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I emailed and called Robert Benjamin… No answer yet.

Posted by lamarzulli on June 30, 2009

Thanks to all of you  who jumped on this! It just amazes me!

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6 Responses to “I emailed and called Robert Benjamin… No answer yet.”

  1. I would be surprised if has the courage to answer you.

    Kevin J

  2. kittykit said

    Whooah! This is nuts! This should be interesting.

  3. KEONE said

    probably much to afraid to respond… :( poor guy. go easy on him Lynn. speaking of plagiarism… i thought that you might find this interesting. A movie that comes out “soon”, being produced by Will Smith called ANGELOLOGY. I got this tid-bit from Wikipedia today:

    – ANGELOLOGY (film) “The story follows a nun in New York who unwittingly reignites an ancient war between Angelologists, a group who studies angels, and a race of descendants of angels and humans called the Nephilim. The story blends ancient biblical pericopes, the Orpheus and Thracian myth, and the fall of rebel angels.[3]

    Eric Simonoff of Janklow & Nesbit says the story, “blends biblical lore, the Orpheus myth, the apocryphal Book of Enoch and the fall of the rebel angels, with bravura storytelling.”[6]” –

  4. Lisa said

    Copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery? I dunno, Lynn….but I do know this. We aren’t supposed to get snared by the cares of this world. Even stuff that is infuriating like being plagiarised.

    In the sum total of life – so what if someone is plagiarising. Just make a statement saying it ain’t so – it’s cribbed from your books and put your eyes back where Yeshua wants them, brother. Otherwise, satan is cleverly drawing your focus onto cares of this world.

    Our battle is in the spiritual realm. Not on this earth. And the roaring lion is actively roaming and circling – seeking whom he can devour.
    Said in love, brother.

  5. Doug said

    You got your apology/retraction … no disputing where the info came from:


    (scroll down the main page to see apology/retraction)

  6. Doc said

    I suspect that M D Dixon is unaware that what he has done is at least impolite and not nice. It is probably not a matter of dishonesty but of ignorance that he did not give proper attribution.

    You could contact Blogspot/Blogger/Google and tell them the situation. I’m almost certain they’d side with you.

    It doesn’t look like M D Dixon has posted for years.


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