UFOs: Not going away are they?

Alien priestWell, well. Britain released more of its UFO files this week. The Italian and Brazilian governments followed suit by releasing some of their UFO docs. Last night on ABC a program was aired called, The Outsiders. I missed it, but “Hunter Jody” shot me an email telling me it was about alien abduction. Speaking of alien abduction, while at the movies this weekend watching the trailers for upcoming movies, there was one about alien abduction. It was in one word, disturbing. Why all the movies and programs about the UFO phenomena? Here’s what I think. Movies are seen by millions of people. Now with Net-Flicks and Blockbuster, video’s take on a life of their own after they’ve left the theaters. Call me paranoid, but are we being set up for a full disclosure at some juncture? It seems to me that we are. Think for a moment what is coming in the fall. Legion, the film that I BLOGGED about yesterday, the television series “V,” that I’ve also BLOGGED about, the trailer  I saw about abductions, and who knows what else is in the works. The point I’m making is that UFOs are not going away, are they? Here’s a link to a story about the Italian UFO sightings. Thanks to “Hunter Gordy,” for the link: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page7987989.php

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

UFO sightings world-wide have gone through the roof in the last month to a point where this publication is having trouble keeping up with them.

Many UFO experts have been predicting a massive increase in sightings. This is seen as an exercise by aliens themselves to prepare humanity for open contact within the next five years. A race now referred to as Axthadans by top-secret government study groups seems to be preparing earth for integration into a wider community of galactic and inter-galactic civilizations.

So there you have it! In this article we are informed that within five years there will be full disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. I’ll say it again: UFO’s are real and burgeoning and not going away.

Having stated that for the gazillionth time, I want to close by saying that there seems to be a stupor over the churches and people in general. The information is there and yet most people shrug their shoulders and act like it’s no big deal. We are also being conditioned to accept a large UFO hovering over our cities. Think of “V” that I mentioned earlier: Here’s a clip of the actors talking about the new series: http://abc.go.com/fallpreview/index?pn=v

In closing, it seems that we are being set up for full disclosure in the not-to-distant future. Will you be deceived?

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9 thoughts on “UFOs: Not going away are they?

  1. Lynn,

    yes, there DEFINITELY DOES seem to be a multi-pronged assault in the media, preparing us for DISCLOSURE!
    and, it exposes the “alien religion”, which consists of THE LIE!

    district 9 raises the bar, so to speak, taking the propaganda machine to a new level…
    the film is presented AS REALITY! it is filmed in DOCUMENTARY STYLE,
    which IMMERSES you into the VIRTUAL REALITY PERSPECTIVE which the film makers are trying to convey…

    the ALIENS are portrayed as GENTEEL folk who WOULD NOT HARM anyone…

    at this point, it BEHOOVES me to POINT OUT that many, many people who HAVE BEEN abducted would BEG TO DIFFER on the portrayal of the ALIENS of the movie…

    and, within that context, it does them a disservice…

    the MOVIE is basically portraying RAPISTS as the GOOD GUYS!

    oh and umm, *first comment*…hehe 🙂

  2. On ABC news they showed the video a man named Stan Romanek
    who claimed to have filmed an alien at his window. (17/08/2009)

    Some people may also lie to get attention of the media.

    What if the alien presence is more often a cultural belief
    (a “meme” theorised by Richard Dawkins) than a reality ?

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Another great blog brother. I am convinced that the burgeoning UFO phenomona is definitely part of the end-time drama being played out before us presently.

    I am reminded of the “birth pangs” concept of prophecy. As the day of the Lord’s appearing and the catching away draws nearer, the “birth pangs” will grow in frequency and intensity. There will be an ACCELERATION, if you will. We are living in that time. Earthquakes, pestilence, famine, wars and rumors of war, AND fearful sights in the sky (literal) and signs from the heavens will be on the rise, and they WON’T go away.

    Thanks again Lynn for all that you do.

    Kevin J.

  4. We keep seeing signs and wonders in the skys and all of the associated stuff is very entertaining…we are teased out of our minds by disclosue dates, Janurary 1st 2000, August 2002, 2000 to 2010 the so called “decade of disclosure”, That guy who said 9/11 stopped the Palidians from disclosing themselves, October 2005 and oddly enough the same month in 2008, That one that went around the internet reciently predicting May of 2009 (this year),December 2ist of 2012 and so on. but its all lies! Nothing ever happens. But it does have us on the edge of our seats. Some are even wanting and desiring to see it so bad.
    One thing I’ve always wondered about is the fact that we have literally hundreds of satalites in the skys. You can go to google earth and see shots of the earth from there. These satalites can (some of them) read a liscence plate on a car. There have been reports of craft hundreds of feet across moving through our atmosphere yet I’ve never seen not a single satalite photo of anything.
    That tells me that some of these craft might not be real but perhaps holographs and projections and not solid. So perhaps some of this is some kind of game designed to create entertainments, practical jokes on mankind and distractions.

    • They are real because they are there, Holographs or not. I also have pondered the very same thing you have. To question these things is not necessarily Doubt, if anything it’s wise to do so.
      The reality is that there are not of God because of there deceptive nature, Furthermore if the encounters we hear about be true, that the subjects of Abduction suffer “Occult” Like symptoms, then they belong To the demonic Realm. This I do Believe to be so.
      However; to keep an open mind on the matter is wise indeed. As long as we keep our Focus on Jesus and keep his Word in our Hearts we will not be lead astray.

      John B.

    • You make a good point with the abduction thing. I do think that is evil and demonic. I also agree with you that if we keep our mind and our hearts on Jesus and God our Father the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.

      By the way I tried to see that movie “District 9” yesterday and got thru about 12 minutes of it and got sick and had to leave. It was bloody and vile and very real looking. But there was also something I couldn’t put my finger on that was horribly tangible about it.

  5. Stan is not alone in these observations.He is the first to come forward in helping others.Others,who are afraid to come forward to confirm we are NOT alone.UFO —U—Find—Out ! More than a enough data then Paris Hilton or any other star system ~*

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