Hype – Hype – and more HYPE!

screaming mouthFool me once… shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! The History Channel has lost much of  its credibility, at least with me, by engaging in what may be one of the biggest hype-fests, since Barnum and Baily’s Circus came to town, with the exception that I’d rather see the dancing bears, than a supposed, 47 million old Lemur fossil. Who determines these ridiculous dates, and how do they really know the accuracy behind them. Yesterday a friend called and told me that Carbon dating is flawed and can’t be trusted after a few thousand years. Then there’s the report that this, fossil, is somehow the missing link! Please, not another Pro-Darwinian scam to get me to somehow believe that DNA can mutate, and magically change itself  into another species. I just don’t buy it. The History Channel pronouncement that, “This changes everything,” is an overstatement. This changes nothing. Haven’t we’ve seen this before when ‘Lucy’ was discovered? Lucy was the fossilized remains of a small ‘woman/monkey’ that was found in Africa. How about Piltdown man? One, tooth was found, and from it, the creation of  what became known as the Piltdown man, ensued. It that turned out to be a pigs tooth by the way, and the whole episode was a hoax, possibly perpetrated by Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle!

          What is at stake here is this. It’s another attempt to tell us, that creation science or intelligent design didn’t happen. The scientific community is ram-roding this down our  throats. Don’t believe me? Try watching Ben Steins movie, Expelled. He has interviewed former teachers who lost their tenure, after mentioning the possibility that intelligent design should be considered as a vailble theory, to explain how life began. Here’s YOUTUBE link to the trailer. 


          At the end of the movie Stein sits down with Richard Dawkins and asks him, “where did life come from.” Dawkins, is uncomfortable with the question and gives us the lamest of answers, “Well, perhaps a higher intelligence from somewhere else, is responsible.” Please, spare me! Dawkins statement is je june and offers no explanation. In other words, it’s all right to say that ALIENS or a higher life form created us but don’t call it God. Here’s another clip from the movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv8Vt9n0do8&feature=related 

          In closing. The History Channel’s event that supposedly will change everything, won’t change anything. I will watch the special just to see what is thrown out to us.

          In the gospels it tells us that Yashua/Jesus fed upward of 5000 people – the numbers increase to around 15,000 if you include women and children – from a few small fish and several loaves of bread. According to the story, he produced from nothing, enough fish and bread, to feed this crowd. He created, ex-nihilo – from nothing – the food that the people ate and guess what, the fish had age! They were mature fish. How did He do this? Of course, this is nothing more than mythos right? This mythos, however, can be traced back around two thousand years, instead of 47 million years, and it is also the basis of millions of people’s world view and faith. And another thing, I don’t need carbon dating to prove it, as I have the written record, and the prophetic words that tell us this.

            It is very dangerous to be willingly ignorant of the signs of the end times all   For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water … 2nd Peter 3:5

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  1. Ben Stein’s movie is GREAT! He runs circles around Dawkins who ends up looking a bit embarassing- i.e., “God couldn’t possibly have created us based on my logic- but it could have been aliens!” After a statement like that (couldn’t be God/ could be aliens), he removed any shred of credibility and sincerity that he might have had.

    • And of course question 2. Who created the so called aliens that created this place?
      It’s a blind alley for them and they know it.
      As Lynn has said, this kind of scam has been pulled off several times. It goes nowhere and proves nothing.

      I don’t trust the History channel in it’s interpretation of the last century, much less 47 (million) years.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I too will watch the May 25th special. As you say though, it changes nothing. It is beyond me how they can call a supposed 47-million year old fossilized money skeleton the, “missing link.” I have often said that when it comes to evolution there is no “missing link”, the entire chain is missing! Thank you sir for following this story.

    Kevin J.

    • According to a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), an overhaul of the 20-year-old system has been delayed until November, putting it three years behind schedule. The project is also over budget by $870 million from the original cost estimate of $729 million, for a total of approximately $1.6 billion.
      Full article at ZitZot.com

  3. There are three areas of presumed (mis-)information in Historical Science.

    Astronomical-Big Bang
    Geological-Billions of Years

    Like you said LA-the scientific data that is forced upon society as “truth” is based on the “assumptions” some previous scientists have made.

    I don’t think most people realize the process these “experts” go through to come up w/their information. Once you realize the model for their final conclusion has been based upon “guessing a truth”-the entire system used for dating crumbles into dust.

    “The Young Earth, by John Morris” is a nice book to have on hand. It’s full of charts, pictures, graphs & info on the subject. Here is an excerpt on dating methods:

    1. The scientist will observe the present sate of the rock or system that is to be dated. (This is science, dealing with the present.)

    2. The scientist will measure the rate of a process presently operating within the system. (This is also science.)

    3. The scientist must then assume certain things about the past history of the rock or system. (This is model building, which assumptions being made in order to reconstruct unobserved history.)

    4. The scientist can now calculate how long it would take for that present process, operating throughout the unobserved past at a rate comparable to today’s observed rate, to produce the present state of things in that system. (This is interpretation of observed data based on assumptions about the unobserved past.)


    I get the “Answers” magazine quarterly. The quality of the publication is really nice & easy to read. A good thing to pass along or leave in a lobby.


    BTW-Before I took the time to examine these “scientific” claims I also ended up confused going through our secular society having these concepts confronting me at every corner.

    They are used to plant seeds of doubt. What a relief it was to get rid of that baggage. To be free in Christ & trust God’s word 100%.

    • I love answers in Genesis! I believe they are right on! It gives practical facts, not stupid assumptions. It also tells how fake carbon dating is…and the scientific world knows it! They use it anyway! Do you realize how they would look down their nose at us if we used a method that had been proven not to work? I saw a bumper sticker this debate reminds me of. “I believe in the big band theory. God spoke and bang it happened!” Now that’s a fact!

  4. yah i watched the part where dawkins says he’ll believe in a “celestial seeder” but not in GOD…
    which superficially seems to be merely semantics, but is in reality scientific and religious bigotry…

    its OK for us to worship aliens, but NOT Jesus…
    oh puhleeeeeeeeze….

    • Believing in G-d requires a change in lifestyle. They think that is too hard! It is, if you are trying to do it within yourself and not by Y’shua/Jesus!

  5. I may be good to hear some scientific background.
    [audio src="http://podcasts.reasons.org/newsflash/20090520-fr.mp3" /]

  6. I believe we are seeing the death of Darwinism going on. Watching Expelled you can see that. At the same time, people who do not want to answer to God will have to turn to an alternative answer – the merging of evolution and panspermia. They will be saying more and more that aliens seeded the world and we evolved out of that. It’s all headed in that direction. The question still remains: if that were true, where did the “aliens” get the matter to create, and where did the aliens come from???

  7. Hype is the correct word. I was watching the History Channel last nite and it had a program titled Nostrodomas 2012. It stated that Merlin the magician, the Myans (of human sacrifice fame), and a whole other host of seers and sooth-sayers from diverse epocs of time and in different parts of the world have forseen the comming disasters of 2012. Then it occured to me that satan could have planted this information as part of a very eairly on and slow developing plan to prepare the world for something. Everyone predicting this had some type of shaman or wise old seer as the message barer including the astrology conjurer Nostrodamas himself. All when divining in the “spirit” world left themselves open to be influenced. This stuff also could be demonic planning or even another knee slapping Y2K joke authored by the great liar and prankster and prince of the powers of the air!

    • The History Channel had a very factual story on yesterday about G-d and satan. They even talked about Armageddon! They used the Bible and some authorities on the Bible, including Tim LaHaye. They were very matter of fact about it like they were telling the absolute truth, which we know that it is most definitely true. To go from that to promoting Darwinism is being double-minded. You can’t possibly believe in both!

    • my concern is:
      what happens when you combine swine flu…
      and the vectors which are contained in chemtrails?
      death for many, many people…

    • I’m probably getting out there a bit…

      but I had this thought…why is the media so obsessed with still tracking the amount of people who have had swine flu when it seems to be like a common flu for most?

      Has anyone had the odd thought in their mind- time release mechanism?

      I know, it’s crazy…but you never know.


    • Yes, Bruce, I had thought of that and also that on Fri., Mr. President will be discussing some things about National security and maybe he will either be trial ballooning somethings or gentle mentioning the “fact” that we may not be alone in the universe. Where the Historic Channel plays up one thing for hype, I can imagine the gov. would play another down. Usually, while we are looking over there at something, we get blind-sided with the “something” coming from another direction. Maybe his little security speech might touch on the disclosure issue. Hmm?

  8. I’m new to posting, buut find the blog and Lynn’s views credible and facinating.

    I agree with the “Intelligent Design” admissions now from some shcolars. I suspect that will relate to the “Space Brother” creation instead of giving God credit where credit is due

  9. Ooops. I did not now full name would be posted. I know there is another Doug on this site. I’ll just go by Hammett.

    Take care and God Bless

    • Ok.Sorry Guys. I gues I am having identity issues. This will be the last time to change my post name. I’m gonna go by my DJ name back when I DJ’d on the radio.

      Jimmy Douglas

      Thanks. Sorry for changes and any confusion.

    • The odds of three Dougs posting on this blog are astronomical…

      Unless, you are all human cyborg protocol robots.


  10. Steve,

    I read the “World of Proof” before. In fact I think someone had linked it here.

    I’ll never look at a strange cloud or fireball the same way again. Thinking of spiritual warfare on that level & in that context is really something.


    Have you done some in depth study on all of those symbols & pictures in the crop circles? Some of those are so amazingly complex & the one w/the Alien face?

    • Glad to hear it Lisa. It certainly opened my eyes…and it took God a VERY long time to get me to believe it.

  11. lynn,

    im not sure what you would think of this?
    do you think these mutilations are occultic? or supernatural?


    MIAMI – Along a quiet street in Cutler Bay, neighbors awoke last week to a startling discovery: mutilated cats left on display in the yards of family homes. Some skinned, others sliced across the stomach — the bodies were left like talismans in some horror movie…

  12. I haven’t seen the Ben Stein movie yet. I have been curious about it for some time. It seems clear from the interviews that he is into God. He spoke at the university I attend a few years ago and I wish I had seen him now.

    I’m a single dad with a 17 year old daughter who lives with me. We only have three channels because we can’t really justify what it costs for cable. If you figure what expenses we all pay the communication industry such as phones, cells, internet and such, we have done fine without cable. I do miss the History, Discovery, and other channels of the sort, but I can pretty much watch documentaries I like on YouTube now. So, I’ll have to wait and see what is posted after the History Channel shows the world on the 25th. We have DVD players and all that, so I think it’s time to go rent Stein’s movie.

    My field of study is communication, which draws from many disciplines and is social science. I always here about studies about “marginalized” populations, but as a Christian, I am feeling like Christians are becoming “marginalized,” especially in the secular college classroom.

    • I don’t like their commercials but Hulu tv on the internet reruns some of the tv shows you may not get to watch. I don’t know if they cover the History Channel or not, but it’s worth a try!

  13. 10 years ago I was injured severely from a work injury with multiple broken bones all over my body. The only thing that was not in a cast or brace was my left leg. A bone scan suggested I may have had a hairline fracture in my left foot, but I did not push it. It was the only full functional limb I had at the time. I was transferred 90 miles from my hometown to the city I live in now. I requested a specific orthopedic surgeon I had visited years before and like him.

    Anyway, he comes in and tells me and my wife at the time, who was a nurse, about all the serious injuries that they knew of and would probably find more once they began emergency surgery. Now this man had 14 years of scientific equation and training for his profession. Yet he asked me and my wife at the time if we would mind participating in prayer before they wheeled me in. Of course we said yes. It was kind of amazing to see this man of science humbly kneel beside the gurney and lead a prayer with us. My wife at the time said that in her profession she had never seen or heard of a doctor doing this. Don’t get me wrong, I know several Christian doctors, but to experience this was something else.

    I just want to recognize those who work in the various fields of science, but are humble enough to call upon God with such strong convictions.

  14. Welcome Hammett! I have to do some running around this morning. There look to be several good links to look at, so I will be doing that during the day! Great discussion!

    • Thanks. I changed the name again. This is the last time. I am comfortable with this one. It is a radio name I went by when I did radio broadcasting. When I finaly landed a gig that payed when I was working on one of my degrees, my boss had a three sylable rule. So I went by my real name. Many people I grew up with knew the DJ but not who I really was. I worked hard for 5 years at a college radio station, where he had taught for 15 years before going back into the commercial market. I bugged him forever for a job and when I got it, I couldn’t argue with him. I had a ball with the Jimmy Douglas name because I hosted an all request 80’s show that ranked number three in it’s time slot. Not bad for college radio. The gig that payed though was classic hits. I have a letter jacket I earned there when I was continuing my education in communication/secondary education. The jacket means a lot to me. It’s like a degree I can wear that proved I accomplished that goal. I miss radio. It’s very competitive and technology has reduced jobs. Broadcasting doesn’t pay much either. It was the funnest job I had.

      Thanks for the info. My daughter and I can’t live without our computers and internet.

    • Jimmy D! Has a ring to it! Broadcasters here are worried about some legislation that will make them pay for the songs they play. That is so ridiculous! That means they won’t be able to play new music unless it is be an artist they are sure they are going to get their money’s worth. So I believe it will hinder new artists. Also, it will put many of the smaller stations with limited funds out of business. I kind of wonder if that isn’t what they are up to. The more stations they can shut down with regulations, the more they can control the rest of them!

    • Yes Christine, you are right. The FCC used to have strict regulations about station ownership becuase their was the fear of too much control of the media being placed in one entity’s hands. From what I undrstand, a lot of radio stations where struggling to survive. I have hears stories about DJ’s having checks bouncing and working in contol rooms where roofs leaked. The best way to make money in broadcasting is in sales. However, when stations where indpendent, and lets say it was a rock station with specific demographic audience, this limited who they could persuade to by advertising. It’s hard to sell ads on a rock station to a store that may cater to farmers and ranchers lets say. That store would want their advertising targeted to a different demographic audience.

      However, President Clinton passed the Telecommunications Act in 1996 (It was called something like that) whic lifted a lot of these restrictions. This helped stations financially as they where bought up by the large broadcasting companies. It used to be that a local newspaper could not own any other media outlets. This changed also. So in the city I live, the coorporation that owns the city newspaper can own one station, which is a country station format on the fm side, and News talk radio on the AM.

      There are at least two companies here now that own and run 5 stations at a time. Of course this was good for a salesperson becuase now they can go into a business to sell advertising on a station that fits the businesses demographics.

      Of course with large company take overs and technology advances, this cut prodcution jobs. If you listen to a station that is actually live, it is becoming a rare thing. It is possilbe to do voice tracking now where the DJ prerecords announcments, cleans the breaths and goof ups, and plug them into the computer whic is now loaded with the songs.

      This took away labor of actually playing music from CDs amd the true art of announcing.

      So you are right. Control of the media has been and is falling into control of fewer gatekeepeeprs thanks to the Telecommunications Act of 1966. (I don’t have my old text books in front of me, but I think the name and date is right.

      Also, it is not uncommon to have a DJ voice track and broadcasted in multiple markets now. They may be thousands of miles away from your local station.

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