ACCELERATION RADIO: Jim Wilhelmsen Part 2!

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I am pleased to announce that Jim Wilhelmsen will be my guest today, on Acceleration Radio @ 5:00 pm PST. Jim has written a riveting, informative, book on the Nephilim, UFOs, and what we both believe is the coming Great Deception. Jim believes, as I do that the Nazi/UFO connection was brought into this country by what is known as, Operation Paper Clip. This program was instituted after WWII and was the vehicle where Nazi scientists and intelligence officers were ‘cleaned up’ and brought into this country. Jim believes that this may have changed the very fabric of this country, as many of these Nazi’s were occultist who brought with them deep Luciferian connections. We will discuss the Stephenville UFo sighting, the Nephilim, Nazi UFOs, time travel, and lot’s more so please tune in. Here’s his web site:

Thanks to ‘Hunter’ Gordy for hooking me up with Jim!

If you have questions for Jim and want them to be asked on the show, please email me at.

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17 thoughts on “ACCELERATION RADIO: Jim Wilhelmsen Part 2!

  1. I just got through reading “Temple in the Center of Time” by David Flynn. I was pretty amazed to find out that Isaac Newton thought the temple was kind of a time machine for G-d to meet man. He had some pretty amazing theories on that. You know satan is the father of lies and tries to imitate everything G-d does so I would imagine he would try to imitate Him in every way possible.

    • Christine…I am almost finished with it and found it pretty awesome in regards to time/measurement and it relation to the temple and events as they unfold. Another really good book to read in addition to this one is Thomas Horn’s book “Stargate” but the next one I’m will be reading is Jim Tetlow’s Queen of All which should be a good one to follow now.

    • I read both Horn and Flynn’s books last year and they are who introduced me to all of this end time stuff. Both fascinating. I’ve been reading some stuff by Brice Taylor (who’s name is really Sue Ford) who claims to have been involved in the government’s mind control programming and that is compelling too as so many children victims who are adults now are coming forward and talking about this stuff. Very satanic. It all fits together. Also began reading about a book called “The Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin given to me by a friend. Talks about how everything is planned…the presidency, vice-presidency…all of it. I’m telling you right now, that Henry Kissinger is NOT a nice guy.:(

  2. lynn,

    yes wow its amazing how much ive learned in the past couple of years regarding the ufo phenomena…

    what is really mind boggling is that if someone researches and follows the trail they can ascertain EXACTLY how antichrist will seize power!!!

    the LIE about aliens being our genetic ‘fathers’ makes sense to our fallen human understanding, because it is in league with the enemy from the start!!!

    ill be looking forward to the show!!!

  3. Someone please inform this show is being recorded and archived somewhere.

    The knowledge the two gentleman are covering is pertinent to solve the Cosmic Riddle of much of misunderstood human history with regards to the Nephilim and other subject matters.

  4. Another great program! The information is hard to absorb, but maybe by the time I finish Jim’s book, “Sometimes the truth is Beyond Science Fiction”, more of it will sink in. Again I appreciate Jim’s opening remarks about the whole church not being ready for this information and that he believes that God is preparing some to get this information to help others when we are faced with what is going to happen. Lynn, I will be praying for you while you’re in Roswell. God bless you as you continue to do His work.

  5. Great show as always!! I was fascinated by the discussion of the Ethiopians and the Ark of the Covenant. I too have heard that they are supposed to be guarding it. Is it the real Ark of the Covenant and are they really going to reveal it tomorrow!? If so it will be fascinating to see how it plays out. Are they going to return it to Jerusalem and is this going to be proof that Israel really belongs to the Jews? (To the unbelievers that is) Will the fact that the Jews have the Ark in their possession give them the courage to stand up to all their enemies and rebuild the temple? Is this what protects them in the Ezekiel 38 invasion? If so, the last days are truly upon us. That would truly be exciting.

  6. In the Book of Revelation Chapter 11 verse 19 It says that “The ARK OF THE COVENANT” is in God’s Temple in Heaven.

    Beware of Lying Wonders In the Last Days, If The scripture Is Correct and there is only one Ark and it is in Heaven then the one in Ethiopia is a Fake Amen

    John B

    • You are right in saying that the Ark is in the heavenly temple. However, when the tabernacle was constructed in the wilderness all things that were made for it were made according to the pattern shown to Moses on Mt. Sinai. So Moses saw the heavenly temple and all its equipment. They did construct an Ark but it was a copy of the heavenly one just as the tabernacle and temple were to be constructed as copies of the heavenly. So to say there is only one and the one in Ethopia is a fake is not true. It could be the real one. It will be interesting to see. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

  7. Moses was commanded to build everything according to the specifications of G-d. I believe that everything G-d had him to build for the temple, and the tabernacle/temple itself, were a reflection of the things in heaven, hence the ark in heaven. I believe the ark that Moses had built was a replica of the one in heaven. Is the one in Ethiopia real? That remains to be seen. It could be a copy. In Ezekiel it talks about the throne of heaven and it being sapphire. The commandments were suppose to have come from the throne of G-d, carved by the finger of G-d. If they came from the throne, it is highly possible they are made from sapphire. On another blog a link was posted from the Temple Institue. Temple Institue ark According to them, they are just waiting for G-ds timing. G-d only knows the truth. We will have to keep our eyes on Him and pray for discernment!

  8. I forgot. Great show last night! I think that people are beginning to wake up and come together on this issue.

  9. Hey Lynn,

    Are there links to archives of your radio shows anywhere on the net? If so please post links or if anyone else has please direct me to an archive of links!…thanks in advance!

  10. Moses was shown a (plan pattern) of the “tabernacle” Ex26:30. There was no “Ark” of the covenant in it, As the Law engraved on tablets of Stone had not yet been Given. The Law came Through Moses Jn1:17.
    God did not have an empty Ark in Heaven prior to the Law being given!
    The Ark was to house the Tablets within the replica of the heavenly tabernacle.

    Verse 10 chapter 25 of Exodus Reads; “And they shall construct An Ark” The (verbal construction) of that sentence sets the Ark apart from being a replica, It is “AN” ark to be constructed & not “THE” Ark to be constructed.

    Heb8:5 also reveals that it was the tabernacle and its furniture which was a copy & shadow of The Heavenly Things.

    The Ark as to do with The Law of Moses based upon the Ten commandments housed in the Ark. Our Lord said of the Law, “it wasn’t to be abolished”. what better place to keep this ark and it Law (the stone Tablets) than in Heaven, and I believe that is what John Saw in revelation Ch 11:19.

    John B

    • Further more If the Ethiopian ark was the one constructed by the people in the wilderness, it is nothing in the site of God, for the one of substance is the heavenly one, the one John Saw.

      Question; What is it that is contained in the Heavenly one? surely it would not be empty. there can only be one answer (the engraved tablets of the Law)
      The Fact that John saw lightening & thunder with the Ark ties it to Mount Sinai where such was made manifest at the time when Moses was visited .
      Having said that; would it not be of great interest if it ended up in the Vatican John B

  11. Where’s the link to Accleration Radio? The font is too small and blurry for me to read on the flyer.

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