The Tipping Point…

tiping point-1When does the tipping point happen, concerning prophecy being fulfilled, a war starting in the Middle East, a dirty nuke or worse, a live nuke detonated somewhere in the word? What events contribute and finally add  up to tip the scales in an irreversible direction? There is so much that is going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. Just because our news cycle hasn’t mentioned North Korea, in a few days doesn’t mean they have gone away and everything is hunkie-doory. Kim Jong Il is sick with cancer and sick people can do irrational things. Will he fire a nuke toward South Korea? Will he go out in a suicidal blaze of glory? One has to admit that anything is possible when it concerns this guy.

               Then there’s Pakistan. What happens if the Jihadist’s get their hands on a live nuke? Where will they use it? It appears that the Pakistani army was successful in clearing out the Swat valley of radicals. They won the battle but the country remains divided as the radical Moslem’s want Sharia law in that country. What happens if they somehow get control of the government? 

               The elections in Iran were more than likely rigged, nothing has changed and the Iranians are marching toward completion of a nuclear device. There has been saber rattling toward Israel for years and it continues presently. Now the Iranians are calling for the Israeli’s to disarm and give up it’s nukes, and then there will be peace. All we have to do is look at Gaza and realize that land for peace is an absolute farce, as less than 24 hours after the Israeli’s left, the rocket and mortar fire began… so much for land for peace.

              We are Trillions of dollars in debt, and it’s growing. Unemployment is rising and the economy is not rebounding. What’s worse, is that there’s little accountability as to where the bail out money is going. Check out yesterday’s BLOG and look at the video link… it’s just so over the top, I don’t have words to describe it. 

            Russia is flexing it’s muscles as it just created a base in Syria. Remember Isaiah 17, which says that Damascus will be destroyed.

             The genocide in Darfur continues, and the U.N. does nothing.  Upward of 1 million people have been slaughtered…

              I read recently that almost 1.2 Billion people are on the verge of starvation.

              The Euphrates river seems to be drying up… can anyone say, The Book of Revelation?

              The Swine Flu scare has come back to us again and just when I thought it was safe to go in the water!

               Mexico is in the midst of a ‘civil war,’ as the unrestrained corruption that has been going on for decades is now taking it’s toll. The drug Cartels are armed to the teeth. The border fence has narrowed the area that the smugglers have to get their poison into this country. What happens when the fence is completed?

              Then there’s all the supernatural manifestations. Crop circles that are enormous and complex. Day light UFO sightings, seen by hundreds of witnesses all over the globe. Strange entities, over seven feet tall, with long, blond hair, that run at superhuman speeds, being sighted by off duty policemen. Flying humanoids in Mexico, filmed in broad daylight. The 2012 prophecies that warn of impending doom. The rise in the occult. The murder of millions of unborn babies, which I have stated creates a blood curse over the land, and perhaps open portals to allow much of these supernatural manifestations.

               At some point these regional tensions are going to boil over. No one knows where, how or when, but it’s most likely going to happen. In the future there will be a tipping point… God help us when it happens…

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17 thoughts on “The Tipping Point…

  1. LA, I would get your book if my family had an income. Alas, we have been without any income since Feb this year. Perhaps you would be moved to sympathy to share the book with a sister who is in no position to offer anything tangible for it other than heartfelt prayers.
    Yaweh bless.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Another informative BLOG. I hope all are paying attention. I just finished listening to the PP&T conference CD’s. Wow! I know I will have to listen to them many times to digest it all. I can see where a large section of the Christian Church are ripe for deception. I hate to say that, but I believe it is true. It is easy to feel all alone, and yet I know I’m not. It is increasingly difficult to have a spiritually in-depth conversation with most Pastors, let alone those in the congregation.

    Keep up the good and vitally important work my friend.

    Kevin J.

  3. lynn,

    yes, the signs of JESUS’ return are adding up day by day…
    thanks to teh internets, a massive amount of information dissemination is now possible…
    at lightning speed!

    the media is now literally OWNED by antichrist (or trilateralists)
    the anti-Christian bias that was once hotly denied is now reluctantly admitted…
    so virtually EVERY bit of information we receive from the mainstream has a doom and gloom spin on it-
    the underlying subliminal message is this:

    “resistance is futile”

    the same message as when JFK was shot…
    the same message as when 9/11 happened…
    the same message when our economy was sabotaged…

    the enemy LOVES hopelessness…
    he loves to recreate his home environment…HELL…
    hell is where the ultimate hopelessness is experienced, because it is an eternal hopelessness…
    in hell, time seems to stand still, even sound and vision is slowed down to a snails pace…

    so, the enemy tries to give humanity a little taste of what his eternal state is…
    the enemy is full of fear and trepidation…
    one of the enemies names is pan, which is where the term panic attack is derived…
    the enemy lives in a constant state of panic,
    because he cannot decipher Gods encrypted Eternal Word…
    the enemy trips himself up every time-
    the enemy shoots himself in the foot every time-

    he thought he had deciphered the Son of Gods destiny…
    he thought he had a great plan…
    because the future is cloudy to the enemy-
    the enemy thinks if he destroys the US, he will destroy all hope for the world…
    and once hope is gone, he will be able to seize power-

    how woefully ill informed and misconstrued are his plans!
    the Lord God laughs at his plans from on high…
    the Lord God is STILL in control…
    no matter WHAT the media says,
    no matter what human understanding says,
    no matter what obama says…

    we must be careful…
    to listen with our hearts to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit…
    or all of the spin the enemy puts on the news
    will distract us…
    from our eternal destiny-

    with Jesus…

    the tipping point?
    i believe we are already PAST the tipping point…
    prophetic fulfillment is advancing at a new speed record…

    but those who have a relationship with Jesus,
    need only to hold his hand,

    and enjoy the ride! 🙂

  4. That’s alot of accumulation of things that are occurring but the one thing that I’ve missed is the one you’ve listed that says,

    “Strange entities, over seven feet tall, with long, blond hair, that run at superhuman speeds, being sighted by off duty policemen.”

    Would you mind expanding on that one? I’ve been following your blog for over a year and reading alot of internet stuff but haven’t come across that one yet.

    • Joe, Go back and read the BLOG about the crop circles…I think it was last week or the week before!`

  5. Hi Lynn & all,

    I saw this quote in an e-mail group I receive mail from. I found it speaking to my heart right now. It is not on topic for the blog today, but still worth sharing. Blessings!

    QUOTE: “I see the church derided with mockery and scorn. I see critics exaggerating her weaknesses and incapable of affirming any of her strengths. I see many leaving the church instead of loving her for better or for worse. I see lots of my peers who have 20/20 vision for the church’s failings, but are nearsighted to their own pride, self-importance and mutual self-congratulation. … Increasingly, we hear glowing talk of a churchless Christianity. …These days, spirituality is hot; religion is not. Community is hip, but the church is lame. [But] we don’t want Christians to give up on the church.” —Kevin DeYoung, pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Mich., on why he and a member of his congregation decided to co-author the book Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion [, 7/20/09]

    Kevin J.

  6. It is just As Jesus Said it would be before the end, “there will be perplexity of nations” (a tangled mess)(chaos & disorder). Mr marzulli has pointed out in the above. All the while men striving for an unattainable Peace of self effort.

    we need to understand that not every local church is “the church”, neither do they cooperatively be the church (Christ’s bride). His bride is the Holy remnant from among the local churches whose names are enrolled in the Jerusalem above. (the church) is that of which Christ is Sole Builder and the gates of Hell prevails not Mat16:18.

    knowing this; does Christ love that which He Spews out of his mouth? No He dislikes it. The Love of God has been misrepresented in many local churches. There is a tolerance today of all these things & more which Christ did not tolerate in the 7 churches of revelations.

    It is the duty of his remnant to call for order in the Spirit of Elijah & if order is heeded not then we are to Come out. John B

    • The call to “come out” is not something which is appreciated by many. You cannot reform something that has been given over, and I believe this is the reason for this complacency within the realm of Christianity, (Reject the Order & God will give you Over) It will happen sooner or Later.

      An Example of this is as follows; In conversation with a man belonging to a local denomination concerning this issue of coming out.
      His reasoning for “not” coming out was “I am spirit filled and walk in His liberty, It does not make any difference which denomination I am affiliated with”. regardless of the fact that this particular denomination is one ruled by “the strongman” of (feminism & Sodomy).

      This is the attitude today of many within these Clerical structures which refer to themselves as churches.

      Would Not a spirit lead person Depart from such an establishment!
      Would he not heed Apostolic Advise. “what partnership has Righteousness & Lawlessness” 2Cor6:14-18

      The Leading of God’s Holy Spirit would cause such a discomfort That I would be heading For the nearest Exit. That has been my Personal experience.

      “The post-modern Feminist theologians” (the No1 enemy within) have most churches in ruin, The last denomination I visited the Woman preacher Said “Who says God is A He” I was the only one among 300 souls that Got up and walked out, That was a union Baptist church.

      I am not being Harsh dear friends, just speaking the truth, that may upset some and I don’t Apologise for truth. John B

    • That has also been my personal experience in ‘coming out of her’. I cannot go back into any organised churches, unless Yeshua leads me there for some purpose. Which happened a few short months ago. I went in for two services — delivered a message to two different people – then never went back. I had NO clue why He was calling me to go there — it was only when i was there that I realised I was there to deliver a message of Scripture to two different people about foods sacrificed to idols and the pagan inculcation into the church. Once the seeds of Truth were planted, He called me out again.

    • “The last denomination I visited the Woman preacher Said “Who says God is A He”

      My educated guess is that Woman preacher had read the book “The Shack”. Her sin nature probably already had the idea in mind but after reading the book-it emboldened her to make such a comment.

      I can’t tell you how many Christians I’ve met who have read that book. Usually they don’t purposely go out to buy it but its been given to them.

      Then I have to break the news of what a piece of junk it is. Fortunately I have known of a couple Christians who were actually offended & couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters.

      If the majority of a Christian’s focus is spent in the world instead of God’s word they typically don’t see what is wrong w/such a book & proposed concept.

      Although, I did have a Pastor who loved it & even put a quote in the back of “the Shack” & sold it in the Church bookstore. He did preach the gospel in truth so I never did figure that one out.

      I confronted them about it though before we left/moved & sent some discernment info but I don’t think it did any good. He was still defending his position as the book was only “Fiction” &
      not meant to be taken literally.

  7. I am thankful to be in the congregation I am in? They are true seekers of truth and stand for it everyday! My pastor is aware of the hate crimes bill in legislation and yet still proclaims that homosexuality, cults, and the occult, new age are all sin. Although we are to love the sinner and reach out to them with the truth, we must stand on the truth! Of course, we are a non-denominational church, but I know a few of the denominational churches that are still standing for the old paths. Then, there are others! We must pray for the ones that are straying and ask G-d to open their eyes and hearts while there is still time…. for all of us!

    • Christine,

      You’re so blessed to have found such a Church & so far my current one is right on track.

      Just last night I responded to our Pastor’s email blast on end time developments but what I really felt led to ask him was in regarding the small group studies & focusing on learning how the Biblical house church operated in the Spirit & having knowledge of our Spiritual gifts & how we should function in unity for the edification of the body of Christ.

      Hopefully it was a Spirit led question & not one of my own hair brained ideas! My personality is reserved but often times I find myself speaking out even when naturally I don’t want to.

      I remember L.A. mentioning that his group operates this way. Our church is composed of approx 6000 people but our pastor constantly encourages us to be a part of a small group. The problem is that many of the leaders of the small groups are not equipped to teach on personal ministry gifts & how we should view them & work together in the power of the Holy Spirit.

      We have our Bible studies, pray, fellowhip, & such but we could operate to a fuller extent if we went back to house church Christianity 101.

      If this hate crime stuff turns into a worst case scenario then the only public Church gatherings will be those who will compromise w/the State and those won’t even be worth attending.

      Jerry Golden has a book that I found to be very informative on this subject & a great teaching as far as I can tell.

      “Gifts of the Spirit thru the Tabernacle”

  8. Late Night Lisa, I do believe there is a need to get back to basics rather than trying to make evrything so complicated. We need to pray and seek G-d but also listen for Him to answer us. I think more and more as things get harder we’re going to find it’s going to work much better when we band together and work together. We will be able to do much more as a team!
    I do believe we have already passed a point of no return but I do believe there is coming a tipping point as Lynn said. There is something coming that will set everything off. Lord help us when it happens!

  9. Lisa is it not great that the lord leads where he wills.
    12 weeks ago Sunday morning i was walking in the main street of town , I don’t always do that, walked pass the church of Christ, Got the urge to go in, sat down and listen, previous pastor left over shishim.

    The current pastor on the day I know to be “Post-modern”,I also know him personally, at the end of meeting he came over to me and talked of the resignation of previous pastor and that he was there temporarily to re organise the church, I offered my assistance if he was willing to establish the biblical order of a “collective elder ship”, he said he understood my position was biblical, but that he could not and that he would do it his “post modern way”.

    Presently a women is running the show!
    That is what I mean about being given over ( we do it god’s way, the only way or He lets us go our way, “there is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof is destruction”. I believe The Lord sent me in to to tell him the way God wants it done. However he heeded NOT the word.
    John B

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