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Lobster DinnerMy wife and I had the pleasure of dinning with friends over the weekend. Ben, the husband – not his real name – is a gourmand. He is a top notch, king of the secret sauces, chef. We had lobster, that he had caught diving, steak with a secret mushroom sauce and veggies that were slightly scorched and very succulent. Hat’s off to you ‘Ben!’ The dinner was superb. In the course of our conversation I discovered that Ben, went to my BLOG almost everyday to get away from the daily grind for a few moments. Ben is a lawyer with his own firm and he finds the BLOG stimulating and refreshing. I’m honored! I then asked him if he received the News Magazine. To my surprise I discovered that he didn’t! And that is what I’m going to talk about today in this shameless plug to get you to subscribe. Here’s what is going on this month. I’m building the News Mag by adding other writers, who by the way are paid for their articles! Dr. Stephen Yulish is on board this month with a fascinating article on 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. Dr. Mike Heiser is also working on a an article – I need it today Mike – and I believe it is on Zechariah Sitchin’s. Gordy Tong, who has posted on this BLOG many times and is always sending me great articles has written for the Mag as well as co-host of Acceleration Radio, Bruce Collins! We also have a fascinating interview with Jim Tetlow, the author of Messages From Heaven, about the Marian apparitions, Fatima and other supernatural manifestations that are part of the deception that is taking place right now in real time.

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China UFO: Harbinger of the Coming Great Deception!

China UFO#2

Here’s another story about the UFO that hovered over the town of Beibei, China for about half an hour. Apparently, hundreds of people witnessed the event. As with most of these kinds of sightings, it’s almost impossible to ascertain whether it’s the real thing. Not a whole lot of information is coming out of Beibei. As I reported earlier this week, the Kabash was allegedly was put on the story by Chinese officials. This was also confirmed by Michael Cohen – a fellow UFO researcher- who I corresponded with about the incident. Why is it that governments around the world want to suppress the reality of UFOs? Is it because they move in our air space with impunity? Is it because UFOs can outpace any man-made aircraft and thus make us look impotent? Is it because most of the world’s governments are aware of what is really going on and are waiting for the United States to finally come clean and admit UFOs are not not swap gas, or Venus, or a flock of birds. There is something going on. UFOs are real, and burgeoning and not going away. By the way that slogan was used up by another researcher recently…. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery! I wish he had given a nod in my direction…. oh well, back to the BLOG. When, not if the revealing happens it’s going to be a mind altering event. How will most people react? What will the governmental heads of states, tell us? What will the pope say? What will the masses be told? How will the church react to holographic images of Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection? Think I’m making it up? I would call your attention to what I wrote in The Revealing and The Unholy Deception, novels from my Nephilim Trilogy. I used the reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem as a plot device. This was based on research and also the notion that if I was going to create a deception this would be a great place to start, as it undermines the Christian Gospel. Now, several years later, Benjamin Creme who is the spokesperson for Share International is proclaiming that the Star of Bethlehem is being seen all over the world. He claims that both the original star and this present star were actually giant UFO mother-ships. I’m not making this up. (Check out last weeks BLOGS) What Creme is promulgating is real and alarming and yet, once again the church is asleep and mostly oblivious to the deception that is happening. The bottom line is this, I was right about the bogus reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem and if I was right about that, how about being right about what is coming? The Great Deception, will come and when it does it will create the Apostasy that 2nd Thessalonians warns us about. Wake Up!

Here’s the link: http://english.eastday.com/e/0828/u1a4613407.html

PP&S SMALLHere’s the book that gives you the facts and what you need to know about the coming Great Deception!

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The Calm Before the Storm?

Calm before the stormWe are in the dog days of summer, the time of the year when most families go on vacation to relax and get ready to start another school year. Congress goes on recess, as before the days of air conditioning the heat inside the capital building was unbearable. August, for a lot of people can be a do-nothing month. I took a few weeks off and rested up. I have this gut feeling though, that something is coming. I’ve Blogged about this before so this is really nothing new, but the feeling won’t go away. Here’s a brief overview of what is happening in the world that lends itself to my angst. Nothing really has changed in the Middle East. Iran marches along with its hope of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Israel seems to be waiting it out. Iraq is a mess after last weeks bombing in the so-called green zone, where it’s supposed to be safe, over 100 people were blown up and scores injured. Afghanistan is back in the news and it would appear that there is no solution to the quagmire that has plagued us, for how many years now? Pakistan is still unstable and who knows if the Taliban has captured a nuke and were not being told about it. Why would they tell us anyway? The Mexico border still remains porous and drugs and who knows what else continue to come across. Can’t we finish anything? This is the same government that wants to run our health care system! Can you imagine, they can’t even complete a fence, let alone run national health care. Talk about complete incompetence. In fact the border fence should be used as a graphic, real time, example how Washington is completely inept at doing much of anything except spending our money and hiking our taxes ever higher. UFOs reached a record 512 reported sightings in July. Here’s the  link to the     site: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxevent.html

There’s an uncertainty of where we are going and what is coming. I’m sure people felt this way shortly before WWII. Yesterday I emailed a researcher who expressed pretty much the same sentiments that I’m feeling. He too feels like something is coming. The Euphrates river is drying up and the New York Times pointed to the Book Of Revelation when it covered the story. There are wars and rumors of wars. Pestilence – think of the new H1N1 Flu. Famines in various places. Earthquakes that seem to be happening with greater frequency. Then there’s the reemergence of the supposed Bethlehem star, signs in the heavens? Is this the calm before the storm? I’ve said it before, get your house in order. Stock pile come food and water. Talk to other people who are like-minded. Arm yourself to protect your family because the government isn’t going to do it. To close today’s post. These dog-days can be filled with family, fun and relaxation, but they can also lull us into believing that all is right in the world, and from these few short words that make up today’s BLOG it becomes clear that it isn’t!

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The Fourth Kind: Hype from Hollywood?

screaming-mouthYesterday, I BLOGGED about the new movie that is coming out in November. It’s called The Fourth Kind and supposedly is based on real events that happened in Nome Alaska. I googled the main character, Abigail Tyler, who the movie is supposedly based on and this is what I found.  http://alaskapsychiatryjournal.org/entries/Dr-Abigail-Tyler-Bio.html

I explored the site and found nothing about alien abductions. Is this page a hype or is it the real thing? I’m going to attempt to contact the good doctor today and see if I can get an interview.

In my book, The Alien Interviews, I talked at length with people who have been involved in the abduction phenomena for decades. I believe that it is real and that it is throwback to Genesis 6 and the manifestation of the fallen angels. From what I have been able to gather it is a horrific experience and people are traumatized for life.

While attending this years Roswell conference I met a former abductee who had stopped her abductions with the help of Joe Jordan. (Joe came on the record in The Alien Interview book) She made it very clear that the entities that took her were demonic. I can’t say it any clearer than that. What we are dealing with is wickedness in high places. Without the covering of the Blood of Jesus, we are defenseless against them. This is a dynamic that most people in the UFO community choose to ignore because they equate it with religion. I’m not talking about religion here. I’m talking about how to interact with the supernatural. How to defend oneself against powers and principalities. In short, spiritual warfare 101. We have the accounts of when Jesus walked the earth. How he had power over the demon possessed. He also gave that power to his disciples. Those of us who are born again can have that power too, just by asking for it. Unfortunately most people in the churches never tap into it because they aren’t taught to do so. This is, ” having a form of religion but denying its power.” A phrase that we are told will be one of the hallmarks of the end of the age. Is this movie more hype or is it a real expose of what is going on in the case of alien abductions? Is Hollywood toying with us?

This is from Deb Shutt and was posted in the comment section. I think she nails it!:

Is it possible, Hollywood maybe using a couple of new tools to condition the masses. Aren’t we accustomed to thinking when grainy type footage is interspersed into a movie that it is ‘real’. Aren’t documentaries normally factual. Are the line between fact and fiction being blurred by design. The movie the “The Fourth Kind”, showing so called ‘actual footage’of Alien Abductions. Similarly, the recent movie “District 9″ looks like a documentary. For those that aren’t able to discern, this could be dangerous. The stand out issue to me is the fact that these Alien Movies keep coming and are growing with intensity I might add. It’s a far cry from the warm and fuzzy movie “ET” to “The Fourth Kind”.

ALien Interview landing page jpeg

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