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Today on Acceleration Radio! 

Russ Dizdar!

Join us today at 5:00 pm. PST. as we interview Russ Dizdar. Russ is one of the featured speakers at the June 6th Prophecy conference that is being held in Mansfield Ohio. I BLOGGED about this yesterday so scroll down for the information. Please check out Russ/ site @ 

Conference FLyer

29 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Russ Dizdar!

  1. the url to load into media player is:


    in apple quicktime, click file/open url-
    in quicktime pro, ive been able to open the url, and it saves the audio…
    i then open a new quicktime document, and paste into it, then save it as a descriptive name…

    hey lynn,

    here in LA theyre playing a news report for the 5 oclock slot???

    • Many thanks. I missed 30 mins but I got to listen to 30 mins. Better than nothing.

      Better careful how much you download in WinAmp. My Trend Virus scan found a Trojan in one of the downloads.

  2. I downloaded winamp and still can’t get it! All I got on windows media player was an economics program.

  3. Hello my brethren-sorry I missed the show -BUT- a brand new Father -whoooo!!!! My wife and I are new parents with a blessing from Yahweh-a baby girl!!! On the day of Shavout ( Israeli time) !!!!! Prasie Yahweh in the name of Yeshua for blessings in my life, I never thought I would have!!! I never knew how overwhelmed with joy I could feel at bringing a little of me into the world!!!

  4. Now that I am a new dad–I have mixed feelings about the latest posts on JRed’s site-I have always believed in our Lord’s soon return, but I am not too sure about the rapture on Shavuot- seeing as we are in Pentecost(Israel time) right now- I am getting my house in order just the same. Bless you all in the name of Yeshua. Excuse the typos above on my last post, it has been a long day:)

    • I’m an imperfect person who only has insight as God provides. I believe that setting specific dates is unwise, we should always be ready and we do know that He is coming soon. We are all called to be fishers of men and I wonder how this impacts those who are watching- if 5, 6, 7 or 8 specific dates are set?

      I remember a pastor in Arizona who believed that Jesus was coming back on a night in 1982. The news broadcast the congregation on the 10pm telecast, raising their hands and praising God and waiting to be raptured. The problem was, the next day came and it was watercooler mockery among Tucsonans.

    • It is so hard not to get a bit expectant though -isn’t it. Shavuot has come and gone according to the Hebrew date of Shavuot, I have a May 28/09 sundown date and we all know Yahweh follows His time piece Israel and they are 8 hours ahead of Eastern time I believe- sooooo it was on the night of my new daughter’s birth.I feel we are in the season , but I don’t know what happens to David Flynn’s research if July 4-11 doesn’t materialize ???? I KNOW that JRed is a man of Yahweh, but I feel he took a BIG risk with his ministry with the Pentecost date- which is off by my sources- by 2 days. I know what it feels like to have such a strong conviction that does not come to pass, but what are you to do if you feel driven by the Holy Spirit???? We are fallible humans trying to understand an infallible God.

      Shavuot in 2009 is on Friday, the 29th of May.

      Note that in the Jewish calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Shavuot on the sunset of Thursday, the 28th of May.

  5. Congratulations Cottonwoodcreekfarm!!! I know the joy you are feeling. It’s way cool. I love my kids and they are a gift from God. I use a little humor when people as me where they got there good looks. I tell them, “From me!” When they look at me with a skeptical look I tell them, “Each time one of my kids was born, God took some of my good looks and gave it to my kids. That’s why I am so ugly now after having three dutiful kids.” (lol)

    Congradualations and may your entire family be blessed

    • Ha Ha. I hope she won’t be a little hellion like I was. At least my wife and I are both Christians now- neither of us grew up in a Christian home-late Christian bloomers- so she will grow up on the loving spoonful of GRACE. Now I appreciate woman’s tolerance of pain in a whole new way!!!! I now see why people have children and why Yahweh has given this blessing out of an original curse. Our Lord is soooo AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you all- it is weird, I don’t know you all face to face, but you are my Christian sisters and brothers and there is a spiritual bond on a level that can’t be explained to someone without Yeshua/Jesus in their life.

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