We had a glitch yesterday!

Acceleration RadioWe had a glitch yesterday on Acceleration Radio! We found out what the problem was – we forgot to send the check to Todd who hooks us into the satellite! Duh! Anyway, what I might do is rebroadcast that show next week. I think it would be a good idea as many people missed it. Russ Dizdar   www.theblackawakening.com was our guest. Russ, along with Gary Kah, and myself will be speaking on June 6th at the Mansfield Ohio Prophecy conference. On yesterday’s show we discussed some of what Russ will bring to the conference. It was a fast paced hour of information that I believe is vital, considering the times in which we live. Russ has been involved in helping people out of satanic ritual abuse. Russ also has investigated the rise of the satanic super soldiers. If you would like to attend this event here is the link to the venue!




PP&S SMALLSend the following info. below to all your family and friends that live in and near Mansfield, Ohio. L.A. and his friends will be in town.  Link: http://www.mansfieldtickets.com/events/detail/158

Politics Prophecy & The Supernatural Conference
Saturday, June 6, 2009
9am – 6pm
Tickets: $15 (includes Subway sack lunch)
Doors open @ 8:30am
Buy Tickets
Saturday, June 6th, 2009
at 9am

You are invited to attend an exciting one-time event. This is an event you don’t want to miss, so purchase your tickets NOW! We are seeing a heightening of events in our Headlines, the forming of a One World Government, One World Religion, Economic Crisis, Mid-East Peace, threat of a Nuclear or Biological war, the burgeoning UFO phenomenon, what is Hollywood preparing us for with recent movies such as, “Knowing”, “Race to Witch Mountain”, & “Watchmen”, Corruption, Violence, the Black awakening, the return of the Nephilim, and Genesis 6.

What does this all mean? Do you wonder how these all fit together? Wonder no longer. This is your chance to obtain an outpouring of Knowledge and Discernment from 3 outstanding speakers and authors who are considered experts in their field.

Our Keynote Speaker: Dr. L.A. Marzulli. He is the author of the Nephilim Trilogy. The Nephilim Trilogy made the CBA best sellers list. Marzulli received an honorary doctorate from Pacific International University for his work on the Nephilim Trilogy. Marzulli is also the author of the non fiction work, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. The book packs a hard hitting expose of how the current political landscape may bring about ancient Biblical prophecies, which then may trigger supernatural events that are foretold in the book of Daniel and Revelation. His latest offering, The Alien Interviews, features 17 personal, intense interviews with people who have been directly involved with the UFO phenomena. The book was written for the skeptic with various world-views presented as to what these phenomena may be. Marzulli has lectured on this fascinating subject presenting his exhaustive research at conferences and churches as well as appearances and interviews on numerous national radio and television programs. Please check out his website: http://www.lamarzulli.net/

Gary Kah is the former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana government. While in that position he traveled extensively overseas working closely with the economic staff at American Embassies on trade-related projects. During that time, he learned of efforts underway to establish a one-world political/financial system. He also discovered there was a religious motivation connected with these developments. Gary has written two best-selling books detailing his experiences and explaining the goals of the one-world/interfaith movement. His books, En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion, are fully documented and are critical in understanding today’s global developments – including the current financial crisis. Gary keeps readers informed of the latest international economic, political and religious developments through his research news journal Hope for the World Update. Gary has appeared on over one thousand radio and television talk shows. Please check out his website:http://www.garykah.org/

Russ Dizdar came out of the 60’s as a dabbler in dark occultism and a practitioner of golden Buddha meditation he sought anything spiritual to find what it was he was looking for. Russ became a licensed and then Ordained minister on October 1978 reformation Sunday. He was also Exec. Director of Greater Akron Youth For Christ, a Police Chaplin. Founder and now directs Shatter the Darkness and Preemption Broadcast. Russ has studied at Emerge counseling center, Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, DEFTEC law enforcement training in advanced occult and cult crimes. He has been to many training seminars on Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA-MPD-DID, Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare, Abduction Research, Evangelism, Counseling, and other various fields. Russ will publish his first book this spring 2009 entitled ‘THE BLACK AWAKENING’ rise of the satanic super soldiers. See http://www.theblackawakening.com/. Also check out his website: http://www.shatterthedarkness.net/

Cost of admission includes a Subway sack lunch.

Please prayerfully consider joining us to seek God’s truth together!

13 thoughts on “We had a glitch yesterday!

  1. I tried to listen but knew when I heard the two news people that something was not right.

    We saw a UFO the other night, we were out on the deck and it was round, lightly colored, pale yellow orange and after about 20 seconds faded out of site. Not sure about distance but let’s say if a bird was flying by it, it would have been next to impossible to see the bird. I think about the time I said “Jesus” name it faded away and that’s the way I like it.

  2. yeah…the radio program didnt work 4 meee… 😦
    if you could re-broadcast next week it would surely be appreciated!!!

    i like russ dizdar because he is so blasé about fighting satanic covens…
    and even military covens!!! OMG!!!

    we had an incident at church wed. where one guy apparently went off his meds…and was drunk-
    (he is from one of our recovery programs)
    and one of the pastors went over to try and talk to him…

    well right when i turned around to see what the fuss was about,
    i saw this guy jump outta his seat and raise his fist towards our pastor as if to strike him!
    my point is that in a split second, it could have been all over with for my pastor-
    if the guy had had a knife or gun, there would have been no way to stop him…
    most of the mass slayings in churches are from someone they already know, and are trying to help…

    but these are the days that we are living in…
    will we have to pack 9mms when we go to church at some point?

    • Since the killing of the pastor a couple of months ago, we have a policeman that hangs inside our church. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t members packing. So if you crazies get any ideas, think twice.

  3. Lynn,

    I’m wondering if there is an easier way to provide a link to the program??
    This is the only one I have to “Cut & Paste” …..all the other Internet radio programs you just click on the link and there you are.

    I have followed the instructions on the Acceleration page but have been unable to listen to any of the shows.

  4. lynn,

    i know that we dont set dates and all, but it IS kinda fun ta become fully expectant!
    i guess tomorrow is shavuot/pentecost and jred from look up is predicting a prophetic event of great significance!

    i believe he makes a very valid point about the level of expectancy alive in the church today…
    in other words, there is close to nil expectancy…

    when there is expectancy, one is motivated to do things that one would not normally do…
    like maybe pray with someone who needs Jesus…
    and it is true that we have pretty much lost that, esp. here in LA…

    one thing that kinda bugs me is that say for example other alternative lifestyles…
    they are very very expectant of imminent change, and they have a LOT of fervency in their actions!
    the rule of thumb is, those who are the most passionate, take the prize-

    where is Christianity today in the US?

    yeah, were at the shopping malls, or watchin TV, or other recreational pastimes-
    which is why eventually, those from alternative lifestyles will prevail…
    Christians have lost their zeal, and have fallen asleep…
    and like the 10 virgins…

    ALLL fell asleep!!!

    • Don’t forget the Emergent church, where you can practice New Age religion and call yourself an enlightened christian- rub your hands in mother earth- teach that end times eschatology is wrong – lead the masses to hell by telling them that hell does not exist…… Brian McLaren, Tony Jones and Pagitt are doing a great job for the devil- that is along with the dead apostate churches!!!! There is going to be a lot of shocked, horrified so called “Christians” left to be hunted down like wild beasties.We are in the season – rapture date- maybe a surprise or feast of trumpets ??????? All we can do is be sober and alert watchmen and those who know the Master’s voice will heed the call.

    • yah and dont forget rick warren…
      end-times trilateralist and one-world religion self appointed priest!
      (sorry i couldnt resist, lol)

      yup and ive heard that at these emergent church meetings you can fire up a blunt with the pastor while drinkin a brewski…

      oh yeah, and dont forget the free tattoo parties/bible studies!
      (i realize that some of these are cultural considerations so i will not push the issue)

      my whole point is that nowhere in the bible does it say to reach sinners by sinning WITH them…

    • Hector27, regarding the Rick Warren comment….My pastor has stopped mentioning Warren’s name altogether. No one has even noticed because they don’t have a clue to the going’s on of the Warren Church. Could you please add a link or two to back up your position for those who haven’t heard of this before. Remember the old saying, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” That would apply here. You want people to know they why not push them away.

    • thanks lisa for that link… 🙂

      wow yeah it is sooo scary where the guy is talking about having Faith!
      how the bible says that enoch was raptured cuz of his Faith!
      and how it is a prerequisite for going in the rapture!

      it is also quite frightening about remember lots wife…
      the warning about actually being in the middle of the rapture, but looking back, and then missing the rapture! OMG!
      of course the whole point is that they were already out of sodom, but looking back disqualified lots wife, and she did not make it!!!

      the thing about how God will give us a sign in advance of the rapture, which will give us time to prepare….like noah received advanced notice…
      and how we should immediatly begin to pray for oesur families and friends…

      food for thought indeed…
      also quite scary about the gematria of galatians 4:2 being 748…

      as does the hebrew value for the word pentecost…

      food for thought indeed…

  5. I have heard people set the dates for Pentecost, but I have also heard that it will be around the Feast of Tabernacles. Like you said earlier, it’s a wait and see kind of thing. The main thing is for us to stay ready and try to encourage all we can to be ready. Keep looking up! We do know we are in the season, and G-d will bring us through it!

    • yes ive heard that it was feast of tabernacles, also! 🙂

      i havent heard or studied that school of thought in a while, though… ^___^

      wow i kinda miss lynns blog…its been like over four days since weve had one!

      i miss getting on my soapbox and lettin go with my loudmouth, lol…

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