of UFOs/E.T. fill that need? I believe that this is coming great falling away that 2nd Thessalonians warns us about. How will you react when it’s up close and personal? It would be interesting to talk to the students who filmed the UFO and find out how the event has reshaped they’re world views. Remember that this experience can be, in the words of UFO witness Ricky Sorrel, “overwhelming.” Sorrel’s saw a UFO that was at least a mile wide, directly overhead. I talked to him personally and he went on the record in the E-book, The Alien Interviews. His life was changed and at the time of interview he was still processing what he had seen. This is what I keep warning against. When the event happens the church will be in back-pedal mode. It would be prudent, with the burgeoning UFO sightings, to talk about UFOs before the event happens. Unfortunately it appears that this will not be the case. Wake up! The deception is not going away!

Here’s a link to the story: Thanks again to Gordy!


Go to: www.lamarzulli.net

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7 thoughts on “UFO: Update

  1. Hi Lynn,

    I am currently bringing a series in my weekly e-mail teaching and blog on, “Fearful Signs In The Skies & The Coming Great Deception.” I appreciate the research and the scholarship that you bring to this topic.

    I am going to delve into Genesis 6 and the re-appearing of the Nephilim this week. Should be interesting! Bless you brother! I appreciate all that you do to sound the alarm and keep us informed.

    Kevin J.

  2. lynn,

    even the APPEARANCE of the UFO is sinister!!!
    i was reading somewheres of someone who said that just SEEING the UFO made him sick to his stomach!!!

    i believe that God built that reaction into humanity!
    when we witness a demonic manifestation, the reaction is utter revulsion!

  3. It morphs shape-that picture looks like the “all seeing eye” to me but they called it a walnut shape in the article.

  4. I have tried to forward some information to my email list. I haven’t got a response yet, but I am hoping it will wake some people up. Have any of you seen this? chiqabra killed That’s probably not the right spelling, but there seems to be unnatural monsters turning up everywhere! This is just the beginning of things!

  5. The UFO photo also reminds me of the almond-shaped eyes of the
    “grays”, even though they’re not almond-shaped!

    Oh, btw, has anyone suggested that Lynn copyright the phrase
    “UFOs are real, and burgeoning and not going away”? It could be done much in the same way that basketball coach Pat Riley copyrighted “threepeat”.

    • HI Jerry – good idea about copyrighting the phrase. I’ve seen it used by others with a few words changed. UFO Hunters used it – I sent the Alien Interview book for them to review. There’s also a speaker who was at Roswell and picked up on it and is now using it. Maybe I should take your advice! LOL!

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