Who Was Interfering With Acceleration Radio?

InterferanceLast evening on my show, Acceleration Radio my guest was Dr. Roger Leir. Right out of the shoot there was trouble on the telephone line. At first I thought my daughter was trying to phone in. She has done this before, as we have call waiting and she knows that if she’s persistent enough I will answer. My wife used her cell phone and contacted her and found out that it wasn’t her calling in. I’m not sure where the trouble was originating from, but I do know this, every time Dr. Leir would begin to answer one of my questions I would hear a high pitched sound followed by Dr. Leir’s voice being cut off from the program. This went on for the duration of the show. At the half way point I hung up dialed star 70, which cancels call waiting and called my producer on his private line, all to no avail! The interference continued unabated. Dr. Leir also mentioned that the last time he was Coast to Coast with George Noory the same thing happened. Somebody doesn’t want this information out!

          Here’s what I think. Dr. Leir is one of the few people on the planet that has handled physical evidence of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. He has performed over 17 operations in which he has removed material that is anomalous and shouldn’t be where he’s found it. He has had the material analyzed and found it to have properties that are unlike anything known today. His research is ground-breaking and provides a physical link to the abduction phenomena. [This is where people are taken against there will and ovum and sperm is taken and used in the aliens breeding program.] He has found that these implants are far more than a tracking device and although he doesn’t know exactly the purpose of them, he postulates that our own circulatory system is responsible for activating them.            

          Dr. Leir also mentioned that he had been in Turkey at the UFO convention that was held there. He witnessed more than seven hours of UFO activity outside his hotel and has much of it on film. He also stated that he saw so many UFOs that he grew tired of looking at them. Turkey has become the UFO hot spot at the moment. Leir said that he was actually able to see the occupants in the ships, they were that close. Of course this has been blacked out from our news media, although because of the Web the information has been disseminated. (see links below) This brings me back to my “mantra,” UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! 

          We both agreed that he would come back on again and we would do another interview. This time, however there will be no fan-fare and pre show promotion, as it seems there are those who would stifle the information from getting out. We must understand that there are those who want all of this suppressed and that this mind-set has been implemented since the crash in Roswell in 1947. There is a faction of people that are behind the scenes that ridicule, and seek to cover up what is going on. Jesse Marcel and his family – His father retrieved the material from the 47′ Roswell crash site –  are living witnesses to this type of treatment.

          In closing Dr. Leir and I agree that the phenomena is real. We disagree as to what is behind it. I maintain that we are looking at the return of the Nephilim and the fallen angels. Dr. Leir believes that these are real extraterrestrials. You will notice that unlike other shows that won’t have me on because of my world view, Dr. Leir was treated with respect and was allowed to present his information without censorship or debate. Dr. Leir’s information reinforces what I believe is the Coming Great Deception and when it manifests, there will be no interfering with it… 




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16 thoughts on “Who Was Interfering With Acceleration Radio?

  1. Lynn…in spite of the constant audio problems, last evening’s show was so interesting.
    I noticed that many times I could hear your portion of the audio over the beeping. However, Dr. Leir’s was masked.
    Intriguing, wasn’t it?

  2. It was odd, especially as he has said it’s happened to him before.

    Another oddity for me and I would say it is minor. But I was working while listening and suddenly realized that I hadn’t put a turkish flag on this ship I was working on, immediately Dr, Leir said, “I just got back from Turkey…..”

    Weird synchronicity.

  3. This stimulates a question I have been contemplating for LA. Recently LA posted about the life and death of John Keel who was heavily involved with the Mothman and other phenomena in the 60’s. I have read Keel’s Mothman book and he spoke about all kinds of annomalies such as phone interference to contacts from enities that knew where he was going to be and what he would be doing before he did it. To me, this seems like a form of intimidation and someone or something was keeping tabs on him.

    I was just curious if LA ever experienced anything like this. I would say the interference from the show qualifies, but are there other strange occurences LA has experienced while pursuing his research that has been posed as intimidating or threatening?

  4. I had a similar experience about four years ago when I was interviewing a lady who was the curator of the Seattle Museum of Mysteries. She was talking about Kenneth Arnold and his sighting of UFOs in Washington (as well as the first known appearance of the Men in Black). A weird burst during the show (it is located under “Strange Audio”


    I kind of discounted it after a few years but now that I know other broadcasts are having strange anomalies, who knows.

  5. lynn,

    one sentence that you wrote in todays blog i felt was significant that immediately resonated with me was:

    “he saw so many UFOs that he grew tired of looking at them”

    the sense i got was that in the future UFOs will be so commonplace that people will become desensitized to their ubiquitous presence…
    and they will become almost blasè about them …

    which is what the enemy wants…


    regarding the phone interference, i am sure that before each show you plead the blood of Jesus over your phone lines…
    however, if Dr. Leir is not a believer, pleading the blood over HIS phone lines would have no effect…

    i think it is quite significant that YOUR phone line was OK, but HIS was NOT…

    i like what russ dizdar says about “prayer mapping” wherein a believer can do a “surgical precision prayer strike” against those entities who dare to trespass against Gods people!

    if the enemy can run a tracer on a phone line, so can the Holy Ghost, if ya catch my drift…

  6. Great show last night, in spite of the interuptions. I agree with Hector maybe if everyone that listens to your show just prayed a prayer a few minutes prior to you going on the air, “Where two or more agree and come together in my name there I am in the midst”. I know we cannot physically come together but we can sure bombard heaven with our prayer on behalf of your show.

    God Bless,

  7. Interesting that Turkey is a UFO hotspot at the moment.

    I was just reading Revelation (chapters 2 & 3) last night…………Pergamon/Pergamum/Pergamos is where Satan’s throne is – where Satan dwelleth.

    Pergamon (used to be Greece) is in Turkey.


    I don’t think there are any coinkydinks.

  8. When Dr. Leir said it happened on the C2C before, I immediately thought that maybe Dr. Leir has caller i.d. and either doesn’t know how to temporarily disconnect it or that it could be some other technology glitch on his end. It may have been a supernatural affect, anyway, I will pray. Maybe he needs to press *70 each time he makes a new call.

    Also, went to see a seemingly innocent PG movie with the kids, “GForce.”(and if was, but wasn’t as funny as other kid movies) The evil villian in the movie referenced, “The New World Order”. Poor kiddies, Hollywood’s getting their digs in for the luciferians at every place they can.

  9. Lynn, you definitely have my prayers! I also pray a welcome and needed rest for you and your family on your vacation.
    My understanding is that this Thursday is the 9th of Av. It is a time of fasting and prayer for the Jewish people. Anything significantly bad that has ever happened to Israel has happened on this day. If you all will, remember them in prayer on Thursday.
    The coincidence of the implants with the scriptures that talk about a “mark” on the right hand or forehead is definitely significant. We are marching very quickly toward the time of the appearing of antichrist and the glorious return of our Lord!

  10. Not that I’m overly suspicious of being watched day and night by the government (YET), I wonder if perhaps Dr. Leir’s phone line is bugged. And whenever he starts talking about information the government doesn’t want him to speak of, they interfere with the call.

    Maybe not, but it doesn’t seem to be a possibility that has yet been brought up here, so thought I would mention it.

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