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Jesse Marcel Sr.I just returned from Roswell New Mexico, where I was honored to speak at the Christian UFO Symposium. I flew into Albuquerque, rented a car and drove for hours through, what Guy Malone, my gracious host, describes as, “majestic desolation.” I have ever seen a more barren and forgotten landscape than the stark terrain that I drove through. I arrived in Roswell, just as it was getting dark. There was a  chase the Alien event, for the children going on just off main street. The lamp posts had ‘alien’ faces with large, black, almond shaped eyes, over the globes and there were revelers on the street in a variety of costumes.

          I met Guy and his lovely wife Nicole and they put me up for the night. We had some great conversation and then this weary  traveller, tumbled into the bed and got some much needed sleep. The next day I went to the convention center where Guy had his booth set up. We brought my books in and positioned them on the table. On the way back to the parking lot I looked over at another booth and there was Jesse Marcel Jr. I immediately headed over to him, introduced myself and we fell into easy conversation. We also exchanged books. Jesse came on the record in my, Alien Interview book and gave a wonderful insight into the events that transpired in 1947. It was both an honor and in some ways the highlight of my trip, to meet the man who I believe is the living legacy, of the Roswell event. 

Guy and I then went over to where the Christian Symposium on UFOs was being held and we got ready to kick things off. I was the first speaker up and I delivered my talk, UFOs are real and burgeoning and not going away. There was a line for books afterward, and the folks had lots of questions for me. I then made my way back to the convention center for an interview with Jerry Pipin. That concluded, I started the 4 hour drive back to Albuquerque.

          Now that I’ve gotten the itinerary out of the way, I want to talk about Roswell and legacy that belongs to Jesse Marcel and his family. On the plane ride back to L. A., I read his book and almost finished it in one sitting. Marcel’s father, for those of you who might not know, was the person who handled the debris from the 1947 UFO crash that he investigated, on Mac Brazils ranch about 74 miles outside of Roswell. Marcel Sr. brought some of the wreckage back and showed to his son Jesse Jr., and his wife. Years later the controversy continues, as the skeptics paint Marcel Sr. in a very bad light, saying that he mistook the wreckage for a weather balloon. Jesse Jr. Makes it clear in the book that his father was a trained in all types of reconnaissance and that to think that he would mistake what he found, just outside of Roswell for a weather balloon, is the height of absurdity. The Marcel’s are the centerpiece in the Roswell legacy. They are the ones who have risked everything, by standing by their story for what is now decades. It certainly would have been much easier to just let the whole incident go away, but that is not the case. Everyone who makes the pilgrimage to Roswell, for either curiosity, or research, owes a debt to the Marcel’s. Without their testimony and eye witness account of the event, there would be no UFO festival in Roswell. Hats off and a big salute to the Marcel family, for the Roswell legacy truly belongs to them!

The pictures are of Jesse Marcel Sr. who is being ‘forced’ to hold pieces of a real weather balloon that he supposedly mistook for a UFO crash, for the press. Next to him is General Ramey. The last picture says it all as you can see by the expression on Marcel’s face. It was set up, the beginning of the government covering up the evidence for what now is over 60 years. I would highly recommend getting Jesse Marcel’s book. Here’s the link to the site:

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Sounds like another great conference. I have the CD’s enroute from the PP@S conference. Very excited to be getting them!

    On perhaps an unrelated note, I watched the trailer for the up-coming “2012” movie this morning. If nothing else, looks like a great apocalyptic thriller.

    Kevin J.

    • There is another 2012 type movie called “Seeking Closure”

      Here’s the movie’s website.
      The movie is based on a novel by the same name. At first glance, as you read the movie synopsis on the website, the site appears Christian except that they never say anything about Jesus or salvation. That’s a red flag. Then you read to the end of the movie synopsis and you see where they are coming from. Still the movie synopsis does remind us that we need to examine on a regular basis where our priories are at any given moment.

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