Acceleration Radio w/ Richard Shaw: The Torah Code 2012!

My Guest today is Film maker Richard Shaw:

Go to:

to listen live @ 5:00 PST.

Torah Codes - Pin ligt

6 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio w/ Richard Shaw: The Torah Code 2012!

  1. I saw the trailer for this a couple of weeks ago on you tube. I’m really glad you’re having this tonight to hear more about it.

  2. I heard one of the people from a previous post admit that they are entertained by “alien information” and that they spend a lot of time on the internet looking up alien stuff. This is precisely the sort of thing that I wonder about. Sure it is intertaining but that could be just distractions. We keep seeing and hearing stories about signs and wonders but they never get any closer than that. I saw the British released more of their UFO files and I was shocked at how little there was in there and how many times I had already heard the stories about what was in there. A lot of this information looks like it is intended to distract and keep us chasing ghosts but nothing more.

    Also sometimes it looks like finding a way to indulge in the occult but still be “Christian”. I don’t know.

    I saw an article titled “The End of MUFON” where it documented how tired and devoid of new ideas the UFO community is. How we just keep seeing the same old Kecksburg’s, Rendleshine’s and Roswell’s being disected over and over and over again…how there are not enough new information to keep the UFO industary going. It looked pathetic. It said the MUFON conference was a tired dead conference with Stanton Friedman dozing off while sitting on discussion pannels talking ad-infinitem about Roswell. It said that there were hundreds of old UFO books marked down because sparse few new people were there to buy them. The article said that MUFON was dying. I just am not always sure if all of this is just suspiciously too entertaining?

    • Regarding MUFON getting old and tired, not suprising. How many UFO sightings need to be reported to know they are out there? Lynn rightly says the incidences are burgeoning. Since the MUFON folks, and correct me if I’m wrong, don’t appear to look at these events through the Biblical Lense, things could appear to be getting a little boring and ho-hum. They’ll have something new to talk about when there is a fleet of lights hovering over different cities, a la “Signs” or one crashes or an ET actually makes an appearance by that I mean its a formal event to introduce our “space brothers”. Yoy!

    • I guess we get acclimated to things after awhile. It is scary to think people can see so many UFO’s, it doesn’t even move them anymore! I haven’t seen one yet, and don’t really want to!

  3. The Torah Code is REAL — I was lucky to personally meet R’ Eliyahu Rips in Jerusalem more than once — He is so humble and so sweet and sincere and he is a mathematical genius and his code presentation is very convincing and very very very well structured. It changed my life.

    I encourage people to be careful however, because there are many people who do not understand the codes at all and they are trying to use the Torah Codes to support many foolish ideas — there are a few basic introductions to the codes which R’ Eliyahu Rips will be glad to teach anyone that comes to him in his home in Jerusalem (in Ramot 3).

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