The Revealing! V – the coming UFO propaganda movie!

UFO-VThanks to Gordy for sending me the trailer to this new ABC series. The trailer is amazing, with all of the wizardry of HIGH-TECH and digital imaging used to the max. This could have come right out of my book,The Revealing. In fact, at the end of  P.P.& S., there is a short story, that I penned, that is mirrors the trailer exactly! I wonder where they got the idea from? OK, so it’s only a television show right? This couldn’t have anything to do, with what we in the UFO community regard, as the coming Full Disclosure of the so-called ET presence, could it? In the trailer the face of a beautiful, woman’s image is projected on the bottom of large UFOs, which are hovering over the major cities of the world. She then proceeds to tell the populace that they have nothing to fear. That the aliens are overjoyed that they have discovered other life in the universe. We see the same image speaking in different languages so that everyone on the planet will be indoctrinated at the same time. Here’s the link to the teaser. I’m going to post the short story at the end of Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural… the thing will speak for itself! 

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How and Why People Will Believe the Lie  

(A Fictional Account) 

Imagine waking one Saturday morning, grabbing a mug of hot coffee, settling into your favorite easy chair, and using your remote to turn on the television. Imagine then staring in disbelief as reporters state that New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles have been attacked by what appears to be dirty bombs. News coverage shows thousands of terrified, fleeing people trying to get out of harm’s way. While you are watching, another “alert” interrupts the broadcast, and you see an aerial view of Chicago. The announcer explains that an explosion has just occurred, and it appears to be yet another terrorist attack. The scene changes again, and you notice that the newscaster looks pale. He reports that the combined forces of Iran, Syria, and possibly Chechnya and Russia, along with other nations, have attacked the nation of Israel. He cautions that reports are sketchy, but it appears that Israel has responded to the attack by using its nuclear arsenal. Your heart begins to race and you try to make a telephone 

call, but the lines are all jammed and you cannot get through. The day passes slowly, and reports from the Middle East indicate that there have been mass casualties sustained by the attacking armies. You watch as the first film of the area is shown. You seea black, scorched earth where the twisted remains of men and machines lay. The unthinkable has happened. You cover your face with your hands and weep. A day later something happens that you are not ready for. All the movies you have seen and books you have read still did not prepare you for what is happening. The television has been on all night, and you have slept in your easy chair, still in your pajamas from the day before. You stare at the picture on the television set and wonder if this is some sort of sick joke being played. You wonder if it is a ploy of the government. You ask yourself if what you are looking at could possibly be 

real. You see a place that you have seen before. You recognize it as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The camera pans back and above the dome. There are several craft. They are metallic looking, and the glint of the sun’s rays reflects off them. They appear to be motionless. The camera pans back to a nervous reporter, who says that these craft first appeared a short while ago. He also states that contact has apparently been made with the alien craft. 

The day goes by and the president of the Untied States addresses that nation. He has a special announcement. You 

listen as he explains that extraterrestrial craft have revealed themselves at this time and have chosen to intervene in our affairs because of the use of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. He elaborates saying that the ET presence is peaceful, but they will not allow us to destroy ourselves, because they take credit for our evolution, which is the reason they have revealed themselves at this crucial juncture in our history. He then explains that directly following his announcement the superior technology of the ET will take control of the world’s television 

airways, so that on all channels everywhere all the inhabitants of earth will see the message simultaneously. The broadcast beginswith an aerial view of the parting of the Red Sea. The water has been heaped up on itself creating walls of water, which leave a dry strip of land in between. You watch as thousands of people begin to walk on dry land in between the standing waters, and you realize that this movie was not filmed in Hollywood. PP&S SMALL


The book that Hollywood takes it’s cues from? go to





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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Wow, that trailer is down right creepy! Satan and his servants presenting themselves as angels of light. I found it intersting the scene where the Priest is shown watching the news report. And how all the people stared at the sky in amazement, and then all applauded following the announcement.

    Kevin J.

  2. That’s funny.. In discussing with some Disclosure fans on a UFO site regarding the huge ships that are coming over our cities in 2017, I said maybe the aliens should display flowers or preferably smiley faces and cute messages on the bottom of their ships to make everyone less scared and feel good.
    This is a cool approach, nonetheless. Should be an interesting series if it isn’t upstaged by reality.
    I appreciate your input Lynn and the great job you are doing in trying to alert people to the truth of what’s coming down.
    Many thanks for your efforts.

  3. Back in the late 70’s or early 80’s there was a television mini series titled “V”. It depicted the Aliens as Serpent like creatures capable of taking on human form. It will be interesting to see if this new series will also represent the Aliens (demonic entities) as being serpent like.

    The Scriptures label them as “serpents”,
    there is always a teaspoon of truth in Satan’s cup of lies.

    • I just watched another “V” trailer. In this one, the blond FBI agent hits one of them and the peales away the skin to reveal a….reptilian.

      Go to about 2:40 and see what I mean.

      The leader of this group says “Embracing CHANGE is never easy…” Who does that sound like?

      The first “V” series was ahead of time or was it? Did someone know something far in advance? Now, I think this program is giving us a heads up on what’s ahead and possibily coming very soon.

      Time to look up.

  4. I was just having my morning cup o’ coffee as I was reading your article- very deep, very real, very sobering. I was just listening the other night to Steve Quayle and Tom Horn- Everything is converging and there is a dark cloud on the horizon. Great research Lynn !!!!!!! David Flynn has a possible date of the two witnesses and the antichrist( I don’t like giving him a capital in his title) showing up on the scene July 2009-The Tribulation. Things could happen fast -Israel strikes Iran- Psalm 83-Ezekiel 38-39- Antichrist rises out of the ashes of chaos, appearing with his unholy ones”UFO’s. Just a morning muse………

    • Another link video David Flynn- Somber music-Clockwork Orange- Beethoven, I think???

    • Debka file reports, “Obama-Netanyahu summit: Yes to six-month limit for Iran dialogue, no to Palestinian state now” Sounds like Obama had his finger on the two state solution when Netanyahu was in town this week but Israel said “No.” Sounds like they’ve put the American Messiah off for 6 months(Nov). The report goes on to say it took the White House 3 days, did you get that “3 days” to save face and explain why Mr. Obama was told “NO” for the first time in a big humiliating way. Has anyone heard this in our news? I don’t think so. They’ve had to do an about face on the June 4th announcement. I’m guessing the next time around won’t be pretty. Huh?


  5. Marzulli,

    Boy howdy, I’m excited about this show. The original “V” mini-series was one of my favorite shows growing up. If this new version follows the same story arc as the original, I think this show will speak directly to our times.

    Aficionados of the original would remember that the so-called e.t.’s came in peace then as well. It showed everyone falling over themselves to kiss the alien’s pinky toe… that is, until more was revealed. On the subject of EBE’s, I can’t think of a better tv show to be updated that will speak to this generation.

    What remains to be seen is where they will take the show. Will they deviate from the original story arc? Like with the new Star Trek movie, is the story going to convict people or exemplify the spirit of the age? I haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie, but from what I hear, it went the latter course.

    Interesting where this cat will jump.

    • ‘Boy howdy’ har har – what a great expression – Do you remember Billy Blast Off ???

  6. Hey, we’ve been watching out for the ideal UFO propaganda film-sure didn’t take long-did it?

    Since there are so many coming out this year related to UFO/Illuminiti/Parallel Dimensions,etc…I assume that the desire to produce these shows probably began-what? 1-3 years beforehand? How long does it typically take from the “idea” to final “production”?

    And the nerve of them using my name for the Lead Nordic Alien of the Mothership-LISA ! That’s it- This is spiritual WAR-fare.

  7. The woman in the video is Morena Baccarin. As a sci-fi lover, I am always very torn because I like sci-fi, but the messages are always so anti-christian and to this I am not blind. She got her start in a sci-fi series called Firefly, as a prostitue wokring the outskirts of the galaxy on a black market ship. Then she moved on to Startgate: SG1, where she was the immaculatley conceived Christ figure of an oppresive religion which strangely reeked of a twisted Christianity. Sigh…..

  8. They must have read L.A.’s book because in one of the trailers they have a scene where on priest looks at the other and says “Father, the worlds in a mess, who wouldn’t want a savior right now?”. Its alot closer than ‘on the horizon”, the mass media is going to make sure all those that dont have a savior (Jesus) will make the choice in favor of someone or something else.

  9. OK. All of the videos have successfully creeped me out! It is amazing to think it could really be that soon! Ready, set, go!…..

  10. I had hoped that “V” had forever vanished into the netherworld of bad TV shows, never to be heard of again. Just goes to show, I guess.
    Back in the late ’80s I read a book called “88 Reasons Christ Returns by 1988.” Needless to say, the author was wrong. I have no doubt that David Flynn is, too.
    We do need to watch the signs of the times, but setting dates is not only pointless, it discourages belief when the date setter turns out to be wrong.

    • Yep, I read that book also. I remember the hype in some Christian circles that this might be it.
      Having grown up in a preacher’s home, I had heard many evangelists give great reasons why it would be Hitler, or Roosevelt and even Mussolini as Antichrist who might bring on the Great Tribulation.
      I am afraid Flynn is pushing it, but it’s not necessarily that far off. A trigger event such as an impact object, a nuke showdown or an open alien appearance could accelerate things at a rapid pace.
      If the church is still here and I hope that won’t be the case, can you imagine the pressure on your faith,”and having done all, to stand”, in the face of something akin to this fiction presentation? Especially, if they don’t reveal a dark side for some time.
      We may have some tough days ahead. You can see much coming on the dark horizon.

    • If you can find a copy, you might read “A Skeleton in God’s Closet”. It deals with what happens when “irrefutable” proof is found that the Resurrection was a lie.
      But you’re right. As the late Robert A. Heilnein put it, “Clouds obscure the sky, and the wind the overturns the world is sighing in the distance.”

    • Thomas you must remember that those who received the Holy Spirit turned the ancient world upside down.
      1. You should check out my articles and posts on the Shroud of Turin – it’s the real deal.
      2. The Romans knew how to crucify and kill people. To suggest for a minute that somehow Jesus wasn’t killed is just beyond the pale. The lance in the side – which is also shown on the image of the Shroud, proves he was dead.
      3. When he appears after the resurrection he walks through walls – feeds the disciples – appears to over 500 witnesses – finally is taken up in a cloud – he’s moving into his ‘normal’ dimension.
      4. Just because some author decides that he has proof, doesn’t mean that he has it. If I say pigs fly and write a book about it, it still doesn’t mean that they fly…
      You stand in the face of millions over the last 2000 years that have thought, and some died for, that belief.
      What is the issue here is that without the Rez. our hope is in vain and are truly deluded.
      Let me ask you a question. Do you know Him? Have you ever examined the Gospels and see what they tell of Him. I’m not talking about religion here. I’m talking about a deep supernatural experience… I know, It’s been ongoing for 29 years and counting!
      Blessings to you.
      L.A. Marzulli

    • Hey Lynn-I hope you don’t mind , but I put up your new Acceleration radio talk show logo on my site.

    • Lynn, apparently we are not communicating. “A Skeleton in God’s Closet” is a novel. The reason I mentioned it is because it presents a very credible scenario in which (a faked) tomb is discovered containing the remains of a crucified man along with artifacts suggesting that it is Jesus. Forewarned is forearmed.
      I have read your articles about the Shroud of Turin. I disagree with your conclusions. But that has nothing to do with my faith.
      We can agree that the Romans knew how to crucify people and make sure they were dead before taking them down. Several years ago I attended a lecture about the crucifixion given by a specialist in trauma injuries. He spoke of the scourging Jesus was given and its effects. Forty lashes with a cat of nine tales. I have heard from other sources that it was eighty, not forty, but the point is that the leather thongs of the whip were embedded with bone shards which would rip not only skin, but the underlying muscle. One reason I doubt the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin is that the man displayed is not torn up enough. His entire body should be throughly lacerated. Just consider the scourging scenes in “The Passion of the Christ”. But I digress. According to the doctor giving the lecture, Jesus had been dead about a half hour when he was given the spear thrust by the Roman soldier.
      So the only question regarding the Resurrection is, were the witnesses telling the truth? My own belief is that they were.

      We walk by faith, not by sight.

    • HI Thomas – In the third book of the Nephilim Trilogy the story opens with the discovery of just such a tomb except they find alien artifacts along with the supposed body of Jesus! As far as the Shroud, may I suggest you check out the work of Dr. Whanger? He has made some very startling discoveries which may change your mind.

    • As I mentioned above, I read that novel sometime ago. Someone lent it to me. If memory serves, at the end of the book, the bogus tomb was discovered to be just that, bogus.

    • Yes, it was a deliberate hoax. Actually, I’m half surprised that nothing like it has happened, as New Agers have claimed for years that Jesus survived the crucifixion and went to India.

      Lynn, if it is, it is, if it isn’t, it isn’t. I’m sorry, but that’s my attitude.

    • Yes, I heard about that guy on Dr. Reagan’s Lamb and Lion Ministries and the dangers of date setting. I wasn’t a Christian in 1988, so I wasn’t aware of the hype. My Christian friends warn me about date setting, but I couldn’t help myself-I posted the videos on my website. If the date comes and goes -oh well- it won’t affect my faith in Yeshua-but my neck is getting sore:)

  11. sorry guys but…

    yeah im gettin a witness in my spirit about this summer…
    something is coming, there are games definitely afoot!

    i bear witness that its time to get our hearts ready…
    God not only sees what we do, but he also discerns our motivations and WHY we do it!
    im really gettin the feeling that its time to repent…

    a pure heart and a righteous relationship with God is the only way to survive what is coming in the very near future!
    yeah, something about this summer…
    and by the end of this year, it will be an entirely different world…
    in the same way things have changed from january 09 till now…
    youll see…

    dont mock the man of God…
    dont force God to make you learn the hard way…

  12. Another movie we watched that came out yesterday, on the light- hearted side was “Night at the Museum” with comedian Ben Stiller. If you don’t want to be down in the dumps and laugh go see it. Though it is marketed toward the age 10ish kid it has several funny puns for the adults. There was an especially funny part where the Egyptian Pharaoh(who has a lisp) comes back to life and sits in Archie Bunker’s chair. Anyway, when the Pharaoh calls up his minions from the door to the underworld an army of hawk-headed human soldiers enter the scene. I couldn’t help but think of the genetic tinkering that must have gone on with the Nephilim but anyway it’s very funny and the door or “gateway” to the underworld still worked in the museum even though it had been transported thousands of miles and survived thousands of years!

  13. I might have missed something…but I interpreted Thomas’ statements when he put irrefutable in quotations (“irrefutable”) was meaning that there would never be true evidence that the Resurrection was a lie. I think Thomas was referring to the deception of science and media trying to place doubt in the Messiah (and leading up to the introduction of the false Messiah). Sometimes it is hard to interpret people’s words on a blog.

    • I was referring to events in the book I mentioned. SPOILER ALERT! In the book an atheist has a personal vendetta against the Catholic church because of some things that happened to someone he loved. He is an archaeologist, and deliberately creates a fake tomb which appeares to be of first century origen. The tomb includes the remains of a first century man who had been crucified. There were also artifacts suggesting that this was the body of Jesus. He is very careful to to use only authentic materials. The tomb is found, just as he planned. When the other archaeologists refuse to release information on the tomb, he leaks the findings to the press, wreaking havoc in churches around the world.
      Forewarned is forearmed.

    • Ha! These Disclosure Guru’s will be like Lobbyiest in our government and the horse and buggy, if their job goes away what will they do then? I can only imagine, do you hear the tear rolling down my cheek?

  14. Well, while I was checking out the creepy videos yesterday, I found some more. This person seems to have some good reasons to be looking at Prince Charles for antichrist. That just blew me away. I never had thought about it. He makes some good points. I, however, am looking at his posterity. If you have a good-looking, charming son who will be 33 in 2015, it gives you something to think about. After all, the sins of the parents are unfortunately visited upon the children. Also, Prince Charles is not a talker but when Prince William speaks, it seems like the whole world listens. He is well known for his work with charitable causes. If he suffered a deadly head wound, and then resurrected (inhabited) he would definitely have the world’s sympathy and attention. Anyway, it’s really hard to say on this side of it, we look through a glass darkly, and it is all conjecture, but it is also something to think about! I didn’t realize the royal family was kin to King David, Muhammed, and the blood-line of the people who are really a part of the Da Vinci code. So they can lead Muslims, Christians, and Jewish people! Besides that, they give credit to the red dragon for giving Prince Charles his power! (This through his coat of arms.) Anyway, I could go on and on. Here are the links. You may have to pause the video to be able to read the information.
    part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    <a href=""part 4
    <a href=""part 5
    <a href=""part 6
    <a href=""part 7
    And then there’s Prince William
    <a href=""Prince William Mason
    This one is especially creepy1
    <a href=""Royal bloodline
    <a href=""William becomes a knight

    • I remember reading sometime ago with regards to the time when he ascends the throne that Prince Charles said that instead of being “the defender of THE Faith” meaning the Anglican Faith, that he would be “the defender OF Faith”. That sounds like he will defend ANY faith or belief even if it contradicts the truth of Jesus Christ. Now a person has the freedom to believe as he/she chooses but the monarchs of England have traditonally defended the Christian Faith as the Faith of the realm. If Prince Charles persists in his defender of faith philosophy, then I wonder how long before the UK becomes an islamic caliphate.

  15. Hector,

    You don’t have to worry about me since I’m not the mocking type.

    I know what it feels like & acknowlege that God does at times move in mysterious ways.

    **Even if nothing were to happen-I’d keep my lips sealed (: But-the likely hood of something significant happening looks pretty high to me as well.

  16. Christine,

    Disclosure 101.

    Either someone would look at this & believe these people are a 1/2 sandwich short of a picnic lunch(as my dad would say) & completely delusional-there are not UFO’s/ET’s.

    Or-they believe or at least are open to the possibly that other life forms exist. (Such as the Vatican.)

    Interesting that we hear again about this New Age mantra of “global consciousness”.(Oprah & Elkhart Towle come to mind.) Today it’s the children & young people who’ve been exposed to the “media” who are ready for disclosure but not necessarily the entire demographic population.

    If YHWH is going to use this UFO/Nephilim as a “Great Deception” then I definitely see it as occurring on His time frame.

    These people view full disclosure on the UFO phenomena in a godless/ New Age “global consciousness” time frame. If enough people on a “global” level buy into it-then this presence will be revealed.

    Is the reason for all the Hollywood movies w/this theme coming out? Do they think this will raise the bar of UFO/other life form consciousness?

    This clip shows the excitement of people who view full disclosure as to the benefit of all mankind. Their advanced technologies will solve our most dire problems. Energy, travel,(diseases)etc..

    If this were to occur-then it’s easy to see how anyone who speaks out about these beings as malevolent would be instantly persecuted. Their hearts don’t believe or would not want to bow down to the Holy God YHWH.

    People like us-would be considered a GIAGANTIC party pooper. If society were to reject these beings then they would have to go away-& no new “goodies” for mankind.

    (I’m so overjoyed my vibrational frequencies are out of sync w/this deception.)

  17. Faith is the gift of God, We cannot earn it, Buy it, try it. We can only receive It on the basis of His GRace, Yet not all men receive it.(this is a mystery)
    Those who have it, Are solely devoted to Christ Jesus The person.
    Its desire is to be Christ Like, (Therein, is sanctity of life Found).

    John B

  18. I forgot,

    Was it Cottonwood Creekfarm who is interested in the number 33? Look under May 22nd-For Horsemen Ready to Ride. There are more references to that number:

    I was personally interested in what’s happening in the world of Crop Circles & JRed is all over this one: April 29, 2009/Wiltshire England-Crop Circle-compared to “ancient alien artifact” on the show Battlestar Galactica.

    Coincidence? Yeah-right. (There is even a white looking horse not far from it.)

    • Yes Lisa, I have been following the posts… It seems to be SHOUTING LOOK UP :)- the arrival of Really Big Show. I looked at my hit count on my website first thing this morning ….33 !!!!!! Coincidence ? Thank you my extraterrestrial sister from the MOTHERSHIP……guffaw!

  19. The movie V does not focus on aliens. It focuses on totalatarian rule. It is your typical anti-fascist movie.

    The aliens are all white guys and women with an evil reptilian face underneath, they walk around in nazi like uniforms and have a worldwide police state. Scientists represent Jews who are the good ole guys fighting for their life whom never did a thing to deserve people to be mad at them. The evil aliens are just evil…like the Nazis.

    It is your typical movie made about how evil the Nazis were for the upteenth time. If you watched the original you know exactly what Im talking about. Our wonderful Jewish friends in Hollywood have been steadfast rolling out these types of anti-Hitler movies for the past year. Hmmmm think it might have something to do with the current banking crisis which by the way they had nothing to do with?

    • You’ve got to be kidding me ..right ??? Blaming the world’s banking crisis on the Jews ???
      Spirit of the antichrist- Evil men ( Luciferian Agenda) regardless of nationality are responsible for the current banking crisis, as is the wrath of Yahweh on heathen God rejecting nations. That whole Zionist take over of the world is getting old and is based in fear mongering-devil’s doctrine…….

  20. Oh! Just to let you know. I appreciate the post about the move “The Museum.” I loved it the first time around! I laughed so much! Laughter doeth the heart good like a medicine! With all of the gloomy news we sure need some laughter! Lisa, just to let you know, I don’t take credit for what I didn’t do! I believe disclosure 101 was posted by, “Christian!” I posted (or tried to) the ones about antichrist. There is even an article about blue blood refering to the Merovigian blood line. We know this is supposedly the line of Christ, which it isn’t. If it is a fake blood line, who is being protected, then who is it? Another curious fact that fell in line is that the nephilim were believed to have greenish-blue blood! It is believed that the dead aliends found at Roswell had greenish-blue blood! So again it bears the question, who’s blood line are they protecting?

  21. ok i saw terminator this weekend!
    one scene that really creeeped me out…

    when the flying triangle-like ships were mass abducting people and throwing them into cattle cars?! ughhh
    (in the movie it also CALLS them cattle cars)
    any body who has read my past comments will recall a friends dream about Christians being loaded into cattle cars?

    the other thing that freaked me out is hearing an expert postalize that:


    • Funny you should say that! I remember you talking about those dreams! My Mother has been reading about chemtrails. She believes my Uncle died from them. He had sores all over him, he couldn’t remember anything when he died. He lived right next door to an Air Force Base. There’s no way we will ever know!

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