It Wouldn’t Take Much to Push Us Over The Edge!

unemployIt wouldn’t take much to topple what is left of the United States economy. Unemployment is now topping 10% in some states and as most of you know, California is handing out I.O.U.’s which most banks won’t accept. Get this, the knuckle heads in Sacramento still haven’t come up with a budget. Hey, you idiots, the people of California have had it with your politically correct, nanny state mentality, that has bankrupted us! There is a saying, “As California goes, so goes the rest of country.” Well if that’s true, we’re in deep doo-doo! Of course when someone mentions the fact that illegal aliens cost California about 10 Billion dollars a year,their accused of being a racist! Look, I’m not a racist, but everyone can’t live here. The inability to control illegal immigration has bankrupted the state. Check this link out and see the figures for yourself.

          So now after decades of turning a blind eye, because illegals provide cheap labor, our chickens have come home to roost. The state is broke and the only solution that the bozo’s in Sacramento can come up with is to raise taxes. Well, the people of California soundly defeated that proposed spending spree by a two to one margin, thanks in part to KFI talk radio hosts John and Ken whose program reached millions of listeners in So. Cal. Their campaign of, “Tax Revolt 2009 & Head’s on a Stick,” drew attention to what those, tax and spend, out-of-touch-with-the-people-politicians, were trying to force feed to the public. California needs to send the illegals home, period. We need to quite whining about political correctness and face the grim fact that we’re broke and the reason for this is that Illegal Immigration Costs California Over Ten Billion Annually. Do the math. A fourth grader can figure it out but somehow, we lack the backbone to do the right thing and protect our state and our way of life. Is there a way out of this financial quagmire? It certainly isn’t by raising taxes.

             Now onto the National front. Obama is trying to ram a national health care system down our throats. I believe that if he succeeds this will push is over the edge and bankrupt the country. We’re printing money at a dizzying rate and no one knows where it’s going and who’s spending it. We’re trillions of dollars in debt and it’s getting worse. Watch this YOUTUBE video. These are the guys who are minding the store… or not! They don’t know where the money has gone. It’s just amazing to listen to the double talk and to realize that the inspector for the FED’s doesn’t know where the money has gone! She can’t account for it. I have BLOGGED about getting our houses in order. This is another aspect of it. If the dollar crashes in the fall and there is a bank holiday we should have a stash of cash on hand. But more importantly, we should have at least four to six months worth of food and a water on hand. I don’t like what I’m seeing and that’s why I’m writing about this today.

          To close, let me say that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the government didn’t show up for over a week. The FEDS aren’t going to feed us or protect us. Get your house in order because it’s not going to take much at this point to put us “over the edge…” 

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  1. Lynn,

    You like many people continue to avoid the “Simple” fact.

    This is a Spiritual battle and the End Game is World Government.

    If any of you thinks that the things we are seeing before our very eyes is due to bumbling idiots, power grabbers, etc. – You a seriously misled and delusional.

    Satan has been working towards this goal here in America since the late 1700’s.

    Listen to the programs on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith and you will here from brilliant researchers like Dennis Cuddy and Tom Horn (to name a few) that the people behind this “Movement” are not only Luciferians but are seriously determined to bring forth a New World Order

    This is a “Planned” agenda and they are so serious about this that they know they need not hurry so that they do it right and slowly.

    I wish I had the time to dig up quotes from the past that not only support this premise but when you dig deeper you realize that we are quickly headed for the “Planned” destruction of the United States. They want either to destroy America physically or at the least Politically. These people – David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and many others “literally” worship Lucifer.

    Chuck Missler often quips that if you don’t understand a verse or passage in the Bible – put Jesus Christ right in the middle and you can usually see the Light.

    I propose that if you don’t understand what’s going on in the world – put “World Government” in the middle and it becomes more clear.

    The bottom line is – please take heed to this –

    In my opinion, I believe that we are going to lose this battle for one simple reason – because everyone from Alex Jones to Dr. Stan etc. continue to point to human things to do to stop this agenda – like vote out these criminals in government, tea parties etc.

    – BUT –

    God promised us at least in principle –

    2 Chronicles 7:14 -and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    Unless we can come together as a Body of Believers and turn from OUR wicked ways – that refers to US Christians not the unsaved and blind – I believe God will not save this country.

    There is minimal hope – because when you look at the facts about what those calling themselves Christians believe, that hope goes downwards rapidly.

    I don’t know the exact figures but many so-call Christians do not believe in the Virgin Birth, don’t believe Jesus is the only way etc. etc. etc.

    I know many of us believe in a Pre-tribulation Rapture (Harpazo in the Greek) but the Bible (God’s written Word) does not promis US Believers that we will not go through some sort of persecution.

    I believe that things are going to get EXTREMELY UGLY in this country and the Bible warns that MANY will fall away.

    Are you rooted in your faith enough to be secure in the fact that you won’t be decieved.

    Chuck Crismeier has an excellent book out called “Seduction of the Saints” I recommend that you all check this out because that Bible is clear that some will be deceived. Let’s pray that it does not refer to any of us that are involved in this Blog.

    Wake up everyone and like Lynn has mentioned before – Get Your House in Order. Bad times ARE coming to America – much worse that what we see today – July 20th, 2009

    • Ken, I have appeared many times on Dr. Stan’s show. I agree, there are supernatural forces that have been working for millennia to bring about the New World order. The post today didn’t touch on the supernatural aspect of it but there have been many posts on this BLOG that delve into the subject. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Ken-

    You raise an excellent point in that what is created in the supernatural realm cannot be defeated in the physical world, by physical means.

    To their credit, I do think that, on some level at least, Dr. Stan and Alex do understand the spiritual ramifications. You really have to do both- human action and spiritual warfare. Perhaps they are not communicating that well enough though (?).

    In regards to Lynn, you should pick up his book, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural because he does a good job explaining the supernatural element of events going on today.

    >>There is minimal hope – because when you look at the facts about what those calling themselves Christians believe, that hope goes downwards rapidly.<<

    Here is the hope- that God still calls people to do His will. He still hears the prayers of His people- even if it is only one or two. All of the great revivals started with small groups. Why can't we be that group?

  3. OK. I am having to retype this! My laptop is down and I forgot to enter in all of the name field stuff and it deleted everything! Anyway, I have been gone for a couple of days but great posts! I have really enjoyed reading and catching up on everything!
    I do believe Israel will launch the first strike. Only because they have a better chance of knocking the punch out of Iran BEFORE they have a nuclear weapon. Once they have it, it will be very hard for Israel to have the advantage. Obviously, other Arab countries are not up for Iran having it either! I have observed that the hardest times for Israel seem to be in August. I wonder what this August will bring….we need to be really praying for them!
    America is falling! I don’t know if it will be a quick work or if it will be a gradual slide, but we all need to prepare! I do believe that G-d will take care of us, whatever we have to go through. There are just too many people sitting on the fence, trying to live two different lives, one for, one against G-d. I have seen so many people who will tell you they are Christians and live like the all week long! G-d isn’t going to let us worship another god! We also have so many people who do not fear G-d anymore! People want to live the way they want to and shake their fists in His face and dare Him to do something about it! He has been very patient with our country doing these things and is only now beginning to let us fall because of it! We really need to be praying!
    Our church had a creation ministry night last night. We were visited by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. They were in the area for another group and someone in our church knew them and convinced them to come and visit. Anyway, they had a question and answer session afterward. They were asked about aliens and he told them most of them had been explained by natural occurances. I couldn’t wait to catch him after service! When I got my moment I explained to him about apocalypse meaning the thinning of the veil between the natural and supernatural. He agreed. Then I asked him what he thought about the “fallen angels” or nephilim being the “aliens.” He said it was possible. I asked him if he had ever heard of Lynn and he said no. I told him to do a search on the net and he would find him. I told him all about Lynn’s theory that the veil was being thinned because of the holocaust and abortion and that what people were seeing were fallen angels because no one had ever had a good experience when they encountered them. He nodded his head in the affirmative. He commented that usually Christians were the one group of people not affected by them. I told him, when they were, they could rebuke them in the name of Jesus. You could see his wheels were really turning! Anyway, we discussed the theory for a few moments and, when I got ready to leave, I told him thanks and he said, thank YOU. I do believe it made him really think about it! You could tell it was really sinking in! They have some really good information and helps for the argument against Darwinism so, if you want to check them out, they are at They have really good things to teach your children about creation too! I really believe that, if you can’t believe in creation, then you can’t believe the rest of the Word! Hopefully, we have someone else who is checking into the alien/ufo theory!

    • Not only do people not fear Yaweh anymore, they don’t give Him the Glory – the credit – the praise.

      The veil is thinning. We need not get sidetracked with healthcare, budgets and the economic crisis – we need to get our houses in order, like Lynn has cautioned.


      And we are gonna see some freaky stuff. And we need to be EQUALLY prepared for it………that verse comes to mind about mens hearts failing for fear….

      We live rurally – away from a big population. You can hear a pin drop at night here. Anyway, in the middle of the night – I keep hearing something outside near our barns – like something is trying to open the barn door or moving something around making a racket quite loudly. Our barn is locked with a padlock. And we don’t have ‘stuff’ to move around that would make a racket like I’m hearing. Logic tells me there is nothing to move around out there! I turned the flood light on outside, and looked out through the window and nothing was there. Absolutely nothing I could see. I went back to my chair in my little computer room. This kept happening all week.

      Then, two nights ago, I heard snorting. Yes – SNORTING – it was VERY weird. I was praying – “Yeshua – I will not fear – I don’t know what that is outside – but I will not fear – please help me.” And the fear lifted immediately. But I could clearly hear something pacing outside my window snorting loudly (the curtain was drawn and I did not open the curtain, lol! – I just sat there praying). (I’ve been to africa, and it reminded me of being a Monolith park on the border of Kruger where game roams freely outside your house at night – it reminded me of the lions padding around outside our window – snorting.)

      I’m not crazy. I’m not paranoid. Our property is walled off – so it’s nearly impossible for anything other than a small animal to get into our property.

      Something strange is brewing. Something supernatural. Thinning veil? I think so.

      The Holy Spirit gave me flashes, periodically over the last few months – images in my mind late at night when the house was dark (on my way up to bed) – images of aliens, monsterish looking creatures, etc – and I was all – what is up with that? What He showed me was that we ARE going to see some truly freaky, frightening stuff and we NEED TO STAND like David and DENY the fear that we WILL inevitably feel in this flesh and CHOOSE to trust in HIM — making a declaration either out loud or in our minds that “I will not fear -I Trust You Yeshua!”

      So, yeh – get your houses in order, but more importantly? Get your mind in order and understand you will feel fear in your flesh and this is not a betrayal to Yaweh – it is natural – BUT you have a choice what to do with that natural reaction in this flesh. You can declare Trust in Yeshua and allow Him to deliver you from the fear. Or you can give into the fear.

      Budgets, social health care, illegal immigration and the like? I’m kinda not thinking about that stuff beyond seeing it as a sign of what’s coming. We really need to ask ourselves where our minds are – what we’re focusing on. It’s going to be critical in how prepared we are. Or not.

      Sign me,
      I will not fear. I will not fear. I will not fear.

    • Lisa,

      You made some really great points there!

      I’ve experienced waves of fear when I feel like I’m sensing an evil presence. My knee jerk reaction is seeking Yeshua & every time the fear is lifted immediately.

      Having that experience builds our faith & trust in the Lord that He is faithful & will come to our aid when we call upon His name.

      I’ve questioned myself in having the fleshly fear to begin with & it relieves me to know that it’s normal & not due to a lack of faith.

      It would make sense that God would prepare us each individually ahead of time for what we will be called to handle in the future.

    • Late Night Lisa,
      I’m so pleased this was a blessing to you!!

      Like you – at one point I was worrying that I was doubting Yeshua when my flesh betrayed me with those feelings of fear. I now know that is totally from satan – trying to chip away at my faith (jerk). I’m not falling for that again.

      Yeshua is so kind. He knew I was worried that I must be somehow doubting Him because my flesh betrayed my Spirit. He mercifully showed me it was normal to feel fear in our flesh even when we’re turning to Him. The way He showed me this was by leading me to stories about David – and then onto the Psalms which is shows the human feelings (fear, despair, etc) that David encountered WHILST STILL trusting in Yaweh.

      I tell ya – it was such a comfort to know that when my flesh betrays my Spirit – it does not mean I’m doubting my Saviour. And it was liberating to realise I have a CHOICE in those situations! Hallelujah!

    • I have discovered a show on the Discovery Channel called, “Hauntings.” It is a show about people encountering the supernatural. I have been really moved by some of the shows, one man especially had a horrific encounter with an entity and it made him believe in G-d/satan. He said without Jesus we do not stand a chance! So there are some good stories, and then there are others where they use wicca or mediums to try to stop the hauntings. One thing has really stuck with me. When the name Jesus is used, the hauntings/posessions stop. Also, fear is the door they use to get in. One woman went outside because she kept hearing banging like a door, and someone had even heard the sound of a pig squealing! Anyway, when she came out the door, you could see the darkness go in the door behind where she was standing. Literally, do not open the door and let it in, physically or spiritually. Fear is the first thing you feel, but don’t let it paralyze you or make you doubt G-d. This is how they gain power over us. There are shows where people cannot open their mouths to pray because they are so afraid! Plead the blood and profess your face VERY LOUDLY to whatever it is and cast it out in the name of Jesus. We do have the victory in Him!

  4. The bible reveals the establishment of a N W O, This is a sure word of Prophecy. There will be no healing of the Land prophetic fulfillment will not be delayed, Nobody is going to slow the clock of Omniscience. “The Time is Appointed”

    The responsibility which we have, is to take the appropriate steps of our Sanctification as the people of A holy God (keep being a light in the darkness), Lift High the Cross of Christ in our daily walk even though the days be Evil upon the Earth as the wrath of the Dragon is made manifest more &more.

    The end thereof is the “Triumphant return of Jesus Christ” therein is our “steadfastness & our perseverance” even if it is to be unto death. Our strength is Christ in us the Hope of glory Amen


  5. I hope everyone is calling there representatives and telling them no health care. Let them hear you voice and tell them no!

  6. Lynn,

    I was wondering if you have heard the controversy of Obama not being a natural born citizen? I read World Net Daily on a daily, no pun intended, basis, and they have been all over this.

    I was just wondering if you have heard this and if you have any thoughts on it. The fact that it is obvious to me that he wants America to fail and is making sure this happens through the economy and socializing every industry he can get his hands on, I just wonder if there is something even deeper going on here and if you have any thoughts.

    Thanks for all you do.

  7. Lynn,

    Im not sure if anyone else noticed this but One fact that I found quite alarming was the inscription on the NWO coin said :

    “Unity In Diversity” which is code for

    “Unity in Gay Rights”

    Did anyone else catch this?
    I thought to myself, how appropriate that antichrists money would refer to homosexuality and perversion right on the face!!!

    Regarding the illegal immigrants, i have thought about this for a while,
    It would seem to be in the trilateralists agenda that america be incrementally absorbed into the
    ‘north american union’ …
    i think this explains why there have not been stricter measures taken against illegal immigration…
    our standard of living is being eroded bit by bit every day-

    america as a superpower must not be allowed to stand, in the NWO perspective…

    the funny thing is:
    satan thinks that he is doing this all by himself, he thinks that he is doing things according to HIS plan…
    but he is inextricably being drawn into his own demise, by the Word of God~
    oh, satan will deny it, he will say that this whole thing is a new ‘quantum consciousness’
    and a ‘new age’ of ‘freedom’ from God…
    but his time is STILL running out…

    wow i listened to a little bit of whitley streibers radio show on crop circles….whew!!!
    many sorry to say it but all the guy talks about is ‘convergence of consciousness’
    and the ‘quantum leap’ of the evolutionary process…ughhhhh…

    man i had to turn it off because i was actually getting queasy from all the demonic doublespeak!!!
    but ya know, people are buying into it in the millions…

    i used to have a (gay) boss who totally WORSHIPPED ufos…
    because a ufo would never ‘judge’ his homosexuality…

    unity in diversity, indeed…

    • I was talking to a friend the other day who goes to a large church. They have been sent a letter warning them that gay activists are planning to invade the churches. The department of homeland security is aware of their intentions. They plan to disrupt service with 10-20 people and, if they are thrown out, come back with 50, and then 100 and then 200 and so on, until they cause so much disruption people will fear coming to church. This has already started in Michigan with an invasion of a church there. invasion coming to a church near you? They are preparing the churches for the possibility of this type of invasion. I have talked to my pastor’s wife about it and we are going to prepare for this possibility with prayer and have the people ready to stand and pray if it happens. I think carrying them out is what they expect and if, instead we cover them with prayer, maybe something will change. They gay activists have a website called bashback that clearly states their intentions of invading churches, government, and whatever else they have to so they can push their agenda. The Michigan church they invaded has also filed a lawsuit against them for coming on their property with the intention of destruction and they are raising money for a defense fund to defend themselves in court! We need to send money to the Michigan church to help them stand and also pray for them! At any moment, any of us can find ourselves in this battle and we need to stand together, no matter what the church or denomination! A warning; if you go to their website beware! They use some very ugly language on there, but their intentions are clear!

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