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Here is an interesting article that traces the partial disclosure of the UFO phenomena. There is also a link provided so you can access the information yourself. Thanks to Gordy for the link!
        I’m headed to Roswell New Mexico for the conference that is being held there. I’m the first person to speak and I go on at 12:00 on Saturday. My topic – big surprise here – the UFO phenomena is real, and burgeoning, and not going away! I will be using the material from the Alien Interview book, plus my  own recent account of a sighting that my wife and I shared – and I BLOGGED about –  several months ago. We have to understand something, that when, not if ‘they’ reveal themselves people will be in a state of shock. Will this cause the great falling away that is mentioned in 2nd Thessalonians? I think it will, as people are, for the most part, completely unprepared for what will happen.
          I have a friend, that I’ve known for almost 30 years who won’t discuss any of this. He gets very nervous when I mention a possible war in the Middle East, or anything to do with Bible prophecy. If I start talking about the Npehilim or UFOs he goes over the edge! Nevertheless, this attitude doesn’t change the reality that these things, “are coming upon the earth.” as Jesus tells us they would.  With the coming out of Edgar Mitchell and the UK admitting that UFOs are real, can full disclosure be far behind?  My friend is a micro-cosm of the church who won’t broach the subject  either. As the scripture points out… my people perish for lack of knowledge! (Pay special attention to all the disclosures that have occurred in 2009!)
A special thank you for the encouraging words that many of you left in the comment section…
As you all know governments all over the world are putting in major efforts recently to release their classified Ufo files to the public. When you see country after country coming forward like this you know something is up..
Are we watching the unravelling of a timed and well collaborated attempt by governments worldwide to slowly ease the public to the reality of the Ufo phenomenon? I think so …. if you look at pace of events of according to the dates below, the timing is just too co-incidental to consider otherwise.
Compared to governments world wide, the United states has not contributed at all to the disclosure effort and its beyond time that they did . Infact its an outright shame that a country that most others look up to has not ‘come to the game’ on the ufo disclosure topic – especially after President Obama‘s talks of good intentions on the importance of disclosure earlier this year.
Sadly the US has had to rely on citizens and private organisations to organise initiate Ufo disclosure. The might that is the US military is the roadblock here – the Whitehouse knows this but they powerless against this organisation because they have maintained (in secrecy) a stranglehold on Ufo information for over 60 years! (how do you beat that?)
Here’s a close look at some of the important events that i consider have been pivotal for the Ufo disclosure campaign so far. (if you can think of any other please respond to this post). As you can see from these dates the pace of progress is speeding up and is ultimately preparing the public worldwide for complete disclosure on the Ufo topic:
4th May 2009 – Brazil releases its Ufo files As of May 04th, Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, including photos and films, for the first time.


3rd Feb 2009 – United States – President Obama – “All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open Government. The presumption of disclosure should be applied to all decisions involving FOIA.”


12th November 2007 – United States – National press conference military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses come forward about Ufos
9th May 2001 – United States – Disclosure Project press conference– more that 20 military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses came forward to urge open and honest congressional hearings in to the subject of UFOs and exotic energy and propulsion technologies
16th July 1999 – French defence the COMETA report, the 90-page report that is the result of an in-depth study of UFOs over a period of about three years, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of how the UFO phenomenon affects the national defense of France and that of other nations.

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  1. The problem is, which of these so-called disclosures have given any significant answers? It is entirely possible to maintain a trickle of information and still never reveal what is important. I believe too much focus is on getting governments to open up and not enough effort is given to developing civilian strategy to collect evidence and working with abductees. I’ve written an article on this recently called, In Pursuit of the Alien Agenda: A Course Correction

  2. YAY LYNN!!!

    Ill pray for you at the conference!
    above all else try and remember to just relax and have fun with it!
    God has already made a way for you!

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Just thought you would like to know that Dr. Future is interviewing Linda Moulton Howe this week. So far, Monday thru Wed’s interviews have been archived. Dr. Future in his discussion with Linda mentioned you and your book quite a few times so far. Linda, I’m sure you know, has a very different, non-scriptural world view of what these “ET’s” are. Dr. Future mentioned to her that part in Daniel where it says that “they will mingle themselves with seed of men.” Linda didn’t know about that passage and, of course, Dr. Future mention she get her King James and do a little reading. wink, wink.

    She also mentioned that she has a friend who back in the 1990’s would go to the fields in Wiltshire, England and video tape mysterious lights moving through the crops while military helicopters hovered above. Apparently, the military wanted to chase away these lights as they didn’t want them making crop circles. Her friend was told by the military not to publish these tapes.

    Another interesting tidbit is she also mentioned that she had heard back in the 1980’s that the military (ours, I’m assuming, maybe UK, too) had some kind of infrared technology to be able to distinguish if a “person” were human or a hybrid. If you “fast forward” to about 38min 15sec, that’s when she speaks about her friend and his video taping.


  4. The guy who wrote this article seems to be so desparate to want disclosure that he is putting all those incidents together as if to “will” it over the edge himself. I’ve read all of those disclosure articles and many of the case studies and I don’t really know any more than I knew before. Who is so cleaver that they can give us so much and at the same time so little? Its always just in our grasp…just a tomorrow away…we are itching and yearning for years on end but tomorrow never comes! So far the bible prophecy appears to be accurate. It says there will be signs and wonders and thats about all it appears to be so far. Signs and wonders.

  5. One thing that bothers me about this site is that Mr. Marzulli implies that believers will be deceived AND somehow lose their salvation because of this deception. Yes, I know most churches aren’t focusing on end time prophecy, and, yes, I know that most churches don’t want to and have not researched the Nephilim; however, that does not mean that the true born-again believers will FALL for this deception (or other deceptions) and will, consequently, lose their salvation.

    First of all, let’s trust that believers who have not studied aliens can be quickly “undeceived” by the Lord. He is able to guide us into all Truth, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives can AND WILL alert us to dangers. We can trust God on this one.

    And secondly, born-again believers CANNOT lose their salvation–no matter how deceived they may be. You can’t be “unborn-again.” And God will not lose any of those who are His.

    Now, for those who have rejected the Gospel or who are unsure of the Gospel, THEY certainly may be deceived, believe a lie, and end up in hell! It is those people that we need to reach out to–and many of them are most likely not in the church!

    So, bottom line here: If the church is rejecting your message, Mr. Marzulli, it’s okay. First off, your message is not going unheeded, but most importantly, true born-again believers are safe–they are secure. God has them firmly in His grip, so let’s trust that God will do what He does best–guide these people into all truth and KEEP them saved just as He has promised!

    • Yes, it MIGHT true that Christians cant be “un-born again” as you put it…

      but it doesnt mean you can play both sides of the fence so to speak…

      there is no way to support an abomination AND remain saved…

      IF someone is seeing how far from the Lords precepts they can stray and get away with it~

      im afraid they are in for a large and VERY unpleasant surprise when they enter eternity…

    • Laura, I agree with you regarding security in Christ and have been in debates with other Christians who believe that there will be a “great falling away”of the true church . The Alien Disclosure might be a catalyst for this.

      Technically, we are still not sure about that term either. Apostasia/departure.
      But, that being said, there is a danger regarding the young people who would be more than susceptible to a clever presentation, by these fallen ones.

      The church members who smugly think it’s not real, may have some sticker shock and the kids might just go over the edge. Without some preparation for this deception, there may not be time to acclimate them to this from a Biblical perspective.

      Therefore, it would be prudent to begin to acquaint them to this reality and it’s connection to the end times.
      Bible prophecy and the Second Coming has been put on the back burner in many churches.

    • “Behold then the Kindness & severity of god; To those who Fell,severity, but to you, God’s kindness, if you continue in his kindness; otherwise you also will be Cut off” Rom11:22.

      I have been a christian for some time now, one truth I have learned along the way and witnessed it in the lives of many professing christians who eventually identified with Esau, they got to comfortable in their assurance.

      In saying this I don’t deny the reality of salvation’s assurance, Some of those who Fell were good friends of mine, We worshipped together.

      “The sure Foundation of God Stands having this seal The Lord Knows Those Who are His” Knowing this, Let Us make our calling Sure Amen. John B

    • Unless I’ve had my head in the sand, I have never heard him say that one about loosing salvation. The bible doesn’t even teach that. A “falling away” as a result of “a deception”, only means that “the church” will stop attending and have an unusual increase in doubt and therefore withdraw heralding the name of Jesus by not attending church and then trying to deny Him. Does doubting Thomas or Peter come to mind? It’s like this, my child is still my child even if he moves to China and denies knowing me. The CHURCH will not be able to wash Jesus out of their heart.

      READ L.A.’s books and you will change your statement which is erroneous. Besides, the bible (God) says we (Christians) will be deceived. You may not like it but it’s there. Look it up.

    • Perhaps you should look in Revelation where Yeshua talks about removing lampstands and blotting names out of the Book of Life……..

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  7. A person can be “saved” and then fall if, by their own choice, they change their mind and choose to believe something that is in direct conflict with the core doctrines of scripture. The “reprobate” is an example of one who was a saint, only to choose later to leave their faith. They still believe, they just choose to do their own thing.

    That being said, there is a lot of scripture that assures us that we cannot be taken out of Jesus’ hands against our will.

    The bottom line is draw close to Jesus. Get to KNOW Jesus. We can more easily cling to someone we know, than one who is just a fuzzy concept in our mind. How this is done I can’t explain. There is no blueprint that I know of except sincere desire to know Jesus and a willingness to be lead by the Spirit, and READ your Bible and get to know scripture because it is the way God talks to us: it is His Word to us. This takes time and a big investment of thought and desire – sincerity.

    As for disclosure, I agree with one of the above respondents that disclosure is no big deal if we don’t know any more today, after disclosure, than what we knew yesterday, before disclosure. WHAT is being disclosed? Anything of substance? But, I also think that something is “up”. Why all the “disclosure” all of a sudden, now? Perhaps the “real” stuff will be leaked into the ho-hum everyday UFO info that has been disclosed, after all the hoop-la has settled down.

    The thing that really caught my attention was the message from the Vatican that we should embrace our space brothers… The Vatican is the center of the most widespread “church” on Earth. It has a large, captive audience. It is very influential in its ability to sway the followers of that persuasion. I also think that the Vatican is going to be largely involved in the coming new world order as it morphs into the one world religion. Therefore, what the Vatican says about something like “aliens” is something that we should take note of. I don’t, of course, believe we should embrace our space brothers. But it is of significance, to me, that the Vatican should bother to say something like that…

    • I’m not Catholic but if I were and my religious leaders said, “we should embrace our space brothers,” I would run as fast from that religion and question whether or not they were the real deal when it comes to Christ and salvation. Jesus, one true way in which to get to heaven and none other.

    • I like your reference to (Fuzzy concept in the mind). I take that a step further and say ( a theological doctrinal concept ingrained in the mind of many, a stronghold producing an un-biblical version of a Jesus which cannot Save).That is why I disagree with those who say (believe and you are saved)

      Salvation is the process of grace by the work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said pick up your Cross and follow.
      He also said not all who call me Lord shall be saved, but he who does the will of the Father.
      To follow is to “do” the will, for that we need Grace, for which there is The throne of God Almighty made available to all his children in Christ Jesus.

      John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

    • Amen John B. Too many have fallen for the doctrines of men – e.g. OSAS (once saved always saved).

      I was just listening to a tape of Alberto Rivera last night and he talked about how the church made an asserted agenda to introduce the doctrine of the pre-trib rapture and the OSAS……..

      Satan is sneaky. And the ONLY way we will avert being deceived is to have a love of the Truth in our hearts. And we can only have that by having a relationship with the Truth. And His Name is Yeshua.

      Yaweh bless those who seek Yaweh with all their hearts, diligently.

  8. Well for what it’s worth I have an aunt that became a born-again believer in the 80’s. She had a huge influence on people including my mom who got saved and died with a passion for Jesus. She had MS and ended up without any movement in her body when she died. She died in a nursing home. People would go visit her not so much to cheer her up but because they said they got so much out of her spirit even after she couldn’t talk. Because of the change in my mom’s life I got saved too. Anyway my aunt “fell away” so to speak. She considers herself “taoist/buddhist” believes in an upcoming “paradigm shift” and is a new age therapist. She has been like this for so long I don’t see any indication for a renewed passion in her heart for Christ. I’ve never understood it. But just yesterday I was listening to a tape by a man named David Burk who does much work on babies in the womb and he said there are spirit wounds in utero where the spirit of a child hides and remains hidden out of fear. Many people come to know Christ with a decision they make with their soul and then after healing of the spirit come to know Christ in a whole new intimate way. It’s fascinating stuff. He’s really into blessing people’s spirits in the name of Jesus. I love his work.

    • Kelly, how do you explain the thief on the cross when after saying that Jesus was the son of God, the one, on the cross, how much time did it take to get salvation and then get the healing of the spirit. I read nothing of this in my bible. Did God delay this and say okay let’s have a brief talk before you can get in the door so we can make sure you’ve crossed all my t’s and dotted all the i’s. It’s a single thing that get’s you in the door and it’s a matter of the heart. Acceptance of Jesus there is no “and” with it.

    • Whoa! I’m not arguing with you about anything here. I was just saying my aunt for some reason has turned away in Christ and also just sharing something I heard on a tape last night. Jesus works in the way He works and is quite able to move inside of us how He wants to. I don’t think salvation is anything but accepting Jesus. I do think, however God wants an intimate relationship with us and wants to bless our spirit and have us know Him deeply. If we love Him, He’s faithful to bring us there on this earth or in heaven. On earth as in heaven. Some people accept Him and go their whole lives without a deep intimacy with Him. I never said those people never get to heaven. We get to heaven by grace.

    • I agree it is a matter of the heart, one of my favourite sayings is (if your heart is true God will sanctify you)
      The closer one draws near to God the more one sees the reality of Sin and the need of His Grace to overcome. Russ Dizdar expressed that in the short video placed on this site few weeks back.

      That is the reality is it not? “Christ came to save Sinners” Oh the Love, Oh the Mercy, Praise the Lord my Soul Amen.

    • Kelly, read Hebrews chapter 10 verse 26….it’s sad. chapter 6 also…

      Those who turn away after having known the Truth will not be saved. If they repent, while the door is still open……there is still hope! Pray for your Aunt unceasingly:)…there is still hope in Yeshua:)!!

    • Thanks Lisa! She has a different energy around her than she used to. It’s odd actually. I do pray for her and appreciate the reminder to be more vigilant. I will!:)

    • Kelly,what you ref to as Energy the Bible calls “another Spirit”, that is to say “a Spiritual influence, Demonic of Source other than the Holy Spirit of God”.
      The Holy Spirit of God is certainly no Energy, He is the very (presence of Christ) with the believer.

      Energy is a new age terminology associated with white magic a practice accursed of God.
      May the Lord be merciful to your Aunt & shatter the Darkness Amen. your Friend John B

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