28 thoughts on “L.A. Marzulli to appear tonight on BIG FINALE!

  1. Looking forward to the interview-I was just over on Bruce’s site and saw you would be on tonight -GAME ON!!!

  2. I can’t either- I click on the icon on his site and nothing..I have all the players available….nothing arrrgh

  3. I got it to work a couple of times but its playing a show from June 5. Now, its not working at all.

  4. I keep getting a url download page-problem when I click on that little red/blue box

  5. Maybe the men in black are watching us through our computers and laughing .. a sinister laugh…a ha a ha ha a…

  6. Wow every body ! I thought it was just me ! ( : I sent an email off to Bruce re: the very same problems you all experienced.At least he posts the shows on his blog later.Usually within the following week.Guess we’ll have to wait until then.

  7. I just finished listening, par excellence!!! I am always so thankful to Yahweh for leading me to LA, Bruce D. and JRed ! Praise all you wide awake watchmen for standing against the tide of IGNORANCE. In the name of Yeshua. It is edifying to spend time (albeit the web) with brethren in these deceptive times. Comfort each other.

    16Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.

    17 Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken. Jeremiah 6:16-17

  8. Operation Blackjack-I just found out what it is and June 21 – I am deeply troubled- I know ,fear is not from God , but I fear for the lost… I don’t know how to view this Blackjack- false flag “again” or is this going to materialize and our world will be changed overnight ???? This building crescendo is taxing- so many indicators but still uncertainty-It is hard to digest that we are the last generation- such a small remnant that hold to this belief that “all these things are coming to pass”… Yeshua bless you all.

    • What is Operation Blackjack? Haven’t heard of it yet. Can you enlighten me?

      Also, I believe you are from Saskatchewan, are you not? I’m a “close” neighbour over here in Alberta!

    • Hey Karen-Alberta, eh- Howdy neighbour !!!! Yes Saskatchewan for 2 years and after last winter we are moving back to BC:)-if we can afford it $$$ BC prices sheesh. I miss the mountains, hot springs,crystal clear rivers and peaches in the Okanagan mmmmmm…. I just learned about Blackjack and it is very unsettling…if it is a sign of things to come- that the Luciferian groups have planned. JRed has the videos posted and now i posted them under end times on my site http://cottonwoodcreekfarm.wordpress.com

    • OK, I just went to JRed’s site and found out about Blackjack. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? As my husband is fond of saying, “I really hope God is pre-trib!”

    • Hi Karen. Much of this is found in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural… Unfortunately these scenarios might become a reality sooner than later. The Lord tells us, that when we begin to see the signs, to look up because His return is soon!

  9. My post didn’t go through-maybe because I put on my website address??? Anyways I was saying HOWDY Karen-Alberta, eh. My wife grew up there. We have been in Windy Cold Saskatchewan for 2 years- and now we are heading back to BC this summer unless David Flynn’s predictions come to pass??????? It is hard to make long term plans anymore with all that is happening………..

    • Hi Cottonwood! Your website looks really good! I like how you have it organized and will be visiting it again and again. I would like to know about “Operation blackjack.” Is there a link to it on your website?

    • Just go to my link above then to End Times page and thanks Christine, that means a lot to me :)It wouldn’t have been be possible without the saving grace of Yahweh in the name of Yeshua !!! Georgetown ????

  10. unfortunately, i am one of those who could not get the radio show to work 😦
    i tried, i really reeelly tried…

    um yah im waiting to view jreds site about operation blackjack…(wow why does he have to put like about 1 years worth of bogs on his page? it makes for slooooow loading, lol)

    having said that, it looks like about.com has finally bit the dust, i used to read the ufos section-

    soooo, i will bookmark jreds blog and make it my new entry in my anomalous bookmarks folder, which safari allows the option of opening the folder as tabs (if u dont use safari please disregard)


    i must share a dream with you, along the lines of Jesus’ imminent return…
    i only share it because i know that God gave it to me,
    and he gave it to me to share…

    suffice it to say that ive got a LOT to pray about, and i was asking God during prayer:
    “God what about this issue, or that issue in my life?”
    and yeah i kinda dozed off during prayer and i had this dream:

    in the dream, i was in an airport…
    i wasnt at eye level, rather, i was kinda floating above the people…
    i could see families getting ready to depart, i could see kids getting ready…
    all were smiling…
    everyone seemed happy to be leaving!!!
    and there was a voice over in the dream:


    and i woke up.
    my first impression after i woke up was that God was telling me:
    “Ive got it all under control, Ive already told you, when you see these things coming to pass,
    lift up your eyes, rejoice for your redemption draweth nigh!”
    it was like God was showing me all these people who were so glad to depart,
    they were filled with so much JOY!

    it was like God was telling me to REJOICE!!!

    one thing that i did not realize until i started typing this out was that:
    everyone in the dream was happy to be leaving!
    and why not?
    isnt that as it should be?
    isnt this world falling apart at an alarming rate?
    are we not seeing the very foundations of the earth being shaken?
    are we not at the point where God said: everything that CAN be shaken WILL be shaken?

    yes, friends, it is time to rejoice, indeed…
    please prepare for departure! 🙂


  11. more cloud strangeness…

    Iowa Woman Discovers New Cloud Type

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Looking out the 11th floor window of her law office, Jane Wiggins did a double take and grabbed her camera. The dark, undulating clouds hovering outside were unlike anything she’d seen before.

    “It looked like Armageddon,” said Wiggins, a paralegal and amateur photographer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “The shadows of the clouds, the lights and the darks, and the greenish-yellow backdrop. They seemed to change.”

    They dissipated within 15 minutes, but the photo Wiggins captured in June 2006 intrigued _ and stumped _ a group of dedicated weather watchers who now are pushing weather authorities to create a new cloud category, something that hasn’t been done since 1951.

    Breaking into the cloud family would require surviving layers of skeptical international review. Still, Gavin Pretor-Pinney and his England-based Cloud Appreciation Society are determined to establish a new variety. They’ve given Wiggins’ photo and similar pictures taken in different parts of the world to experts in England, and are discussing the subject fervently online.

    “They (the clouds) were the first ones that I noted of this type and I was unsure which category to put them under,” said Pretor-Pinney, author of “The Cloudspotter’s Guide.” “When we put pictures up online we list the category, and I wasn’t sure how to categorize it.”


  12. Wow Hector- I never get dreams, visions- I just get a sense of things and an alarm starts going off inside me. Kinda like Spider man 🙂 I pray to Yahweh to know when all these things are coming, for sure, so I can know when to hit the code red button… I don’t want to get caught in the cycle of calling wolf then my friends and family will just think I’m looking under the bed for boogey men. Infallible God -fallible human -why does it have to be so hard to know “For SURE”- I know the scripture about the day or the hour but still we are told to take heed…… In Season…no sleep till Heaven……..Babble babble 😉

    • George town is a suburb of I believe he said Ontario! He use to be my boss here in the states. His company shut down here and their main headquarters is in Canada. Mold Masters is the name. Anyway, he has a girlfriend in Ontario, so when they gave him the opportunity to remain here and jobless, or go and be with her and have a job, it wasn’t a hard decision for him to make! He likes it so well, he is thinking about becoming a permanent resident! He keeps telling me how beautiful it is in the fall! He knows I love to take pictures in the fall! I told him to send me some pics…. I don’t like the idea of living in a deep freezer! LOL!

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