Rael: The Foundation of Deception.

RaelHere is a link to a very early video showing the former race car driver, Claude Vorlihon shortly after he had his encounter with the Elohim. In the video Vorlihon explains that the Elohim changed his name to Rael, or The Messenger. He describes the contact that he had with these beings and it becomes clear that they are the Grays that have become part of our culture, due to shows like the X-files. Rael also describes the ship as BELL shaped. For those of you who listened in to last week Acceleration Radio show with my guest Jim Wilhelmsen, you might remember that we discussed these craft and traced them back to the Nazi factory at Pennemunde, at the close of WWII. (Jim will appear again on tomorrow’s show)

            Rael proclaims what I would call the ‘Alien Gospel’. He states that the Elohim, you can substitute ET here, created all life on this planet and genetically manipulated us, in a laboratory. He also claims that he has the same father as Jesus! I just love the way these guys always, and I mean always, go after the divinity of Jesus. All cults, and the Raelian’s are a cult, attack His divinity and the work of the cross. They will say that the cross wasn’t necessary and that Jesus didn’t have to die. Or worse, that they, were involved in the resurrection, and that ET raised Him from the dead!

           Rael claims that Jesus had an earthly mother and an extraterrestrial for a father. He then makes the claim that 35 years ago (this video was made in 1981) the same male Elohim that was Jesus father, had sex with his mother and he is the product of that union, thus he and Jesus are brothers! So that makes him on par with Jesus. However, there have been no miracles, no healing, no prophecies fulfilled… hmmmm, maybe those wonderful traits were left out of his DNA. Or perhaps they’re latent, or atavistic, and we’ll see them demonstrated later. Or perhaps this is a whole lot of Bull-Tickie, straight from the mouth of the deceiver and I’m up to my boot tops in it! 

            The Raelian movement has grown to about 70,000 people word wide. They are trying to build an embassy in Israel, to greet the Elohim – ET – when they reveal themselves. They believe that there is going to be a day soon, when the Extraterrestrials will finally disclose their presence. This is what I have come to term as the coming great deception. Vorlihorm was deceived decades ago and now he has spread that deception to 70,000 others. What is interesting to note is that these other members have not seen the craft or had contact with the ETs. Can you imagine what it will be like when they finally do show up? How many so-called believers will fall away and believe the lie. What will you do when you see a three mile wide craft? I may use this for part of my talk in Roswell on the 3rd of July. Here’s a link to the new Roswell trailer: http://bit.ly/5I85b


Thanks to Pierre Charles Dubreuil for the post which led to this story! Nice hunting! Here’s a link to the RAEL YOUTUBE Video.  


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17 thoughts on “Rael: The Foundation of Deception.

  1. Did you notice the talisman around his neck. It’s a Star of David with a Swastika in the middle. I think the Raelians have changed the symbol a little bit where the Swastika is curved now.

    This symbology is kind of strange considering that they want to build a UFO embassy in Jurulseum.

  2. I have video of the Raelians swearing in new initiates, A Cameraman goes from one initiate to another as they renounce the Holy Trinity and Jesus, (All in french)

    I found it very odd, He even tried to initiate some weird sex ritual in Israel recently, a massive orgy to promote “world peace”

    At least some of Rael “Angels” are okay looking, there has to be some kind of bait I suppose?

    • Which leaves the question; Why renounce something that you say doesn’t exist. I saw some stuff on the webb about the free sex advocacy of the group.

      Aliester Crowely was into sex magic and all that stuff too, and we know what he was all about. A lot of the hippie movement was inspired by his ideas.

      I notices that talisman in the video that lyn posted has some resemblence of Madame Blavatski’s Theosphical Society also. Which spawed Alice Baily and the Lucis Trust and so on.

  3. lynn,

    i went and watched both videos— wow they are startling in their outright defiance of God!!!
    the guy from the raelien vid looks like one of the three muskateers…
    he is obviously chosen by satan because of his appearance and his charisma…

    its a VERY seductive religion/philosophy, in that, if someone has a bone to pick with God,
    i could see how they would naturally gravitate towards that kind of ‘alternative religion’…

    and so, the world advances towards its pre-destined date with God almighty…
    and in the end, it will come down to out and out warfare…(spiritual AND physical)
    the alternative alien religion vs. Christianity…

    as it stands right now, i am of the opinion that the trilateralist-controlled media
    has ALREADY been commandeered by these alien anti-christ forces…
    it makes me think of the account where a UFO was seen above power lines,
    and they asked the experts wat they thought the ufos were doing…
    and the experts said that the ufo was not TAKING power,

    but rather, WAS DOWNLOADING DATA to our power grid…
    to later be assimilated by their contingents within our military/political realm!!!

    • It is wonderful to know that God Almighty has a predestined date(The Great and Terrible Day Of The Lord) appointed for the world & also for us who are in this world yet not of It.(circumstances shall differ) I am beginning to grasp in my spirit the magnitude of that Day (The Last Day) It’s implication upon us and this wicked world.

      “No man Knoweth, nor the Son, nor the Angels of heaven but only the Father” Said the Lord To The Disciples.
      John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

  4. I was just thinking how the bent nazi symbol looks similar to the sun. The sun is tied in with the ancient worship of Baal and Molech. We know this religion was very popular in Babylon. As the Word says, there is nothing new under the sun. It is in fact originating from a very old religion with a new face. I don’t know how this guy walks around Israel with that symbol on him. It looks like it would generate a lot of anger. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes on judgement day.

  5. I did not realize the Raelians where so blatant about denying God. I got to messing around on Youtube about Rael and there are several videos called “The Blasphemy Challenge.” Nealy the first thing they all do is attack God and Christianity and deny his existence. Then they go on about us being created by scientists, or aliens or whatever they call them.

    I have a question. If aliens or space scientists created us, who created the aliens and space scientists?

    • according to the raelians its all part of a process the aliens were created by other beings the same away and so on and so on.The Raelians believe the universe is infinite and eternal having no begining nor end.

  6. what amazes me lynn is the fact that there are 70,000 followers of him… it is just mind blowing and actually scary that if and when they make themselves known that the great deception will take down so many souls with them… lucifer is the father of lies and it’s just scary to think of how many will belive this great lie!

    • I agree. The first thing they do is renounce God and Jesus and have their intitiates do the same.

      I’m not trying to be condmemming, but if someone wated me to do that, I would smell a one way ticket to hell.

      If they believe believe the universe has no begining or end, then it seems like supernatural beliefs to me. Which points to a supreme being.

      Those videos on youtube portraying them as all happy and renouncing God is a scary thing to watch.

  7. Lynn you are absolutely right, the great deception
    is coming and maybe sooner than we can imagine.

    I would highly recommend churches to show this movie
    by the “Born again” Christian director; Rich Christiano.

    Two reporters investigate a series of UFO sightings
    and discover a supernatural connection

    Even Las-Vegas will have its UFOland according to
    this lasvegasnow news report;

    The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland

    (LAS VEGAS, Nv) — The Raelian Movement is announcing plans
    to build a UFOland in Las Vegas where visitors can attend
    a Happiness Academy and see a full-size replica of a UFO.

    Raelians believe that humanity was created by extraterrestrial
    scientists and they want to share their belief with visitors
    to Las Vegas. They will also host a museum and a 1000-seat theatre
    where their spiritual leader, Rael, will give lectures.

    “The museum will display all the evidence we’ve gathered for
    the past 35 years that shows we were indeed created
    by scientists — highly advanced human beings from another planet,”
    said Ricky Roehr, leader of the North American Raelian Movement.

    He said he expects the UFOland to become one of the most popular
    destinations in Las Vegas within the next five years.

    • That video link looks pretty interesting.

      UFO Land. Woopeee! The said thing is that will probably sell too. If you look at book reviews on amazon.com that Rael and others have written, people are starting to eat it up. Especially the scientific community.

      When Christians started celebrating victory over the “intelligent design” contemplation by the scientific community, I had a feeling it would not go in the direction we would like to see it go.

      It’s like that segment that Lynn posted here while back with Ben Stein stating that many scientists who are looking into intelligent design call it that. They will not acknowledge God.

      It’s what the bible says. Men will reject the truth and turn to the doctrine of demons.

      Here we go. I have a bad feeling about all of this and have for a long time. This is the same old occult stuff, just in a different package.

  8. Hey,

    What a unique Ministry & a great group of speakers for Ancient of Days event. I hope some of the Roswell types will come & glean a new perspective of this phenomenon.

    Did you read the 1st comment to the video about the Christian who was “visited” after putting together some material in order to warn others about the Alien deception?

  9. Yeah their belief is way less strange than Christians, who believe God knocked up a virgin who then gave birth to himself so that he could sacrifice himself to himself in order to convince himself to change rules that he himself had made in the first place.

    Seriously, Christians, do you not see that your religion is just as goofy? It’s only more accepted because more people share your delusion. The only reason for that is because during the Dark Ages the Christians in power brutally slaughtered or forcefully converted most of Europe.

    I mean your ~own book~ says that the broad, common path is the wrong path, yet here you are, the dominant religion on the planet. Your own book now says you are wrong!

    • Hey – Bbb – May I suggest that you have a very distorted view of what is actually said in the Bible. It’s easy to rant and dismiss it and I agree the so-called church did abominable things during the Dark Ages, however, that was because the “way” was lost, deliberately obfuscated by the so-called church. That being said, being born again is a reality and being spirit filled is the most dynamic adventure one can undertake on this planet, as it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the creator of the universe! Blessings to you! L.A.

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