The Pope calls for a New World Order?

POPE!Well, well, well, what do we have here? The Pope is calling for a world political authorityto manage the global economy. How do I spell New World Order? Don’t you just love it?  Some of you who may not be familiar with the prophecies from the Supernatural Guide-book, let me fill you in. Almost 2000 years ago this idea of a one world government was penned in the book of Revelation. Now, in our day there is talk of this very thing, by none other than the pope. I thought he was on our side? I wonder if he’s even read the book of Revelation? Perhaps he believes that it is all allegorical so there’s nothing there that would apply to our time. Sadly, this is very alarming to me. You also may remember the Pope’s recent visit to the Holy Land, where he suggested that the Vatican rule over the holy sites in Jerusalem. This guy really gets around doesn’t he? Now he’s calling for a one world political authority. Wake up people, it’s happening right in front of our eyes and the churches are asleep! I predict that they will crash the dollar, most likely in the fall of this year. We may also be facing some sort of “terrorist” attack from the elusive bogey man, Osama Bin Laden, or one of his off spring. It’s been how many years and we still can’t figure out where that canny fox, Bin Laden is hiding… PLEASE!

         Our banks and nation are run by the Federal Reserve, which has nothing to do with our government. it is a group of International private bankers who hijacked us in the early part of the 20th century. They determine the interest rate and they print the funny money, because it’s not backed up by anything! Why do you think China, India and Russia are calling for a new global currency. I’ll say it again… Get your house in order. 

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict called on Tuesday for a “world political authority” to manage the global economy and for more government regulation of national economies to pull the world out of the current crisis and avoid a repeat. Benedict said “there is an urgent need of a true world political authority” whose task would be “to manage the global economy; to revive economies hit by the crisis; to avoid any deterioration of the present crisis and the greater imbalances that would result.”

Here’s the link and thanks to “Hunter Michael” for the link!

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  1. Wow! I have said for along time now that I see the Catholic Church and a remnant of apostate Christianity, and radical Islam coming together in some weird almalgamation in the last of the Last Days. I believe we are there!

    According to the prediction of Malachi Martin, there will be one more Pope following Benedict. It appears he is paving the way. Get your house in order indeed!

    Kevin J.

  2. lynn,

    wow i cant believe that the pope would actually say something as boldly trilateral as that!
    that is quite scary that you say you see the dollar crashing by this fall!

    however, i really do agree that SOMETHING BIG is ‘in the air’…
    and that there is impending tumultuous change afoot!

    GOD help us all, and prepare our hearts for his return!
    things are getting SERIOUSLY “interesting”…

  3. It seems to be coming from every sect of society. Everyone is pushing the “New World Order.” I have been a republican since I could vote and was distraught to hear both Bush’s taught the New World Order. They are all in on it. I wonder if it even does us any good to vote? They probably have already decided the outcome and elections are just managed to appear like we are voting someone into office. It’s all just to strange! I posted this on another blog but felt like it is worth mentioning here since we are on this subject. Did you notice the world religion symbols at the Michael Jackson funeral the other day? It was suppose to be included in his upcoming concerts while he and his backup sang, “We are the World.” It was performed at the end of the funeral with the video for the concert playing on the screen with the symbols on it. It concerns me because I have seen this symbol several times now and suspect it is something they (whoever they are) are getting us use to. Here is a picture of the symbols. world religions symbol and also here; world religions It is really creepy and the use of this symbol is really accelerating! I find it alarming because I believe this is a huge part of the New World Order Agenda.

    • Here’s the ending of Michael Jackson’s memorial service which shows that symbols.

      Excerpt from Christine’s link:
      “We could not find these flags but we did find a grouping of thirteen religions around the world that are involved in this global Ecumenical effort that has finally produced the United Religions. We have shown these religions, below:

      1) Ancient Religions
      2) BaHai Faith
      3) Buddha30
      4) Christianity
      5) EastReligion
      6) Hinduism
      7) Islam Religion
      8) Judaism
      9) Magic Religions
      10) Pantheism
      11) Sikh30
      12) Tao30
      13) Zoroaster Religion ”

      Not sure if all these were in the video but I can see at least some were.

    • I am really surprised to see the Christian faith included in this! We of all people should know the prophecies and, while we show love and compassion to people of all faiths, we cannot be a part of something that globalizes into a world religion!

    • Really Christine. Please step out of this glass house you live in. Christianity is unfortunately a fabricated religion my dear. Everything that is in the bible is bits and pieces of Hinduism and before that Zoaristism and you get the picture. As long as you believe one religion to be superior to another or one being made superior to the other you will not be able to recognize the divinity within us. Namaste.

    • Subarthra – To say that everything in the Bible was compiled from Hinduism and Zoaristism is blatantly false. What makes the Bible unique is the very specific prophetic thread that runs from Genesis to Revelation. There is no other book on this planet that comes even remotely close to Biblical prophecies, some of which are happening in real time today. As far as the divinity within us, this is the same lie that was told millennia ago by the fallen one, “You shall be like god’s.” Somehow I get the feeling that you’ve never plumed the Bibles depths! L.A.

  4. What’s with the happy face for Judaism?
    As far as the Pope, see if you can dig up a copy of The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop.

    • Yes the two Babylons The only place you will find that is probably in the possession of an old faithful reformed protestant. be glad if anyone knows its availability

      John B

    • John, I have HIslop’s Two Babylon’s, I agree it is a must read. It shows very specifically how we got where we are now. You should be able to get in from Amazon…

    • Here’s the link:

      Look at the titles of each chapter, interesting. Did I mention you can read it online.

      Chapter I
      Distinctive Character of the Two Systems (35k)
      Chapter II
      Objects of Worship
      Section I. Trinity in Unity (22k)
      Section II. The Mother and Child, and the Original of the Child (14k)
      * Sub-Section I. The Child in Assyria (57k)
      * Sub-Section II. The Child in Egypt (22k)
      * Sub-Section III. The Child in Greece (28k)
      * Sub-Seciton IV. The Death of the Child (10k)
      * Sub-Section V. The Deification of the Child (61k)
      Section III. The Mother of the Child (73k)
      Chapter III
      Section I. Christmas and Lady-day (35k)
      Section II. Easter (41k)
      Section III. The Nativity of St. John (42k)
      Section IV. The Feast of the Assumption (11k)
      See Chapter V, Section IV regarding Cupid (St. Valentine’s Day)
      Chapter IV
      Doctrine and Discipline
      Section I. Baptismal Regeneration (47k)
      Section II. Justification by Works (39k)
      Section III. The Sacrifice of the Mass (25k)
      Section IV. Extreme Unction (6k)
      Section V. Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead (10k)
      Chapter V
      Rites and Ceremonies
      Section I. Idol Procession (15k)
      Section II. Relic Worship (16k)
      Section III. The Clothing and Crowning of Images (17k)
      Section IV. The Rosary and the Worship of the Sacred Heart (10k)
      Section V. Lamps and Wax-Candles (18k)
      Section VI. The Sign of the Cross (21k)
      Chapter VI
      Religious Orders
      Section I. The Sovereign Pontiff (36k)
      Section II. Priests, Monks, and Nuns (19k)
      Chapter VII
      The Two Developments Historically and Prophetically Considered
      Section I. The Great Red Dragon (79k)
      Section II. The Beast from the Sea (44k)
      Section III. The Beast from the Earth (22k)
      Section IV. The Image of the Beast (26k)
      Section V. The Name of the Beast, the Number of His Name–the Invisible Head of the Papacy (47k)
      Conclusion (28k)

    • When you type a bracket next to the number 8 it is the code for a smiley!! Putting a space between 8 and the bracket prevents this.

  5. The pope, of all people, should be aware of the conditions revelation says will exist at the time of the rise of the anti christ. I can’t believe he’s stupid, which leaves only one other conclusion.

    • The pope believes with all his heart that he is who he is ( the Vicar of Christ on the earth successor of The Apostle Peter). In his thinking, It is an insult to him suggesting otherwise.

      Like all False religions of this world the indoctrination begins at an early age. the precepts of various faiths are learned from childhood. they are void of divine revelation and very often contradict the Scriptures of the Bible.(A man can have nothing lest it be Given Him)

      I doubt that the pope is concerned about the pagan origins of catholicism, The fact that he believes that his seat is that of Peter’s and that he bears the authority of the Son of god, either justifies or nullifies all pagan concepts within that Faith.( This is the papal concept of the ecumenical agenda for religious unification within the one world order)

      I was a catholic once, Such is the power of deception, that only the Light of Christ can shatter the darkness.
      I sympathise with catholics and I don’t believe that all of them are Hell-bound. Our God is A just God and such shall be his Judgment upon all man. John B

  6. That was a truly ecumenical memorial service. A great humanist celebration flavouring of the Babylonian Spirit, soothing of false peace in the hearts of lost Souls at the precipice of destruction.
    Lord have mercy. John B

    • well its relly not THAT surprising, since the pope was filmed sitting on a throne with an upside down cross engraved on it!!!

      how stupid do they think catholics are? do they expect them to say:

      “duhhh, well i guess even though it looks like an upside down cross, if the pope is sitting in front of it, it must NOT be evil…”

      (this video was put together by a close frend of mine)

    • Hector, the upside down cross is indeed an occult symbol, however; on this seat of the pope (Peter’s seat), I read somewhere it is a representation of Peter’s Cross, Legend has it that he was crucified upside down in Rome

      I don’t believe in Apostolic succession (only in Apostolic doctrine of the faith given once for all) but the pope does believe that his seat is Peter’s. this could explain this upside down cross.
      John B

    • Many times Chirst told us to lead by example.

      John 13:15
      There are so many symbols of unquestionable meaning, why choose both the upside down cross and the bent cross? 1 Thessalonians 5:22; "Abstain from all appearance of evil."

  7. anyone who calls himself the holy father, claims to be infallible, claims that all civil authorities are under his authority, claims that all souls are under his authority, claims that he stands in the place of Christ (vicar of Christ…that’s why world leaders pay homage and visit the pope – he’s the real boss

  8. Hector, that is real disturbing! I have always felt like the Catholic church had a significant part to play in the end times. I have been horrified to read about all of the deaths they have perpetrated in the name of Jesus! That, combined with what we see in the church today, all of the pastors who are caught in sex and deceit, it is no wonder the world looks down on the church today! We must stand strong and uphold the standard of holiness!

  9. (A response from a Catholic friend of mine. It may be worth checking out.)

    Shalom, all. I’ve been getting a lot of referrals to different videos and articles regarding “The Pope’s Call for a New World Order.” The best I can say about these reports (at least what I can say on a family-friendly forum) is poppycock.

    All the reports (and I mean EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE AND VIDEO) that I have seen on this topic have been cherry-picking lines and quotes from the encyclical in order to show the Pope saying things he did not say.
    I refer you to this editorial on LifeSite News: Editorial: Pope’s New Encyclical Speaks Against, not for One-World Government and New World Order The editorial is a quick read, and I’m tempted to just copy the whole thing here, but here are some basic points:

    The Pope actually speaks directly against a one-world government, and, as would be expected from those who have read his previous writings, calls for massive reform of the United Nations. Confusion seems to have come from paragraph 67 of the encyclical, which has some choice pull-quotes which have spiced the pages of the world’s news, from the New York Times to those of conspiracy theorist bloggers seeing the Pope as the Anti-Christ.

    Since long before his papacy, Joseph Ratzinger has vigorously fought the United Nations’ vision of a ‘New World Order’. As early as 1997, and repeated subsequently, Ratzinger took public aim at such a vision, noting that the philosophy coming from UN conferences and the Millennium Summit “proposes strategies to reduce the number of guests at the table of humanity, so that the presumed happiness [we] have attained will not be affected”.

    (The above quote has links to these two articles: Cardinal Ratzinger’s Preface to Michel Schooyans Book, “The Gospel: Confronting World Disorder” and CARDINAL RATZINGER CRITICIZES UN PROPOSAL FOR “NEW WORLD ORDER”)

    The editorial finishes up by saying, Any vision of a proper ordering of the world, of international economics or political cooperation, suggests the Pope, must be based on a “moral order.” That includes first and foremost “the fundamental right to life” from conception to natural death, the recognition of the family based on marriage between one man and one woman as the basis of society and freedom for faith and cooperation among all peoples based on principles of natural law.

    Hardly the radical call for socialism and “one-world government” some people would have you believe, now, is it?

    • Lisa. I’m going to check out your links and get back on you this. If what you say is true then I need to correct my earlier position! Thanks L.A.

    • Lisa. I checked out the links and it appears that the Popes words have been taken out of context and twisted to mean exactly what he is speaking against. Let me do some more checking. It appears I owe him an apology.

    • LA –
      The pope is talking DOUBLE talk with Forked-tongue. Pray for the Spirit of Discernment on this and read carefully.
      Yaweh bless everyone who seeks Him diligently.

    • wow lisa you hold a LOT of sway… lol 😉

      um, but wait…
      the encyclical seems to be robbing peter to pay paul, so to speak…
      with one breath the pope is saying one thing, and the next he seems to be saying the opposite…

      lisa, lisa, lisa…

      DOES the pope attend the bilderberger meetings? or not?
      THAT is your true indicator of what is going on…
      its NOT what people SAY, its what they DO that shows who they are, isnt it?
      hmmmmmm? 😉

      OF COURSE the vatican will have their apologists in place to defend and diffuse what is so obvious…

    • Late Night Lisa….I guess last May 2008 you would also defend the pope when he said the “aliens are our space brothers”? If you defend one comment you must defend them all? Space aliens are not my bro.’s and the pope most definitely is in the ballpark of new world order/political/financial or whatever you want to call it. Are you Catholic?

  10. The question is asked, what is the agenda of Socialism? is it not to build with every brick in the structure being the same shape & size. is it not to level humanities soul into one philosophical cage.

    Is it the humanist morality of the catholic, the Muslim, the buddhist, ect united into One that gives Peace to the Soul of a man? I am talking about an eternal peace, A peace, a reconciliation to Almighty God by the Blood OF Jesus.
    “MY peace I give unto you, not as the world Giveth do I give” saith the Lord

    The UN can be reformed all it wants, The Scripture is Clear, “Man Knoweth not the way of Peace” saith The Lord.

    WE need to believe the Scripture (the Authority of the word of God) The [Apostate] Son of perdition will arise uniting all under His Banner of a (social morality) I want be Part Of It AMEN

    John B

    • What difference is there between the Michael Jackson memorial service with it’s theme of religious social unity expressed in music and religious symbolism & The Late Pope John Paul ii conclave of all the world’s religious heads in the town of Assisi?….NIL

  11. I read the entire letter and wrote some thoughts on it. The crux of it, so to speak, is that he is troubled by injustice in the world and sees the only solution to be a one-world government that is fair and just in redistributing wealth from rich to poor nations. This should trouble anyone since the same corrupt human nature that created this world of corrupt governments would also yield a corrupt despotic world government. My impression was that the Pope wasn’t looking only for an economic global government, since what government only control economics, but rather he is in a literal sense calling for a one-world government as presented in the Book of Revelation.

  12. All right-guys & gals- take a deep breath please.

    I am also one who has my scopes aimed @ the Vatican, Pope & all which comes with it. I’m expecting that the false prophet will somehow be aided by this organization & am up to speed on the seducing spirits which are leading many of the Catholics astray.

    However, I am not inclined to shut my eyes & ears “IF” what we are reading though all of our various Protestant type news media is over exaggerating or not accurate. It’s so easy to just expect something to happen-see a hint of it-then take it and run all the way to the finish line.

    “If” this is was case then it’s not the right way to handle it. Are we not all seeking truth here? Even if whatever we’ve been looking out for doesn’t occur the minute we expect it to?

    Sorry, if it alarms you but I feel we need to be fair-even to Catholics. And no, I never was nor ever will be a Catholic.

    From the comment I received it was at the minimum worth looking into further. Perhaps you would still come away w/the same or similar conclusion on the matter which is OK too.

    If you read what I posted there was not an opinion given one way or another so try not to jump to conclusions when someone is trying to be fair and objective.

    ALL I said was “It may be worth checking out.” Then some of the thoughts ran all the way to the finish line. Could this be considered a classic example of our human tendency to jump to conclusions?

    It could be the Lord directing us to actually read the transcript in order to provide even greater and/or more accurate revelation. Don’t forget His ways are not our ways.

  13. Lisa; i want you to know that i agree with what you say. I personally know a catholic priest who struggles with his higher clerics, his attitude is “the Lord has me here to bring Christ to these catholics some one has to care for them”. It is as i said times before, “Let us not be hasty to judge”
    John B

  14. The Pope is the beast with two horns and the two horns are 1. The Holy See and 2.The State of Vatican City. The Holy See is a completely separate and sovereign entity that has a Head of State,the POPE. The State of Vatican City is a completely separate and sovereign entity that has a Head of State,the POPE.Thus the two horns are the TWO separate and sovereign entities of which the POPE is the Head of State. The Holy See and the State of Vatican City are completely separate and sovereign entities is accepted as FACT by the U.S. State Department and the Vatican as well as international law. I can present EVIDENCE showing a causal relationship and worship between the beast with two horns and the people concerning the making of the image of Rev.13 which does speak. The whore/queen that sits upon the city of seven hills Rome,is seated upon a beast with two horns.The image of Rev.13 that the beast with two horns causes the people to make is also represented by a whore/queen seated upon a beast with two horns and I can PROVE it. Lord willing I will present the evidence here if anyone is interested. Once again I have the evidence already. Would anyone like to examine the evidence which I want to present?

  15. There are so many ‘churches’ and people which call themselves ‘Christian’, but are not.
    Christ said that he did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it.

    Matthew 5:17-48
    . Many times he told us to lead by example.

    John 13:15
    There is
    your first standard by which to judge a doctrine. A good example of a failed
    doctrine is the Episcopal Church which chooses to know better than the Bible, by
    choosing a fellow who is both a practicing alcoholic and activly gay, as their best
    example of living the "Christian" life. They call it ‘Christian’ but it is the
    farthest from what Christ himself teaches us. If they want a new religion why
    don’t they start their own? Because they know that Christ is the only truth and
    they are in active rebellion against him.
    Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
    against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against
    spiritual wickedness in high places.
    The biblical qualifications for church administration positions examine
    a person’s personal life, character, home life, leadership capability, and
    commitment to serving the Lord’s church. In
    Timothy 3: 3-13
    Paul says, "In like manner must the deacons be grave, not
    double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre, holding the
    mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. And let these also first be proved;
    then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless. Even so must
    their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober-minded, faithful in all things. Let
    the deacons be husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses
    well. For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves
    a good standing, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus."
    Should unbelievers lead Christians in worship in a church service?Worship can only be rightly performed by believers who have been justified
    and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ

    1 Pet. 2:9
    . Only blood-bought believers have the right to worship God
    because only they have a mediator by which their worship may be accepted

    1 Tim. 2:5
    . The unbeliever has no mediator. "You hypocrites, rightly did
    Isaiah prophesy of you, saying, "This people honors Me with their lips, but
    their heart is far away from Me,"

    Matt. 15:7-11
    . Are the unbelievers any better off than the Pharisees and
    Scribes? No, they are, like the Pharisees, under harsher judgment.

    Psalm 50:16
    . Can the unbeliever praise God with the following words and
    not be a hypocrite? "Come, let us worship and bow down; Let us
    kneel before the Lord our Maker. 7For He is our God, And we are the
    people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand,"
    Psalm 95:6-7.
    "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for
    God"s own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has
    called you out of darkness into His marvelous light,"

    1 Pet. 2:9
    "Many will say to Me on that day, "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your
    name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?"
    "And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you who
    practice lawlessness,"

    Matt. 7:22-23
    Acts 16:30-31, the Philippian jailer asked Paul and Silas:
    “ . . . ‘Sirs, what must I do to be saved?’
    And they said, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be
    saved, and thy house.”
    Spiritual service is the major emphasis of the Christian life.
    Anything we do in obedience to God’s Word is service. In that sense we’re all in
    the ministry.
    1 Thessalonians 5:11
    "Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even
    as also ye do." 

  16. The current E.U. flag was designed by Arsene Heitz a devout ROMAN CATHOLIC and employee of the courier service of the COUNCIL of EUROPE. Mr. Heitz took his inspiration for the flag from REV.12:1. DID YOU HEAR ME? The woman with the crown of twelve stars is believed by the ROMAN catholics to be Mary the Queen of Heaven! The COUNCIL of EUROPE adopted the current E.U. Flag on Dec.8,1955. Dec.8th is the anniversary of the ROMAN catholic holiday of the “Immaculate Conception of Mary”. The E.U. FLAG comes from the BOOK of REVELATION 12:1. This shows a causal relationship and worship between the beast with two horns and the people regarding the making of the IMAGE(REV.13)which is the EUROPEAN UNION. The ENTIRE E.U. is the IMAGE and it’s getting BIGGER all the time. The E.U. Flag is based upon the belief system of the beast with two horns and the people. The E.U. FLAG proves a causal relationship and WORSHIP! The E.U.FLAG of the “CONCEPTION”. The Treaty of ROME which is the “BIRTH” of the EUROPEAN UNION was signed in ROME on March 25,1957. March 25th is the anniversary of the “ANNUNCIATION of MARY”according to the ROMAN catholic belief system which is the system of the BEAST WITH TWO HORNS.March 25th according to the BEAST with two horns is when the angel told Mary she was going to give birth to the Lord. I can prove March 25th is nothing more than a retained heathen holiday in ROME renamed by the Beast with two horns.The Beast is the POPE with horns 1.the HOLY SEE and 2.THE STATE OF VATICAN CITY. The date and location announcing the “BIRTH” of the EUROPEAN UNION proves a causal relationship and WORSHIP between the BEAST with two horns and the PEOPLE concerning the making of the IMAGE which is the ENTIRE EUROPEAN UNION.The voice of the IMAGE is from the rebuilt TOWER of BABEL (Louise Weiss Building Strasbourg,France) which is the lawful seat of the Parliament of the E.U. which is the VOICE of the IMAGE (E.U.).The COUNCIL of EUROPE issued a poster showing the TOWER OF BABEL being built up to heaven penetrating the stars of the “QUEEN of HEAVEN” E.U. Flag. This is BABYLONIAN WHOREDOM, I repeat,this “IS” BABYLONIAN WHOREDOM! A caption appears on the poster which reads as follows, “EUROPE: Many tongues,ONE voice”.This proves that the VOICE of the IMAGE comes from the TOWER of BABEL. The whore/queen that sits on the city of seven hills ROME is seated upon a beast with two horns. The IMAGE(Rev.13) is also represented by a whore/queen seated upon a beast with two horns, EUROPA of the European Union (Union of Europa) and I can prove that also!

  17. The image(Rev.13) has been conceived and has been born and it is growing and it speaks. It is the offspring of the beast with two horns and the whore of Babylon. Here is a quote,”Come out of her my people”. I told you and now you know.

  18. Does any one that view this site actually believes that the Pope is getting together with the muslims?
    He has been protecting the Christians and Christian land marks from islamic invations in the Middle East.
    You would only know and understand that if you have been there, you shouldn’t believe every word you hear if you do not have a reliable sorce. Anyone could come up with something, pretend to be facts, and some will believe it to be true.

    We do need to wake up, but to what?
    The Pope isnt responsible for our debts !!!!!
    We do need to wake up and stand together as Americans first, before we start blaming other countries and other individuales for every wrong thing that is happening, or about to happen.

    We do need to wake up, but first we have to have our facts put straight (correct).

    Have a blessed day

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