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LAM Header!I’m back! I’m officially finished vacation and back at my desk after a refreshing two weeks off. I’d like to thank my friend and co-host of Acceleration Radio, Bruce Collins, for doing such a great job filling in for me while I was gone! We’re doing three shows weekly with Bruce hosting Wednesdays and yours truly hosting Tuesday and Thursday night. I’ll post the guests for this week tomorrow…

        While on my respid, I avoided the Internet and didn’t look at any e-mails for almost two weeks. It was a good way to clear my head and get refreshed… I needed to do that. The down side to that is that I have about 500 unread emails… Guess what I’ll be doing most of the day!

            We had some good friends over on Saturday night for some BBQ. We talked about what was happening in the world in regard to prophecy, paying special attention to the Middle East. We all agreed that most people don’t have a clue as to what is going on, as most do not know and understand the times in which we live. Most people are not aware of the prophecies that are laid out for us in the Bible, that discuss with great specificity the events that are happening in real time today.  Dr. Stan Montieth has said that unless a person looks at world events from a supernatural perspective he or she has no idea of what to make of what is going on. We also hear from Paul, who writing in the first century tells us, that the natural man cannot understand the things of the spirit. There is a war going on in the heavenly that we aren’t privy to. We aren’t able to access that realm and see what is going on, but I believe that these unseen forces are at work and have been at work for thousands of years to bring about the advent of the Son of Perdition… the Anti-Christ. We are told in the book of Ephesians that, our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms….  Having said that, I need to remind everyone who comes to this BLOG that the lens I use in interpreting world events will always be one that looks from a spiritual perspective. It is only from that biblical, supernatural perspective that world events become focused and we are able to ascertain and discern the times that we live in. What do we make of when Benjamin Creme – who appeared recently on Coast to Coast – tells us that the reemergence of the Bethlehem star is a sign that Maitreya will manifest himself as the saviour of the world soon. Maitreya is the guy who claims to be the Christ and has been threatening to reveal himself since he came on the scene in 1982. What is astonishing is that I wrote about this very thing in 2004 in the third book of the Nephilim Trilogy – The Revealing. One of the plot elements that I used was that the star of Bethlehem would be seen again, except it would be a UFO… Remember, this was a work of fiction. On Coast to Coast, Benjamin Creme stated that this revealing of the Bethlehem star, was already happening! This is just one example of spiritual wickedness that we are being surrounded with…  I’m going to BLOG more about this tomorrow, because I think this may be setting us up for the coming Great Deception!

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  1. Welcome back, Lynn. Glad to have you back. Many thanks to Bruce for keeping the Acceleration broadcast fires lit.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Welcome back! You are correct, most in the Church are clueless as to what is happening, even though it is clearly in the Word. I really appreciate all that you do.

    Kevin J.

  3. Welcome back Lynn!

    wow it sure has been rather boring around here without you! 😉

    but i know that it is vital for you to get away and recharge your batteries…

  4. Good to have you back Lynn! Hello to everyone! I don’t know if you read my last post but if you download paltalk, create a name for yourself, click on browse rooms, click on religions and spirituality, then click on interfaith, there is two rooms there that Matreya is using to promote himself and his idea of religion. One of them goes 24 hours. I am thinking about checking it out myself. I am interested in what kind of warped things he has to say. Just a note, paltalk has some good Christian and Messianic teaching on the weekends. Lynn, Paltalk would be a good place you could interact with the people who are learning from you once a week! I believe it is free too!

    • >>there is two rooms there that Matreya is using to promote himself and his idea of religion. One of them goes 24 hours. I am thinking about checking it out myself.<<

      Be careful about chasing the anti-christ… unless God is leading you to do so.

    • thanks bruce! this was also my feeling on this! 😀

      there is power in words…
      and listening to this clown will not help anyone in any way, shape, or form!

  5. Great to have you back Mr. Marzulli! I missed your insight for the last two weeks and can’t wait for you to catch up on everything so we can be updated with your knowledge of Biblical events. I’m a devout student of Eschatology just like yourself. It makes me fired up for the Lord Jesus Christ’s return even more because I have this feeling in my bones that the rapture day in nearly upon us. May your teachings as well as Jimmy DeYoung’s and J.R. Church bring spiritual revival before He comes!


  7. I was lost without checking in on your website, so I am glad you are refreshed and can continue what you are doing. I agree with you…a lot of people do not look at events today through a Biblical lens..I have purposely asked and discussed today’s news and events..with some young people, not teenagers but young as in young marrieds….they are all so busy “getting on with life” that it has not even occurred to them that we could be/ are/might be living in the end times. When I put that question to them straight as in “Do you think we are living in the end times according to the Bible?” They then tell me…vaguely…” Oh, I don’t know…..I don’t really want to think about stuff like that, you re older, you are probably more interested in that kind of thing, but we are young, we have other concerns to think about….” I rest my case! But…believe me it is very frustrating!

  8. welcome back to the war..grab your sword and head back to the front lines!

    i’m glad to see you survived your R&R.

    with Love and respect

  9. Hi LA, I think may be you should let the folks know your stand on the rapture. seeing most today believe the deceptive Pre-Trib views of modern theology giving a false hope about something never held by The Apostles of The Lord.
    Being a regular on this blog, and having read your latest book PPS, I am of the opinion that you do not hold to the Pre-Trib view of the rapture.

    Please understand that I am not Telling you what to do, I am asking in Love. However, It is very obvious that a lot of people on this blog look to your leadership for spiritual insight concerning the end time deception, That qualifies you for transparency.
    I am aware that truth can at times be Unpopular, That is the Burden we must all share.
    John B

    • HI John,
      I don’t think anyone knows when the Rapture happens. As I have stated before, I have been in lectures with charts, maps, and powerpoint that seem to nail down with the utmost certainty a Pre or a Post position. Obviously both can’t be right! I also wonder about Mid. Here’s what I think. We’re told to watch for the signs. (Math 24, Luke 21, Mark 13)That’s it. We’re not instructed to argue when we get lifted out of here. By debating it all we do is take our eyes off warning people about the deception that is all around us. That is what this BLOG is all about, pointing out the deception and then telling people about the Lord and His wonderful ways. I have a personal opinion as to when I think it occurs, but it’s not important. Whatever you do, let’s not open that can of worms, Please! It’s a distraction…

  10. Good to have you back Lynn!

    Dr Montieth makes a good point. Apart from the Biblical perspective, what other perspective is there that can take everything in our world…sun, moon, planets, the political and social realm, and UFOs and provide meaning for not only each individual aspect but puts them all together into one cohesive meaningful viewpoint? The Biblical is the only perspective I know of that does this.

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