Maitreya – False Christ?

MAITREYAWhile I was on vacation, Benjamin Creme appeared on Coast to Coast with host George Noory. He proclaimed that the re-emergence of the Bethlehem star, the star that appeared in the sky 2000 years ago and guided the wise men to the saviour of mankind, Jesus, was going to appear in all 4 quarters of the world, as a sign that the Christ had returned. I recently interviewed a spokesperson from Share International and posted the interview in my News Mag. Share International is the organization that acts as a media outlet for Benjamin Creme and Maitreya. The picture to the left is supposed to be Maitryea and it was taken decades ago when he allegedly appeared in Africa and healed people. I have never been able to substantiate this however. It is also the only picture we have of this elusive ‘Christ.’ One thing to note is that Creme tells us that Maitreya is the Buddah, The Imam Mahdi, The Christ and the long awaited, Jewish Messiah, all rolled into one. He is supposed to be what the world has been waiting for and will bring peace. However on the Coast program Noory wondered whether in fact this could be the Anti Christ. Hats off to George for his discernment. Here are some facts that you need to know about this guy.

1. Benjamin Creme had contact with what he calls the space brothers, or UFO contact. Can anyone spell fallen angels here?

2. Benjamin Creme follows the same ‘doctrine’ that Madame Blavatshy, who is what I would consider the mother of the New Age movement, promulgated. Like Blavatsky Creme believes that there are ascended masters that are guiding humanity. Blavatsky used automatic writing to write some of her books. Automatic writing is a from of occult contact, with a familiar spirit.

3. To proclaim that the Christ is now here is nothing short of balderdash! Please recall the words of Jesus 2000 years ago when He declared, “many will come in my name and say that they are the Christ…” When He said those words there was no church or Christianity! They are either the most arrogant words ever spoken or He was who He said He was and He was warning us of what would be in the future. Creme’s proclamation fulfills this to the letter.

4. Maitreya is a type of Anti Christ. If and when he comes on the world stage, he may demonstrate supernatural power. Remember that if this happens don’t be taken aback, the enemy will come with all signs and lying wonders.

5. The Star of Bethlehem which is supposed to be UFOs is not the star that appeared 2000 years ago. This is a site that gives great specificity to what happened. I highly recommend this!

In closing, Benjamin Creme has been touring the world for almost 30 years proclaiming this bogus message and unfortunately, his followers have increased. This new PR campaign with the Star of Bethlehem is the latest attempt to draw attention to Maitreya. So far the star has not materialized. At least I’m not ware that it has. Maitreya is a false Christ, he is here to deceive and may be part of the coming great deception…

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  1. lynn,

    yes, alarmingly, even level headed people can fall for the hoopla surrounding creme…
    i really am not interested in what this “messiah” has to say…

    the network tv “news” is so full of pessimism that hearing demonic utterances is a very low priority!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I first heard of Creme back in the early 80’s with Constance Cumbey’s book, “Hidden Dangers of The Rainbow.” We need to be aware that deception is at an all-time high, while discernment among believers seems to be at an all-time low.

    Kevin J.

  3. I’ve heard that this interview with Benjamin Creme made George Noory very ill, as well. But thus was the first time that I had eve heard Creme mention spacecraft. I think that it’s telling of the time we’re in.

  4. Dear Lynn,
    I’d like to hear more about the meaning of “automatic writing” as I have a friend from the Uk who saw a UFO when she was a girl and it hung around the countryside outside her window long enough for her to get her parents who also witnessed the flying object. She says that “angels” have spoken with her since she was a child and they do this by her writing down all they tell her. She has pages and pages of these messages in her own handwriting. She believes she is a very spiritual person and because of this assertion, she has allowed me to share openly about my faith in Christ. There is a give and take in friendship and because I’d like to keep our dialog on-going, I bear through her accounts of these “angel” experiences she shares with me.

    When I told her that I believed UFO’s were real, she was so excited and that’s when she shared how she and her parents had seen one years ago. She was surprised that I’d believe in their existence because of my faith. This conversation allowed me to put forth the question of abductions and how if these are indeed happening, these beings are kidnapping people (even children) against their will and wouldn’t that mean they were not benevolent? Especially, if they are performing painful experiments on these frightened abductees, etc…? She agreed with that assumption. So, I shared about your books, Mr. Marzulli, and what I had learned from reading the Book of Enoch (on-line) about the demonic fallen angels, the nephilium, and that these UFO sightings and abductions may be all connected to these creatures and would therefore be evil. I told her how they could appear as angels of light but it was all a deception.

    I asked if I could share a personal experience that I had a few months ago and hoped she wouldn’t think I was crazy… Thankfully, because of her “spiritual” experiences, adding to that that she is deep in scientology, she encouraged me to trust her, so I shared and she believed that I did experience something according to my own “reality” – I believe that’s a scientology school of thought…

    Anyway, I shared how I had awoke in the middle of the night frightened and feeling a presence in our room. I began sliding as fast as I could away from the side of the bed toward my husband, who immediately laid his body over mine to protect me from whatever I was moving away from and all the time screaming “In Jesus’ name, I rebuke you – Get Out, Get Out, Get Out!” I don’t recall ever using the word “rebuke” in my life but the shadowy figure standing over my bed did flee. When we turned on the lights, there was nothing. My husband was very upset, but didn’t see any figure, he said he must have reacted by my sliding toward him when he automatically put himself between me and whatever I was moving away from – now that’s love 🙂 I was then able to share how Christians have been able to make abductions stop by calling on the power of Christ. So, why would beings from another planet flee from the name of Jesus. But, that the Bible teaches that demons, fallen agels, etc… tremble at His name.

    My friend loves to read and educate herself. But, when she and I were talking about God and she was putting forth a very worldly view about God and what she thought the Bible said about angels. I told her that God’s angels come with a message from God, which is what she thinks her writings are, but that my one observation about her experiences that is different from every occurence of angels bringing messages in the Bible is that God’s angels never accept worship, praise, or even prayer requests – they always always point people to God, to glorify HIM, not them. I asked her that with all the reading she does, if she’d ever read the Bible, she said it never occured to her, so I followed up with the question “well, don’t you think it might be a good idea to read God’s word directly and then form an opinion?” She agreed, but hasn’t done so as far as I know.

    I also asked her to say the name of Jesus to these “angels” that talk with her and see what happens. That might have been a dangerous suggestion? I don’t know if she ever did this, but her youngest son told my son that they weren’t allowed to say His name soon after I requested that, so I’m thinking it didn’t go well if she gave it a try!

    By the way, these “angels” tell her to follow her heart’s desires – she even seperated from her husband for awhile because of their “guidance”. Satan always tries to destroy. I tried to point out to her then that God created marriage and this “advice” would go against the covenant she had made when she took her vows (her husband hadn’t committed adultery or beat her or anything horrible, just normal valleys couple’s some times experience). Anyway, they are back together, so that is a praise…

    If anyone on this blog feels lead to pray about this circumstance, thank you, in advance. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be helpful, as well…

    • Gidget,

      I’m praying for your friend. I thank God that He has put you in this person’s life to speak the truth to her. And praise God for her openness. I pray that God will use that opening to bring her to a saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.

      I pray that God will give you the words to speak and wisdom about when to speak.


  5. This Maitreya guy is said to work like magic tricks and wonders and “appears” to people. Lynn I heard you say once on a radio program that you once watched some guy bi-locate down the beach. I think that could be a form of disappearing and appearing to someone. So these kind of wonders can really happen. I also found it interesting that the Creme guy made George Noory and some others listening sick. Oddly enough the night he was on, my radio blanked out during the Creme hour but worked for the rest of the show. I figured I was not supposed to hear this guy and then found it interesting after my radio started working again to find out that George Noory got sick and had to let that guy go. With the stuff I’ve been hearing about the Maitreya guy he sounds to me more like the false prophet than the anti-christ. Sort of a phony “John the Baptist” or something for the comming distroyer Appolyon.
    Just a note Lynn, I like your “Life imatating art” comment because it shows that you don’t think of yourself as some kind of prophet yourself though Im sure many people try to build you up with vanities and tell you that you are. You always have your feet planted firmly to the ground and cast yourself as nothing more than a simple servant of God. Your sincerity and humbleness is greatly appreciated!

  6. I have been reading up on Maitreya and listening to some of the things they are saying about him. I wondered if he exists seeing as creme says he won’t appear until the world calls him. Creme says he appeared in 1977 in a physical body. According to other accounts, he was born in 1944 in Tehran Iran. He came to school here in the states and that is where he got acquainted with the new age and the occult. They are crediting many miracles to him, even though no one has seen him or knows where he is. Creme says, when he does appear, he won’t go by the name Maitreya because that is mostly a Buddhist name and Christians and Jews will never accept that for messiah. Maitreya says that fundamentalist Christians will oppose him because they interpret the scriptures incorrectly. Alice Bailey says there will be war between him and Christians. We knew that! I wouldn’t want to stand next to him when he is talking. Whoever this is, believes he is Christ. Everything he says and everything they say about him is so blasphemous, I would be scared he would be struck by lightning! It amazes me he isn’t. Oh the grace of G-d! The one thing that really struck me as odd, he says he cannot make his appearance until mankind calls for him. He can’t override the free will of man! Now that ought to tell you what spirit they are possessed by! A politician doesn’t care about free will! They either want your vote or dictate! If it takes man’s free will to bring this person into power, then it is even more obvious who he is! He is the son of satan! Just like he persuaded Adam and Eve to willingly eat of the fruit he knew would bring death to them, he is wanting man to willingly put him into power and worship him. One thing is for sure. It is definitely the spirit of antichrist. He says that, when he makes his appearance on television, he will speak, but not with words. He will speak to the minds and hearts of people and convince them in their minds and hearts that he is the one. They are saying it is a replay of the day of Pentecost. It is a mockery of it. If something catastrophic happens, and a man appears on tv saying he is the answer, it may be best if we don’t watch it. Apparently, some kind of seducing, possessing spirit will go forth. I know we are protected by the blood of Jesus, but we probably shouldn’t tempt it. Anyway, whether this is the antichrist or not, he is definitely evil. There is a Christian website that says a lot about it. I haven’t got through all of it yet myself.

  7. More self-proclaimed Maitreyas :

    Even RAEL now ask to be called : Rael the Maitreya.
    He has written a book title : Maitreya


    The following people listed are just a small portion of the several people who claimed themselves to be Maitreya. Many have either used the Maitreya incarnation claim to form a new Buddhist sect or have used the name of Maitreya to form a new religious movement or cult.

    Gung Ye, a Korean warlord and king of short-lived state of Taebong during the 10th century, claimed himself as living incarnation of Maitreya and ordered his subjects to worship him. His claim was widely rejected by most Buddhist monks and later he was dethroned and killed by his own servants.

    In 613 the monk Xiang Haiming claimed himself Maitreya and adopted imperial title.

    In 690 Empress Wu inaugurated the Second Zhou dynasty, proclaimed herself an incarnation of the future Buddha Maitreya, and made Luoyang the “holy capital.” In 693 she replaced the compulsory Dao De Jing in the curriculum temporarily with her own Rules for Officials.

    Lu Zhong Yi, the 17th patriarch of I-Kuan Tao, claimed to be an incarnation of Maitreya.

    L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology, suggested he was “Metteya” (Maitreya) in the 1955 poem Hymn of Asia. His editors indicated, in the book’s preface, specific physical characteristics said to be outlined—in unnamed Sanskrit sources—as properties of the coming Maitreya; properties which Hubbard’s appearance supposedly aligned with.

    Raël’s Maitreya claims center on the content of the Agama Sutra (Japanese: Agon Sutra), supposedly a very ancient text written by Buddha himself, but which has been deemphasized or forgotten by the majority of Buddhist cultures.Raël has claimed directly to people attending Asia Raëlian Church seminars, that someone born in France, a country which is often symbolized by the cock (or rooster), west of the Orient, meets the criteria of the Maitreya. Rael himself claims to be this individual.

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