Crop Circles: The Phenomena continues…

Crop Circle jeppy fish

This crop circle is huge! Is it the work of hoaxers with strings and boards working frantically in the wee hours of the night, or is it the real thing? Are UFOs creating these formations? Are they telling us that they can move about in our air-space with impunity? What does this crop circle say to us?

          I believe that crop circles are part of the UFO phenomena. They are deliberately created to cause a sense of wonder and curiosity in us. They appear in fields all over the world and have done so for decades now. They lure us into the phenomena, as many believe that extraterrestrials are responsible for the creation of these formations. I will say it again, that the phenomena is real and burgeoning and not going away. Why is it that these formations continue year after year and often with  more complexity?  Why after all this time have never been able to film one of these formations as it is created? Is this setting the stage for the coming great deception? I certainly think that it’s part of it…








This ‘Jellyfish’ in fairly mature (4 or so feet barley) is quite a contrast to previous formations and cannot be seen from the local landscape. I had the impression that there had already been a few visitors based on the fairly flat centres in the tail (southern side) when I visited at around 1:30pm on Saturday 30th, confirmed later by finding muddy traces further up possibly from an early morning visitor or two. The crop was generally showing signs of straightening up again. Fairly subtle warm energy could be felt several inches south of centre around the few spirals close to the southern tail end that I checked.

My visit cut somewhat short by way of a wildlife preservation warden (specifically birds) waving arms around, however no signs of human hoaxing were perceived throughout the formation. Alex Mercer

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  1. Jellyfish again? Hector just posted the “jellyfish” cloud video.

    Is this the 1st jellyfish crop circle? I wonder what they represent.

    It includes “11” circles in the drawing & has kind of a menorah look to it. Three thin hanging tenticles on each side of the main stem made up of circles w/a thin tail attached but it’s 7 in total.

    The artwork is so intricate & symmetrical I’d like to see one which has definitely been man-made. How fast could someone work to get something like this done & could it look as perfect?

    • lisa,

      in all honesty, i dont see the menorah?

      yes, the jellyfish again… jellyfish ufos seem to be more prevalent lately esp. in the uk…
      as i reviewed my vid of the ‘cloaked ufo’ jellyfish clouds…
      i noticed some alien faces in them that were very ominous looking…
      even if the clouds were chemtrails, as some have suggested, what are the odds that they would assume the same shapes and features?
      in all honesty when i saw the faces in clouds in the vid it kinda creeped me out…
      jellyfish ufos have been associated with power station/wind turbine outages, supposedly the ‘tentacles’ are the mechanism by which the ufos drain the power source…

    • Hector,

      You can “see” the Menorah if you turn the picture upside down.

      Recently, on Monster Quest, the subject was giant jellyfish. You have to admit they do look like saucer ships with tentacles.

      The crop circle is too perfect to be man made unless they do it with a GPS? Still that’s quick work in darkness unless “someone” above is shining a light on the “makers”.

  2. lynn,

    i agree that the intricacies of the crop formations are a bit too complex to be man made…
    the glyphs included in the formations themselves are supposedly egyptian/occultic/masonic in origin-
    what is interesting is that apparently the ufos do not necessarily have to ‘uncloak’ in order to produce a crop circle…
    however witnesses that have stayed on-site at the fields say they have seen flashes of light…

    i have no doubt that the ufos could produce crop circles magnetically without needing to materialize!
    or, if the crop circles are the result of, say, remote viewing, or druidic conjuring…
    then no one would not even need to physically become visible to execute the crop circle…

  3. I am amazed at how perfectedly symmetric they are! If it was human, it would be a work of art! Coming from UFO’s it seems much more ominous. Almost like they are trying to reach out to us and make us believe they are benevolent, when they are not. The spiral is very important to the occult. It repreents the serpent, satan. usually, if there are at least 3, you can get the number 666 out of them. Knowing that, makes it all the more eerie!

  4. I certainly don’t mean to be critical, but the clouds in the video look like normal clouds to me. There are lots of them in Texas that do that all the time. I think it just means the wind is blowing at that level and making the clouds trail. There’s a name for those kinds of clouds, but I gave my weather book away, so I can’t tell you what they’re called. Perhaps someone else can.

    I didn’t see any alien faces either–just a beautiful blue sky with clouds in it.

    But the jellyfish crop circle is something else. If whatever is doing it is so smart, they should just spell it out in plain English! I mean really! Enough of these pictures!

    • No…signs and wonders in the air means just that. That prophecy simply leaves it at “signs and wonders”. They really don’t have to mean anything. Just keep you confused and guessing while they are doing slight of hand. I think that old trickster Mephisto gets a big kick out of fooling us and tricking us and keeping us off ballence with the wondering…

  5. Hector,

    Picture the menorah lamp stand. You have 7 Candlesticks. The one main center shaft w/ 3 additional branches on each side. The center shaft is used to light the other 6 branches & is the only one connected to the base. The Menorah points upwards toward heaven.

    In this crop circle the center circular “tentacle/shaft” is unusual but still related to the other six normal strands for it has a “hint” of a tentacle hanging down from it. Of course I think the menorah likeness would not represent God but Satan’s own version in which this one is pointing downward.

    The tentacle strands do not originate & branch out from the circular main shaft but come out of the four top circles in the jellyfish head. The center shaft tentacle comes directly out of the head but through a pair of eyes.

    Hey-it may be a stretch but I’m the artistic type so I have a flexible visual imagination. I also see 3 pairs of “All seeing Eyes” within those four top circles. 2 eyes x 3 pairs = 6 eyes total.

    **I didn’t know about a jellyfish “style” UFO either.

    • lisa,

      well i for one do not believe in coincidence….
      ask any quantum physicist and he would tell you there is NO SUCH things as a coincidence…

      as to the synchronistic aspect of my posting my jellyfish ufo video yesterday- and today there being an item in UFO casebook about a jellyfish crop circle, i certainly cannot explain it…(i knew nothing about it)
      unless you take into account the intelligent design of our creator…

      ok NOW i see the menorah! 🙂 thanx!

      thank you for your interpretation of the crop circles various components…hmmm…
      its true that most crop circles can be broken down into some kind of occultic symbolism…
      of course in this case a jellyfish is not as blatantly occultic as say, a pentagram –
      (unless you know how to look, most people would say: “how cute!”)
      however, yes, i agree with lynn and you that this crop circle is basically advance publicity for the man of lawlessness and his godless army of miscreants…

      here is the casebook article about the jellyfish crop circle:

      God Bless,


      Jellyfish Crop Circle: A World First

      Oxfordshire, Jellyfish Formation

      An incredible Crop formation has appeared in Oxfordshire. The formation which resembles a Jellyfish is thought to be the first of its kind in the world. The design is 250m (600ft) and turned up in a field near Ashbury last week and has baffled crop circle investigators.

      The owners of the land who have told researchers to stay clear of the field say that £600 worth of damage has been caused. Though the owners called the design beautiful they have still reported the matter to police.

      Karen Alexander of Temporary Temples has been researching crop circles for over 15 years. The researcher told various media that the formation is roughly three times the size of most other formations.

      Karen will be appearing on the next episode of UFO Radio due for release by the end of the week. Stay tuned to the UFO Radio News Network for further developments.

      By Sam Willey

      permanent link:

  6. (This is a New Age interpretation.)

    Jellyfish, Power Animal, Symbol of Acceptance and Faith

    By Ina Woolcott

    Jellyfish’s medicine includes – sensitivity to water energy (emotions), understanding of the value of floating rather than swimming through trying emotional times, proper use of softness (not being rigid), ability to become untangled from the webs of peril in life, acceptance and faith,

    There are many species of jellyfish, with the Man of War being the best known. They grow 3 to 14 inches long, and rise up to 6 inches out of the water. Their tentacles hang down up to 45+ feet below the waters surface. The tentacles consist of a colony of polyps, which bear muscular stinging cells. When sensing a fish, the stinging cells shoot out barbs that go into the fish injecting a deadly poison.

    Jellyfish reside in the warm seas across the whole planet. During warmer seasons they tend to move toward the poles, and during cooler months, they toward the Equator.

    Jellyfish hold acceptance and faith, knowing and trusting that All That Is will provide the necessary for them to survive.

    These are the only creatures that rely on movement for the sustenance of their lives – they have almost no ability to move on their own, depending oceans currents and the directions of the wind to move it on the way that it must go.

    As they move in harmony with the currents of life, they show to us how to flow with the natural forces of Mother Earth. There are some ancient healers who hold the belief that the tapestry of true spiritual knowledge is held within the transparent form of the jellyfish…

    +Godlike productions has a whole thread of people discussing what the symbolism could be:

    • lisa,

      i realize you may be tired of me asking you tis, but…

      which interpretation do you feel is True?

      which one do YOU believe in???

      hmmmmm? 😉

    • Depends on the source-is Godlike productions associated in any way with strange fire such as holy laughter, gold dust ???????? There would be my answer…test the spirits……

    • I’ve looked at this for two days now and finally remembered my dream I had 3 weeks ago. It was so real. It finally hit me like ton of bricks.

      In my dream, I was standing on top of a hill, late afternoon almost dusk. I could see a beautifully clear sky, light breeze, just before sunset when the sun hangs orange. I could see thousands of jellyfish sailing, floating, moving across the sky(like hot air balloons but these were internally controlled) The jellyfish were EXACTLY the same shape of the top part of the one on the photo on the crop circle, I mean EXACTLY. To describe them further, the thin material that made up the sides were slightly opaque(frosted looking, you could see shadows or movement inside) These were about the size of large cars and you could see up in them. The sides of the jellyfish flapped around in the breeze. Anyway, there were aliens in each and I sensed they were coming to get a person and hook them up to something they had on the inside. No one spoke to me what they were going to do but it was more of a sense.

      I had the feeling things were not going to turn out for the good. I felt panicky, concerned, had a sense of urgency.

      Also, last night, I had a dream that something stuck the earth. It produced no significant damage. It was only man size and it opened up and an alien/humanoid/very colorful thing came out and people were dividing themselves over whether to be for it or to be against it. There was more to the dream, i.e. our government, men in black coats, etc. etc.

      Needless to say, I truly believe something is amiss in our world and it is about to be revealed. If we count from June 21, 2009 to December 21, 2012 that is exactly 3.5 years. Could we be on precipice of the tribulation period. After I heard the President’s speech in Cairo yesterday, it almost sounded like a heralding of things soon to come.

  7. Hector,

    I don’t think I have enough information to arrive @ any conclusion. Kind of just scratching the surface on this one. (:

  8. I know this may sound wierd but I see a helmet and eyes/goggles. And like a mind/spinal control system. This came to me, It’s also wierd because star wars and some other toy company as well as video game companys are starting to use mind control systems.

    P.S – When I say mind control systems I mean where you control machines or computers to do things with your mind. I’ve also herd that some alien crafts might use mind control interface systems.. “Just a thought”

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