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I’m taking two weeks off starting today!

See you all on the 10nth of August unless something of importance happens.

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Bruce Collins will be hosting Acceleration Radio this coming week! Nick Redfern will be Bruce’s guest!

Nick has travelled all over the world to research just about every crypto-zoological being recorded. He also has studied UFOs and various other paranormal events.

Who Was Interfering With Acceleration Radio?

InterferanceLast evening on my show, Acceleration Radio my guest was Dr. Roger Leir. Right out of the shoot there was trouble on the telephone line. At first I thought my daughter was trying to phone in. She has done this before, as we have call waiting and she knows that if she’s persistent enough I will answer. My wife used her cell phone and contacted her and found out that it wasn’t her calling in. I’m not sure where the trouble was originating from, but I do know this, every time Dr. Leir would begin to answer one of my questions I would hear a high pitched sound followed by Dr. Leir’s voice being cut off from the program. This went on for the duration of the show. At the half way point I hung up dialed star 70, which cancels call waiting and called my producer on his private line, all to no avail! The interference continued unabated. Dr. Leir also mentioned that the last time he was Coast to Coast with George Noory the same thing happened. Somebody doesn’t want this information out!

          Here’s what I think. Dr. Leir is one of the few people on the planet that has handled physical evidence of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. He has performed over 17 operations in which he has removed material that is anomalous and shouldn’t be where he’s found it. He has had the material analyzed and found it to have properties that are unlike anything known today. His research is ground-breaking and provides a physical link to the abduction phenomena. [This is where people are taken against there will and ovum and sperm is taken and used in the aliens breeding program.] He has found that these implants are far more than a tracking device and although he doesn’t know exactly the purpose of them, he postulates that our own circulatory system is responsible for activating them.            

          Dr. Leir also mentioned that he had been in Turkey at the UFO convention that was held there. He witnessed more than seven hours of UFO activity outside his hotel and has much of it on film. He also stated that he saw so many UFOs that he grew tired of looking at them. Turkey has become the UFO hot spot at the moment. Leir said that he was actually able to see the occupants in the ships, they were that close. Of course this has been blacked out from our news media, although because of the Web the information has been disseminated. (see links below) This brings me back to my “mantra,” UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! 

          We both agreed that he would come back on again and we would do another interview. This time, however there will be no fan-fare and pre show promotion, as it seems there are those who would stifle the information from getting out. We must understand that there are those who want all of this suppressed and that this mind-set has been implemented since the crash in Roswell in 1947. There is a faction of people that are behind the scenes that ridicule, and seek to cover up what is going on. Jesse Marcel and his family – His father retrieved the material from the 47′ Roswell crash site –  are living witnesses to this type of treatment.

          In closing Dr. Leir and I agree that the phenomena is real. We disagree as to what is behind it. I maintain that we are looking at the return of the Nephilim and the fallen angels. Dr. Leir believes that these are real extraterrestrials. You will notice that unlike other shows that won’t have me on because of my world view, Dr. Leir was treated with respect and was allowed to present his information without censorship or debate. Dr. Leir’s information reinforces what I believe is the Coming Great Deception and when it manifests, there will be no interfering with it… 




ALIEN INTERVIEW JPGWant the rest of Dr. Leir’s interview plus 16 other mind blowing interviews? 

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Dr. Leir Today on Acceleration Radio!

alien implant-1Today on Acceleration Radio my guest is Dr. Roger Leir. We will be discussing the removal of Alien implants. To the left is a picture of a retrieved implant taken from a patient. Dr. Leir has been involved in over a dozen removal of these objects. Are they tracking devices? That’s what I believe they are. They enable these entities to keep track of those they have abducted for the purpose of their nefarious breeding program. For those of you who may not be familiar with this, it may sound like something out of Star Trek. Dr. Jacob’s who came on the record for The Alien Interview book, has interviewed hundreds of people who have been abducted. He states plainly that the Aliens are very concerned with their breeding program and have placed a great importance on it. Steven Spielberg’s mini series Taken, also depicts this in great detail. The work of Dr. Leir provides evidence that corroborates the abduction phenomena. The two go hand in hand.

                I have interviewed abductees and have found their stories to be unnerving to say the least. These people have been terrorized and sexually molested in the most horrible of ways. This is not some nice little experiment by extraterrestrials who seek to replenish their gene pool. This is, in my opinion, is the DAYS OF NOAH manifesting in our time. What are the days of Noah? It was a time when the fallen angels came to earth and took wives from whoever they wished, resulting in the Nephilim. Yashua tells us plainly that He will return when it is once again like the days of Noah. The similarities between the Genesis 6 account and what is happening today cannot be ignored. We are dealing with very strange phenomena and it’s not going away.

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Dr. Roger Leir: Alien Implants!

DR. LEIRTomorrow on Acceleration Radio my guest will be Dr. Roger Leir!

He has performed over a dozen surgery’s on people who have claimed to have been abducted and had implants placed in them. He has had the material analyzed and it was found to be an alloy that was not of this earth! If you have questions for Dr. Leir please E-mail me ! la@lamarzulli.net

The following is an excerpt from The Alien Interviews!

L. A.: What got you started with the UFO phenomena? 

Dr. L.: I remember my father bringing in the newspaper in 1947 and reading the headline to my mother about how the US Army Airforce captured a Flying Saucer. I was standing there listening to the entire conversation and also recall the next time this occurred when the headline read that it WAS A BALLOON. My father was furious as he thought the Airforce should no the difference between a Saucer and a Balloon. 

 L. A.: What events happened that led you to investigate the so-called alien implant phenomena?  

Dr. L.: I was shown a set of x-rays brought to me by an abduction researcher and he claimed the objects in the x-rays were implants. I was shocked and considered this preposterous, and hilarious. I thought the man was daft.

L. A.: Were you skeptical at first? 

 Dr. L.: Skeptical is too mild of a term. I walked away and had to be coaxed by a friend of mine to return and listen to what he had to say. These objects looked like the remnants of a previous foot surgery. Many times we use wire and other metallic objects for repair of fractures or in the performance of bone surgery. 

 L. A.: Who was the first person to approach you with an implant?

 DR. L.: The first two cases came from Texas. They did not know each other and both had metallic objects in their bodies. Two, in the great toe of a female and one in the back of a hand of a male patient. A friend of mine, a general surgeon who volunteered his time, did the hand surgery.

L. A.: What were the results of the first operation?  

Dr. L.: We removed two objects from the first patient who had them in the let great toe. The first measured approx. ½ Cm in each direction and was “T” shaped. The second was a metallic rod that looked like a little cantaloupe seed. The one removed from the hand looked exactly like the small object removed from the foot patient. All objects were covered with a very strange, tough biological tissue that we could not cut through with a surgical blade. 

 L. A.: Did you send to a lab for analysis and if so what were the results? 

Dr. L.: The first results were from the pathology laboratory and they found there was a surprising absence of all inflammation or rejection as well as nerve fibers present in an area where they are not usually found. 

 L. A.: How many of these have you done over the years?

 Dr. L.: We have just completed your 15th surgery and have amassed pounds of physical evidence from some of the world’s top scientific laboratories telling us that these objects are non-terrestrial and are manufactured by some unknown process. Also, that they function as some sort of a nano transmitter. They contain meteoric iron, have inclusions of saline crystals that are rectangular, have unknown ovoids and spheroids, contain carbon nano-tubes and have biological tissue growing from within the metal.

L. A.:  As I’m sure you are aware, the alien implants overlaps with the  abduction phenomena, what are your thoughts on that aspect of this? 

Dr. L.: It would appear, based on my studies that about 15% of abductees may have such a device in their bodies that is quite similar to what human scientists do with the animal kingdom to gain information they need.

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The Tipping Point…

tiping point-1When does the tipping point happen, concerning prophecy being fulfilled, a war starting in the Middle East, a dirty nuke or worse, a live nuke detonated somewhere in the word? What events contribute and finally add  up to tip the scales in an irreversible direction? There is so much that is going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. Just because our news cycle hasn’t mentioned North Korea, in a few days doesn’t mean they have gone away and everything is hunkie-doory. Kim Jong Il is sick with cancer and sick people can do irrational things. Will he fire a nuke toward South Korea? Will he go out in a suicidal blaze of glory? One has to admit that anything is possible when it concerns this guy.

               Then there’s Pakistan. What happens if the Jihadist’s get their hands on a live nuke? Where will they use it? It appears that the Pakistani army was successful in clearing out the Swat valley of radicals. They won the battle but the country remains divided as the radical Moslem’s want Sharia law in that country. What happens if they somehow get control of the government? 

               The elections in Iran were more than likely rigged, nothing has changed and the Iranians are marching toward completion of a nuclear device. There has been saber rattling toward Israel for years and it continues presently. Now the Iranians are calling for the Israeli’s to disarm and give up it’s nukes, and then there will be peace. All we have to do is look at Gaza and realize that land for peace is an absolute farce, as less than 24 hours after the Israeli’s left, the rocket and mortar fire began… so much for land for peace.

              We are Trillions of dollars in debt, and it’s growing. Unemployment is rising and the economy is not rebounding. What’s worse, is that there’s little accountability as to where the bail out money is going. Check out yesterday’s BLOG and look at the video link… it’s just so over the top, I don’t have words to describe it. 

            Russia is flexing it’s muscles as it just created a base in Syria. Remember Isaiah 17, which says that Damascus will be destroyed.

             The genocide in Darfur continues, and the U.N. does nothing.  Upward of 1 million people have been slaughtered…

              I read recently that almost 1.2 Billion people are on the verge of starvation.

              The Euphrates river seems to be drying up… can anyone say, The Book of Revelation?

              The Swine Flu scare has come back to us again and just when I thought it was safe to go in the water!

               Mexico is in the midst of a ‘civil war,’ as the unrestrained corruption that has been going on for decades is now taking it’s toll. The drug Cartels are armed to the teeth. The border fence has narrowed the area that the smugglers have to get their poison into this country. What happens when the fence is completed?

              Then there’s all the supernatural manifestations. Crop circles that are enormous and complex. Day light UFO sightings, seen by hundreds of witnesses all over the globe. Strange entities, over seven feet tall, with long, blond hair, that run at superhuman speeds, being sighted by off duty policemen. Flying humanoids in Mexico, filmed in broad daylight. The 2012 prophecies that warn of impending doom. The rise in the occult. The murder of millions of unborn babies, which I have stated creates a blood curse over the land, and perhaps open portals to allow much of these supernatural manifestations.

               At some point these regional tensions are going to boil over. No one knows where, how or when, but it’s most likely going to happen. In the future there will be a tipping point… God help us when it happens…

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