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China UFO: Harbinger of the Coming Great Deception!

Posted by lamarzulli on August 28, 2009

China UFO#2

Here’s another story about the UFO that hovered over the town of Beibei, China for about half an hour. Apparently, hundreds of people witnessed the event. As with most of these kinds of sightings, it’s almost impossible to ascertain whether it’s the real thing. Not a whole lot of information is coming out of Beibei. As I reported earlier this week, the Kabash was allegedly was put on the story by Chinese officials. This was also confirmed by Michael Cohen – a fellow UFO researcher- who I corresponded with about the incident. Why is it that governments around the world want to suppress the reality of UFOs? Is it because they move in our air space with impunity? Is it because UFOs can outpace any man-made aircraft and thus make us look impotent? Is it because most of the world’s governments are aware of what is really going on and are waiting for the United States to finally come clean and admit UFOs are not not swap gas, or Venus, or a flock of birds. There is something going on. UFOs are real, and burgeoning and not going away. By the way that slogan was used up by another researcher recently…. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery! I wish he had given a nod in my direction…. oh well, back to the BLOG. When, not if the revealing happens it’s going to be a mind altering event. How will most people react? What will the governmental heads of states, tell us? What will the pope say? What will the masses be told? How will the church react to holographic images of Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection? Think I’m making it up? I would call your attention to what I wrote in The Revealing and The Unholy Deception, novels from my Nephilim Trilogy. I used the reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem as a plot device. This was based on research and also the notion that if I was going to create a deception this would be a great place to start, as it undermines the Christian Gospel. Now, several years later, Benjamin Creme who is the spokesperson for Share International is proclaiming that the Star of Bethlehem is being seen all over the world. He claims that both the original star and this present star were actually giant UFO mother-ships. I’m not making this up. (Check out last weeks BLOGS) What Creme is promulgating is real and alarming and yet, once again the church is asleep and mostly oblivious to the deception that is happening. The bottom line is this, I was right about the bogus reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem and if I was right about that, how about being right about what is coming? The Great Deception, will come and when it does it will create the Apostasy that 2nd Thessalonians warns us about. Wake Up!

Here’s the link: http://english.eastday.com/e/0828/u1a4613407.html

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13 Responses to “China UFO: Harbinger of the Coming Great Deception!”

  1. Barbara said

    Lynn, Great information! I appreciate you so much. You are right that most people have no idea of what is happening and what is coming. My pastor just recently taught in a 6-hour end time teaching session that the church has always suffered tribulation, Israel has nothing to do with end times, there is no definite 7-year tribulation, and no definite millennium. So here is a good sized church with total misinformation. I think there are a few people there who believe as I do, but they are keeping silent. Also, I know of only 2 people (a sister and a niece) who even want to talk about these things. My deepest concern is for those who are uninformed and especially who are not interested in being informed. These are the ones who will probably be deceived. Maranatha

  2. Doug said

    Lynn, I tried to respond and found that I am not on here. Something change or is there a time expiration?

  3. Virginia said

    This just in.
    Massachusetts Senate pass bill 2028: Quarantine or $1000 a day fine for refusing the vaccine

    The Bill 2028 – PDF

    A health writer’s take on the bill

    • JR said

      I tried to access the link to the Bill 2028 two different ways and my anti-virus software alerted me to an Adobe ActiveX control that wanted to communicate with my computer from that site. I decided not to tell the firewall to accept until I ask someone if they think it is safe to do so.

      Anyone have any ideas? Have the same issue when trying to view this site?

    • Virginia said

      Hi JR,

      I’m not sure how your computer is configured but I didn’t have any problems. Of course, I think I accessed file at work and our servers may have different configs. I will try it on my home PC and see what I come up with.

    • Christine said

      You may have to turn off your antivirus software for a moment. It came up fine for me. Also, you may try to look it up on youtube.

  4. hector27 said


    yes, you are correct, the alien gospel IS the SERPENTS gospel from the garden of eden!

    the implied promise is one of godhood…
    the implied promise is that we will become as one of the angels… (fallen)

    it is a virtual convergence of new age/alien/satanism/universalism!

  5. hector27 said


    hmmmm, the subject of DISCLOSURE comes up quite often in UFO blogs…
    however the actual interpretation and MEANING of disclosure has MANY meanings to different people…

    to the SECULAR and “ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES” contingent disclosure means:
    FINALLY being able to REFUTE CHRISTIANITY and all of its MORAL VALUES that ‘they’ hold so abhorrent…

    i once had a boss who was GAY, and his BIG BELIEF was that ALIENS were the DEITIES that we should be worshipping…
    his belief was a DEFINING CORE PHILOSOPHY which allowed him to practice his, um, lifestyle WITHOUT GUILT…

    MEAGAN FOX and BRAD PITT apparently feel the same way, their ANTI-CHRISTIAN diatribes being broadcast AROUND THE WORLD…

    it is the SAME in UFOlogy- SECULAR ufologists, whether they admit it or not, are looking for ET to BEAM THEM UP, or the equivalent thereof, so that they can escape the “STIFLING INFLUENCE OF CHRISTIANITY” which they so eschew…

    so, we can see that the undercurrent of ANY UFO phenomena carries with it an IMPLIED OPPOSITION to the POWER of JESUS!
    oh sure, ive seen where certain individuals have tried to relate UFOs to GODS ANGELS, however, no where in the bible do Gods angels abduct and RAPE Gods creations…

    however, to the secular crowd, it doesnt matter, because they DIRECTLY OPPOSE any form of CHRISTIAN BELIEF SYSTEM!
    the secular ufologist CONVENIENTLY OVERLOOK and EXCUSE the DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS that these “aliens” commit BEHIND THE SCENES…

    they try and chalk up ABDUCTIONS to scientific experiments (joe capp, ugh) and WINK at SEXUAL VIOLATIONS as something HUMANS would do to animals that they would CATALOGUE…

    THIS RATIONALIZATION of aliens’ OBVIOUSLY EVIL TRAITS EXPOSES the secular ufology mindset as being ANTICHRISTIAN…

    the two camps are:




    • Late Night Lisa said

      I personally know of one Christian who was “operated” on & mirroring a UFO abduction. Also Todd Bentley was “operated” on & testified to seeing all types of Biblical characters in the “3rd Heaven.”

      Both of these people were involved in the same type of Charismatic word of faith type movement & accustomed to experiencing the “supernatural”.

      When I told my friend what I had found he adamantly justified his experience, denied the Nephilim topic & went into the whole line of Cain/Seth diatribe.

      This is how I came to study & know about this Alien agenda topic in the 1st place & it’s sure been a real eye opener.

      I would think that there are probably a multitude of Christians who have had these experiences yet have not rebuked them in the name of Jesus because the beings come to them masked as Jesus or some other Biblical character.

  6. ljb said

    Hey Lynn great message. WAKE UP!!!! People start researching and find out the real truth. Prophecy after prophecy is being fulfilled before your very eyes and people are not fully awake.

    Isaiah Chapter 24, 25, 26, 32, Matthew Chapter 24, Ezekiel Chapter 28, 38, 39, Joel, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Amos, Hosea, Obadiah, Jeremiah, Daniel.. it is all there. Revelation.. etc.

    is it just a coincidence that the powers that be, are (Elites) are driving us toward a one world government, one world religion, one world currency.. this was all prophesied by the men of God, the Israel Prophets. This is going to be the final stand between good and evil. We are at the end of the last church age, Laodicea, and the stage is being set for the Great Tribulation. This is what our generation has in store and we better spiritually and mentally prepare for our worldly conditions to get progessively worse. Unless you decide to follow along and become one of those under the delusion.

  7. commendatori said

    For those with curiosity, before touching the UFo subject (and the final deception) we should be looking on earth who are the dominating factions, and see how they are doing all this. In my years of research, i’ve found that the dominant faction (above ALL), are not the Rotschild, or Rockefeller (Elites) like many would like us to bleieve, but is is a faction of the Vatican, specially the Jesuits. they are beinh every war, every revolution, every act of Satan has been materialized by the jesuits: see http://commendatori.wordpress.com/vatican-jesuits/

    Once you understand all this then you can understand the role the UFO’s will have in the final deception. For this please check some videos about Bill Schnoebelen at http://commendatori.wordpress.com/ specially the one about the Ex-Vampire and NEPHILIM – The Sons of God and the Antichrist …

    There is a lot of Dis-Info out there… so study, confirm with the bible, and make your own opinions, and ask our Lord for guidance…

    I hope this pst helps anyone..

    God Bess All…

    Dr Thompson

    PS: Great Blog BTW… very interesting… Just added it in my BlogRoll…

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