Stop The Presses! MAY 25th revealed!

Here’s a link that pulls the lid off what May 25th is all about. It appears that I am wrong in regard to the 47 million year old fossil story! The fossil is the big event! Here is what the History Channel and the New York Times is running with. One word will suffice…. hyperbole!

Here’s the link to the story: 

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  1. Oh Well…yippie for Darwinians…..The attacks on the Bible are sooooo moronic.

  2. It goes to show the media’s influence on …even all of us. They wanted everyone to talk about it. It worked.

    And yet, it has the feel of false flag Swine Flu, Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, etc. I wonder if it is a practice run on a future event.

    They can’t play this Chicken Little game too often, they have to string it out once a while.

  3. All I can tell is that they found a lemur monkey- a monkey. I know that I’m not a scientist in the least but how does this prove that it is a ‘missing link’? looks like it has a tail to me!

  4. So what does a monkey fossil have to do with all the dates that were listed from the History Channel? It also said they had a document to reveal. That doesn’t sound like a monkey fossil. I guess I don’t get it.

    • Hi Lisa,

      The answer to your question lies in this sentence from the article posted by Lynn,”But despite a television teaser campaign with the slogan “This changes everything” and comparisons to the moon landing and the Kennedy assassination,…” These events impacted our lives for good or bad. It changed how we viewed our world whether locally or globally. Hope that helps.

  5. Don’t know if any of you watch Glenn Beck but apparently Ben Stein, creator of the documentary on evolution vs. creation Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, will be on the show talking about this fossil revelation tonight on the Fox News Channel. I believe the Glenn Beck show is on at 5pm EST and 11pm PST. Check you local listings.

    If you haven’t seen Expelled, I recommend it especially when Ben Stein wedges Richard Dawkins, author of “The God Delusion” into a corner.

  6. If its only about the lemur bones, then why all of those dates?
    What does JFK have to do with a Lemur discovery?

  7. Here is the Video Link of this alleged “missing Link” it just looks like a Lemur- besides the obvious size difference- There is a dramatic difference from the usual type of candidates (Austrolipithicus Africanus etc.. ) , Teeth (and wear on teeth)would determine dietary habits and local vegetation, The shape of teeth would coincide with an animal eating primarily meat (either as a carnivore or a scavenger), as appose to early primates with teeth designed similar to or own- (smaller Canine- Incisors, etc..)

    Unless these scientist begin to claim we are descended from a mammalian animal with reptoid features- I find this discovery comical

    I think it is utter nonsense, Even dolphins will share many skeletal similarities- it does not prove we evolved from them or vise-versa, In no way is this a missing link- the only thing missing in the scientists head is God.

  8. ….”Missing Link”…..what a joke!! Why don’t they try to explain a real problem with their theory….like….the fact evolution has NO explaination for the species barrier. Because the fact of the matter is, its IMPOSSIBLE for “species” to be related to one another when they can’t “intermingle” there DNA!

  9. from the article, these quotes jumped out at me:

    “Any pop band is doing the same thing,”
    “But this campaign is only the latest example of the scientific media blockbuster, of which the National Geographic Society has become perhaps the most successful practitioner.”

    get ready for the pop-science media blitzkrieg…
    just like we have a pop-psych president, now we have pop-band science…
    ‘just one calorie, not science enufff…’ (from austin powers) 🙂

    never mind the flaws in their carbon dating,
    never mind that nobody outside of their little club has peer reviewed it…
    its a three-ringed media circus thru and thru…
    just the kind of media event they will generate for their one-world alien religion…
    they tell us what THEY think we need to know, true or false…

    right or wrong…

  10. John B,

    I left you a reply on the “Future Quake” thread. Didn’t want to disturb the train of thought on this one. (:

    • Lisa I reply to your latest at “future Quake” The main thing is as you say, time will tell us all concerning the Jews and the Temple Of 2Thes. I am glad that discussion can be done without judgment Amen John B

  11. You can also read all about it at the website. There’s even a picture of the tiny little missing link, which they named “Ida” …

  12. Borrrrrring! If I have trouble sleeping on May 25th, I’ll turn on the History Channel.

  13. Maybe they are trying to wear down the saints. I am glad I don’t watch TV- All HYPE no substance. My neck is starting to get sore LOOKING UP;)Fossil monkey- sheesh – I was so excited as a kid about getting Sea Monkeys, and you know how disappointing that turned out to be……..A bit cynical maybe…..

  14. All it is is a bunch of idiots, trying their best to make believers look like a bunch of idiots. I noticed on the flashes of the trailer that creation was one thing it was suppose to make you question. It didn’t have evolution on the flashes. Why? Because that is what they are promoting! I want to see the people that truly believe this stand before G-d at the end of time and tell Him they evolved!

  15. I just looked at the trailer. Is that a symbol of the “all seeing eye” which hangs above the earth?

    Is that the History Channel’s normal symbol or just for this earth shattering event?

    • HUZZAH!!! its the self appointed high priests of bogus darwinian science!!! lol
      history channel and the media in general have just LOST it…

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