L. A. Marzulli is taking some time off!

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I’m taking two weeks off starting today!

See you all on the 10nth of August unless something of importance happens.

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Bruce Collins will be hosting Acceleration Radio this coming week! Nick Redfern will be Bruce’s guest!

Nick has travelled all over the world to research just about every crypto-zoological being recorded. He also has studied UFOs and various other paranormal events.

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Yes, have a great holiday. We will chat again when you get back.

    God bless you and your family on your travels.

  2. Have a great vacation, Lynn – you certainly deserve the time off! We’ll be praying for you and yours.

  3. Good Luck is all I can say. We’ll have to see if the Holy Spirit reigns you back in before your two weeks are up (:

    I didn’t even get 24 hrs. off. But seriously-I hope you have a nice rest!

    Tonight was certainly a “different” event. We went to a Sushi place & sat at the Sushi Bar as usual. Our main chef was a local Mexican guy & the other two were Oriental.

    I got into a conversation w/our Mexican chef & he was asking about if the US actually had the 1st people to land on the moon because it’s apparently being challenged on Mexican radio.

    He was siding w/the U.S.version & was asking our confirmation of the event & I switched it over to the UFO/Alien agenda.

    Praise God-he had a pastor who warned him of this very thing two years ago but has died since. The Pastor taught Bible prophecy so he remembered quite a bit.

    The Mexican chef already believed that the Alien/UFO events are demonic & didn’t side w/the Vatican space brothers version although his kids go to Catholic school.(This regular run of the mill guy- is the ONLY person I’ve ever ran into who has been taught the Alien Agenda.)

    He wanted to hear more about the “United in Diversity” global currency all the while the two other two oriental chefs were listening in with radar ears.

    What started out as a fleshy relaxation time turned into a witnessing situation. He was also confirming that Angels were only males but was a little confused because he was thinking we turned into angels when we died & wondered how that worked w/males & females.

    I’m pretty speechless. I only thought we were going out simply for sushi!

  4. CoasttoCoastam.com tonite, 10pm to 2pm PST

    Hosted by George Knapp

    Robert Hastings, Alejandro Rojas, Patrick McDonough
    Sunday July 26, 2009

    Noted UFO researcher Robert Hastings will discuss declassified U.S. government documents which confirm a decades-long connection between UFOs and nuclear weapon activity. He will be joined by former US serviceman Patrick McDonough, who witnessed stunning UFO activity while working at his post. (Note this is the “second hour which starts at 11pm PST)

    Appearing during the first hour,(10pm – 11pm PST) MUFON’s Alejandro Rojas will talk about the 40th Annual MUFON Symposium, taking place Aug. 6th to the 9th in Denver, Colorado.
    Hosted by George Noory

    Linda Moulton Howe
    Thursday July 30, 2009

    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe will discuss infrared/image enhanced videos that show something strange in some 2009 crop circle formations, what investigators say about the East Field woven circle and pristine pyramid in Warwickshire County, and mysterious links between crop formations and solar, lunar and cosmic cycles. (Probably 2nd hour – 11pm)

    If you can’t stay up to listen to the program and don’t subscribe to Streamlink so you can listen to the archive, you can check YouTube. Eventually, someone will post the program.

  5. Have a great vacation and may God bless you and your family with peace, relaxation and renewal Lynn. You deserve it.

  6. lynn,

    i will pray for you that you have a restful vacation! 😀
    i realize that it must be a very hectic schedule for you…

    plus, there is the added warfare of being a high-profile leader…

    but God will sustain you, and give you a double portion of his yoke-breaking anointing!


  7. An interesting article on H1N1 vaccine:

    Around 12,000 U.S. children will be used as guinea pigs for an experimental swine flu vaccine known to contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

    Furthermore, since the swine flu vaccine includes squalene, a dangerous adjuvant that contributed to Gulf War Syndrome cases, there’s little doubt that it will lead to debilitating lifelong diseases far more deadly than the swine flu virus itself for thousands of children if a mass vaccination campaign is conducted.
    According to Meryl Nass, M.D., “A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants to boost immunogenicity and dramatically reduce the amount of viral antigen needed. This translates to much faster production of desired vaccine quantities.”

    “Research shows that squalene is the experimental anthrax vaccine ingredient that caused devastating autoimmune diseases and deaths for many Gulf War veterans from the US, UK, and Australia, yet it continues in use today and for new vaccines development in labs,” writes Stephen Lendman.


    • The trail has already begun in Australia Hector. Last week volunteers were queuing to be injected with exactly these drugs you mentioned.

      John B.

  8. Man, it’s going to be quiet around here the next couple of weeks!! HELLLOOO Everybody! I heard on the news today they are preparing for a big outbreak of the h1n1 virus. They are trying to target the groups hardest hit by the flu. They are saying that here in the states, the ones hardest hit are pregnant women. They don’t even seem to be considering the affects of the shot on the unborn. I believe I would pray hard for direction before I took it! They could easily control the population by injecting pregnant women!

  9. I was on the phone with Lynn today. A lot going on with the fallout between Steve Quayle and Steve Melching. Can’t go into details except to say there will be some changes to the program- the most forseeable one for everyone here is the link to listen to the show. It seems like Acceleration Radio has been caught in the middle of this. I can’t give you the specifics (for one thing, I don’t really know everything) but thought all of you deserved to know what is happening. Lynn is working with Melching to try to get a new link that people can listen to the show from. Sorry for this rambling post…but thanks for reading 🙂

    I agree with John B., Hector and Christine and it makes me suspicious that they are targeting a new generation with the vaccine (via pregnant women).


  10. By the way, regarding my post above, I’m not sharing anything that isn’t already public knowledge as it has been posted on http://www.stevequayle.com . So, I wanted to make it clear that I am not spreading any rumors, just wishing to explain the status of tonight’s show. Thanks.

    • Hey Hector-

      He took it down. I don’t feel right about ‘re-broadcast’coming from me because of the nature of the statements. Don’t get me wrong, the carnal portion of me would love to comment.

      Sorry about that.

      God bless you, my good buddy Hector

      PS. By the way, do you guys remember Cottonwood Creekfarm? I keep in touch with him from time to time, he is doing well.

  11. Our prayers are with Lynn and Steve Q. and Steve M. Change is never easy, especially when a disagreement is involved, but I have found, if you look for the positive in the change, many times G-d has a good reason for it. A “fallout” between brothers can be used to do the work from a different direction that can, in the long run, work out much better for everyone. Maybe it can cause someone else to come to the Lord! It is just a matter of getting through it and letting go and forgive without holding onto any destructive way of thinking.
    I was listening to the news last night about the flu. They are expecting that when the children return to school, there will be a big outbreak. Pregnant women and children and youths up to 24 years of age they say are the most suseptible. Caregivers will be expected to take it. This is a hard place to be. I have a daughter who will be 20 in August. She has asthma and heart trouble and is a caregiver. She works as a cna in an assisted living home. The plan is for her to work there to gain experience, while she returns to school for her rn. I also have 8 grandchildren and my husband has 3. I know they will all be pressured into giving them the vaccine. I really feel, since they haven’t had the time to see any long term effects, it may really and truly not be safe. Then again, the flu can be really bad. I was listening to a woman yesterday that lost her daughter and son from the flu. They were her only two children! I do ok for a year, no flu, then I get it. When I get it, I usually get it bad. I end up in the hospital sucking on I.V.’s. I am planning on depending on prayer for myself. I can’t make the decision for my grown children. I do believe it will be a time for prayer and decision for all of us!
    I watched Monsterquest last night. It was talking about monsters seen in Mexico, Texas, and California. They flew in the sky and were about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall! They had wings and a very distinctive evil presence! They also found a small creature that they couldn’t determine what it was. It looked rat/reptilian in shape. It was very small and had been caught in a rat trap. One of the scientists who had been called to look at it when it was alive, said he could barely look at it, it was so shocking to see! He said it kept trying to get close to someone to bite. The accounts of the winged humanoids reminded me of the moth man. I was surprised there had been more similar accounts of the same being! I told my husband that the veil between the natural and supernatural is definitely thinning and more and more people are seeing it!

  12. UfO’s to prepare the way for the Antichrist?

    This interview caused George Noory to become physically ill! Listen as Creme discloses that the heralding in of Maitreya is not by a star as he has proposed in the past, but rather this supposed star is a UFO that is five football fields in length. Time to wake up people!

    Benjamin Creme, the official spokesperson for the “world teacher” Maitreya, appeared in the first hour of the program to provide an update on the alleged spiritual leader’s “imminent” arrival. Creme proclaimed that Maitreya will make himself known to the world “anytime in the immediate future.” He also noted that interest in the Maitreya story is growing, particularly in Japan, where two thousand people attended Creme’s lecture in Tokyo this past May.

    Creme asserted that Maitreya is preparing the world for his arrival with “a whole series of extraordinary signs, miracle happenings by the score.” He claimed that the latest such sign is a set of four spaceships hovering over the Earth that appear to be stars. According to Creme, each of the ships are “about the size of five football fields put together” and derive energy from the sun in order to appear as if they are stars to those observing on Earth. He declared that these ships are fulfilling a similar role as the Star of Bethlehem, which he also said was a spacecraft.

    • My husband and I heard that program. George was going to keep Benjamin Creme on for the rest of the hour for Q & A but his getting sick prevented that. Too bad. The Q&A would have been very interesting. I hope George is OK. If I remember correctly, George mentioned that the last time B.C. was on, people by the hundreds I thought he said, emailed him to report that they had gotten sick while B.C. was on. Hmmmm. My husband asked me why we didn’t get sick. I said because, as believers, we are protected. I reminded him of what Paul had said about believers not being harmed if bitten by snakes or having drunk poison as I mentioned to Hector in one of my last posts. I’ll wager that B.C. won’t be on Coast to Coast again.

    • I think this could be significant. But I don’t hear that much about this Mytrea guy. I wish there was more discussion about what people (or whatever he is), like this are up to. I have heard that this Mytrea guy “appears” to people. He wishes to feed the world and bring the world peace and secruity. This is perfect anti-christ stuff. What is this stuff all about? How can he claim that UFOs are at his beck and call? How can he use mental telepathy to speak to everybody in their own language? Why did George Noory get sick just talking to his spokesman?

    • Benjamin Creme is in contact with his own Spirit Master. He is surrounded with a familiar spirit and apparently those not protected by the blood of the Lamb can be and are affected by this familiar spirit coming through him.

      If you want to know more about the Maitreya and how he connects with the New Age, I suggest you go to Constance Cumbey’s website at http://www.cumbey.blogspot.com/ She has been researching and speaking out about the New Age, the Maitreya, et al for over 25 years. Her books “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” 1983 and “A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah” 1986 are excellent reading, and though out of printe,can be downloaded for FREE from her website. Scroll down the right side of the page until you come to Presentations for downloading.

      Also, go to http://www.futurequake.com, click archived shows and listen to the interview Dr. Future did with Constance Cumbey recently.

      Constance Cumbey is an attorney and born again Christian. You can find her complete bio on her blogspot.

  13. Thanks Virginia, I appreciate the information. I remember Constance Cumby and many years ago I read excerpts from her first book. I going to your sources right away…and “yes Santa there is a Virginia…” LOL…JK…(*snicker*)…I just couldn’t resist that little joke…sorry

    • LOL. That’s OK. I get that from my husband all time. I hope you found Constance Cumbey’s blog of help.

  14. Maitreya, in my opinion is an antichrist but not “the antichrist” I first heard of him about 25 years ago and it was by reading Cumby’s’s book “Hidden dangers of rainbow”.

    So, the First question to be asked is this; Is apostles John’s Antichrist in 1Jn2:18-22 and 1Jn4:1-3 the same “person” as Apostles Paul’s “Son of perdition” in 2Thes2:3,4?

    I believe they are one and the same, and in keeping context of these passages “he is a false prophet”.

    2:Who is he which gives the mark of the Beast to unbelievers in Revelations 13:11-18 ?

    He is the second beast, “the false prophet” who does so.

    Here we have 3 passages of scripture all revealing the same thing; “Antichrist is A false prophet”. Of this I am convinced He is a religious leader. we must be careful of theologies as the are often the precepts of men.

    John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

    • Reasonable facts why Maitreya is not the Antichrist
      + He has no association with the political elite of the beast system ruled by Babylon the great.
      + 666 does not bear on his name.
      + The Apostasy associated with Antichrist which Apostle Paul refers to in 2Thes is not new age, It is christian.
      it is a falling away from the faith established by The Apostles. although, new age precepts do impact upon some christian denominations.
      + As the “Son of perdition” Antichrist is associated with Judas Iscariot. The Lord referred to Judas as such. Maitreya has no such association to Judas.
      + Maitreya has no temple in which to place his seat, the antichrist already has his temple.

      Maitreya is a satanic dupe smoke screening the prophesied antichrist, shifting focus away from the real “man of sin”, that he may appear inauspiciously, unsuspected and unchallenged by a deceived monopoly of Churches with no Apostolic foundation. These Apostate churches will bring him into power unaware of what they do.

      This Evil “Mystery of iniquity” veiled by the “Spirit of antichrist” was at work in the Apostolic days in opposition to the mystery of Godliness. I can readily see it in full bloom , The Great Apostasy of love without sanctity and holiness, blooming with unrighteous toleration, equality and unity false signs and wonders.
      John B.

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