While we were sleeping: The house passes the Cap bill…

images-2History has shown us that most civilizations last about 200 years and then they start to decline. With that in mind the United States may have already peeked and is now in what I believe is a fast, downward, spiral. Last Friday the media frenzy that surrounded the death of pop star Michael Jackson was in full swing. While this was happening the house passed, what may be the most life changing bill in modern times. It’s the cap and trade bill. Get this, the Dem’s added another 350 pages at three am in the morning and no one read them. That’s  right, no one read what was in the bill and it passed in the house by the slim margin of eight votes. What is alarming about this is our government, which is supposed to be a reflection of the peoples will, is no longer so. So while the media had our attention on Jackson, the Internet almost shut down because of it, our elected representatives passed a bill that may have dire consequences for all of us. If the Senate passes this bill it may result in higher taxes, higher energy bills and a loss of jobs. When a nation pays more attention to American Idol – over 200 million people voted in the final night – then it does important legislation then it is in the final stages of decay…


      Recently on Bill O’Reilly. there was a woman, Joan Walsh, who called Dr. Tiller, the late term abortionist, a hero. That’s right, she looked right at the camera and said Tiller was a hero because he did late term abortions. This is the most horrific, murderous, barbarous act I can imagine, conducted thousands of times by a person that I would put on par with Dr, Mengele, the doctor at the concentration camp, Auschwitz, who was aptly named the Angel of Death. Yet, Walsh  defends and applauds Tiller. We as a nation have lost our moral compass and when life is cheapened, as it has with the 50 million babies that have been aborted, we have become a sick society. A society that is in decay.


         When I was a boy the premier of the Soviet Union Nakita Krushev used to threatened our way of life by pounding his fist on the Untied Nations pulpit and yelling, “We will Bury you.” It was a threat that made my father and others of his ilk sit up and take notice. Decades later during the Reagan era, we thought that when the Berlin wall came down and the Soviet Union dissolved that are worries were over. Well the Russians might not have buried us, but we’ve done a great job of it ourselves. Our way of life is slipping away and most of us are more concerned with the death of Pop star,  than with the issues that are changing the very fabric of our way of life… God help us…

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  1. Lynn, my friend, I am afraid you are a “voice, crying in the wilderness”.
    This country for the most part has turned it’s back on God AND His Book and is now in the long (or short) slide into oblivion.

    Every single day we are seeing it, brother. But keep up and as a watchman, keep putting out the signal.

    Thank you for what you do.

  2. America is Sodom and Yahweh’s Judgement is going to come down very soon -HAMMERTIME- righteously so- I am always amazed at His patience with this wicked generation-I would have destroyed this world along time ago. Thanks be, accordingly to His Justice and Mercy and not mine. May Yeshua bless you and keep you.

    Make Your face to shine upon Your servant; Save me in Your lovingkindness. Psalm 31:16

    • Hey Cottonwoodcreekfarm,

      Your remark that America is Sodom reminded me of a column I used to read in the San Francisco Chronicle about 40 years ago. The columnist was Herb Caen. He was a great read. He used to call San Francisco, “Sodom by the Bay”. No columnist would get away with that now but boy is it accurate.

  3. I just shake my head in total sadness and disgust at our supposed “representatives” who no longer do anything of the sort. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I just saw Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. I sat there in sorrow watching the foreshadowing of this planet. It was entertaining but the message is loud and clear that “the Alien Agenda” is being preached. God help us all when it hits.

    • In all honesty I thing LA’s Nephilim Trilogy would make either a great movie or trilogy of movies. I was captivated beginning with the first book. I think the movies would have good potential to sell. Getting a contract to do so may be a whole different story though.

      Nevertheless, I think the Nephilim Trilogy should be put out there. The biggest mistake I made was loaning the books out and not getting them back in a complete set. I may buy them again. I loaned Tom Horn’s Ahriman Gate to my girl friend, who loves reading, and she was really captivated. She told a friend about it and asked me if I believed them. I told her they are fictional novels, but the biblical concepts seem to hold water. When such people actually look at the wording in Genesis 6, it blows them away.

      In my opinion, the trilogy is worthy of movie making.

    • Jimmy D, I’ll second that but the movie would have to be made by a Christian outfit with Lynn scrutinizing the production every step of the way. Even a Christian movie maker may want to downplay a few things because “nobody would believe that” or “that’s just too scary”. Well, many people don’t believe the Bible because (name your excuse) but that doesn’t make it any less true. Lynn’s stuff is right on the mark – no pun intended. Maybe we all ought to pray about it.

    • Debbie,

      My husband and I saw Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen yesterday. Great movie but now I’m talking to my car and my toaster. Just kidding.

      You are right, the Alien Agenda is being preached. Russ Dizdar was on for two hours today on Steve Quayle. Steve recommended going to Russ’s website and downloading his lectures on how to fight this stuff. I have to admit, though, I was glad when they brought back Optimus Prime. He’s a nich bot. Uh, oh………….

  4. I am a Rush Limbaugh listener and he said today that the bill was not even completely written and was not placed in the “Coffer” (if I’m spelling that right) as is supposed to be done when bill comes up for a vote.

    Lynn you are right I have friends that I try to talk to and tell them whats going on in this country and they are flat out not interested. People are so complacent, they have a false sense of security because we have been so blessed with peace and prosperity for the most part, that I don’t think people truly believe that we can be destroyed, especially internally. I pray for our country but I do wonder if this is part of God’s plan, if we are truly living in the last days. It makes me very sad. I love my country as I know so many people do and I’m heart broken to see what is happening to it.

    God Bless you Lynn for all you and God Bless America.

  5. Hi all. I was listening to coast to coast am this morning on the way into work and heard something on there a little bit disturbing. They had Gilbert Eriksen on there speaking about end time prophecies and relating them with the Bible. He was explaining Planet X and the star worm wood and how they could turn the moon red and such as stated in Revelations. What bothered me especially after reading this blog for a while now was that he said Jesus Christ would be returning on a UFO!!!! He spoke a lot of remote viewing as well which I am skeptical of since I know little about it. Why in the world would our GREAT LORD JESUS need some kind of technologically advanced ship to come back on???? This all really concerns me for so many can be easily deceived. I hope as many people as possible wake up before it is too late!!! Thank you Lynn for your blog and keeping the message going this has been an invaluable resource to us all.

    • J&T, I agree “Why in the world would our GREAT LORD JESUS need some kind of technologically advanced ship to come back on????” which made me think as I read Jim Tetlow’s book “Queen of All” why would people of various religions including Christians go and worship apparitions of the virgin Mary who was sinful like the rest of us. She gets no pass and furthermore, why?

      According to Tetlow, she has been given co-deity status and when onlookers see this vision that they are required to kneel and worship. If you don’t believe me get his book and read it for yourself or google “Caritas”. He explains that the common factor with the female deity/goddess worship is spread across many religions and culture sects. He also claims that this “entity” is coming back to proclaim peace, universal unity and love. Have we heard this before?

    • Actually, he is probably correct if he was reading from the book of “Revelations” – since the Bible I read does not have any book by that name.

      In the King James, NIV, NASB, etc. there is a book called “Revelation” – in fact if you read the first sentence in the book of the Bible that I read and if you are a true Bible believing Christian, your bible probably has the exact same book – Revelation – which is singular – not plural – here is the first sentence from “Revelation” –

      1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

      Notice how it reads – The Revelation of Jesus Christ – The Revelation – Singular –
      No letter “s” on the end of it.

      It behooves me when people talk about this book but really haven’t spent any time really reading the first sentence or the Title

      Satan is the Master of Lies and he consistently “misquotes” scripture in order to deceive – Let you and I not fall into that same trap – Let you and I be diligent in understanding what Truth is and represent the King (Jesus) faithfully.

      I know this may seem like a trivial matter to some of you but that’s how things snowball into a bigger deception.

  6. I’m in the middle of reading a book called Liberal Facism. It’s a history of the leftist movement in the United States. It’s particularly chilling reading the similarities between what is occuring here now and what took place in NAZI Germany, especially with the cap and trade bill and upcoming health care bill. But it is said that God takes care of fools, drunkards, and the United States. If enough of us pray for repentance and revival, then things could change literally overnight. How many will covenant with me to do so?

  7. By the way, be sure to write your senators, instructing them to stop the cap and trad bill before it becomes law.

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