Dr. Roger Leir: Alien Implants!

DR. LEIRTomorrow on Acceleration Radio my guest will be Dr. Roger Leir!

He has performed over a dozen surgery’s on people who have claimed to have been abducted and had implants placed in them. He has had the material analyzed and it was found to be an alloy that was not of this earth! If you have questions for Dr. Leir please E-mail me ! la@lamarzulli.net

The following is an excerpt from The Alien Interviews!

L. A.: What got you started with the UFO phenomena? 

Dr. L.: I remember my father bringing in the newspaper in 1947 and reading the headline to my mother about how the US Army Airforce captured a Flying Saucer. I was standing there listening to the entire conversation and also recall the next time this occurred when the headline read that it WAS A BALLOON. My father was furious as he thought the Airforce should no the difference between a Saucer and a Balloon. 

 L. A.: What events happened that led you to investigate the so-called alien implant phenomena?  

Dr. L.: I was shown a set of x-rays brought to me by an abduction researcher and he claimed the objects in the x-rays were implants. I was shocked and considered this preposterous, and hilarious. I thought the man was daft.

L. A.: Were you skeptical at first? 

 Dr. L.: Skeptical is too mild of a term. I walked away and had to be coaxed by a friend of mine to return and listen to what he had to say. These objects looked like the remnants of a previous foot surgery. Many times we use wire and other metallic objects for repair of fractures or in the performance of bone surgery. 

 L. A.: Who was the first person to approach you with an implant?

 DR. L.: The first two cases came from Texas. They did not know each other and both had metallic objects in their bodies. Two, in the great toe of a female and one in the back of a hand of a male patient. A friend of mine, a general surgeon who volunteered his time, did the hand surgery.

L. A.: What were the results of the first operation?  

Dr. L.: We removed two objects from the first patient who had them in the let great toe. The first measured approx. ½ Cm in each direction and was “T” shaped. The second was a metallic rod that looked like a little cantaloupe seed. The one removed from the hand looked exactly like the small object removed from the foot patient. All objects were covered with a very strange, tough biological tissue that we could not cut through with a surgical blade. 

 L. A.: Did you send to a lab for analysis and if so what were the results? 

Dr. L.: The first results were from the pathology laboratory and they found there was a surprising absence of all inflammation or rejection as well as nerve fibers present in an area where they are not usually found. 

 L. A.: How many of these have you done over the years?

 Dr. L.: We have just completed your 15th surgery and have amassed pounds of physical evidence from some of the world’s top scientific laboratories telling us that these objects are non-terrestrial and are manufactured by some unknown process. Also, that they function as some sort of a nano transmitter. They contain meteoric iron, have inclusions of saline crystals that are rectangular, have unknown ovoids and spheroids, contain carbon nano-tubes and have biological tissue growing from within the metal.

L. A.:  As I’m sure you are aware, the alien implants overlaps with the  abduction phenomena, what are your thoughts on that aspect of this? 

Dr. L.: It would appear, based on my studies that about 15% of abductees may have such a device in their bodies that is quite similar to what human scientists do with the animal kingdom to gain information they need.

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Roger Leir: Alien Implants!

  1. lynn,

    ew, ew, ew!.. alien implants…

    yes ive read where there have been surgeries wherein the alien implant will move in order to avoid being removed!
    the way that they move is by moving the cilia which are growing out of the implant itself…

    do you believe that the implant is a genetically engineered creature in such cases?
    or, do you believe that the implant itself is not alive, but somehow inhabited by an entity?

    either way, my reaction is…


  2. I am so thankful I have not experienced an “alien” encounter. Of course, if the veil is thinning, I am sure we all will before much longer. I have been thinking about the implants and how the Bible warns us about an antichrist that will require a “mark” in the right hand or forehead. The correlation is really creepy! It leaves no doubt as to the origination of these entities!

  3. I am so glad these truths are coming out!!!!I feel many more Abductees will be willing to come out of the shadows,now? Thank God For you Lynn for following Gods leading and we love what you are doing!! Dixie in Az ps I cant seem to get Acceloration radio, can you help me

  4. I have been impressed with Dr, Leir’s work for some time. I hope I can catch the program tomorrow night.

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  6. Medical records and X-rays at http://www.geocities.com/terryparkerjr disclose covert psychosurgical and brain implant experimentation (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age)without informed consent, nor parental knowledge. while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-“scar tissue removal”)To date, these 43 metallic implants remain a mystery, with no explanation why they are there. I do question , if I have been exploited for covert alien brain implant experimentation.
    Terry Parker Jr./aka Robertson

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