The Media: This is a precursor of what it will be like…

media frezyIt has not been 24 hours since the world was informed  of the death, of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I’m going to bet it was a drug overdose that killed him, along with the bizarre lifestyle that he embraced. It’s a sad day when anyone dies of a drug overdose. My prayers are with the family.

          That said, what we are witnessing is exactly the type of media frenzy that we will see when the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence happens. All it’s going to take is one craft to appear over a city somewhere and just hover. The media will pounce on this in much the same way that we are seeing the firestorm surrounding the death of Jackson. Pundits will weigh in. Talking heads will offer opinions. Anchors will introduce a series of so-called experts. Those of us who have written about this, Tom Horn, David Flynn, Mike Heiser, Jim Wilhelmsen and yours truly will most likely be interviewed. When, not if this revealing happens, I believe it will be to late to sound a warning to the church. The great deception will be upon us and in the words of Yashua/Jesus, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. I think that most people will be so overwhelmed at what they are seeing that they will fall for the lie. We are warned in 2nd Thessalonians, that this will be the case. The great falling away – not the rapture – the apostasy, will take place. Strong delusion will be the calling card of the day and fueling this delusion, creating a frenzy around it, will be the media.

          The entire globe is linked together, wired together, and information now travels at the speed of light. In a matter of minutes the news of a large UFO, let’s say over a mile wide, will flash around the globe and like yesterday, the Internet will slow to a crawl, due to an overload of traffic. The world will stop and every eye will turn to the events that are unfolding, as we realize that we are not alone. The alien gospel will begin to be disseminated, as we are told that these beings genetically manipulated us, were the gods that we worshipped in antiquity, and have decided to reveal themselves at this critical juncture in our history. We will be inundated with information about ET. At this time the governments that have been involved in a cover up will admit that they have known about these entities. The Pope will come forward and  tell us that the extraterrestrial should be embraced as out brother. The world will collectively experience  a paradigm shift in consciousness. People will embrace this new truth and the old religions, particularly Christianity, will be swept away by the tidal wave of coverage from the media. It will be a day like no other.

           What happened yesterday shows us just how quickly the media can create a fire storm, it is a precursor of what is to come…

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37 thoughts on “The Media: This is a precursor of what it will be like…

  1. lynn,

    i was just listening to an interview with russ dizdar where he states that there is a “buzz” among demonic entities as they are being cast out of people…

    the “buzz” among these entities is that very, very soon the abyss will be opened up and these demons will be released upon the face of the planet… (book of rev.)

    russ says that here is an “agitation” among these demons, and an anticipation…
    (i had never realized that as someone is being exorcized, it may be possible to glean important strategical information from the demons as they are being cast out!!!)

    what people do not realize is that the primary directive as far as these demons is the oppression and infestation of the human psyche!!!

    these demons do NOT just hang around and ask each other “duh, wat do ya wanna do today?”

    no no no they are strategically deployed to target individuals who are susceptible to suggestion and to the mechanism of their attacks!
    they are deployed in a manner that is WAY BEYOND MILITARY PRECISION!!!

    these demons have been around for a very very long time!
    they answer to a specific hierarchy of satanic command…
    they must give an account to their higher ups…
    they know psychological warfare like the back of their hand…
    sometimes they infest and posses along family lines…
    their ultimate goal is to take captive human souls and drag them to hell..

    THIS is what the people on the face of the earth are dealing with RIGHT NOW…

    YES we see the political/economic/social upheavals taking place around the world today,
    but these are but the TIP of the iceberg…
    in the spiritual realm, there is a parallel reality, that Jesus spoke of…
    we as Christians must take authority over this realm through prayer!!!


    • BEWARE Hector! NO information imparted from any demon can be trusted! Even when he tells the “truth” our enemy does so with the intent to deceive!
      Remember, it is God who decides if and when any demons will be released from the pit.
      But it occurs to me; isn’t it convenient for such a media blitz to occur just as Obama is trying to ram through legislation for climate change and health care? Maybe I’m being paranoid, but there are certainly more important things for us to concentrate on than an entertainer’s death, regardless of how popular he was.
      You are right about the hooraw if UFOs actually show up, Lynn. But they needn’t broadcast a variance of Childhood’s End. (Did you ever read the book? If not, I urge you to.) All they have to do is show up, and everyone will be so fascinated that the government can do anything it wishes with no interferance from concerned citizens…

    • well thomas,

      your right, i was merely repeating what russ dizdar had said…
      (hows that for playing the “blame game?” LOL)

      but i mean, with world events going the way that they are, and with prophecy upon prophecy being fulfilled EVERY DAY,

      (for example, have we EVER SEEN a WORLDWIDE financial RE-ORDERING like we are right now in the HISTORY of the PLANET?)

      isnt it kinda a NO-BRAINER that we are right at the very precipice of something happening that is gonna be VERY BIGGG???

      i dunno thats the way i see it…
      and a lotta theological experts…
      and those with the prophetic gifts, like wilkerson…
      yeah, like that…

  2. I agree Lynna and couldn’t say it any better. That’s what bothers me about the Raeilains. Many people are falling for it. For a lot of Christians who are not, they still are not prepared as you say when a craft appears that can be seen and touched. And you are right. The media will set a firestorm. And unless people stick to the faith, the alien gospel will make sense to them. That’s what bothers me. Whether it happens or not, the vast majority of Chritians and the Church are not prepared for it. I feel that the Raelians are well prepared for it though and will not seem as quacky as many think. They could be key players in this. There books are selling and reader reviews, especially among the scientific community seem to be strong.

    It’s spooky stuff.

  3. LA, it might be a good idea for guys like you to have soundbites ready to react to this. You know when it happens you’ll get 2 minutes on this net work, and 2 minutes on that network….Maybe it’s a good idea to be prepared to fit the big picture that almost no one else will be telling (the truth) into shorter soundbites and letting them know where they can find further info. One day it is going to be that day, and you are going to get the call.

    Love, YSIC

    • Good idea, but it is eerily similar to the movie, ‘They Live’. I think there should be a movie made that depicts the spiritual truth about the deception, before it happens. Everything we see has a secular twist to it, and those that are asleep do not see that it is about religion, more than politics. Maybe Kirk Cameron or Sheen can play roles in the ‘Alien Deception’.


  4. I was just introduced to two books. One is by Brice Taylor. She claims to have been a mind control victim that was actually owned by Bob Hope and passed to several presidents, Hollywood stars for sexual purposes as well as being a human computer trained to remember every detail of Illuminati meetings and programmed by Henry Kissinger. She got into an accident and suffered head trauma and started to remember things about and has been trying to heal for 15 years. She’s a Christian and has many stories of God being with her and rescuing her from death. The book is called “Thanks for the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free.” Amazing stuff. Ties into so much going on. The other book is called “The Bilderburg Group” by Daniel Estulin. I’ve just began reading the 2nd Chapter. Also read something on a mind control victim called Andy Pero who was programmed for “superman” military fighting. He has memories of going underground and meeting greys and reptilian illuminati who could shapeshift into older caucasion looking guys. This is all so wild. All of it! And it’s all linked together! Come Lord Jesus! I’m ready for light.

    • I’m ready for light? Is that what you said? What kind of wordplay is that? It’s like saying, well, I’m ready for frogs and chickens. No disrespect mam but I’ve never heard that one. LOL!!

  5. Oh I forgot to mention that Brice mentions of some Hollywood folks also under mind control and Michael Jackson’s name is mentioned in a chapter but I haven’t read it yet.

    • On you tube she (Brice)has videos, and mentions not only Michael Jackson, but Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Jon Bennet Ramsey. These people were tramatized in expirementation, some given false pasts, and programmed for fame, occult use, etc. Many of the homeless that are on the streets talking to themselves were also part of MK-Ultra. Many of them were children that were missing (faces on milk cartons), kidnapped, and taken from orphanages. This still goes on from what I’ve read on the subject.


  6. Lynn,

    I want to tell you that the more I have studied and observed I am convinced that the “apostasia” is indeed as you have portrayed, a falling away into apostasy of many Christians who will believe, “the lie.” The falling away will not be the rapture, as I suggested in an earlier post. I wanted to go on the record with this. I really appreciate the blog and all of the contributors comments.

    Kevin J.

  7. lynn,

    this article is quite interesting and it regards the entire scenario of “disclosure”
    a lotta stuff goes right over my head, but im sure you are quite familiar with it….


    The existence of doomsday plans and the initialed martial law order is a “core secret.”

    Evidence of the existence of UFOs and an alien presence, or worse, of manipulation by an alien intelligence in the affairs of the human race, would constitute a “core secret” at the deepest levels of the government.

    An even more disturbing possibility would be the existence of government doomsday survival plans in the event of massive extraterrestrial manipulation of the world’s population.

    Would the government draw up plans for massive retaliation against the population, knowing that an “alien virus,” an otherworldly manipulation had altered members of the human race in such a way as to effectively threaten the powers that be?

    The ground-truth reasons for the cover-up of the “core story,” a truly disturbing tale, is one mystery that almost certainly will never be made known.

  8. The LORD gave me Isaiah 57 to post here.

    Yaweh bless all who seek Him diligently in these weird times!

    Like Kelley said – Come Yeshua!

    It’s so exciting!!!!

  9. I don’t know exactly how I feel about mind control. I guess I believe that it is possible, but I feel the individual has to invite or open their will up for this to happen. There are so many Hollywood stars that are into so much new age stuff. Who knows what they have opened themselves up too.

    • OH I totally agree with you Jimmy D. What’s interesting about the stories of Brice and Andy though is that they were born into families that opened them up at birth. Brice’s family was a long time generational SRA family and Andy’s family was a military family and his father agreed to his abuse and mind control. Fathers unfortunately play a big part (as do mothers of course) in this in lack of protection and agreeing with the enemy. Even Johnny Gosch who was a part of the whole Franklin Coverup story has a question about his dad being involved and specifically knowing his son was going to be abducted and not being there with him on his paper route the day he was abducted. It’s so sad but you know what? Christ rocks because often, from what I’ve read these victims just cry out to God in their torment and guess what? God shows up for them. It’s just the years of healing are so long but so very precious to survivors.

  10. Ok. I have been living in the stone age with no cable. I did not go digital and lost my analog TV reception. I had a couple of coupons but I did not know they expired in 90 days with the extension and everything. Well I’m hooked up to cable as of today. Right now they have been airing a show about conspiracy theories. They present some christian views, but am I wrong? They seem to discredit the christian views. One statement was “This is not of Satanic nature, but was only drawn from Paganism.” Hello. From a Christian point of view, isn’t Paganism a from Satanism. Did not Christ say, “If you are not for me, you are against me?”

    Anyway there sure is a lot of disclosure about our country’s masonic and occult symbology.

    It seems like if it is presented in secular media it is interesting. If it comes from a Christian source, it is fanatic.

    • Jimmy welcome back to the real world, our gov. has said, “What and who exactly are President Obama’s homeland security officials afraid of these days? If you are a member of an active conservative group that opposes abortion, favors strict immigration enforcement, lobbies to protect Second Amendment rights{owns guns}, protests big government, advocates federalism, or represents veterans who believe in any of the above, the answer is: You.”

      Sounds like they are targeting Christians to me and anyone that upholds small government, moral values, law abiding, freedom loving, supports our constitution and supports innocent life.

      Read article:

    • Yeah. The problem I am having is with both parties. They all get pensions none of us in the private sector will ever see. None of them, neither party, are willing to take pay cuts and wear a JC Pennys suit. You turn on CSPAN and they both go at each other all day long. They sold us all out. When we all have to hunker down, stretch the dollar, pay higher energy bills, they will continue to argue with each other for a living on our behalf living high on the hog. I don’t think the House of Representatives will turn the AC down while we sweat. Don’t want to ruin their suits or make them sweat. Oh my, what tyranny that would be.

      No matter who is president, all it takes is a declared emergency and an executive order and we go into marshal law. The word FEMA scares me. It is an entity that has grown and become more powerful ever since it’s invention in the 70’s. I’m afraid one day we will find out that our constitution has meant nothing for a very long time. If you own a gun, look out. If you don’t want to take the flu vaccine, look out. If you declare your constitutional rights, you will be a traitor.

      OK. I’m ranting now. I just feel like anymore when it comes to politics in this country it’s like “Pick your Poison.” The poison may taste different, but it’s all leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

      I’m not ant-government. I’m for the people, and I feel like they have sold us all out. Masons, Illuminati, Skull and Bones and so on. They all preach different agendas to a degree, but most of them have these shady alliances that don’t feel right to me.

  11. Just so you know…we had been talking about a possible revealing of the ark of the covenant the other day. It was announced in the Italian newspapers. Apparently, there was a couple of problems, one with the translation and two with the man who was suppose to reveal it. Here is the article. mistranslated story. Anyway, it solves the mystery of the reported revealing that didn’t happen.

    • I have a question about the Ark also. Isn’t this a prophesy that the Ark will be found toward the end of days like the re-establishment of Israel as a nation and the rebuilding of the Temple or am I mistaken about this?

    • I don’t know of any prophecy that specifically states that, but without it there would be no point in rebuilding the temple. I used to have a video tape of the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, in which he stated that they knew where the ark was, and hadn’t retrieved it because they were afraid the Muslims would try to destroy it.
      Sorry, I can’t give you a website to support this, but you might check YouTube,

    • This is the link to the Temple Institute’s position on the ark. temple institute It will happen in G-d’s time, but it is exciting to think we are living in this time! They are saying that the supposed revealing Friday was first a mistranlation, it was suppose to be the 19th instead of yesterday, and hype by Abuna Pauolos who is over the church in Ethiopia. The problem is now he has cried wolf and, if he ever truly does want to reveal the ark, there will be less reporting on it because of the hype. Again, when these people profess to be christians, and don’t completely stand by the truth, it makes the entire christian community appear to be a falsehood. It is better if they don’t say anything.

  12. As for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, my heart goes out to them and their families. Fame and fortune mean nothing at death. A soul lost is a soul lost forever and a soul won is a soul won forever. I pray that they prayed while they had the chance!

    • I’ll solemnly give and Amen to that. I am not really aware of what Farrah’s theological point of view was. It seems like most of the focus shifted to Michael after he passed on the same day.

      He was hard to discern. For instance, when he was performing he owned the stage. Yet when he spoke he seemed so delicate and fragile like.

      It’s sad and tragic nevertheless. There will be media vultures capitalizing off of him and his death for years. Look what happened to Elvis. How many Michael sigthings do you think there will be or urban legends that he is still alive or frozen, or who knows what will be spun from this. There is always someone to captivate from tragedy. My heart goes out to his family as well as Farrah’s.

      Again. Does anyone know what faith Farrah may have professed? It’s a legitamate question most Christians ask when someone dies.

    • Someone on another blog reported they had heard she had the last rites of the Catholic faith. She was raised in Texas, as I was, and the Catholic faith is very big there.

    • Yes, she was Catholic. She made a documentary that was played on television a few times before her death. In it she talks a little bit about God, from what I remember. I assumed she was Christian by some of what she said, and then somewhere at the end (I forget) they mention her being Catholic.


  13. LA, you mentioned in the blog about a scenario about you, Horn, Heiser, and others having a chance to present your case about UFO’s when undeniable disclosure occurs. I hope and pray that this is true and the media gives you a fair shake. It all depends on the media gatekeepers I suppose.

    Here is a post that I just found on MSNBC from Returs that disturbs me with the following title:

    Pastor defends exorcism of gay man
    Says man told Connecticut church ‘he did not want to live this way’

    After reading the article, notice that the article really isn’t about the pastor or church’s defense. It’s more about gay rights, history, and activism than anything.

    Notice what ideologies are revealed the most and which ones are suppressed the most. We are offered only a small portion of the video, which I see nothing unethical being done. He was not beaten or shamed as the congregation address what they and the participant believe is a demon. However, the video was removed from Youtube because of an outcry from the gay community.

    OoohKaaay. I thought the gay movement was about equal rights. Where are my equal rights as a Christian? Will Youtube remove the Blasphemy Challenge videos by Raelians denouncing Christian beliefs as they endanger their souls and others. I don’t think so.

    So here is a scenario that I hope and pray does not happen.

    The revealing occurs. You, Horn and others are interviewed. The headline reads “Christian Theologians Defend Christianity and Identify Aliens as Demonic.” You are given extensive interveiws and maybe video will appear. Then the video is pulled off. Maybe it offends the aliens. At most the story features a few bytes, and the rest focuses on the history, present, and future aggenda of our so called space brothers who declare there must be a cleansing of the Christians who only hamper mankind’s evolution.

    It’s just a thought.

    I have serveal questions about the “gay exorcism.” Was the exorcism successful? How does the participant feel? Is he free? Does he feel like a victim of shame because of the congregation who tried to help him as he asked? How was his rights violated if he willingly asked for deliverance and said that he does not want to live this way?

    The article seems to me to take a jab at Christians while establishing propaganda and agenda for the other side. It really has hardly anything to do with the pastor or church’s defense.

    I hope when the day comes you and others will find the right media catalysts to provide your points of views.

    Keep up the good fight. Even if an alien revealing does not occur, which I believe there are strong chances it will, you are investigating phenomena from a biblical perspective. God warns us in his word that a great deception will occur, so I feel you are addressing a solid scenario of how this may play out.

    Full disclosure of UFO’s and their tangible presence would no doubt shock the world and religion. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • The Christian viewpoint is being opressed in every way possible. We know that, under the law of Moses, anyone who practiced witchcraft was stoned. I watched the movie “Merlin” last week to compare it to what I had been reading at This person believes that the antichrist could well come through the royal family with a lot of evidence to support it. They believe in the revival of King Arthur, the once and future king! I never knew he really existed! Anyway, on the show last week King Arthur’s father is the present king. He is against the use of magic with the penalty being death. He is pictured as an angry and mean person. Of course, most of the kingdom does not agree with him and especially Merlin who supposedly does only good with his magic. Merlin was the last of the true druids. Of coure he saves Arthur’s life with it repeatedly which suggests even more how irrational the king is. What it does is effectively destroy the viewpoint that magic is wrong and, anyone who believes that it is, is irrational. It really opens up the door to the occult.

    • Just a thought, I wonder if the gay man gave his permission for the video to be displayed on youtube. If he did, that is his right. If they still want the exorcism made public, they can create their own blog or webpage and put it on there. This is amazing to me! We are having problems with a young man doing drugs. We checked the computer and found out that he had been on it searching for a way to make meth amphetamine. It was on youtube! You are telling me that it is ok for people to post videos on how to make meth, but they can’t post one on their religious beliefs? How crazy is that?

    • I know. The scenario reminds me of one of Frank Perretti’s Christian fiction books that he wrote in the 80’s. The first was This Present Darkness and the second was Piercing the Darkness. In the second story, their is a diabolical conspiracy to integrate new age philosophy into the mainstream educational curriculum. While this is going on, a media frenzy attacks a christian school because a teacher attempts to exorcise a demon from a little girl who manifests demonic behavior. It takes place in a small town, but the lawsuit against the church and school has the potential to reach the supreme court to change and bend the law. While all these conspiracies and battles are going one, Perretti portrays angels and demons battling it out in the spiritual realm as well. The more the Saints pray, the stronger the angels become. The less they pray, the stronger the demons become. He really builds the characterization up in these two novels.

      The second book really hits home with this subject. Christians using the name of Jesus and coming under attack for causing psychological guilt and damage. The bad guys in the story advocate separation of church and state, yet so much of what they teach is derived from the occult, which is a form of religion folks.

  14. I thought I would take my own advise and see if I could find it. I haven’t yet, but thought this was interesting indeed…

  15. Thomas that is spooky! It makes sense with the belief that the ark is buried in Mt. Nebo. Anyway, we’ll see how it plays out!

  16. Lynn mentioned David Flynn. He wrote “Temple in the Center of Time”. The following might be of interest. The music should be familiar.

    • I read the book! It is very intriquing! I am not a mathematician, so some of it was a little hard to follow, but the idea of it was great! Lynn also wrote a review of the book on the back cover. It makes a lot of sense. I am reading a book on children’s ministry right now that is especially good. I am a children’s pastor, so it is a must read. I think anyone who is a children’s pastor or parent should read it. It is called “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century.” A person may not be totally into the theology of the book, but it makes some really good points about teaching our children, not only the stories of the Bible, but to experience G-d for themselves. When I finish it, I will begin reading “Israelestine.” I have been hearing a lot about it and decided it was my next project. I am really disappointed in the man who is over the church in Ethiopia. It was said in the article that the date was a mistranslation, but that when it came time to reveal the ark, he recanted that he had said he would reveal it. He said that he had only said he would confirm its existence. Well, we know they have been saying that for hundreds of years. If it is really there, why wouldn’t they want to show it? It saddens my heart to see someone who is suppose to be spiritually in charge again let people down. We really have to be careful what we do and say if we are to be an example of Christ and try to lead people to the Lord. When people hype things up and tell things that aren’t true, it hurts the Christian faith as a whole. It makes it harder on the ones who are really trying to stand with integrity and spirit. I think it would be a good thing for all of us to pray for one another, and for our Christian leaders that we can truly exemplify a life for Christ. Without it, the world has no hope. We do know that the Word will be fulfilled and satan will have his time on earth. We cannot stop that no matter how much we try to pray and live a Godly life. We can, however, reach the ones who are reachable with the gospel, both in how we live and how we speak. For those who will be saved, we have to do it!

  17. I’ve had an A&E DVD called “The Losk Ark” which I finally broke open and watched.

    Much of it really centered around Ethiopia & the Orthodox Christians there. What I found interesting & understand a little more is that their Christian Orthodox culture actually “centers” around the Ark.

    Each Church there contains a copy of the Ark & much of their worship is based around it.(I’m kind of wondering now-how much of it is based on Jesus?)

    Apparently the “Lost Ark” has been housed in this one Church & only one man is allowed to go into the sanctuary & see it. He is chosen by the Holy men before him & once he is given that honor-he can never leave the premise of the Church again. He is chosen to have a “pure heart” & they don’t want him to become tainted in any way.

    They say other people have died coming in contact w/the Ark so not anyone could just stroll in and see it. The guy who’s allowed in says that it radiates a “fire” presence/feeling. There are armed guards around the place 24/7 to ensure it’s not fooled with.

    So taking all of this into consideration you can see the likelihood of them suddenly allowing a public “revealing” of this possession.

    They are so serious about it that the town which houses the Ark is not a tourist destination. It’s held in high esteem & holy reverence.

    Now I’m quite suspicious that these Orthodox Christians are similar to Catholics in adoration of holy relics & supernatural manifestations such as the Eucharist. What if this “fire” presence coming off the Ark is more in the tune of-Hell Fire?

    Over at Lookup Fellowship Jred has a video of a 40 yr old man who people are claiming to be the long awaited Mahdi. According to tradition-it’s the Mahdi who will reveal the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

    So you have the Jews, Christians, & Muslims all making claims to the Ark. Quite interesting.

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