Will Israel destroy Iran’s atomic bomb facilities this summer?

AhmedinejhadAs of this post Israeli war ships are conducting war games in the Red Sea. Is this in preparation for an attack on Iran? Now that the Thug in chief, Mahmoud Ahmedinejhad was “reelected,” things are pretty much the status quo in the region. I would remind you of the ongoing vitriol that comes out of Tehran almost weekly. Phrases like, “Israel is a cancer soon to be irradiated,” is one of my favorites and clearly shows the mind-set of the Iranian hard- liners.  I’ve written about this looming crises since the inception of this BLOG and this post is the latest  in an ongoing series of articles. The situation is reaching some sort of breaking point.  A few weeks ago Russian ships were sailing in the Persian gulf and Iran was testing long range missiles. In Lebanon, nothing has changed. Hezbollah is armed to the teeth, in a greater capacity since the 2006 summer war with Israel. it is common knowledge that the Iranians supply Hezbollah with with much if not all of their weapons.

Here are some interesting facts concerning the situation: (Thanks to “Hunter Gordy” for this)

Israeli pilots have been training in the last few months for attacks on bunkers and are on high alert.

• Isreal has bought 1000 bunker-busting bombs from America, each weighing 113 kilograms.

• The heavily protected underground nuclear facilities in Isfahan, Natanz and Bushir are the targets.

• In the Pacific Ocean, the Americans are training the Israeli army how to use Arrow 2 missiles which shoot down incoming rockets.

• In the Pacific Ocean, the Americans are training the Israeli army how to use Arrow 2 missiles which shoot down incoming rockets

• It is being discussed in Israel whether to remove Arab signs and place names – a tactic which has often been used against Arab suicide bombers. In the event of war and Iran sending militants to attack Israel from Lebanon or western Jordan, the Arabs would not be able to move around so easily.


Are the Israeli’s preparing for a strike on Iran? The Iranians have said that they will, “strike you in the face so hard you will loose your way home,” if there is an attack on that nation. The situation can be looked at like this. The United States and certain western powers are backing Israel. The Russians are backing Iran and a loose confederacy that includes, Hezbollah and Syria. Recently Saudi Arabia gave the signal to the Israeli’s that it would be OK for them to use Saudi air space for a strike on Iran. The Iranians are no dummies and they are well aware of the Israeli’s penchant for preemptive strikes. The question is who will go first. Will Israel attack or will the Iranians? It’s summer and it’s heating up in more than one way, in that unstable part of the world. Is this the beginning of the war that was prophesied more than 2600 years ago by the prophet Ezekiel? Will we see this prophecy fulfilled in the near future. It appears to me that we will… 


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12 thoughts on “Will Israel destroy Iran’s atomic bomb facilities this summer?

  1. Thanks for you posts regarding this subject. The mainstream news has all but forgotten,(deliberate I’m sure!), the Iran and the North Korea stories lately. The clock keeps-a-tick’in!..shalom

  2. Israel is between a rock and a hard place. If they lose, it ain’t going to be like the Democrats and Republicans over here.

    They would lose it all. So, therefore, they will go “all up” and strike when they are ready. Time will be soon running out.

    Whether they are struck first like in ’73, I don’t know. Politically, it would be better, but not good strategically, unless they can counter with fury.

    Maybe Fall qtr, although I thought that last year.

  3. LA – here is an interesting article on the solar eclipses. The reason I bring this up is because we’re supposed to be watching the signs and I thought you might be interested.


    there is another article – secular – that has some interesting info as well:

    Basically, there are three total solar eclipses three years in a row (one last year, one this year on 22 july, and one next year). They fall on different days on the gregorian calendar BUT if you look at the Hebrew calendar? They ALL fall on the 1st of Aviv!

    Please read those articles LA. I believe you said you are a watchman, thus why I posted them.

    Yaweh bless all who diligently continue to seek Him.

    • Lisa, Thanks for these links. Very interesting! I was not aware of this. I’ll try to make some time and look into this further. I have stated that I feel something is coming and it’s not good… I hope I’m wrong and it’s just from eating to much guacamole and chips!

    • I’ve been eating homemade guac and chips, lollol!

      A friend of mine who’s been deeply studying eschatology (prayerfully) has verified the dates! She wrote back to me last night saying it made her stomach all kinds of tight.

      Anyway, do look into it. Something is DEFINITELY up.

      Yaweh have mercy on us all and keep us close to Him!!

  4. Just curious – are you moderating all comments now? I just saw that my comment is awaiting moderation…

    • No Lisa. Sometimes for a reason that I don’t understand some comments get stuck in the in box! Go figure. I read all the comments and only censor personal attacks on me or other commentators. It’s a level open forum! Sorry for the delay!

  5. lynn,

    sorry i havent been on ive been at our bible conference from church…

    the question on my mind is whether in the event of a nuclear launch event there would be a UFO intervention –
    it would make a lot of sense…

    unfortunately, the next event on the trilateralist agenda is the destruction of the united states, as you have stated…
    the tanking of the US economy as you have said is set to go in the fall…
    the ensuing civil unrest as people realize the criminal conduct of our politicians will be quite catastrophic indeed…

    the chaos that would be created would be the signal that the US is ready to be culled for illuminati ritual slaughter…
    the internet is already under attack by communist agents of the NWO…

    i would LOVE to say that God is showing me a pre-meltdown rapture however that is not the case…
    what God has shown me is Jesus holding our hand as we go through the fire, like shadrach, meschach and abednego…
    we will go through the fire, but we will not be burned!

    so yeah, what God is showing me pretty much lines up with wilkersons Prophetic Word…

    how soon will that fire be starting?

    THAT is what makes this all so interesting, hmmm?

    • HI Hector_ Thanks for the post. I agree, something is brewing and it’s not good. Will the dollar tank in the fall? We’ll have to watch and see. In the meantime, Israel seems to be eyeing Iran…

    • Hector, that’s pretty much what the Holy Spirit has been showing me too; that He will walk beside us through the fires that are coming. He’s been showing me that even when we feel fear in our flesh – we MUST make a choice to STAND IN HIM and NOT FEAR — declare it openly – verbally “I will NOT fear”…and I probably really need to memorise Ps 91 and Ps 119 about now.

      Yaweh bless all who diligently seek Him!!

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