UFOs- Real – Burgeoning and not going away!

UFOCOnventionWell, well, well… Here’s a UFO convention that was held in Istanbul. The speakers discussed the continuing high strangeness that is occurring all over the world. they know all to well that the phenomena is, real and burgeoning and not going away. many of these speakers believe in the hypothesis, that UFOs are from other planets and are here to usher in a new age of peace and harmony. Many believe that the aliens created life here and were the gods that our ancestors worshipped. This is what I have come to call, the Alien gospel, except that it isn’t ‘good news,’ as it is what I believe, is the coming great deception. Unfortunately, the church is ignoring the subject altogether preferring to get bogged down arguing, as to when the Rapture occurs, or worse, preaching about how God wants to prosper you and make you rich! Meanwhile the deception is all around us and it is not going away. I recently spoke in Mansfield Ohio alongside two gifted speakers, Gary Kah and Russ Dizdar. The conference sponsors went to over 35 churches in the Mansfield area with posters, books and lot’s of good will. Not one church got on board… not one. Not one church put up the posters or announced what was taking place, not one. Mansfield had three gifted speakers who had some vital information and the church refused to even consider what they had to say. But look here! The UFO community isn’t afraid to talk about the high strangeness, are they? Which is why many young people who are curious about the phenomena wind up leaving the church and joining the New Age movement. On the other hand, the world view that I attest to was not welcome at the Istanbul conference. I emailed the host of the conference and presented my case, that I would bring something different to the mix. I didn’t get a reply… that didn’t surprise me though as those in the New Age movement think that anyone who believes in what the Bible says, is a modern relative to the Neanderthal!

            Below is link to a YOUTUBE video that shows some of the high strangeness that is manifesting. Check it out as I think you’ll find it interesting. In closing some of the crop circles in the fields this year have been stunning. The deception continues as these circles create the mystery which lures many people into examining the phenomena. The curious ask, ” What is making these?”  The New Ager’s have produced films and documentaries, they hold conferences and publish books that talk about aliens from other worlds. They  have answers, even though I believe them to be wrong. What is the churches response to all of this? Don’t bother me, we’re going to raptured before any of this occurs… and besides, we have our new building fund to worry about.

          I guess I’m just a grumpy old man this morning, with a bad case of sour grapes… I’ll go for a run and try to have some happy thoughts…

I will be speaking in Roswell New Mexico on July 3rd… My topic will be, UFO’S ARE REAL, AND BURGEONING AND NOT GOING AWAY! 



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  1. Man o man Lynn, did your blog this morning hit the bulls-eye !!! I had a good laugh at your closing remarks-sour grapes- My wife commented that if I get righteously PO’d -A LOT- then imagine how you guys and all your volunteers must feel when the church gives you no exhortation, when trying to shine a light in the darkness. “No Respect”. as R.D. would have said…. Keep some of that righteous STEAM !!! Now we know how Yeshua felt when He took out the whip….

    • Another thing I wanted to say about Lynn’s site; is that it is refreshing to have a good discussion without all the baggage that some other forums have such as, arguing about tribulation timing, osas vs free grace, ad nauseum. Thanks Lynn for a site I truly enjoy and find edification from my brethren!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    You are right on brother. You ask a great question, “What will the Church’s response to this be?” Sadly, most of the Church has NO response. Why? Because hard, straight forward truth is not playing well in “Peoria” these days! Many don’t want to go beyond their comfortable message that fills the coffers and makes the Pastors fat cats.

    Christians are lacking as a result and are going to be broadsided by the things coming on the earth that they will NOT be prepared for! Hosea 4:6 comes to mind here. God’s people DO perish for lack of lnowledge.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    Kevin J.

  3. lynn,

    do not become weary in well doing for in due season you will reap your reward!!! 😀

    this is why it is EXTREMELY important that we keep our eyes on God, and NEVER look at man!!!
    man will always let us down, man will always betray us…

    the mandate you have received is from God, so HE will give you strength to complete HIS work…
    during these last days, ONLY a fervent LOVE for GOD will bring us through!

    i will pray for you…

    • Hector, I dont know why but your comments encourage me so much!
      Do you have the gift of discernment?
      Your comments are always very powerful and insightful!

  4. L.A.

    You came to mind when I read about the ministry of a “specialist”. This is from a mini-article from the “Levitt Letter”.

    From A.W.Tozer:

    ” In the Kingdom….God has always had His specialists whose chief concern has been the moral breakdown, the decline in the spiritual health of the church. Such men were Elijah,Jeremiah,Malachi,and other of their kind who appeared at critical moments of history to reprove, rebuke, and exhort in the name of God and righteousness.”

    “…Such a man was likely to be drastic, radical, possibly at times violent, and the curious crowd that gathered to watch him work soon branded him as extreme, fanatical, negative. And in a sense they were right. He was single-minded, severe, fearless, and these were the qualities the circumstances demanded. He shocked some, frightened others and alienated not a few, but he knew Who had called him and what he was sent to do. His ministry was geared to the emergency, and that fact marked him out as different, a man apart.”

    The complete forward by Tozer:


  5. In your statement above – “What is the churches response to all of this? Don’t bother me, we’re going to raptured before any of this occurs… and besides, we have our new building fund to worry about” I take issue with it. I don’t know if it was 1 person who said this to you or just your feeling expressed but I just don’t agree with it. I have never found anyone who holds to the Truth and the Blessed Hope of our Lord Jesus Christ to ever take this attitude! What I have found by my observations and conversations I have had is that today’s churches are either Replacement, Emergent or Prosperity churches and most people within those churches or even some of the mainstream churches for the most part the majority are pre-wrath, mid-trib or post trib or no rapture at all. There are very few who are pre-trib and those I know and have talked to and observe on other blogs, websites and church fellowships, is they are no way taking the attitude “oh well not my concern” or “we are only concerned about the social aspect of our church or their building fund”, NO, we are very much concerned with the lost souls in this world knowing with everything that is happening and will happen there is a deep heartfelt concern for them and wanting to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His Good News out to them because we know the time is short and His return is imminent! We are called kooks, crazy’s and even satanic because we are looking for His Blessed Hope, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ before the Tribulation starts but that motivates and gives us even more reason to go out and reach those whether, family, friends or strangers who are still lost so they can have this hope also. We are NOT sitting on our butts, twiddling our thumbs ignoring the Lord’s command to spread His Good News, in fact we are motivated because knowing these things are coming together we are working even harder to bring that Good News to a lost and dying world. We love the Lord and yes we are looking for that Blessed Hope He has promised for His return before the Tribulation starts but we are NOT being lazy. So where ever you glean your info to make such a statement, just know this is not the majority of pre-tribbers. Those who would make a statement like that, do not have the heart of God and I am sure there are some that do think this way but I cannot agree that it’s the majority which you seem to imply. Even those who are mid and post trib even tho we disagree on the timing of the rapture, their hearts are still for the lost souls. The word “churches” covers tons of different denominations and many preach a water down gospel or have stayed very far for the Truth and I do feel the majority of the “churches” out there in this day and age are not concern with the lost sheep or the Gospel of Christ and they don’t even really believe in a judgement from God or a rapture. I like your blog but in this case you missed the mark by implying the “churches” are only concern for themselves in escaping or their building fund and getting prosperity while ignoring the Lord’s command to bring the Good news to all the world. This is the Laocedean church age but there are true bible and gospel believers of individuals and churches who are working very hard to draw as many as possible in the fold before His return. May this be an inspiration to those who truly love the Lord and believe, to get out there and witness to your family, friends and strangers because time is very short. God Bless!

    • I have had is that today’s churches are either Replacement, Emergent or Prosperity churches and most people within those churches or even some of the mainstream churches for the most part the majority are pre-wrath, mid-trib or post trib or no rapture at all.

      Yvonne-I agree- Pre-Trib is the most persecuted of all the tribulation views, especially from the “Replacement, Emergent or Prosperity churches “APOSTASY.” I can’t speak for Lynn, but I don’t think his intention was to vilify Pre-Tribbers- as I am one of them, but I no longer get into debates about it. I think his point is- We as the body of Christ are fighting against each other over these issues of tribulation timing and the real war requires that we should be standing as a united front against the bigger battle of the Luciferian agenda.( which, whether they know it or not, includes the Replacement, Emergent and Prosperity churches)

      I hope I am not speaking out of turn, Lynn.

      Yvonne- excellent comments on the types of churches that are teaching doctrines of devils.

    • Yes, John B. We Pre-Tribbers have a special anointing !!!!!!! ;)- No the pope just gets a funny hat and a crooked stick…….

    • Hey John B. are you of the Seventh Day (Jesus is Micheal) or JW (Jesus is Micheal) persuasion ???? Do you believe that you are part of the 144,000 ?

    • Thanks for the responses 🙂 I didn’t mean to imply that he was only referring to pre-tribbers & I didn’t feel he was bashing pre-tribbers. My point I wanted to make is under the name “churches” there is a vast majority of them because they are outside the Truth, are not going to preach on what is happening or about to happen from the spiritual aspect, they go on with their lives as if everything will work out somehow without Jesus. I am a pre-tribber and I was only coming at this from my point of view not at all saying I have the only truth but those individuals and churches who DO preach the Truth and it does not matter where they stand on the rapture issue, they see what is going on and they take God’s word literally when it comes to the tribulation and what is happening now. All I can say is there are a good number of individuals and churches who are doing the Lord’s work because of the times we are in. I totally agree with the UFO/alien manisfestation that is happening more and more, it is demonic and I have to admit there are those even among the individuals and churches I talked to and see, even tho they are doing the Lord’s work in getting the gospel out & discern the times we are in, some of them do NOT believe in this whole UFO/Alien demonic spirits manifestation that is going on. I fully believe it because Jesus said there would be lying signs and wonders & our battle is against denomic spiritual forces. Please, if I have offended anyone I apologize, it was not my intention. I do not debate about the rapture issue with anyone, I just happen to believe in the pre-trib. Again, I only know from what I see, hear and those I talk to do take to heart and are discerning the times we live in but I have to admit some do not give any value to the whole ufo/alien, crop circles, ect. which is very unfortunate! Again these are awesome times we live in and I will keep talking and reaching my loved ones and others praying God will open their hearts to the Truth of His salvation and what is happening now which He has foretold and written in His Word until the Lord calls His us home. 🙂

    • No problem here Yvonne -I love my fellow TRUTH seeking, discerning wide awake Christian brethren, the rest I just tolerate 😉

    • Nope John B. I had a wrong assumption about you- I checked out your site-not a 7th day or JW. I usually see a lot of anti-pope talk coming from 7 th Day Ad.( that is why I make sure to declare I am not one) and the JW’s consider themselves as the replacement to the Jews.(144,000 sealed.)

      I do believe you are wrong on your assumption about there not being a literal Millennial Kingdom or a literal Third temple. I take the Bible Literally -Yeshua’s literal physical death and resurrection , Yeshua’s literal bodily return. Unless it is stated otherwise I say again I take the Bible literally. We agree to disagree.

      Tribulation well since I believe in Dispensation, I also believe in PRE-Millenial PRE-Trib. Daniel’s 70 th week referring to the Jews , not the church. The church has no Biblical grounds in calling itself the spiritual Israel.

      And many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, To the house of the God of Jacob; That He may teach us concerning His ways And that we may walk in His paths.” For the law will go forth from Zion And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. Isaiah 2:3

      You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is
      from the Jews.John 4:22

      “But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” declares the LORD, “I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Jeremiah 31:33

      “Pay attention to Me, O My people, And give ear to Me, O My nation; For a law will go forth from Me, And I will set My justice for a light of the peoples.Isaiah 51:4

      Nation -Israel- not the church!

      Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘In those days ten men from all the nations will grasp the garment of a Jew, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”‘”Zechariah 8:23

      The Jews not the church! Millennial Kingdom.

      that is all I’m going to say- I felt I needed to challenge you on a couple points after looking at your comments in the last month.

      I love my brethren and you are one but I don’t agree with everything you say.

    • No I am neither sda or jw however my mother’s side is Abram, but that counts for naught, what counts is the circumcision of the Heart in the Holy-Spirit, therein is the true Jew the only heirs of the promise made to Abraham. John B

    • . There is a movement among the Christian community that is eroding support for Israel led by men like Brian McLaren, author of the book, “A New Kind of Christian”, Stephen Sizer, a pastor who has gained popularity by condemning Christian Zionism, and Former President Jimmy Carter, who accuses Israel of committing a holocaust against the Palestinians

      Full article by Jimmy DeYoung

      This gets my blood boiling!!!!ADRENALIN!!!!!

    • I saw an article awhile back, I’ll see if I can find it, that said that any Zionists, Jewish or Christian, were terrorists. They say that, if Zionists would give up their cause, peace would come to the Middle East. They think that, because we believe the Jewish people should have their land, we are promoting terrorism. It’s a crazy theory, but one that exists! All I know is G-d made a promise, and He always keeps His promises! Even to Israel!

    • PS. I work for RBC Ministries (Radio Bible Class) and this is one of the articles written concerning the UFO phenomenon:

      “Does the Bible offer any clues regarding the significance of UFOs?
      “Crackpots” aren’t the only people interested in UFOs. Even the famous German psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) wrote a book about UFOs. He concluded that since physical evidence is almost always lacking in such occurrences, UFOs fall into the category of psychic experiences. In other words, people who see UFOs may experience things that seem vividly real, but which aren’t really there in a physical sense.

      Science has been moving toward a consensus that life in the universe is much rarer than was once supposed. Even if alien life were common, however, the distances between the stars (even within our own galaxy) is so immense that there is little likelihood of visitors. Up to this point, significant physical evidence of actual visitations from inhabitants of other planets is lacking.

      On the other hand, the Bible supports the concept of “alien” contacts. It affirms the existence of spiritual beings — angels and demons — who are engaged in a struggle for our souls. Ephesians 6:12 declares:

      Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

      There are many examples in the Bible of angelic encounters and demonic power ( Daniel 10:13 ; Matthew 4:24 ; Mark 5:1-17 ; 2 Corinthians 11:14 ; 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 ). Given the nature of the evidence, we are inclined to believe that some UFO phenomena may be demonic by nature. Other occurrences may be the result of subconscious psychological factors, quartz compression, or other natural phenomena.

      While this opinion is admittedly open to question, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the subject of UFOs. Experts in ufology say that there is a cycle of rising and waning interest in UFOs and we are reaching a peak of interest once again.

      Dan Vander Lugt

  6. I don’t understand why the churchs will not address this phenomena either. If you mention it, the reply is that “the bible says nothing about UFOs.” But when you bring up anomalies such as in Genesis 6 there is no real answer. When I mention that I believe there is a good chance that the UFO phenomena will be part of the “Great Deception” I really get the odball look.

    I don’t understand. The phenomena is real. Most will agree with this. It seems clear to me that these entities are not good. So if they are not good, then where do they come from and what do they represent? It clearly isn’t good! They do not represent God. They may come close with some New Age philosophis, but when they discredit Jesus/Yeshua as the one and only savior, then for me their doctrine falls apart.

    A few years ago I worked as an overnight board operator at a news talk station overnights during the weekends, broadcasting Art Bell and others on Coast to Coast. I read a few books by Ralph Sarchie, Fr. Malachi Martin, and Ed and Lorain Warren. All of these books covered “perfect possesion,” which is when a person completely gives up their will to a demonic or spirt entity. So, I got to wondering if a person can give themselves over willingly for possesion, what is to say other life forms, or the aliens, do not come from a planet where they all have done this and rejected God, and well, here they are for the final showdown.

    If I mention this Hypotesis, I get looked at weirdly as well. Yet that is what most of the propaganda is telling us. That they are ET’s.

    After searching on the net, I became familiar with Lynn’s and other researchers view points that seem to hold weight from a biblical point of view.

    I agree with Lynn’s frustration also. When you mention the end times and “The Great Deception,” many will say we don’t have to wory becuase the church will already been raptured.

    Well the church has not been raptured yet and here we are with all this crazy stuff falling into place.

    It also bothers me of how many Christians have no idea what the New Age Movement even is. If you point out certain occult symbols that are all over our society it seems tabboo.

    I better quit. I’m off my soap box now. I really fear the way the world is being led into deception and way from Jesus and God.

    • Lynn, you mentioned comfort. I think that is the key. This is all outside of the “comfort zone” for most Christians. Man, it is outside the comfort zone of a lot of people who don’t even know Christ.

      But whether it’s comforting or not, it’s in our face and the minute officialdom lets the curtain drop and the church is still here(I am still a pre Tribber), there is going to be chaos.

      Test of faith, here we come. It will be so insidious as one will have all his paradigms put in question. We and we hope our uninformed brethren will have to hold on to Christ and the Holy Word for dear life.
      I don’t think most begin to realize how this deception will work, but it will be formidible.
      I try to work with UfO New Agers to convince them of this trick of Satan. Many are all locked in already.

      Back to the young people. These will be the most vulnerable and it will be the church’s fault that many will fall away due to lack of any discernment of this being preached.

      Hang in there, Lynn and keep up the work. God needs you in this vital corner.

  7. Well! The reply made me fill out my name and email again! I guess it forgot me! LOL! Anyway, I was just commenting on how blessed I am! Our Pastor has taught about the nephilim on our Wednesday night Bible study. He is intrigued by Lynn’s theories and I have loaned his wife “Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural.” He has spent the last 4 Wednesday nights teaching the church about the new age and occults and how deceptive they are. We will also be doing a lesson on Wicca soon. I wish we could get Lynn here. I know of at least one church that would welcome him!

    • Lynn. I regret not booking a hotel room in Roswell earlier. That is the best chance I have of seeing you and all the other guests their. Prices have skyrocketed now. Amarillo isn’t too far away, but far enough where I would want to spend the night.

    • Christine….Just WHERE is your church? I have been trying to reach my Pastor with L.A.’s theory and yes, he is ignoring my attempts to ‘intrigue’ him to read, discuss or acknowledge the information. I would love to find a church where a Pastor is willing to at least study the subject, not to mention ever discuss it with someone.

    • That is going to be a hard one!!!! Just find all the Pastors such as Chuck Missler and others who teach this truth-find out where their churches are and if it is near you attend -that is the sad thing about this whole sordid affair-Lots of Good Pastors, but none in most of the places we live.I have a Bible study-not everyone agrees with me but I can discuss this subject at least.

  8. Shalom, Mr.Marzulli. I know well what you are talking about as I am from Mansfield, Ohio and the snooze is definately on when it comes to the end-time game. I just, had a long 2 1/2 hour conversation with my sister-in-law in regards to the “alien gospel” which I felt much better prepared discussing with her since you gave your very imformative speach. The last attempt ended with an I just don’t believe in aliens and stuff. I was able to explain to her that I don’t either however, I do believe in fallen angels with a deceptive plan to lead the world astray. She finally got the message, PTL! MY prayer is that the LORD opens hearts and minds as I feel strongly the darkness is almost upon us…Shalom

  9. Hey Lynn,

    Just wanted to give you MY take on this whole UFO thing. I believe these things are REAL, the phenomenon looks to be burgeoning and it doesn’t appear that they are going away! How did I do? 🙂

    I was at the Mansfield Conference(I was one one the guys that pestered you while you were eating, sorry LOL)and I also agree that it was a sad day for the Mansfield community. There were people there who drove 8 hours or more, I ONLY had to drive from Findlay, and was running late, hoping to still be able to find a seat when we got there. Out of 1400 hundred seats, we had our choice of about 1200 of them 😦

    Had it been Joel Osteen, they would have had to bring in the National Guard to direct traffic!

    We are eyewitnesses to the ‘falling away’ the Bible talks about. My heart is heavy for those who are deceived.

    LOVE YOU BROTHER! Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll see you SOON!


  10. There is no doubt that our species is being observed, and visited by travelers from outside our solar system. Is this because the devastation of our planet is visible to ETs, and they are curious to watch the Train Wreck? Possibly, or they may have solutions.

    There is no reason that there should be any religous-scientific divide on this issue. Real progress is made when the best aspects of Religion are married with the best of Science.

    Thank you for bringing your insight to this issue.

  11. How about those DVD’s of the conference or maybe some simply YouTubes of your Marzulli updates on the “Alien Gospel” as contradictive of Christians. You could really put ’em on the hot seat.

  12. Hey Lynn and Larry,

    I was one of the people at the dinner the night before the conference in Mansfield. (hi Larry!) Lynn, you were lucky I was too busy asking tons of questions to russ dizdar :> anyway, I drove myself from 2 states over because the Lord gave me this word after I prayed and asked if He wanted me there… Acts 10:20 (paraphrased, from the amplified version, Get up and go without any doubt or any discrimination or hesitation, for I have sent them!! I emailed Russ to encourage him on this verse also. Lynn, do not be weary in well-doing. the conference was a life-changing event for me. However, I have also been met with tons of spiritual opposition and stares from my fellow christian friends and family. It can be so discouraging, however, i do believe the Lord raised you up for this time!! rise up and stand firm!! Thank you so much for the conference message, In His great and mighty love, denise

  13. lynn,

    today i took a cue from you and went for a walk to try and clear my head…

    i would rather run, but because of fibromyalgia i am in constant pain, so a walk is all i can handle…
    however, every time i begin to complain to the Lord about my pain i usually will see someone in a wheel chair…
    or someone missing a foot, or leg…
    and i have to apologize to God, and thank him for being able to walk…

    my whole point in saying this is that:
    one persons ceiling is another persons floor-

    im afraid your calling seems to be similar to jeremiahs’…
    youve been called to preach to the choir, so to speak…

    maybe the best way to pursue the endeavor you have taken up is to adjust your expectations?…
    perhaps someday mainstream churchs will be able to enjoy teachings on nephilim, and the coming great deception…
    but it will be because of trailblazers like you…

    this is why you must pursue your calling by FAITH…
    because it is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN… (heb 11:1)

    and try to remember, there are those who would GIVE ANYTHING to be in your place… 🙂

    • I think it is growing late in the midnight hour for the sleeping/dead church-It is going to come on them like an avalanche of insanity-beasties, nephilim,craziness and unless they are covered by the shed blood of Christ- they will be consumed in the insanity of the unleashing of the demonic forces. WAKE UP CALL …quit hitting the snooze button..

  14. lynn,

    i am also of the opinion that IF our human DNA can be broken down into a genetic code, so then time and space is ALSO broken down into a genetic code of sorts, which has been written in the prophetic scriptures…

    the synchronicity about which you speak and write about is actually prophetic insight given to you by the one true God during these last days… when a person becomes aware of the synchronicity of the events surrounding them in the world today it is because the events have been foretold and exist in eternity and have been programmed and engineered by our Creator in ages gone by…

    Ours is the God who can call the end from the beginning, and give insight to his prophets into his prophetic timetable…
    a quantum physicist would say that all things are interconnected in some way, however i would propose that the reason it all seems to be interconnected is because of our Creators’ Loving hand weaving a complex fabric of what humans perceive as time and space…

    The enemy would love to be able to get his hands on this information, but the spiritual insight is encrypted, and given only to those who know that Gods presence and fellowship is more to be desired than fine silver and gold…

    in the case of meagan fox, after i read the quote of what meagan had said, God spoke to me …

    “The ‘Transformers’ bombshell-cum-uninhibited philosophizer also contemplates — reluctantly — what she would say to Megatron to keep him from destroying the world. ‘I’d barter with him,’ she muses to the July issue Total Film UK, ‘and say instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?'”

    this is NOT just another case of a hollywood liberal kissing up to the powers that be…
    rather, there is NO WAY someone could say what she said,
    unless she was THOROUGHLY indoctrinated into the BLACK rituals of the OCCULT…
    for her to speak in this way is inspired by the very depths of hell…
    why cant we see it??? are we THAT asleep???

    in america today a celeb flappin her yap in this manner has become very commonplace…
    so that our spiritual radars have become dull and de-sensitized~
    so much so, in fact that our warning alarms should be RINGING LOUDLY!!!
    i live in hollywood, so i have seen many celebs come and go, and i have seen many many, dreams fall by the wayside~
    and, lets face it… any one of these wanna-be celebs would SELL THEIR SOUL to be in meagans position… and they would have NO PROBLEM repeating what she said, if it meant stardom…
    i believe that people like meagan fox are the vanguard of the man of lawlessness himself…
    these celebs are the protoype of the “new man” that satan had in mind in nazi geramany…
    and now the battle has been brought here…

    we cannot allow ourselves to idly stand by watching as these degenerates mock the only living God!
    David Letterman is a case in point:
    we can bring these suckers down!
    weve gotta unite and show them that they have mocked the ONE TRUE GOD!!!
    nothing is impossible with GOD!…

    • Jw;’s don’t believe in Hell, I most certainly Do & it is everlasting an unquenchable Fire, Furthermore, I am not anti-pope, I am not anti-anything, I pass judgment on no one. Even the righteous man is saved with difficulty Said the Apostle, Let us Fear(revere) lest we fall short of our calling, for many are called, few are chosen. having these scriptures in my heart, I judge Not lest I be Judged.

      John B

  15. the clouds…

    Why have they been in the news?
    Why have there been new anomalous manifestations of them?
    Why have there been NEW TYPES of clouds?

    i have seen them…
    floating over my city…
    evil in appearance, evil in their spirit…
    the nephilim cloak themselves with the clouds~
    they do not want to be discovered-
    or they are afraid of being discovered…
    because of the POWER of the BLOOD of Jesus…

    i had a dream yesterday about the clouds…
    i saw a big city…could have been anywhere…
    tall skyscrapers…green hills behind them…
    i saw a giant…
    hidden by the clouds…
    as tall as a skyscraper…
    walking towards the city…
    cloaked in the clouds-

    i believe these new clouds are a sign-
    that the nephilim are here, but they re held back by the blood of the LAMB of GOD…
    in due season they shall be revealed…
    when the hate mongers like meagan fox get their wish,
    and all the Bible believers are removed-
    then meagan and people of her ilk will WISH for the times
    when Christians still prayed for them…
    but by then it will be too late…

    too late…

    • Great poem! I love Righteous Judgment- Shine that BRIGHT Lamp upon the darkness, brother!

    • Yowzer about those clouds as I had that dream and saw a face like the ones in the video on my way back from Missoula to Billings a couple of weeks ago. Also had a dream about God using any and everything to get our attention and to speak to us. This is a bit off the subject but does anyone else find it strange (coincidental perhaps) that Project Blackjack is but just a few days off and in the paper today Obama tells us we are in grave danger from North Korea and that he (Obama)is going to do whatever he can to disharm the nuclear missiles in that country. In response to this, the paper here states that North Korea said it will plan on using it’s missiles to defend it’s political status at all costs and use them against whatever country tries to “touch” the missiles? Interesting. Almost like it’s setting it all up. Yesterday 3 staff members/co-workers told me they were exhausted for some reason and had an uneasy feeling and went home early. Two reported extreme depression and a foreboding feeling. These are usually happy people. Both are Catholic and I tried to talk to them about the spiritual environment taking it’s toll but neither would listen and told me I needed to calm down and trust that whatever happens…happens. I think somethin’s comin’ down and I think it’s soon.

  16. Lynn you are absolutely right, the great deception
    is coming and maybe sooner than we can imagine.

    I would highly recommend churches to show this movie
    by the Christian director; Rich Christiano.

    Two reporters investigate a series of UFO sightings
    and discover a supernatural connection

    Even Las-Vegas will have its UFOland according to
    this lasvegasnow news report;

    The Raelians Target Las Vegas for a UFOland

    (LAS VEGAS, Nv) — The Raelian Movement is announcing plans
    to build a UFOland in Las Vegas where visitors can attend
    a Happiness Academy and see a full-size replica of a UFO.

    Raelians believe that humanity was created by extraterrestrial
    scientists and they want to share their belief with visitors
    to Las Vegas. They will also host a museum and a 1000-seat theatre
    where their spiritual leader, Rael, will give lectures.

    “The museum will display all the evidence we’ve gathered for
    the past 35 years that shows we were indeed created
    by scientists — highly advanced human beings from another planet,”
    said Ricky Roehr, leader of the North American Raelian Movement.

    He said he expects the UFOland to become one of the most popular
    destinations in Las Vegas within the next five years.

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