The Evisceration of Sarah Palin

sarah PalinLast night on the FOX channel, specifically a segment on the Bill O’Reilly show, the co-host, Gretchen Carlson of FOX and friends, used the word eviscerate in describing what the media had done to Sarah Palin. The word means to dis-embowel. In other words to gut someone. We live in a time where this is now looked upon as sport amongst the elite media in our country. The effete snobbery and biased ideology of the television anchors, reporters and commentators have created an envoirment that is toxic, to any who may disagree with their point of view. Unfortunately Sarah Palin was caught in the cross fire, a triangulation of beltway bias, and a written tirade of words from newspapers that demeaned, belittled, degraded and in the end eviscerated the former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate. Why? Most likely at the top of list was her belief in God and her pro-life stance. These two beliefs, which are held by many Americans are now looked upon as being archaic, and narrow minded. Those who would embrace God and life, are dismissed and looked down upon by those who have set themselves up as judge and jury. I would call your attention to when Palin was asked about the Bush doctrine, by Charles Gibson. You can see the distaste toward the Governor, ooze from every pour on Gibson’s face. Palin was also subjected to a long series of enervating, late night television humor, all at her expense and that of her families. Recently, David Letterman made a very unsavory remark which resulted in Palin firing back at him. In the end Letterman, apologized, but the damage had been done. Can you imagine having hundreds if not thousands of castigating remarks, articles, commentary all aimed at you and your family every day for months on end? Is it any wonder she reigned from her elected post as Governor  of Alaska? I have said this before, our country is polarized. We are in a culture war between those who believe and embrace the sanctity of life and those who do not. Between those who believe that government should not be responsible for cradle to grave entitlements and those who want a nanny state. Between those who believe in God and demonstrate there faith in that God, and those who want no moral compass in the public discourse. One would think that the feminists in this country would have cried foul, with the way the media treated Palin, but we never heard a peep out of them. Why? All they seem to care about is abortion on demand. If Palin had been pro-choice, and perhaps championed late term abortions, she would have been hailed as a progressive. Of course these positions are exactly the opposite of what Palin believes. Her core values are in sync with millions of Americans, but the elite media that control much of what we see, hear and read takes issue with this and seeks to stamp it out and in this case eviscerate it… Freedom of the press? Unbiased news media?

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  1. Its disgust me how Palin is rake over the coals on a nightly basis.
    I no longer watch night time talk shows as I don’t think their humor is the least bit funny.
    I have written letters to the sponsor of these shows who I feel went over the line. It most likely won’t do much good but I can’t sit and do absolutely nothing.
    If Palin thinks dropping out of the political scene will stop these attacks she is in for a big surprise. These talk show hosts are nothing but cheap shot artist disguised as comedians.
    There hasn’t been a decent talk show host since Johnny Carson. Johnny did political jokes, but politician’s families were taboo material and he knew this never crossed the line.

  2. Thanks Lynn for your post on Gov. Palin. I think you’re right they hate her because she is first and foremost a Christian. I guess Jesus was right in saying they will hate you because of me. Funny how this same group of “Elite Media” want to preach at us about tolerance but they only mean tolerance of there views, not the other way around.

    I don’t know what the Governors plans are but I listened to her when she told everyone on July 3rd that she was resigning and not running for Governor for a second term. I noticed when she made this announcement that she said “After much prayer”, so I feel sure that whatever her plans she is going to be trying to follow God’s plan for her life. I have to be honest I hope his plans include a run in 2012. 🙂

    God Bless you for all you!

  3. Freedom of the press? Unbiased news media? You were being facetious, perhaps or sarcastic? Some prominate newsman state back in the 50’s his belief a free press no longer existed in the United States based on the fact of corporate ownership. The combined ‘news’ media is presently owned by what? five corporations? So, of course, they are not free to expound anything but the ‘truth’ their owners want portrayed the way their owners want it portrayed. Knowing this, the only thing that troubles me is why Sarah Palin would allow herself to be subjected to any of their ‘interviews.’ Gibson, O’Reilly, Carlson…..and Letterman; entertainers all.

    I love Sarah Palin. She’s truly beautiful inside and out. Yet, as I think of her and pray for her and for her family, I am reminded that we are all and each of us called to stand for the Truth. Sarah Palin obviously pledged herself and her family to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, I’m thinking that as our turn comes up to stand the test, we will be but standing in her shadow. She gave everything; we can’t do less.

  4. All I can think about these days is the sad state of affairs we find in our country. For too long, we have allowed the media elite to call good evil and evil good. I, for one, am guilty of complacency in this regard, all in the name of peace and not making waves in my attempts to share my saviour. I now understand, albeit jonny come lately, what Jesus meant when he said that he came not to bring peace but a sword….

  5. lynn,

    wow, an awesomely written tribute to sarah palin…

    yes, i hope that i too will be able to stand against the onslaught of viscousness…
    we will ALL have to be tested during the coming years, im afraid…
    the word is out, its OPEN SEASON on Christians,
    the media is in full tilt HITLER YOUTH PROPAGANDA mode, with nary an end in sight…

    i believe that sarah palin in all likeliness received death threats from certain trilateralist agents…
    this would explain the vague generalities in her resignation speech…

    another fallen hero is carrie prejean…
    her last twitter was on june 30th…
    i believe she in all likelihood also received death threats and this would explain her silence…
    there are emails on the web where she is telling the miss california officials that she will not be silenced on the gay marriage issue…

    is this what it has finally come to?!
    isolating, bullying and silencing poor women who have the courage to speak their minds?

    here in retrospect, is a rather sad news item i found where sarah palin is encouraging carrie prejean:


    Sarah Palin backs, relates to, Miss California

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin released a statement Wednesday night defending Miss California against “the liberal onslaught of malicious attacks.”

    Carrie Prejean finished second in the Miss USA contest after voicing her opposition to gay marriage in response to a question by pageant judge and openly gay blogger Perez Hilton. Prejean was attacked by some on the left for her answer, but emerged as a star among social conservatives following the contest.

    Palin said she spoke to Prejean soon after the contest and “can relate as a liberal target myself.”

    “What I find so remarkable is that these politically motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe — marriage is between a man and a woman,” Palin said.

    The Alaska governor went on “applaud” Donald Trump for not stripping Prejean of her Miss California crown after risque photos of her emerged following her answer in the pageant.

    “I respect Carrie for standing strong and staying true to herself, and for not letting those who disagree with her deny her protection under the nation’s First Amendment Rights,” Palin said.

    “Our Constitution protects us all — not just those who agree with the far left.”


    sadly, even some of my own friends have not had the backbone to stand against the NWO and its agenda…
    the pressure within hollywood is intense to “speak the party line”…
    and oppose ANY semblence of traditional values…

    bottom line is, we have NO IDEA of what went on behind the scenes for these women…

    but if we DO NOT stand up and enforce Gods Authority, WE will be next…

  6. I have to believe that Mrs. Palin, honorable as she seems to be, also stepped down because she was costing the state of Alaska too much money (from all the stupid, bogus lawsuits heaped on her and the state).

    She has not lost any ground in my mind by stepping down, and in fact, she may just be reloading. I felt like the last presidential election was distinctly marked by two polar opposites–(a discount McCain completely in this, by the way) with Sarah on one side and Obama on the other. To me it was like a line was drawn in the sand, and people were asked to choose. I know this has nothing to do with salvation and many Christians voted democrat, but as a country, I felt like we crossed a very important line in November. The truth of that feeling has been driven home to me since that time.

  7. I am from the old school of when biblical precepts use to be applied even to the rule of society, let alone the Churches “Christ is the Head of every man, and the Man is the Head (covering) of the woman” 1Cor11:3.

    Lest God’s order be in place, we have Lawlessness (sin) that is where society is At.
    I think that Mrs Palin is hearing God in her decision to quit.

    For A christian woman to place herself where she was, meant she had “no Covering” and the devil had a field Day.

    No, I am not a male chauvinist, Just pointing out the biblical truth that God has an Order within society.
    as Christians we all want to abide in it John B

    • O.k. so here goes this was bound to get a response right!! LOL. Please do not take offense to what I am about to say but I have to be honest John, I take exception to your statement that a “Christian Woman” cannot be a head of a state.

      There are many verses in the bible relating to women being in positions of authority. There was Deborah in the Old Testament who was a Judge in Israel, speaking of the end times God said that he would pour out his spirit on ALL flesh and that his sons and DAUGHTERS will prophecy, Jesus himself when he rose from the dead first announced himself to WOMEN and instructed them to go tell the disciples what they had seen.

      Phillip had women that were virgins that were prophets. There were also Deaconesses, if that’s the correct spelling, in the early church. Also in the early church women baptized women and men baptized men. You can’t be baptized but just any old man or woman, it’s got to be someone with the authority to do so.

      So it appears to me that God allowed for women to be teachers and leaders in the church and obviously out. God said there is neither man nor woman, Jew nor Gentile, he see’s us the same. I don’t believe that God is prejudice on who he uses in the church and in the world. God used Esther in the Bible to save the Jews. These are just a few examples of God using women to do his will.

      I believe that the man is head of the household. But There is nothing that has shown that Sarah Palin does not submit to her husband. As Governor she has to submit to the authority of the people of Alaska and there legislatures in Alaska. So she’s not exactly going out will nilly doing her own thing. She stated in her announcement that she discussed this with her HUSBAND and her family and after prayer they decided this was best. She plainly showed that she didn’t make this decision on her own.

      Like I said no offense just thought I would offer a different perspective.

    • Hi Stacey… Well said. I agree with you. In a marriage relationship the man is the head and the woman’s covering but not in other areas, so i disagree with John. Also a woman is supposed to be submissive to her husband, but and this a huge but, she does so because her husband loves her the way Christ loved the church. She is under her husband as he is her covering but only him and not other men. In the early church women played a huge part…

    • thanks stacey,

      i agree with lynn on this one…

      im not trying to be hurtful, however…

      as if there arent enough secularists bashing on sarah palin, she also gets it from those within the church who hold to archaic as well as misguided religious dogma…

      “legalism kills” to paraphrase paul…

  8. It is agreed that all are equal positionally in Christ, However; our roles differ according to gender in God’s order.

    The Family unit (Man, Woman, Children) should be reflected in society and in The churches. It Is Not!….. It use to be more so when I was a Child. What Has Happened? I can see the Changes and They are not for the Better.

    The rise in Divorce, child Abuse, pornography within the last 40 years is a direct consequence of this “False Concept” of Equality.

    It is This Same Spirit of this world settling in the churches which is also promoting equality & unity of the New World Order.
    I am only saying what the Apostle Has said. Time changes Not the Precepts of God. I am not A child of the World, I am A child Of God and abide in the Authority of His Word As Dictated by His Apostles

    The sanctification of God’s people is according to “His order of the Genders” Please Read the entire chapter of 1Cor11. and while you are at It, Read Isiah chapter 3:8-12 and Tell the Prophet that he misunderstood The Lord will as to why Children and Women would rule over them.

    Isiah 3 is very applicable for our days of lawlessness in these end times. Do judge What i say on the Authority of Apostolic doctrine and not according to the dictates of this World that so easily erodes true authority.

    John B

    I am not bashing Mrs Palin. I identify with Her Suffering this way

    • Furthermore; would we be not in agreement that the homosexual agenda in most churches & in society at large is a “Gender issue” in the devil’s hand!… well, the world don’t think so. what about yourselves, answer the Question.
      Is it a gender issue in the devil’s Hand?

      Oh the Love ,Oh the mercy, Amen

    • John,

      Actually, I would have to say that homosexuality is first and foremost a “sin issue” and secondly, it is an “identity issue.” Consider for a moment the lie that people are “born as homosexuals.” No, they’re not. They’re born as sinners, though, and if they never come to Christ AND understand their true identity as God sees them, they can and will often become confused about this issue. Homosexuality is, plain and simple, a manifestation of the flesh–that is to say, it is a coping mechanism for getting one’s needs met (needs for love, acceptance, worth, and value) apart from God. And sadly, this flesh pattern can be seen in both truly born-again believers as well as nonbelievers.

      Furthermore, since homosexuality effects both males and females, I don’t see how it can be persuasively argued that it is a “gender issue.”

      Just my thoughts!

    • Was The US Founded by the Forefathers or the Fore Mothers?

      There was a Time When “Men” Took up Arms to defend Country Women & children, Now we have Women bearing arms In Iraq, Afganistan in this “Spirit” of Equality.

      I recall to mind A Photo of the Female Captain Soldier Having Naked Iraqi Soldiers at the end of a rope like an Animal. (such is the Ferocity Of The Jezebel)

      Do we have one rule For Church & another for society/ No… “we are a Light in the Darkness”.
      The Precepts I keep in the Church, I also Keep in Society.

      we can make all the Excuses in order to justify that The Authority structure in my church is pleasing to god. Well I am Sorry If IT don’t conform To The Authority Of God’s Word, there is no Sanctity in it.

      It is Not The Plan Of God that “a woman Exercise Authority over a man”. That is The Word of god according to His Apostles for the Churches 1Tim2:8-15, one would expect that to conform into Society by Christians.
      John B

    • The culture of equality infiltrating the Churches & society at large has at it Source the powers & principalities, the Spirit of Wickedness in the heavenly realm John B

  9. I really feel in my heart for Sarah Palin. I don’t know all of the reasons she left, but I heard that she is in debt $500 thousand dollars for lawsuits. The liberals have bankrupted her. The problem is, they are not happy with simply voicing their opinions and verbally ripping her apart, they are out to destroy her. They want her so broken she will never consider a political run, and anyone with ideas like hers, will be afraid to, when they see what they have done to her. I pray everyone who is a believer cares enough to support her, by prayer or monetary support,and I pray she gets the book deals, show deals, whatever it takes to come out on top! I pray that G-d uses her as an example to show others what He will do for them when they rise above it!

  10. lynn,

    thank you for EXPOSING this issue…

    we have reached the point of critical mass in the media, wherein the “unbiased reporting” facade has come off and they are unabashedly trying to ram their trilateralist propaganda down their throats…


    the reason it is so important is that the trilateralists are aware of the fact that they have reached a point in their US mind control program wherein they feel no need to HIDE their agenda…


    doesnt this ALARM anybody?

    doesnt this serve to WAKE UP the church?

    are we REALLY going to go out with a wimper, instead of triumph?

    think of the JEWS as they saw the press in germany running full speed at them-
    why didnt they DO anything? well, why arent WE doing anything?

    interetingly enough, the new hate crimes bill has verbiage in it protecting gays, and jews…

    but NOT Christians?
    are we really that naive to think that this will all go away by itself?

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